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Boston Collection:  A traditional floral pattern area rug that is available in 7 colors: blue 1, blue 2, grey 1, grey 2, ivory 1, ivory 2 and light grey 2.  Each color has multiple size options.  The color line is most light tones, with the blue 2 being the darkest of the 7 colors. The 10x14 rug size would be a perfect product for an old fashion, traditional living room space. The light colors in this product would make it easy to match with furniture and other colors in a room. A very beautiful area rug that is being sold at a great price.  This affordable area rug would be a great buy for the customer wanting a durable area rug, without breaking the bank account.    

Arlington Collection:  Sold as a geometric pattern, this area rug collection looks more like a traditional medallion style area rug style product.  It has a medallion design in the middle, surrounded by multiple designs of shapes and different colors.  This product comes in 14 colors, including some fun, bright colors (purple, red and pink). The overall color comes across as being a little distressed.  A very affordable product that comes in a variety of sizes.  Customers looking at the 10x14 size, will need a large space, such as the middle of a living room or large bedroom. 


Dover Collection:  Available in 8 colors: dark grey, green, grey, light brown, navy blue, pink, turquoise and yellow, this area rug is considered to be a geometric style area rug.  We disagree. Thee Dover Collection looks more like a traditional medallion style carpet.  An affordable area rug that has a large medallion in the center, that is surrounded by different color shapes and designs.  The 10x14 size is an area rug meant for a family rom or living room. This product has a low pile height and should be very easy to maintain.    


Madison Collection:  This affordable area rug collection is promoted as a "boho diamond distressed" area rug.  It is full of multiple colors, shapes and lines.  Customers looking for an area rug that would bring life to the room, will not be disappointed when they see the Madison Collection.  This product is available in many different size options.  Customers looking for one of the larger sizes (like the 10x14) will find an area rug that fills the room space with vibrant design and color.  This would be an ideal product for a casual room that needs a pick me up.  


Adirondack Collection:  An oriental distressed area rug that is of a traditional design.  While the design is throughout the rug, it blends in with the light colors extremely well, which makes this product a calm and quiet room carpet. This product is for the room that needs to fill a void on the floor, without taking over the room.  This affordable area rug has a huge color line (25 colors), and each color has multiple size options.  A large living room or family room that has hardwood flooring might look at the 10x14 size, to place next to the sofa or other room furniture.   

Evoke Collection:  A wonderful affordable area rug for a formal living room or family room space.  Described as a "shabby chic oriental medallion" style area rug, this rug has a large medallion design in the middle, with coordinating shapes, patterns and a border around the outside of the rug.  This 10x14 area rug is the typical rug one would see in an old fashion living room space.  This product comes in 4 colors, with various size options in each color.  This is a very timeless and fancy looking area rug, sold at a great price. 

Hudson Shag Collection:  With a huge option in colors (22 colors), the Hudson Shag Collection is an online favorite.  This is a thick, 2 inch pile height shag carpet, that has a standard trellis design in a secondary color.  A perfect area rug for a cozy television room or bedroom.  The 22 colors all have different size options.  Customers looking to purchase the very affordable 10x14 size, will enjoy having this rug in the middle of a room.  This rug would be great for the kids to play on, or to sit on the floor and watch a movie. 

Vision Collection:  Sold as a "modern ombre tonal chic" style of area rug, the Vision Collection is a solid color, low pile height area rug, with a hint of a secondary color running horizontally across the rug.  This collection comes in 9 colors, with the dark colors available in black, navy, brown, and the lighter colors in the grey family.  This affordable 10x14 area rug is durable, easy to clean and made for high traffic areas.  This would be a good area rug for a casual space that needs a rug under the furniture or under some tables.  


Modern Floral Circles:  A very bright and busy area rug, that is full of large blue circles made of leaves.  Customers looking for an affordable 10x14 area rug that will light up the room, will not have to look any further.  This run is eye-popping.  When this area rug is on the floor, make sure to wear your sunglasses before entering the room.  A very modern looking area rug that needs a specific room decor to look good. This rug is available in blue, with a grey tone accent color. 

Oregon Collection:  A well-priced, affordable 10x14 area rug that is available in 3 somewhat distressed colors: beige, blue and grey.  Nothing fancy about this area rug.  Customers looking for that traditional rug to fill a space, might consider looking at the Oregon Collection.  The colors and pattern are very neutral, and with its low pile height, this product should be very durable and easy to clean.  This is a rug that looks nice, fills a space and does not overwhelm people when they enter the room.  

Lynhurst Collection: A standard traditional oriental area rug that comes in two colors: beige/multi and red/multi.  This product has a paisley design throughout, with a solid color border.  A wonderful product for a traditional living room, family room or home library.  Customers looking for a nice oriental area rug, that don't want to spend a fortune, should be encouraged to look at the Lynhurst Collection.  This affordable 10x14 area rug would look great on a hardwood floor that is in a large sitting room or dining room space.  

Bijar Collection:  A very nice oriental area rug that has a great design.  Promoted as a "traditional oriental distressed: area rug, the Bijar Collection comes in four colors: brown/rust, ivory/rust, navy/brown and rust/brown.  Each color has multiple size options.  The multiple colors in this rug would be very easy to match with existing room colors.  This affordable 10x14 area rug would also match extremely well with most colors and styles of furniture. This would be a great product for a casual to semi casual room. 

Amelia Collection:  A modern abstract area rug that is very neutral in color and design.  This is one of those area rugs that can be placed in a space, looks nice, but no one notices.  A very casual looking abstract rug, that would be well placed in a living room or bedroom.  The affordable 10x14 area rug size is a low pile height product, and would be very suitable underneath a sofa, tables, or chairs.  

Sofia Collection:  This blue/beige affordable 10x14 area rug is described as a "vintage oriental distressed" area rug.  It has a blue center (with beige designs), and a beige border (with blue designs).  It is a colorful area rug, yet not overwhelming to the eye.  It comes across as a traditional style look, making it a great option for a formal living room or dining room.  This product coordinates very well with off-white/beige furniture, as well as blue furniture. 

Mahal Collection:  A traditional 10x14 affordable oriental area rug.  There is nothing fancy about this product.  This is a standard oriental area rug that comes in three colors:  red/natural, red/cream and cream/red.  Customers looking for a nice quality oriental area rug, without having to spend thousands of dollars, might take a look at this product.  A perfect rug for a formal living room or dining room space.  A multi color area rug that would match with most furniture and paint colors. 

Sultan Sarouk:  A light blue and cream traditional oriental Persian floral area rug.  This beautiful and affordable 10x14 area rug has a light blue main color, with a cream border.  This is a thick and plush area rug, that would work great on top of a hardwood floor in a large living room or family room.  This is just a beautiful area rug, that is well worth the money. This plush area rug would not only look nice in a formal rom, but it would be wonderful for the kids to sit on and play with their toys.  

Monaco Collection:  This area rug has many things going on in the design.  Colorful lines, arrows, color patches, shapes, etc....Customers looking for a noticeable area rug, will not be disappointed with the Monaco Collection.  This affordable 10x14 area rug comes in 4 bright colors: multi, light grey/multi, magenta/multi and orange/multi.  Each color has multiple size options. Promoted as a "Boho Chic Tribal Distressed area rug, this product would look awesome in just about any room of the house. 

Paisley Verona:  A classic oriental area rug collection.  The colors are somewhat distressed, with 9 colors overall in the product line.  Each color has multiple size options.  This product would work great by a front door, in a hallway or in a large room.  While this is a formal area rug collection, it could also be used quite easily in a casual setting.  This affordable 10x14 area rug collection is the perfect match with customers looking for a quality rug at a terrific price. 

Retro Collection:  A very pretty two toned modern abstract area rug.  This product comes in 5 colors, and is best described as a casual rug that has the characteristics of clouds. With blots of colors throughout the pattern, this area rug has a unique design and feel, that will surely please the modern decorator.  This affordable 10x14 area rug would look incredible in a large family room or living room. This is one of those area rugs that would be hard to match.  The colors in this collection are unique and very pretty.  

Reflection Collection:  A typical looking standard traditional light color distressed oriental area rug.  Available in 4 light tone colors, the oriental design on this area rug, blends in with the color and is somewhat unnoticeable. Each of the four colors as various rug size options.  The affordable 10x14 area rug size, is obviously intended for a large space, such as a living room or bedroom.  With the light tone colors, this area rug would look outstanding over a dark colored hardwood floor. 

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