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Kasbah Trellis Collection: A low pile, geometric trellis collection that comes in 13 colors, with all colors having various sizes.  The majority of the color line is light toned, with a pattern of lines and small diamonds.  A great product for living rooms, entryways and bedrooms.  Colors include: beige, black, blue, green, grey, ivory, light blue, light grey, orange, red, turquoise, violet and yellow.  The low pile height makes this rug easy to maintain and clean.  

Sofia Collection - Blue: An oriental blue, distressed vintage style area rug, that is primarily blue in the middle, with a beige border and a blue rim. The design is a traditional trellis pattern, making it a perfect piece for a living room, dining room or bedroom.  This rug coordinates great with beige or blue furniture and paint.  Multiple sizes are available, from runners to round to large rectangular pieces. 

Soft Shaggy Collection: A perfect area rug for those customers looking for a soft, solid color inexpensive area rug.  This product comes in 15 different colors, which include: black, green. grey, ivory, light navy, pink, purple, teal, white, blush, grey-purple, light champagne, hot pink, light tan and orange. This would be a wondeful bedroom carpet (by a bed), or a great carpet in a college students dorm room. 

Madison Collection: One of the most popular rugs on Amazon (with over 19,000 reviews), this Boho Chic Floral Medallion Trellis area rug, will coordinate extremely well with many different colors.  While the area rug is full of design and color, it is not so overwhelming that it will take over a room. The Madison Collection comes in 12 colors, with many different rug sizes in each color. 

Porto Collection: This traditional medallion area rug comes in a beige and orange color, with accent.  The area rug is full of design and color, yet it does not immediately capture the eye, rather it does a great job of blending in to the room space.  Customers would typically place this area rug in a traditional style living room, bedroom or hallway. This polypropylene rug comes in 4 different standard sizes.  The floral pattern makes this rug a perfect choice for a traditional decor theme. 

Milan Shag: A very popular area rug on Amazon, with over 12,000 reviews.  The Milan shag comes in 8 colors: grey, aqua blue, purple, dark beige, dark grey, ivory, navy and red.  Multiple sizes are available in each color.  This collection is great for bedrooms, living rooms and almost anywhere.  It is a very soft and cozy area rug, that also happens to be very affordable. Having so many published product reviews, makes this area rug a great option for customers that are looking for a solid color rug.  

Hudson Shag: A Moroccan Trellis style area rug, Hudson Shag has 8 standard colors, with multiple sizes available in each color.  The 2 inch pile height makes this product a thick, cozy and warm on your foot area rug.  While being very affordable, the 2 inch thickness makes this rug "feel like quality." Perfect for a living room or bedroom.  It is a stress-free maintenance product that will easily vacuum and remain clean.  

Southwestern Tribal Print:  A very unique accent rug, that does not feel like a rug classified as "southwestern." It's more like a modern abstract piece.  The design is full of color, with various size rectangle patterns spread across the entire rug.  The background color is beige, that has multiple color boxes on top. This rug will certainly attract attention and be commented on by visitors and family.      

Retro Collection: This modern abstract area rug is available in cream/blue.  The rug collection has many different available sizes.  This is a machine woven area rug made from enhanced synthetic fibers.  It has easy cleaning and maintenance needs.  It is a non-shedding area rug with a low 0.8 inch pile height. 


Buffalo Plaid Rug: This indoor outdoor checkered carpet comes in 4 colors: black and white, black and white stripe, grey and white, and grey and white stripe. This is a washable area rug that is made of cotton.  A rug that gives out that farmhouse feel and look. Perfect for a home with kids or pets. 


Leda Floral - Blue:  This collection comes in one color (blue) and has many different size options. A rug that has strong floral patterns and designs.  This is a very busy rug, made for a space that needs to make a statement.  Most often used in a bedroom or living room space.   

Vintage Jacquie Floral: Available in 4 colors, this unique distressed oriental looking area rug would be perfect in just about any room of the home.  Colors include: peach, silver, blue and gold.  With a sleek and functional 0.37” pile height, this rug could be placed next to doors or in high traffic spaces. With the multiple colors in the overall design, it hides dirt very well. 


Heritage Collection:  This traditional oriental wool carpet comes in two colors (black.ivory and espresso/ivory).  It has a very traditional style oriental design, with the main colors spread throughout the rug using stripes, floral patterns and other unique patterns.  When you think "oriental area rug," the Heritage Collection would not disappoint. 


Monaco Collection-Multi: A wild boho abstract area rug that is not for the faint of heart. With all of the colors in this rug, it will hide dirt and spills very easy.  This is a rug that family and friends will notice as soon as they walk in to the room.  A machine woven area rug rug that is made from enhanced synthetic fibers. Place this area rug in a room that needs color.  

Montauk Collection: This handmade cotton trellis area rug is available in 5 colors, with multiple size options available in each color.  Colors include: beige/ivory, blue/ivory, grey/ivory, navy/ivory and turquoise/ivory.  This collection works great in a living room or bedroom. Even with the trellis design, it is not an over-powering rug that will take over the rug.  Rather, it is a complimentary rug that will work with almost all styles of furniture. 

Brentwood Collection: This is a 7 color oriental distressed product. Colors include: light grey/blue, blue/yellow, ivory/aqua, ivory/grey, ivory/light grey, navy/beige and red/ivory. This collection has an oriental pattern, which includes a rug border on the outside edge.  This rug is designed for a living room or bedroom.  Multiple size options are available in each color.

Nantucket Collection - Teal: A very striking, colorful design area rug, that is a boho abstract cotton and wool rug.  It is handmade, and has a striped design that multiples itself around the entire rug.  A beautiful piece that will delight any homeowner that is looking for a unique looking area rug. 

Blue Tree Print:  This multi-color area rug comes with multiple colors, a distressed look, and with a tree/leaf design. It is a unique looking rug that is not available in most area rug stores.  It has a "southwestern" style to it, making it a great rug for that rustic feel and look.  The multiple colors on the rug will help hide dirt and spills.  A high traffic rug that would work great in a living room space.    

Clemence Medallion: This NuLOOM area rug is best described as an oriental medallion look It has multiple colors within the rug, which make it great for hiding spills or dirt.  It is made from 95% Polyester and 5% Cotton.  It has a 0. 2” pile height, which makes it easy to place next to doors or by an entryway. With both light and dark colors in the design, this rug is very easy to match with wall paint colors and furniture colors. 

Noa: A unique, machine washable tribal medallion area rug that comes with multiple size options.  It is an off-white/ivory color area rug, with black stripes and Moroccan designs. With the off white color, it might should dirt easy, but it is also a rug that will be very easy to coordinate with many other colors. This would be a great rug for those households that don't have heavy foot traffic or messy pets.  

Tammara: This hand braided multi color area rug is a unique product that has a spectacular look.  The colors will stand out in any room.  This is the rug a customer should purchase if they are looking for something to pop out in a room.  As soon as anyone walks in to a room with this area rug, it will be the first thing discussed. This is simply an awesome area rug that has a wonderful design and look.  

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