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Positano Flat-Weave:  This indoor/outdoor 4x6 area rug comes in 9 colors, which include: aqua, terracotta, blue/green, charcoal, light grey, natural, navy blue, beige and yellow.  With over 1800 Amazon Reviews, this area rug, made by Nourison, is one of the most popular 4x6 area rugs being sold. This is a casual style rug, that works great in a 4 season room or any casual room environment. While is area rug is mainly a solid color, each area rug comes with a hint of a second color.  A very attractive 4x6 area rug that also comes in many different size options.


Kasbah Trellis Collection:  A low pile collection that comes in 13 colors.  A geometric trellis area rug that has that boho, Moroccan feel.  This area rug would be wonderful in a living room or bedroom.  With 13 colors, the color range covers just about every type of color.  Each color is light toned, making this area rug a piece that will blend in to most room settings.  This is a great rug for decorating.  Numerous paint colors and furniture styles will coordinate with this piece.   

Fergusion:  This beige and off white abstract area rug has a "cloud design." The pattern resembles clouds slightly moving across the sky.  This product also comes with a tassel, giving it a very unique feel and look.  A soft and cozy 4x6 area rug, made of  00% Polyester, is area rug is also kid and pet friendly, making it very easy to clean. There are 4 different size options.  The Fergusion Area Rug would look great in a room decor that uses brown and tan colors. 

Adirondack Collection:  This light color Plaid 4x6 area rug is made by Safavieh.  It is meant to be an accent area rug that will compliment other rom decor (wall paint, furniture, etc...). It comes in 1 color ( light grey/ivory). The area rug, while coming with a plaid design, is not so bold that it takes over the room.  Rather, the design will blend in to the room and almost not be recognized.  You can use this area rug with many different colors. This would be a great area rug for a bedroom or casual living room space.  

New Wave Rainbow:  This multi-color Mohawk Home Area Rug, has a very vibrant feel and look.  This area rug has rows of different, bright colors, that make it look like the colors of a rainbow.  This 4x6 area rug is an attention grabber, and will certainly be noticed and discussed by those entering the room.  Made of nylon, this is a very durable area rug, making it a great option for high traffic areas. A great area rug for bedrooms, living rooms or entryways. 

Nova Collection:  This wild looking, palm leaf pattern area rug, comes in a combination of blue, grey and beige. A very vibrant and loud pattern, this area rug is meant to take over the room.  This area rug will be noticed by all that walk on it.  A modern accent rug, this piece would look outstanding in a warm climate space, or in that space that wants to have that "Florida feel." Customers can purchase this area rug in many different size options. It is promoted as a durable and pet friendly product, which means it can be used in high traffic home settings.    

Natural Fiber Collection:  This is one of Safavieh's most popular products on Amazon. Currently, with over 6,000 product reviews, the Natural Fiber Collections comes in 17 colors, all with many different size options.  This is basket weave seagrass product. The main portion of the area rug is one color, with an edge outside border in a second color. This would be teh perfect summer area rug, that would look great in a warm environment. Promoted to look great in a "base for stylish bohemian chic rug layering."  

Heritage Collection: A handmade traditional premium wood oriental area rug is available in 11 different colors. The Heritage Collection is your typical looking oriental area rug, that has multiple colors and patterns. A perfect area rug for the traditional room environment.  Used in traditional home decor themes, this 4x6 oriental area rug will offer customers the option of buying a very nice oriental area rug, without breaking the bank account. A perfect rug for a formal living room or bedroom space.      

Florida Shag Collection:  This abstract "wave" pattern area rug has lines across the rug space, that wave back and forth.  With a 1.2 inch pile height, this 4x6 area rug is perfect for customers that are looking for a soft and cozy area rug. Florida Shag, named perfectly, would be a great addition to any living room or bedroom space. Florida Shag comes in 7 colors, which include: cream/beige, cream/cream, dark blue/cream, light blue/blue, cream/blue, cream/grey and cream/light blue.

HEBE Large Cotton:  A machine washable 4x6 blue and off white cotton throw rug.  Perfect for high traffic room, entryways, bedrooms or living rooms.  Promoted as a "geometric tassel" product, this area rug is full of large diamond patterns, that make this product have that "boho feel."  A hand woven product that blends in to any room.  This rug would be a great accent piece, great for filling any room void. This product would go great with a room decorated in "white." 

Sofia Collection:  One of the more popular Unique Loom Area Rugs, the Sofia Collection is a traditional vintage, French inspired area rug that comes in 10 colors.  This polypropylene 4x6 area rug is promoted as a product that is easy to clean, stain resistant, as well as an area rug that does not shed.  This area rug is a blended two-tone color rug, with a mixture of patterns.  A great rug for a living room or bedroom space. The Sofia Collection is marketed as an abstract pattern area rug. 

Buffalo Check:  A unique checked pattern area rug, that comes in four colors: black/red, black/white, grey/white and navy blue/white.  The plaid design uses two colors in each pattern.  The checked look is a great option for a modern bedroom or living room. Many customers use this product as an accent rug under a bed or coffee table.  With a low pile height, the Buffalo Check area rug can be used in high traffic home areas. 

Milan Shag:  Available in 8 colors (grey, aqua blue, dark beige, dark grey, ivory, navy, purple and red) this 2 inch thick solid color shag rug is the perfect option for a bedroom or cozy area of the home.  A very soft and thick area rug, the Milan shag is one of Safavieh's top Amazon products.  Currently, with over, 12,000 product ratings, this rug is very easy to research and to view past customer reviews.  While this rug is promoted as a "trellis" design, it is more of a solid color area rug. 

Faux Fur Sheepskin:  An extremely popular area rug on Amazon (with over 12,000 reviews), this faux sheepskin area rug comes in 14 colors.  Each color has several different size options.  Customers looking for a fluffy and soft area rug, will be delighted with this 4x6 are rug. A perfect area rug for a bedroom or living room area.  Many customers use this rug in front of a television, fireplace area or nursery room.  This is a machine washable rug, that is kid and pet friendly.    

California Premium:  This 20 color solid color shag collection is one of Amazon's top selling products.  Currently, with over 12,000 ratings, the California Premium Collection has a rating of 4 1/2 stars.  Customers looking for that traditional solid color area rug are sue to find a color that will coordinate in any room.  Perfect for a living room, bedroom or college dorm room.  This product is available in many different size options.  A 2 inch pile height helps make this product a soft and cozy area rug that will feel great.  

Vision Collection:  Promoted as a tonal collection, the Vision Collection comes in 8 colors (light brown. navy, aqua, brown, cream, grey, silver and grape).  This soft toned area rug also comes in various size options in each color.  A very durable area rug that has a low pile height.  This would be a great modest accent area rug, certainly ideal to fill any flooring void.  This product is promoted as a kid and pet friendly area rug. 

Madison Collection:  Advertised as a boho paisley area rug, the Madison Collection comes in 9 colors, with the color tones ranging in the lighter tone family.  While the overall colors are light, the overall paisley design makes this area rug standout in any room.  The paisley design is very noticeable and attractive.  This 4x6 area rug would be ideal in a formal living room, dining room or bedroom.  Also available in many different size options, this area rug would lok great in a hallway or entryway space. With over 10,000 Amazon reviews, the Madison Collection has become a very popular selling product.  This collection is in the family of "oriental design," and would be a wonderful product to purchase, while not breaking the bank account.  

Espahan Collection:  This is a classic traditional style 4x6 area rug, that is available in 11 colors.  An "oriental" feel to it, the Espahan Collection has multiple colors within each rug, and would be a good fit in most traditional living rooms or bedrooms.  The colors in this rug are quite abundant, and make it very easy to coordinate with other colors in the room.   

Carousel Kids Collection: This 3x6 kids area rug is one of our favorite selections.  An animal nursery playroom rug, filled with elephants. monkeys and giraffe's. This 4x6 area rug would look outstanding in an animal themed kids room. Available in ivory, this is simply a beautiful kids area rug that every child will love.  A great birthday present.  Made from enhanced premium polypropylene fibers, this kids area rug is soft, cozy and very easy to clean.  This product would be a great add-on to any playroom or nursery room. 

Bijar Collection: This is a traditional oriental distressed area rug that is available in one color: (royal/ivory). The distressed look gives this product  very calm look and feel.  While the product has an oriental design, it is very neutral and relaxing.  This would be a great product for an accent piece in any room.  The Bijar Collection would provide addition al room decor, without taking over the space.  Easy to coordinate with other colors, this area rug would fit very well next to a sofa or bedroom furniture.  This area rug comes in several different size options.  

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