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Ultra Soft Indoor: Customers looking for an affordable, soft, thick and cozy, solid color area rug, will not have to search much further than the Ultra Soft Indoor Area Rug.   This rug is available in 16 colors, with various size options in each color.  This collection would be perfect for a kids or adult bedroom, nursery room or playroom.  It is very soft and comfortable.  Colors range from light to dark, and everything in between.  This is just a great area rug for the money. 

Luxury Velvet Shag:  Similar to the Ultra Soft Indoor Area Rug, the Luxury Velvet Shag is made by the same manufacturer, Lochas, and is a soft and cozy geometric trellis collection.  This collection comes in 8 colors, which include: beige/white, blue/white, champagne/brown, dark grey/white, grey/white, hot pink/white, light navy/white, pink/hot pink and purple/white. This 5x8 area rug would look great in a kids room or playroom.  The geometric design gives this area rug a very vibrant and strong look. 

Trellis Frieze Collection: A 16 color collection area rug design, that is promoted as a " Lattice Moroccan Geometric" area rug. Your typical trellis area rug piece, with lines and shapes throughout the area rug.  The color range of this product is very broad.  It comes in grey, black, yellow and everything in between.  This would be a great area rug for a bedroom or reading space.  A perfect rug for that empty space that needs something to fill the room.  A very popular area rug on Amazon, with over 13,000 reviews. A polypropylene rug that should be very easy to clean and maintain. 

Chester:  This Moroccan style area rug from Artistic Weavers, comes in three colors: black, dark ble and grey.  Each color has a secondary accent color.  This collection is full of swirling lines and triangle designs.  A very loud rug that will capture any room space.  The overall color is somewhat distressed, and does not absorb the room. This would be a great 5x8 area rug for a living room, family room or bedroom.  A perfect rug for in front of a sofa or fireplace area. 

Madison Collection: An incredibly popular area rug with Amazon, this 5x8 rug comes in 12 colors, all colors multi, with different second colors. Described as a "Boho Chic Floral Medallion Trellis Distressed," this product is full of patterns, designs and colors.  It would be very easy to match this rug with other colors in the room.  A great area rug to coordinate with furniture and wall colors.  This is a polypropylene product, promotes as an area rug that will be very easy to clean and maintain. 

Milan Shag:  A very thick (2 inch pile height), solid color shag area rug, available in 8 colors: grey, aqua blue, dark beige, dark grey, ivory, navy, purple and red.  Customers looking for a plush, solid color area rug will not be disappointed with this product.  Sold at a great price point, this is an incredibly popular Amazon product, currently with over 12,000 reviews.  A great 5x8 area rug for a bedroom or kids room. 

Becca:  This is a vintage style rug, that resembles ceramic tile squares.  Each square is comprised of a different pattern, with different designs.  This rug comes in four colors: beige, grey, blue and charcoal.  Each color has several different size options.  This is a compromise between a traditional style rug and a casual looking rug.  The pattern, which could be best described as vintage or traditional, is not so overwhelming, and in fact, will make visitors question what type of area rug this is.   

Tribeca Slade:  A modern abstract area rug that has two primary colors. The pattern is comprised of swirling lines (of different colors). This is a very abstract piece, that will certainly capture the attention of visitors.  The colors are: brown/red, brown/gray and blue.  The blue also comes with a secondary color, which is mostly an off white.  Each color has several different size options.  Customers place this 5x8 area rug in a casual living room, bedroom or dining room space. It is slowly becoming a very popular area rug, that receives more and more customer reviews.      

Sofia Collection: A wonderful area rug that would look outstanding in any room of the house.  Marketed as a " vintage rug, that has a French inspired look," The Sofia Collection is available in 11 colors: black/ivory, blue/ivory, brown/ivory, burgundy/ivory, dark gray/ivory, gray/ivory, ivory/brown, light blue/navy blue, navy blue/yellow, orange/yellow and turquoise/ivory.  This product has a slight distressed look, and would be perfect for a living room or bedroom. 

Rigo:  One of our most popular products (currently with over 15,000 Amazon reviews) Rigo is a natural, hand woven jute 5x8 area rug that comes in four colors: black, navy, natural and off-white. A wonderful area rug collection that customers use in dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways and living rooms.  This rug is promoted as having a farmhouse, coastal and global look and feel.  A very well made rug to purchase, without breaking the bank account.   

Thigpen:  This contemporary area rug is available in two colors: dark grey and grey.  Each color also has a secondary color that compliments the design.  The overall design can best be described as a solid color rug, with accent streaking lines.  This product would look great in a casual living room space or bedroom.  With the neutral colors, this 5x8 area rug is sure to compliment other room colors.  This product would be very easy to decorate around. 

Odelia:  This oriental collection is a multi-colored area rug design, that comes in seventeen colors.  Each color has various rug size options.  With the multiple colors in this rug collection, the Odelia Collection would be an easy area rug to decorate around.  A perfect piece for a living room or bedroom.  While the overall design is striking and has a unique design, it is somewhat distressed, and it does not capture or take over the room space.  A great complimentary area rug for overall room decor. 

Dallas Shag:  a 1.5 inch thick pile height product, this thick trellis design shag 5x8 area rug has 10 different colors.  Each color has many different size options.  Each color also has a secondary color that helps make each pattern a unique product, with unique rug characteristics.  The Dallas Shag Collection would be a wonderful area rug for a casual living room or bedroom space.  A great rug for softness and that cozy room feel.  Made of polypropylene, this product would be very easy to clean and maintain.  This is a trendy style rug, made for the modern decor customer. 

Alfombras: A modern, diamond border area rug that comes in multiple colors.  This is an area rug that is full of bright colors and design.  The main pattern that hits the eye, is the diamond border.  Each diamond has a different color, which immediately draws your attention to the area rug.  Made for a modern room, with modern colors and decor.  This product comes in six colors: beige, blue, brown, green, grey and purple.  This would be a wonderful area rug for a bedroom or modern living room space. 


Jute Reversible Rug: This hand woven jute 5x8 area rug comes in a natural color.  This collection comes in various rug sizes, making it a great option for any room, or a hallway space.  This is an eco friendly product that is reversible.  Customers looking for a natural product will surely love this 5x8 area rug.  Dining Rooms are an area this rug seems to look great in.  A living room space, under a coffee table is also very popular with this product.  The 2x5 oval is a great look for an entryway or hallway space.     

Zena:  This is a machine washable, floral 5x8 area rug.  Zena has comes in a variety of different rug sizes.  This is a multiple color product, with a heavy floral design.  It gives the appearance of being in the "oriental family" of rugs, but it is marketed more as a "floral product." Zena comes with a medallion design, which makes it a beautiful looking rug for almost any room of the home. This is a 00% polyester product.  It would be very easy to clean and maintain.  A great product for high traffic areas. 

Corbett:  A vintage boho design, that has four colors: multi, blue, grey and purple.  Colors in this product are very loud and striking.  This is for those customers looking for that bright and impactful rug, that will take over the room.  The colors of this 5x8 area rug would go great with a hardwood or luxury vinyl plank floor.  A wonderful product for a living room or family room. With a .43 inch pile height, you could place this area rug next to doorways or in an entryway. 

Tulum: Described as a "Moroccan boho distressed" area rug, this 5x8 area rug comes in a variety of different colors.  14 colors in the collection, which make this area rug very easy to find a color that will work in almost any space.  Customers that like a powerful design, with lots of things going on, will enjoy this product.  A wonderful choice for a bedroom or living room.  This rug is promoted as both kid and pet friendly. The colors are mostly in the lighter range, with 2 or 3 darker colors. 

Lyndhurst Collection:  A traditional oriental area rug that has 18 colors.  Each color has various rug size options.  Customers looking for an affordable oriental area rug are sure to find an attractive color in this collection.  Each rug is full of colors and styles, with a light border around the perimeter of the rug.  This is your typical oriental design area rug, that you see in the movies or on television.  A great product to purchase, without breaking the bank account. 

Phoenix:  Promoted as a "bohemian geometric" area rug pattern, the Phoenix comes in five colors, all with multiple rug size options.  Full of various colors in the design, this area rug is colorful, yet it does not takeover the rom.  It is a very pretty area rug, that would do a great job in filling a floor space that needs attention.  Perfect for a bedroom or casual living room space.  This area rug does a great job of showing off color, without being distracting.  Made of polypropylene, this area rug should be very easy to clean and maintain.  Great for high foot traffic rooms. 

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