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Moroccan Blythe:  A very popular area rug (on Amazon), Moroccan Bylthe, with over 22,000 product reviews, comes in 10 colors, with all colors having multiple size options.  This product has a colorful design of triangles and lines, and will sure to add a flair to any room in the home.  Made of 100% polypropylene, this 6x9 area rug should be very easy to clean and maintain. With so many internet product reviews, Moroccan Blythe would be a very easy product to research before buying. 

Sofia Collection:  Another extremely internet product (with over 22,000 Amazon Reviews), the Sofia Collection comes in 11 colors, which include: black/ivory, blue/ivory, brown/ivory,  burgundy/ivory, dark gray/ivory, gray/ivory, ivory/brown, light blue/navy blue, navy blue/yellow, orange/yellow and turquoise/ivory.  The Sofia Collection is described as a "traditional vintage rug, French inspired." It has a slight distressed look, and each rug is a combination of a 2 color design.  This 6x9 area rug would look great in a living room o bedroom. 

Odelia:  This 17 color oriental area rug from Artistic Weavers is a great product for quality and price.  Customers looking for an oriental area rug, without breaking the bank account, can certainly find their area rug with the Odelia Collection.  Each color has a classic oriental design and style, using multiple colors in the design.  This would be a great rug for  forma living room or dining room space. The Odelia Collection is made of 100% polypropylene, and is promoted as a product that will be very easy to clean and maintain. 

Ultra Soft Solid:  Customers looking for a soft & cozy solid color area rug will have a wide selection with the Ultra Soft Solid Product.  This 6x9 area rug comes in  huge selection of 15 colors, with each color having multiple size options.  This product would be perfect in a children's room or playroom.  The bright pink, yellow, red, purple and orange colors are great for little kids nursery rooms and bedrooms. This area rug is a very popular internet seller, amd has tons of product reviews.   

Desta:  This traditional style 6x9 area rug comes in four colors: blue/grey, blue/white, charcoal and navy.  With a unique design, this area rug could pass for a transitional, coastal, farmhouse or bohemian design.  A very versatile product that would look great in any room of the home.  A 6x9 area rug that has over 2,000 Amazon review.  Each color has several different size options.  This is a low pile height product that could be place in entryways or next to doorways. A great product for the money.  A good quality piece, while at a very affordable price. 

Madison Collection:  With 12 color options, with all colors having multiple size options, the Madison Collection is a very popular selling 6x9 area rug product.  Described as a " Boho Chic Floral Medallion Trellis Distressed Area Rug," this product has a lot going on in the overall style and design.  It has multiple colors in it, with multiple patterns.  This area rug is very easy to decorate around, and would be a great product to fill that void in a floor space.  A wonderful product that is also very affordable.  This is one of our top product selections. 

Janine:  This vintage medallion 6x9 area rug is available in 7 colors (black, burnt orange, dark blue, dark purple, grey, navy and teal.  Made of polypropylene, this area rug is promote as a product that would be very easy to clean and maintain.  The color range of this product seems o be a little all over the place. The light colors are very light, while the dark blue and orange seem to pop out and take over the room.  Our feeling is: this would be a great area rug for a formal living room space, or in a reading room or home siting area.   

Adirondack Collection: This oriental medallion collection has one of the largest color selections of any 6x9 area rug.  With 24 available colors, it would be very difficult to not find a color that would work in any home.  with its oriental design and low pile height, this area rug would work great in entryways, hallways, as well as in a bedroom or living room.  The oriental design is not so vibrant that it takes over the room.  Rather the color and style of the rug will tend to blend in with the other room items.  

Ethel:  Promoted as a "medallion fringe" 6x9 area rug, this product comes in 9 colors, with each color having multiple size options.  This is a tassel product that would look very nice in a formal room environment.  Each color has multiple designs within it, as well as multiple secondary colors.  This area rug would be very easy to match with furniture and wall paint colors. Colors in this area rug collection include: blue, grey, ivory, light blue, light brown, orange, red, rust and silver.  An area rug that is made from polypropylene, and is sold as an area rug that would be very easy to clean.

Evoke Collection:  An oriental distressed style 6x9 area rug that has 11 different colors, with each color having multiple size options.  The distressed look of this product makes it very easy to place in just about every room of the home.  This rug will blend in with other room decor items and colors.  This would be a great complimentary decorating item, as opposed to an area rug that would take over the room with strong colors and designs. The oriental design of the Evoke Collection would give any room a since f a traditional style and conservative feel.  a great rug for the money.  This is a very affordable product that sells extremely well.    

Anja:  A unique oriental medallion design area rug, that comes in 4 colors, with all colors having different size options.  This would be a great area rug to buy multiple sizes, and coordinate in different room spaces. Colors options include: grey, taupe, dark brown and teal.  The medallion design in the middle of this rug is the main design feature.  Each color also has secondary colors, making this product a multi-color design.  The middle medallion is featured in the contrasting color, to show off the design. This is a machine woven 6x9 area rug, and should be very easy to clean and maintain.  

Hamadan Collection:  Sold as a "Oriental Traditional Persian Area rug," this vintage collection has 10 colors, with all colors having various size options.  This 6x9 area rug has a lot going on in the overall design pattern.  Multiple shapes and sizes, as well as multiple colors make this an area rug that will certainly be noticed in whatever room it is placed in.  The darker colors in this collection are very vibrant and strong.  Customers looking for a discussion piece area rug might want to check-out this product.  This area rug will bring strong color and life to any room. 


Monaco Collection:  With huge color options (23), the Monaco Collection is advertised as a "Boho Chic Medallion Distressed Area Rug." In other words, the overall design of this rug is very busy.  It has a lot of things going on with shapes, colors, lines, etc...  While the pattern itself is very busy, with the distressed nature of the rug, it does not come across as overwhelming.  Customers get the best of both worlds with the product: a fancy design and style, with a color that does dominate a room.  This 6x9 area rug would be very easy to place in any room style. 


Vasiliki Moroccan: This is a thick shag carpet, that comes in 5 colors.  The Moroccan design in this 6x9 area rug is somewhat hidden in the shag material, making it have a unique look that is not found in most area rugs.  This product comes with large tassels, which help with the Moroccan theme.  Being a thick product, this area rug is best used in a bedroom or in a family gathering room.  The softness of the rug makes it a great product to walk on barefoot ro for kids to play. 

Tulum Collection: Advertised as a "Moroccan Boho Distressed" area rug, this product has a lot of things going on in the overall pattern. Multiple angled lines, triangle patterns, squares, etc... This is a true Moroccan area rug style carpet.  With 11 colors, this 6x9 area rug would be ideal in a living room, by a sofa, or in front of a television.  This area rug would also be wonderful in a master bedroom, next to the bed or by a corner chair.  This area rug is meant to stand out in the room.  While the colors and design make it noticeable, it does not over power the room like some of the other products in the marketplace.   

Cambridge Collection:  Sold as a "Handmade Moroccan Premium Wool Area Rug," The Cambridge Collection comes in 10 colors, with each color available in different size options.  This featured 6x9 area rug, being made of wool, is a high end product, that can be purchased at a very affordable price.  This area rug would be perfect for a formal living room, or for that casual space that needs a neutral color, yet durable carpet. The design in this carpet is mostly unnoticeable, except in the darker colors.


Moroccan Lattice:  This product, made by Unique loom, is promoted as a Moroccan Lattice" product that has 15 colors.  Nothing fancy about this 6x9 area rug.  Customers looking for a standard lattice style product will find it here.  This product has a primary color, with a secondary color that shows off the lattice pattern.  It has a low pile height, making it great for entryways and hallways. This area rug is also used in bedrooms, basements and living rooms. This is a polypropylene product that has a cotton backing. 

Vanda:  This 6x9 area rug is advertised as a "Fancy Persian Area Rug. " Customers looking for a formal area rug that does not require a lot of money should be advised to shop this product.  Available in 6 colors, with multiple size options in each color, this area rug is for that formal room in the house.  this is your typical traditional style area rug.  The colors in thi collection will coordinate well with many different furniture styles.  This area rug would look great on top of a hardwood or vinyl plank floor. 

Classie Hand Tufted Shag:  This popular 6x9 area rug comes in 10 colors, which include:  beige, beige/multi, blue, blue/multi, denim, denim/multi, grey/multi, navy/multi, red/multi, sky blue and teal.  This 6x9 area rugs is a rainbow of colors, with horizontal rows of colors.  A very colorful area rug, that would coordinate with almost every color.  This area rug is very strong in color, and is considered to be shag carpet. A very thick pile height makes this a great product for a casual gathering space or bedroom.    

Aloha Indoor/Outdoor:  This 6x9 indoor/outdoor area rug. made by Nourison, is a very popular online product, with currently over 12,000 amazon Reviews. A great product for a porch or pool area.  The floral design provides a summer, warm look that would be perfect for that outside hang out space.  this product comes in 9 colors, with all colors available in various size options.  Made for outdoors, this area rug is alo very soft and would be great next to outside furniture or tables.  

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