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Sofia Collection:  Advertised as a "traditional vintage, French inspired" area rug, the Sofia Collection continues to be one of the most popular area rugs online.  Currently, with over 22,000 amazon Reviews, this product comes in 11 colors, with all colors having various size options.  This product has a slight distressed look, making the overall color quiet calming and easy to place in a room.  This 8x10 area rug would be great in a living room or large room where the family gathers.  The Sofia Collection has a low pile height, making it a great area rug for high traffic areas.     

Thigpen Contemporary:  This 8x10 area rug comes in two colors: dark grey and grey.  Each rug comes with a secondary color, which is part of the streaking lines in the pattern.  This is a very modern area rug design, but with the grey primary color, it comes across as a neutral carpet.  This rug would be a good for a bedroom or modern decor living room area.  The grey colors would make it very easy to decorate around.  A perfect color for most furniture and wall paint colors.  This is a very popular and selling online product.  You can find product reviews all over the internet.   

Euston Abstract:  This abstract area rug is best descried as "army camouflage" colors.  This 8x10 area rugs comes in 9 colors, with secondary colors mixed in each rug.  The overall pattern is very abstract and full of design.  This area rug is intended for a very modern home that has abstract room decor.  This area rug would be very hard to "blend in" to any room.  When customers put this area rug in a room, it will be noticed.  While the overall colors are not too bright, the overall pattern of the rug is very strong and will take over the room.    

Premium Sakarya: A traditional medallion border area rug that comes in 13 colors.  Each color has various size options.  This 8x10 area rug is your typical oriental type of rug.  It has the main medallion deign in the middle, with a border secondary color around he outside.  Full of pattern, this area rug will be very attractive for the homeowner looking for an oriental area rug that is not too pricey.  This rug collection is made out of polypropylene, and is promoted as a rug that would be very easy to clean and maintain. 

Positano Collection:  This 8x10 indoor/outdoor flat weave area rug is a great option for a porch or deck space, or for a 4 seasons room.  This collection is available in 9 colors, which include: aqua, beige, blue/green, charcoal, light grey, natural, navy blue, terracotta and yellow.  These area rugs are mostly a solid color look, with just a hint of a secondary color appearing as an accent.  The low pile height of this rug makes it a wonderful option for most rooms of the home. Also a great rug for high traffic areas. Designed for heavy foot traffic.   

Madison Collection:  A traditional style of carpet, described as a "Boho Chic Medallion Distressed Area Rug." This 8x10 area rug product comes with a large medallion in the middle of the rug, with all sorts of design colors and shapes around the perimeter.  This area rug is best utilized in a formal space, maybe a dining room or living room area.  It could also work in a bedroom or home library.  The Madison Collection has 11 colors.  With each color having multiple size options.  This area rug has a lot going on in the design and pattern.  A traditional style area rug with lots of color.      

Becca Collection:  A vintage style area rug that comes in four colors:  beige, grey, blue and charcoal.  This 8x10 area rug has a busy pattern, with numerous squares, rectangles and line patterns.  While he pattern of this rug is extreme, the neutral color of this rug absorbs the pattern and makes this area rug a very calm piece of flooring.  A wonderful area rug o use with a sofa or living room furniture.  This product would also work in a bedroom or reading area.    


Hudson Shag Collection:  With one of the largest color options of any online area rug (25 colors), this 8x10 shag trellis area rug has a thick, 2 inch pile height, and is a very soft and cozy rug.  This product would be ideal for a casual family room or television room, or master bedroom.  This is your standard trellis looking area rug, with one primary color, with a secondary color that emphasizes the trellis design.  With over 8,000 Amazon reviews, Hudson Shag is a very popular area rug option.   


Adirondack Collection:  A solid color area rug, that has a "hint" of a secondary color in it.  This product comes in 13 colors, making it an easy option to find the perfect color choose.  this 8x10 area rug works great in a casual setting, and would coordinate very well with most furniture colors and styles.  This product is best very well, it has a low pile height, and is advertised as a very easy area rug to maintain and to keep clean. This rug collection has a trendy, modern style that gives a clean and refreshing look. 


Saban Collection:  A traditional polypropylene area rug, that comes in brown.  A popular area rug for living rooms and bedrooms.  this 8x10 area rug would look great on hardwood floors or luxury vinyl plank flooring.  It also coordinates very well with light color furniture.  This is considered an oriental area rug, that has that touch of "traditional" in the overall pattern.  The pattern has many secondary colors in it, as well lots of shapes and lines.  this is your standard oriental piece that would look great in both a casual and/or formal space. 

Layla Collection:  This is a 17 color oriental collection.  It has a slight distressed look to the pattern, with the color range mostly in the lighter tones.  The design of the rug blends in very well with the color, giving this 8x10 area rug a very quiet and subtle look and feel.  This area is vey well priced, and would be an awesome look in a casual living room or bedroom space.  With so many available colors, finding the right color of rug should be very easy.  

Paint Effect Collection:  An abstract style of area rug, that uses rectangular shapes and colors to promote an abstract pattern full of different shades of black and grey. This 8x10 area rug is certainly for the modern room decor, and would look very nice in a bedroom or casual living room.  With the dark colors in this rug, putting this product over a light color hard floor, or around light color furniture would be a good fit.  This product is priced at an aggressive price point, and is very popular online.    

Rigo Collection:  A hand woven jute area rug that is available in 5 colors.  All 5 colors have various sizes options.  The 8x10 size rug would look great in a living room (in front of a sofa), or in a bedroom.  This rug is a casual product that has that natural or farmhouse appeal.  Colors include: black, navy, natural, and two off-whites.  This i a hand crafted product that is made in India.  It is a very popular online area rug that has several thousands of product reviews.  

Sarina Diamonds:  A very light grey area rug, that is defined as a contemporary style product.  This area rug is full of lines and diamond shaped patterns.  The overall design of the area rug blends in with the light grey color.  The overall effect makes the design very neutral and somewhat quiet to the eye.  This 8x10 area rug would be easy to place in rooms that have almost any color.  This area rug would be perfect for filling that room space that currently has a void.  A quality area rug, at a good price, that would not take over the room.   

Classic Collection:  This 10 color shag 8x10 area rug is a thick product, that is made to be soft and comfortable to walk on.  The product itself is full of color.  It has streaks of colors that run parallel to the length of the rug, making it look like a rainbow sitting on the floor.  This is a nice modern, contemporary style area rug that would look awesome in a bedroom, children's bedroom or casual living room space.  Each color has several different size options. 

Moroccan Blythe:  This stunning 10 color 8x 10 area rug collection is one of the most popular online area rugs sold.  With over 22,000 Amazon reviews, this area rug would be a wonderful carpet for any room of the house. Full of a rich pattern and color, the Moroccan Blythe collection would coordinate extremely well with most paint and furniture colors.  Made of polypropylene, no matter the size, this collection is very durable and easy to clean and maintain.  This is simply a beautiful area rug at a great price. 

Johathon Y Morrocan:  A beautiful multi color Moroccan area rug with a vey busy pattern of lines and triangles.  This 8x10 area rug collection comes in five colors: black/ivory, blue/white, cream/gray, gray/ivory and ivory/multi.  A beautiful area rug for a bedroom or casual living room space. A pet and kid friendly area rug that is durable and easy to clean and maintain. This is a very affordable area rug that has been selling at a great price.

Bohemian/Global: This is an off white area rug, that has multiple diamond shapes throughout the rug, all in a variety of different colors.  The overall rug is an off white, but the colors of the diamond shapes are multiple, giving this 8x10 area rug a very unique look and design.  This would be a perfect area rug for a room that already has several colors in it, and a rug is needed to help pull everything together.  

Lyndhurst Collection: A traditional looking oriental area rug that comes in 7 colors.  This would be a wonderful option for a formal living room or home library.  This beautiful 8x10 area rug has several patterns, as well as secondary colors.  As in typical oriental area rugs, it showcases a border, which is full of unique shapes and designs.  This is a polypropylene product that has a low pile height.  It is very durable and should be easy to maintain.  A great rug to buy coordinating sizes, placing one rug in a living room and one rug by an entryway. 

Heritage Collection: A traditional oriental area rug that is very affordable and popular.  This rug comes in 11 colors, with each color having various size options.  A perfect area rug to place on a hardwood floor or luxury vinyl plank.  The colors of this 8x10 area rug coordinate extremely well with both light and dark colors. Customers looking for a very nice oriental area rug, without having to spend thousands of dollars, would be well served to check out the Heritage Collection.  

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