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Euston Abstract:  A wonderful abstract area rug collection that comes in 9 colors.  Each color has multiple size options.  This 9x12 area rug collection can best be described as having "camouflage colors."  This area rug reminds us of military uniform colors. This would be the ideal area rug for a modern room, that has many different modern colors.  The colors in this collection are: beige, blue, grey, light blue, multi, passion, red, red/black and turquoise/black. 

Moroccan Lattice Collection:  A very popular online area rug, the Moroccan Lattice Collection represents your standard low pile height lattice area rug.  Available in 15 colors, this collection has one primary color, with a secondary color outlining the lattice design.  This 9x12 area rug would be great in a high traffic area, such as an entryway, hallway or living room area.  Promoted as an area rug that would be very easy to maintain and clean. Currently, this product has over 4,500 Amazon reviews, and would be a very easy product to research before purchasing. 

Amsterdam Collection:  This 20 color Moroccan Boho Collection represents the typical area rug that one would expect in a "Moroccan Boho" product.  Lots of color and design, multiple lines and shapes, and vivid contrasting color tones. This area rug has a lot of things going on in the overall design.  The 9x12 size area rug would look beautiful in a large living room space or bedroom.  Perfect for the casual room environment. A very easy product to keep clean. 

Lynhurst Collection:  This is your typical traditional looking oriental area rug collection.  With 18 different colors, customers that are looking for a nice, everyday affordable oriental rug would be advised to look at this collection.  This 9x12 area rug is a great value for the money.  No need to spend thousands of dollars on an oriental area rug, when the Lynhurst Collection has such a great price.  This product is meant for that formal home space, or for that quiet reading room area.  

Trellis Frieze Collection:  A 16 color geometric, trellis frieze collection.  This collection has standard primary colors, with an accent color that outlines the trellis pattern.  Nothing fancy here.  This 9x12 area rug is the perfect option to fill a space on a floor that needs attention.  A perfect area rug to fill that room void.  The color line is very conservative and will coordinate extremely well with all types of furniture and wall paint colors.  A low pile height carpet that should be easy to clean.  This product is great for high foot traffic areas. 

Botanical Collection:  This 7 color wild indoor/outdoor vine floral design area rug collection, is extremely popular for outdoor spaces, such as decks and porches.  A fun and bright looking area rug, that would be wonderful underneath an outdoor table.  The 9x12 size would be perfect to coordinate with a 4 chair dining set.  This is a fun area rug collection that reminds people of being outside and having summer fun. Each color in this collection also has multiple size options. 

Tulum Collection:  This area rug is promoted as a "boho tribal" collection.  It currently comes in 9 colors, with each color having a secondary color that promotes the overall design.  The design can best be described as rows of horizontal diamonds.  Two of the nine colors are dark (navy & black), while the other seven colors are light toned.  This is a casual looking area rug.  The 9x12 size would look very nice in a large living room area, or in a master bedroom.  The lighter colors of this area rug should be very easy to coordinate with furniture and paint colors. 

Contemporary Modern Boxes:  The name of this area rug explains everything that a customer needs to know:  this area rug design is shapes of boxes (rectangles and squares), all with different colors.  This is a very colorful and bright area rug, very modern in design.  The larger 9x12 size would look terrific in a modern living room space, with furniture placed around the perimeter of the rug.  This collection comes with 7 colors: blue, brown, grey, navy, pink, red and yellow.  It should be noted that each color has many different secondary colors in it. 


Athens Shag Collection:  A thick, solid color area rug collection that would be a great option for a casual living room or bedroom.  This area rug would look great over hardwood flooring, or luxury vinyl plank flooring.  It has 14 colors in the product line, with all colors having various size options.  The larger 9x12 size, is typically placed next to a sofa or close to the middle of a high traffic room. This would be a great rug for a gathering room in the house, where kids play or watch television on the floor.  

Motto Abstract Contemporary:  This collection comes in beige, with secondary colors placed within the overall design.  This is a contemporary area rug, that can be described as a beige carpet, with clusters of dark and light grey.  The secondary colors have know shape pattern, rather they are "spills of color" over the primary beige.  The 9x12 size rug would most often be placed in the middle of a contemporary living room space.  Matching furniture colors and matching wall paint colors will need to coordinate with the grey tones, both light and dark.  

Chester Collection:  Listed as an "abstract" area rug, this product (in our opinion) is more of a Moroccan Boho product. The design of the rug is full of triangles and lines (going in all kinds of direction), and has numerous shapes throughout the pattern.  This product comes in three colors: black, dark blue and grey.  The pattern of the rug, while intense, also blends in with the main color. This makes the 9x12 size to be a somewhat neutral toned product, and would be a wonderful addition to a large family room or living room space.  The light tone colors might make it difficult to keep clean (if you have children), but this product has a low pile height, so it should hold up very well to foot traffic. 

Madison Collection:  This modern abstract looking area rug comes in 12 colors, with each color having multiple size options.  The overall color of this area rug is somewhat distressed looking.  Each color has a primary color, with several secondary colors mixed within the design.  There does not seem to be a coordinated pattern, rather the design is a mixture of colors that resemble liquid spills.  The 9x12 size rug work well in a master bedroom that needs color. 

Adirondack Collection:  This is a very popular online area rug collection.  It comes with one of the broadest options in colors (24), ranging from light tone colors to dark tone colors.  Described as an oriental medallion area rug design, this product gives out a formal look, one that expects to see this area rug in a formal dining room or living room.  This product would look terrific on top of a hardwood floor.  The 9x12 option is a wonderful choice for a large living room area that has formal style furniture. 

Estrella Collection:  This abstract and modern colorful area rug will surely grab the attention of any room.  Customers looking for a bright, cheerful and abstract area rug, will not have to look any further than with this product.  The multi colors in this area rug stand out and scream "bright!." The 9x12 rug size would need to be in a very modern and abstract room, otherwise this area rug would be out of place. The Estrella Collection comes in multiple size options.  Make sure you have sunglasses when you walk in to a room that has this area rug on the floor.  

Barista Collection:  A very unique modern abstract carpet.  Best described as a multi color boxes area rug, with radiant colors throughout the design.  Each color fades from strong to light, giving this design a very unique look and feel. This collection has multiple size options.  The 9x12 size rug would best be placed next to a sofa in a large living space.  Customers could also use this area rug in a master bedroom design.  This is a modern area rug that needs to go in a room that is looking for modern decor design.  

Odelia Collection:  This is an extremely popular online area rug, with over 12,000 Amazon Reviews. It also has one of the largest color lines (17) .  Promoted as an oriental style area rug, this product also has a tint of distressed tones in it.  Even though the pattern is strong, it does not overtake the design.  With a slight distressed feel, the rug will blend in to most room settings.  The 9x12 size option would be a wonderful choice for a large area that has lots of furniture. 


Retro Collection: This is a unique looking retro shag carpet, that comes in four colors.  Each color has horizontal streaks of secondary colors.  The secondary colors are faded, giving this product a unique look and design.  This is a casual area rug pattern.  Perfect for bedrooms or a casual living room.  Customers that go with the 9x12 size option will want to place this rug underneath furniture and table legs. 

Lagos Collection:  An abstract area rug collection that comes in four colors: beige, grey, navy, light blue and red.  As with many abstract pieces, this area rug is full of colors that are spilled in the rug, that do not form any exact pattern.  The color range of this product is most dark, with lighter secondary colors.  This area rug is certainly "abstract," and needs to be placed accordingly.  All of the colors come with various size options.  The 9x12 size would be ideal for a large living room sitting area.

Hamadan Collection: This area rug collection is advertised as a "Oriental Traditional Persian" product.  It comes in 10 colors, with all colors having different size options.  This product is your typical oriental rug.  Large and small patterns and designs throughout the rug.  The colors are very rich and strong.  Customers looking for a good quality oriental area rug, without hurting their bank account would be advised to check-out the Hamadan Collection.  This product currently has over 3,000 Amazon Reviews, and would be a very easy product to research before making a purchase. 

Traditional Oriental Collection:  This traditional oriental collection comes in two colors: beige/blue and gray/beige.  This is a very formal oriental area rug, that has neutral colors.  A classic area rug that you would expect to see in a formal room setting.  This product would be great for underneath a dining room table, or in a formal living room.  There are many different size options.  Customers picking the 9x12 option will need a large space, with lots of room.  A great product to place over hardwood flooring. 

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