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Adirondack Collection:  A modern solid color, low pile height area rug, that has streaks of a secondary color that run horizontally across the main color.  This is a very high traffic area rug.  This product comes in 13 colors.  Each color has multiple size options.  The extra large size is the perfect fit for a large living room or bedroom space.  The Adirondack Collection is a non-shedding and stain resistant area rug.  It is a very popular online area rug, with currently over 5,000 Amazon reviews.  

Moroccan Blythe:  A very stunning Moroccan-Style area rug that comes in ten colors: black, black and white, blue, dark blue, dark grey, grey and off-white, light multi, multi, pink and white and black.  Each of the ten colors has multiple size options.  This would be a great area rug to order different sizes, but the larger size in a living room space, with a coordinating runner in a hallway.  With over 22,000 Amazon reviews, this is one of the most popular selling online area rugs.  It is a very colorful and fancy design, full of shapes, lines and pattern. The extra large siz e area rug would be a wonderful selection for a large living room. 

Misty Shades:  A grey geometric style area rug, that is full of color patches.  The two tone grey colors are printed in blotches across the carpet, giving the appearance of a random design.  This product comes in multiple size options.  It is a 100% polypropylene product, with a low pile height.  It should be very easy to clean and maintain. Customers looking o purchases the extra large size area rug, usually place this product in a bedroom or large room where the family watches television or movies. 

Madison Collection:  Described as a "Boho Chic Floral Medallion Trellis Distressed" area rug, this extra large area rug is full of life and deign.  It has a lot going on.  It comes in 12 colors, with each color having various size options.  As the description correctly points out: this product has a little bit of everything in it. A bobo feel, a floral pattern, small medallion patterns throughout and even an overall distressed look.  Customers needing an area rug to bring color in to a room, will not have to look any further than the Madison Collection of area rugs.


Chester Collection:  Made by Artistic Weavers, this Moroccan Style extra large area rug comes in three colors: black, dark blue and grey. Even though the overall pattern in the rug is very busy with multiple lines and shapes, it blends in with the primary color and somewhat hides the working design.  The three available sizes all have numerous size options.  This extra large area rug is at a very affordable price.  Customers looking for a big area rug, can get here monies worth with this product. 

Arlena Collection:  A vintage style area rug, that is full of pattern and design.  This product comes in three colors: black, grey and burgundy.  Each color has many different size options.  The extra large area rug size would be an ideal area rug option for a large room, maybe a bedroom or living room.  The colors in this area rug are quite beautiful.  This product has a slight distressed look, giving it a very relaxed feeling and design.  This would be a great choice fr a casual space that is looking for a vice colorful rug, that is not too overwhelming.  The Arlena Collection would look great over a hardwood floor or luxury vinyl plank floor. 

Davos Shag Collection:  Your typical solid color, thick and cozy area rug.  an extra large area rug that would be the ideal option for a casual family room with kids.  A rug that is great to sit on and watch television, play with toys on the floor or just sit on and relax.  This product comes in ten colors: aqua, dusty rose, ivory, linen, marine blue, peppercorn, poppy, sage, sterling and sunglow. Each color has many different size options.  It has a one inch pile height, and is made to feel soft and relaxing.  This is a very popular online product, that currently has over 5,000 Amazon product reviews.     

Lynhurst Collection:  This is your standard, old fashion, traditional living room oriental area rug.  This extra large area rug comes in 18 colors, all with tons of different size options.  The product has your typical oriental flare, with multiple designs and shapes in the pattern, and a lighter color border. customers looking for a traditional oriental area rug, that don't want to spends thousands of dollars, would be advised to check out this product.  It is a great product, tons of color options, all while at a very affordable price.


Sultan Sarouk:  A traditional style oriental area rug that has seven colors: brown, grey, red, black, green, ivory and light blue.  This wonderful extra large area rug is the perfect choice for a traditional living room space.  Everything from the design to the color line, screams "traditional" about this area rug. This is the perfect area rug for the customer looking for a bargain price on a good quality area rug.  A popular online area rug, with tons of reviews.  Customers that are shy about purchasing online, will have a very easy time researching this product and reading what other people are saying about the overall quality, shipping speed and customer service.       


Versailles Collection:  Described as a "Traditional Classic Floral Motif," this traditional oriental area rug comes with two primary colors in it, with a one color medallion style design in the middle, surrounded by a secondary border.  There is a hint of a floral pattern in the rug, which gives it a unique feel and design.  This product comes in eight colors: brown/ivory, burgundy/ivory, green/ivory, ivory/tan, slate blue/ivory, terracotta/ivory, burgundy/ivory and green/ivory.  Each color has multiple size options. The extra large area rug size is meant for a large living room or bedroom.  this would be an ideal area rug for a room with lots of furniture, that has an open floor space that needs o be covered.           

Voyage Collection:  A classic oriental area rug collection, that is available in eight colors: brown/ivory, green/ivory, ivory/gold, light blue/gold, red/gold, terracotta/ivory, ivory/gold 2 and red/gold 2.  Each color has several different size options.  This would a great traditional area rug to place over a hardwood floor, in a traditional themed room.  The extra large area rug size is strikingly beautiful and luxurious. Each color has a primary and secondary color, along with a pattern of several different oriental shapes and designs. 

Derya Persian:  This Persian area rug is available in blue and multi colors.  It has an oriental design, with distressed coloring.  While elegant in design, it also has a feel of calmness, and screams "be casual."  This extra large area rug also comes in multiple sizes, and would be a good area rug for almost any room of the house.  A great fit with almost any sort of room decor.  This is a 100% polypropylene product, with a slip cotton backing.  This product should hide stains extremely well, and should be very easy to clean. 

Evoke Collection:  Sold and described as a "shabby chic oriental medallion" extra large area rug, this product comes in 4 traditional colors, with multiple size options available in each color.  This is a traditional oriental area rug, that homeowners would commonly see in a dining room, formal living room or home library room.  A typical two color oriental rug, featuring one main color, with the secondary color used to show off the pattern.  Three of the fours colors are light toned, with the fourth color being a light blue.   

Hamadan Collection:  This product is best described as a "Vintage Oriental Traditional Persian" area rug.  It comes in four colors:  orange/blue, grey/black, taupe and dark grey/ivory.  The darker colors are very vibrant and strong.  The extra large area rug size is made for a large living room or bedroom.  Customers that buy this area rug will have a colorful rug that looks like an area rug that has been purchased at a high end designer rug store.  This is a great product for the money.  

Monaco Collection:  This area rug collection has a huge color line (23) that are all very colorful and full of life and design.  Described as a "Boho Chic Medallion Distressed" area rug, this area rug has so much design going on, the manufacturer apparently decided to describe it with every known area rug term in the book.  It is quite simply, a wonderful and beautiful oriental area rug that customers will enjoy.  The extra large area rug size would be a stunning piece in a large living room space. 

Heritage Collection:  This extremely colorful traditional oriental area rug, is available in two colors:  multi/burgundy and beige/burgundy.  This is a beautiful wool area rug, full of design and color.  This extra large area comes has multiple secondary colors in it, as well as a ton of shapes and designs.  This is an area rug to purchase when a room needs some color and a shot of life.  This is just a wonderful array of spectacular, vibrant colors.  The three available colors also have numerous size options. 


Mahal Collection:  This is your standard, traditional style oriental area rug. This collection comes in three colors: red/natural, red/cream and cream/red.  All three colors are very neutral in shade, and would be easy to coordinate with other room colors.  A nice area rug to be placed in a casual or formal living room or bedroom.  The extra large area rug size would show off the oriental design very well, and would certainly fill any room floor space, without taking over the decor of the entire room. 

Tess Collection:  This is a plush trellis design area rug, that comes in four colors: white, blue, pink and grey. A very soft and cozy rug, that has one primary color, with the secondary color showing off the trellis design.  This would be a great area rug for a television room or family room, even a kids bedroom.  If a homeowner is looking to fill a large space, the extra large area rug size would fill a room with a nice soft, comfortable carpet.  Three of the four colors are light tones, while the grey is on the dark side of the color chart. 

Amsterdam Collection:  This is a wild and colorful area rug collection, full of patterns, shapes and designs.  This Moroccan style rug has multiple things going on in the design.  It would be hard to look at it, and just notice one feature of the pattern. It is full of color, featuring an amazing 20 colors in the line, all with different size options. Customers looking at the extra large size area rug size should be prepared to have the room space brought to life.  This area rug will capture the room and be the topic of conversation.

Elijah Collection:  A very popular online area rug collection that comes in 4 colors: beige, black, brown, dark grey and navy.  The different colors are represented by the outside border of the area rug. This is a natural seagrass product, and would look great in almost any room.  The extra large area rug size would be beautiful in a room that is surrounded by furniture and/or chairs/tables.  This is a very durable product that would hold up to high foot traffic.      


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