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Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Floral:  A beautiful, multi color indoor/outdoor area rug that screams summer and hot weather.  This collection of rugs comes in 9 colors, with all 9 colors having multiple sizes options.  The floral pattern in this area rug is full of different colors, very vibrant and alive.  This would be a great outdoor rug for a backyard porch or deck.  A wonderful accent piece round tables and furniture.  Colors in this collection include: black/white, blue/multicolor, green, ivory/navy, multi color, natural, red multi colored, silver/grey and turquoise/multi color.  


Nicole Miller Patio Country Danica: This classic design area rug is sure to delight the homeowner looking for an indoor/outdoor area rug that is full of country life and charm.  This collection comes in two colors: black/gray and blue/grey.  Each color has multiple size options.  This rug is full of pattern and color, and a perfect rug to have on an outside deck or patio.  The full pattern in this rug collection will make cleaning it very easy.  Currently, with over 2,500 Amazon reviews, this collection remains a very popular online product. 

Solid Collection:  A casual and classic traditional style outdoor rug that comes in eight transitional colors.  Colors include: light gray/gray, navy blue/light blue, aquamarine/light blue, beige/gray, black/gray, light brown/brown, rust red/terracotta and teal/navy blue.  Each color has a primary color, with a hint of a secondary color used to accent the design.  A beautiful casual outdoor rug that would look great in any space.  This product is priced extremely well, and continues to be a popular online selling product. 

Trellis Collection:  A standard looking Moroccan trellis area rug, that comes in eight colors: aquamarine/gray, black/beige, blue/gray, teal/gray, brown/beige, navy blue/gray, rust red/beige and teal/gray.  This rug would be ideal next to a pool or on an outdoor patio, underneath a round table.  A classic trellis design outdoor rug that is very colorful and durable.  Each color has a variety of different size options. Currently with over 4,000 product reviews, this collection remains a hot selling online product. 

Sundance Collection:  This reversible indoor/outdoor area rug collection comes in five colors:  beige, blue, green. grey and turquoise.  Each color has many different size options. This collection of outdoor rugs is mainly a solid color product, with each color having a hint of a secondary color in the pattern.  This is a very casual rug, perfect for that outdoor space that needs a little decorating pick me up.  This is a great area rug for customers looking for a durable product, while being sold at a great price.    

Outdoor Collection:  A solid tonal area rug collection.  This area rug has one primary solid color, with a secondary borer color.  A very casual style area rug that comes in six colors: aquamarine/beige, black/gray, blue/beige, brown/beige, rust red/beige and teal beige.  This is a basic low pile height, durable solid color outdoor rug, that has just a pinch of design flair.  The border in the design makes this collection of rugs a nice product for an outdoor space that needs some attention, without coming overboard on color and fancy designs. 

Outdoor Patio Rugs: This is an outdoor rug that is full of color and design.  Each color in the collection brings a different style with it.  All 10 colors are exotic and colorful.  This area rug collection screams warm weather and party time!  This would be a great outdoor rug around a swimming pool or backyard patio.  This collection of rugs is not for the calm of heart designer. this product is a wild and crazy area rug that will bring attention to any outdoor space.  A perfect outdoor rug for parties and barbecues.   

Freedom Collection:  This outdoor rug is a solid color, bordered theme area rug collection.  It has a solid color in the middle, with a secondary solid color as a borer.  It comes in 13 colors.  All of the colors have multiple size options. There is nothing fancy about this area rug collection.  This is simply a nice, durable area rug product that would look good in any outdoor space.  This collection is a rug homeowners purchase when they want an attractive looking outdoor rug, that is affordable, and yet does not look cheap.  With over 2,000 Amazon reviews, this continues to be a very popular online product.  

Reversible Rugs:  This rainbow color collection of outdoor rugs comes in 11 colors. Each color is full of secondary colors that have horizontal lines running across the rug.  This product is full of color and flair.  The overall design is somewhat standard, but the color in this collection is spectacular. This is a rug to buy when customers need to liven up an outdoor space.  We could see this area rug by a pool, on a backyard deck or four seasons room.  Currently, this collection has over 6,000 online reviews.  This is a very popular area rug collection.     

Passion Floral:  This floral collection of outdoor rugs comes in four colors: charcoal/blue, navy/ivory, blue and grey.  This is a very cheerful and fun loving floral design area rug collection.  Each color has many different size options. It's almost unfair to label each product with one color name, as they all have multiple bright colors and designs. This would be a beautiful area rug for a backyard deck or patio. A very casual area rug collection that is extremely popular online.    

Positano Flat-Weave:  A chic, solid color outdoor rug collection that comes in ten colors: aqua, beige, blue/green, charcoal, light grey, natural, navy blue, terracotta and yellow.  This amazing outdoor rug collection is a perfect option for customers looking for a classy and elegant outdoor rug.  all ten colors come in a variety of size options.  This would be a perfect rug for a four seasons room, backyard patio or the corner of a relaxing pool spot.  Currently, this product has over 1,900 online reviews.  

Courtyard Collection:  This striped indoor/outdoor rug collection comes in 16 colors.  with so many colors, it would be hard to not find a color that would work in an outdoor space.  This rug collection has a rainbow of colors in it, with a pattern of different color horizontal lines.  A very bright and colorful area rug collection that would sparkle any outdoor space.  Each of the 16 colors has multiple size options. This would be a great rug for that casual space that just needs a little bit of attention.     

Evergreen Artificial Turf:  The name says it all: this is the typical artificial grass area rug that you would expect. This product comes in two colors:  green and dark gray.  This product is the type of surface one would find on a putt putt golf course, or an indoor golf range.  This area rug collection would be ideal for the outdoor rug spot that needs a rug, but needs to be a casual piece that does not draw attention.  Both colors come in a variety of size options.  

Gris Border Outdoor:  This is a solid color area rug that comes with a secondary solid color border. This outdoor collection comes in two colors: beige and grey.  Each of the two color options has multiple size options.  There is nothing fancy about the color and design of this collection. Neutral colors with a neutral design.  Customers looking for a conservative product might check out this collection.  It is sold at a great price, and it has several published online reviews.      

Floral Circles Design:  The name says it all with this product: this collection is full of colorful floral designs, shaped in large circles.  The two primary colors are blue and grey.  This is a fun and colorful area rug that will sure to bring color to any outdoor space.  This product comes in multiple sizes, and would be a great addition to any casual space.   

Braided Indoor/Outdoor: a unique braided outdoor rug collection that comes in nine colors: aqua, charcoal, ivory, light blue, light grey, pink, tan, salt and pepper and light gray/salt and pepper.  This is a wonderful and unique looking outdoor rug collection that is both casual in look, and classy in the design and feel.  Each of the nine colors has many different size options.  This is a solid color rug collection, that with the braided design, has a very stylish look and design.  A great rug for any outdoor space.

Reversible Plastic Area Rug: This collection of outdoor rugs has an amazing selection of color options (23). Not only does each color have multiple size options, but each color has a completely different design.  This is really a collection of 23 different rugs.  This product is promoted as a oriental medallion design, but customers looking at this product, need to check out the pictures of each color before making a buying decision.  A fun collection of rugs that would be awesome for a backyard patio or deck. 

Safavieh Veranda Collection:  This boho outdoor rug collection is a lovely design, that comes in eight colors: ivory/charcoal, ivory/grey, ivory/slate, black/cream, red/natural, ivory/blue, chocolate/cream and chocolate/terracotta.  This product has a medallion design, with large medallions in the middle of the rug, surrounded by borers and small shapes.  This would be a very nice and elegant outdoor rug for a patio or pool area. Each color in this collection has many different size options. 

Gina Moroccan:  A standard trellis indoor outdoor rug collection that has four colors: blue, grey, taupe and tawny. There is nothing fancy about this collection.  This is simply a well priced, durable and good looking trellis collection.  Each color has many different size options.  A great rug for any outdoor area.  The color line is very neutral, and should be easy to coordinate with any kind of outdoor furniture. 

Tropics Palm Leaves: this is a very fun and joyful area rug collection, that simply screams "summertime fun."  A very colorful palm leaves design, that has multiple bright colors.  Colors include: cream/orange and gray/blue.  Each color has many different size options. The cream/orange color is very loud and bright.  Full of vibrant color and flair.  The gray color is more subdued, but still full of fun and excitement.  This would be a nice outdoor rug for the summer months. 

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