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Bayside Multi Abstract Geometric Waves:  This is a thick, 3S textured shag rug.  This unique plush rug is available four unique colors.  Each color has a different 3D pattern.  One of the most unique online area rugs.  Customers looking for a "statement" area rug for a room, will not have to shop past this product.  This is one of those products that will be the topic of conservation with anyone that walks in to the room. A plush product that would be great to sit on, or to cozy up with on a chilly night.  

Non Slip Super Soft Fluffy Modern Rug:  This product, by Rug Branch, is promoted as a soft and cozy solid color plush rug, that would be a wonderful product for a kids room, nursery or playroom.  This product has a non-slip backing, it is very thick and soft.  It comes in three colors, with all colors having multiple size options.  Sold at an incredible price point, this is a rug to buy when a space on the floor needs to be filled with flooring, and the customer does not want to break the bank account.  A good rug for the money. 

Funseed Soft Faux Fur:  A fun, soft three color plush rug.  This product comes in three colors: grey, pink and white.  Each color has different size options. Faux fur products have become extremely popular online area rug products, and this product fits in to that category.  his would be a wonderful product for next to a fireplace, in a bedroom or next to a sofa.  It has a warm, soft and cozy feel, that will sure to please a buyer.  The three available colors have a very soft tone to them, and this product would be very easy to coordinate with other colors in the room. A perfect area rug for that unique look and feel.  

Luxury Velvet Shag: A standard plush rug that has a trellis design.  This collection of rugs has one primary color, with a secondary color that outlines the trellis pattern.  This collection comes in ten colors, each color being very bright and vibrant.  We would say this rug collection is very colorful and "alive."  This product would certainly be noticed in any room, and buyers would probably need certain colors in a room to make this area rug collection work. A unique area rug that is not found in many places. A very popular online area rug that currently has over 4,000 Amazon product reviews.  

Dallas Shag Collection:  Available in 14 colors, the Dallas Shag Collection is 1.5 inch plus trellis rug.  This would be wonderful product for any bedroom, loving room or kids room. Each color has many different size options.  The darker colors of this product coordinate very well with white or light colored furniture.  Each color has one primary color, with a secondary color outlining the trellis pattern. The hot pink color in this collection is a very popular rug for a girls bedroom.      

Shag Loomed Area Rug: A 23 color collection, this is a soft and plush rug that is promoted for use in a kids room, nursery room or playroom.  A faux fur product, that has one primary color, with a tint of a secondary color used as a soft pattern. Each color has multiple size options.  This is a very popular online area rug collection, with over 5,000 Amazon reviews. With so many online reviews, customers can research the quality of this product, and make a buying decision from reading many different product opinions.

Milan Shag Collection:  Am incredibly elegant and luxurious plush rug that has eight colors: grey, aqua blue, dark beige, dark grey, ivory, navy, purple and red.  This plush rug shag carpet would be a wonderful additional to a living room, bedroom, entryway or dining room space.  All eight colors come in a variety of size options.  This product has a 2 inch pile height, and would be a great product to sit on and watch a movie or read a book.  This product is very classy and crisp in color. A very easy product to coordinate with other room colors.     

Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Area Rug:  An incredibly well priced plush rug, this collection comes in an amazing 15 colors.  This product has every color a customer needs: from a basic beige to a hot pin to a vibrant purple.  Customers looking for fluffy and soft solid color area rug are sure to find a color they like in this collection.  This would be a very nice product for a kids bedroom or playroom. A great rug to play on, or to read books on with kids. 

Waterfall Vintage Abstract Area Rug:  This wild abstract plush rug comes in two colors: pink and red.  Both colors have many different size options.  This is a very modern and contemporary area rug design.  A product that is fullof bright colors and contemporary flair.  Visitors will need their sunglasses when walking in to a room with this area rug.  One of the most vivid and bright colored rugs sold online. A wonderful product for the modern home that has a modern home decor theme. 

Hudson Shag Collection:  A beautiful plush rug trellis collection.  This product has a huge option of colors (25), that all have one primary color, with a secondary color outlining the trellis pattern. A plush and thick two inch pile height, that would be perfect for many rooms in the home. Customers place this product in living rooms, entryways, bedrooms and dining rooms. A very easy area rug to coordinate with other colors in the room, this product continues to be a very popular online product. Currently, the Hudson shag Collection has over 8,000 Amazon product reviews.     

Merelax Soft Modern Indoor Large Shaggy Rug: A 16 color plush, area rug collection, full of solid colors that will fi in most rooms of the house.  This collection has everything from a basic beige and black, to wild hot pink and purple.  This product would be a wonderful selection for a bedroom r playroom, or any room of the house that has gatherings.  A plush piece that would be great to walk on, as well as to sit on.  This product is for the customer that is looking for a solid color area rug that won't break the bank account.  A very popular internet area rug, that is sold at a great price. 

Lattice Shag Collection: It's not everyday that customers can find a shag, plush rug, that also has a lattice design.  This is a unique solid color product that would work well in any casual room of the home.  A perfect rug for a bedroom or living room.  The Lattice Shag Collection comes in 9 colors, with each color having many different size options. The many different color options would make this rug easy to coordinate with other home colors.

Moroccan Tassel Shag Collection: A very unique and different area rug collection. This product has a Moroccan style and design, yet is considered a plush rug.  It also comes with tassels, and a two toned diamond color pattern.  This is a rug product that family and friends will surely make comments on when walking in to the room.  A southwestern flair style rug that is also thick and cozy.  This is a very unique product that customers will not find in local stores.    

Florida Shag Collection:  A typical and standard shag, plush rug that would be expected when hearing the term "Florida Shag." This product comes with a beautiful floral curved line pattern, woven in to the thick fibers of the rug.  This collection comes in 13 colors, with multiple rug size options in each color.  The Florida Shag Collection continues to be a very popular online area rug.  There are many product reviews, which makes this product very easy to research before making a buying decision.  

A Nice Night Shaggy Fluffy Faux Fur Area Rug: A very wild and different plush rug, that is not for the conservative decorator.  Full of pink, purple, green and aqua colors, this area rug is best described as the "Easter Egg" area rug.  this product would be a huge hit in a girls bedroom or playroom.  Full of color, soft and cozy, this area rug would be the perfect birthday or holiday present.  This is just a neat area rug that would be the ideal gift for a little girls bedroom.   

Fontana Shag Collection: A modern 2 inch thick plush rug, that has a two toned color scheme.  The primary color is ivory, with a secondary grey color.  The grey color is presented as patches and streams of color throughout the overall pattern.  This product comes in many different size options.  a shag, contemporary area rug that would look beautiful in many different room of the home.  This would be a perfect rug for the bedroom, as well as a living room.  A great rug to walk on, and to help bring color to a needed space. 

Carolyn Cozy Soft & Plush Shag Area Rug:  a plush rug that has a stream of curved accent lines.  This product resembles a "Florida Shag" and comes in three colors:  beige, cream and dark grey.  This is somewhat of a formal looking area rug, and would look great in a dining room or living room.  This product comes in many different sizes, and is a popular online product, with several thousands of reviews.  Reading product reviews is a great way to research a product  before making a purchase. 

Moroccan Tassel Shag Collection: A wild and spectacular Boho Moroccan style plush rug.  you won't find this area rug in a local store.  This product comes in two colors, and has large diamond patterns that have low/high pile heights.  A wonderful designer area rug product at a great price. This product would look great over a hardwood floor. Moroccan area rugs continue to be very popular, and this product will not disappoint. 

Moroccan Fringe Shag Collection:  simply a beautiful plush rug that has a Moroccan design.  The color of the rug is ivory, and has grey accent lines running through the pattern.  The lines are uneven and seem to have no pattern, which makes the overall style quite interesting and attractive.  A wonderful product for most any room of the home. 

Autumn Collection: A two color plush rug from Unique loom, that is best described by the product name: "Autumn Collection." The orange color of this rug reminds us of the Fall, when the leaves are falling and the weather is starting to turn cold.  this is just a beautiful, vibrant and crisp color area rug that is a great buy.  The autumn Collection comes in a variety of different rug size options.  A wonderful rug that will brighten up any room. The primary color is accented by a secondary color that hides across the pattern.   

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