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4x6 RUGS UNDER $50

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

4x6 Rugs Under $50

Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to be expensive! There are plenty of great rugs on the market that will work beautifully in any room, and you can have them shipped straight to your door without paying any delivery fees. If you’re looking to upgrade your decor without busting your budget, here are our picks for the best 4x6 rugs under $50 available online today! Finding affordable home decor isn’t as hard as you might think, especially if you’re prepared to get creative with where you shop and how you style your space. Here are the best 4x6 rugs under $50 to help you spruce up your home and add some unique personality without spending too much.

4x6 Rugs Under $50

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Shopping Tips

Shopping for rugs can be overwhelming with the wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes available. However, sometimes you just need a rug that's functional and affordable.

Shopping online is the best place to shop for a 4x6 area rug. You'll find hundreds of options from popular brands like Mohawk, NuLoom, and Safavieh. Amazon is a great place to start. You can find plenty of well-reviewed and low-priced rugs there, but they're not as trendy as other sites. Overstock is also another good site because they offer free shipping and returns if you don't love your purchase! Keep in mind that no matter where you buy your rug, it will take some time to get delivered. Some sites say that delivery takes 1-3 weeks while others say it will take up to 3 months!

All in all, if you're looking for an area rug that looks great and will last longer than those under $50, then we'd recommend shopping from any of these sites or visiting your local furniture store.

Another great shopping tip is to read the current online reviews. If there are complaints about the quality of their products, then it might be worth going elsewhere. Reviews will also tell you how long each rug lasts and what type of maintenance is required. Also, when you receive your new rug make sure to unroll it flat instead of folding it back up (unless otherwise stated).

Can you exchange the area rug if you change your mind?

Sometimes. In general, retailers will offer an exchange within the first 30 days of purchase as long as the item is in the same condition and size as when it was purchased. After that, exchanges are typically only available if there is a defect or damage found with the product.

Check the policies of online stores before making any purchases to be sure you know what their return policy is. Otherwise, shop at your local home goods store for items like rugs, curtains, throw pillows, and more!

Most online stores will offer returns. Read the online reviews to see what past customers are saying about their buying experience. It's also good practice to search for coupons before making a purchase. Many websites can help you find coupon codes and sales going on at different companies near you.

Finally, take advantage of free shipping offers by purchasing online. Sites like Amazon Prime offer free two-day shipping with no minimum order amount requirement which is perfect for anyone who wants to take care of all their home decorating needs without breaking the bank!

There are so many unique, beautiful and high-quality rugs available online that you will never run out of options. Before buying any home decor item, make sure you read all of your return policies before clicking buy or add to cart. If you aren't satisfied with your new rug, set it aside and look for one that meets your needs!

Ten Wonderful 4x6 Area Rugs Under $50

(1) Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection:

Described as a "Moroccan Geometric Modern Area Rug," the Unique Look Trellis Frieze Collection is a wildly popular online area rug collection, that has 18 colors, which include: black/ivory, dark gray/ivory, ivory/gray, light blue/ivory, light gray/ivory, light pink/ivory, multi/beige, navy blue/ivory, orange/ivory, pink/ivory, red/white, yellow/ivory, multi beige 2, multi/fuschia, dark gray and light pink. Each rug has a solid primary color, with the secondary color outlining the trellis design. This is a low pile height rug, making this area rug a good option for high-traffic areas in the home. Each color in the collection has several different size options. With over 14,000 Amazon reviews, this rug would be very easy to research before making a buying decision. This would be a wonderful option for buyers looking for a 4x6 rug under $50. It is an attractive, modern rug that is very durable.

(2) Oregon Collection:

This is a two-toned area rug collection that comes in three colors: blue, grey, and ivory. Each color also has a secondary color that is blended into the design. This area rug collection has a slightly distressed look, which would make it a high-traffic very easy rug to coordinate with other room colors. The low pile height would also offer protection and durability when placed in high traffic areas. This product would be an excellent fit in most bedrooms or casual living room spaces. Bargain shoppers looking for a 4x6 rug under $50 would have many options to pick from in this collection. All three colors are light-toned and would look wonderful along with just about any type of furniture style. This product is meant for the bargain shopper that is looking to fill a void in a room, without having to break the bank account. This is a nice, durable, and affordable area rug that would get the job done.

(3) Thigpen Contemporary Collection:

This is a classy, durable area rug collection that has two colors: grey and dark grey. Both colors are neutral, based on grey tones. This product would fit well in most spaces, without taking over the room color. Both colors in this collection have multiple size options. This contemporary area rug is a wonderful addition to place on top of a hardwood or vinyl plank floor. The primary color in this collection shows off the light grey and/or dark grey, while the secondary color outlines the contemporary design. This would be a beautiful, casual rug that could be used almost anywhere in the home. Perfect for a bedroom, reading room, or living room space. Customers that are on the lookout for a 4x6 rug under $50 might find this modern area rug to be just the product they are looking for.

A low pile height carpet that should be very easy to clean and maintain. This is the type of rug you place in a high-traffic area. With the many different sizes options, customers could place this product in entryways, hallways, or by a front door.

This product is sold at a great price and has several thousand of online reviews. The dark grey color in this collection is the reverse of the grey, with the darker color as the primary color, with the lighter grey used to accent the design. This collection is perfect for most casual environments in the home.

(4) Safavieh Madison Collection:

Customers looking for an attractive oriental or chic medallion carpet might want to look at the Safavieh Madison Collection. This product is described by Safavieh as a "Boho Chic Medallion Distressed" area rug. It comes with 16 color options. Each color also has multiple size choices. Homeowners that need a 4x6 rug under $50 won't find a much better, more colorful, and attractive piece than this product. Shoppers won't find this product in a local store. With thousands of online ratings, this area rug collection continues to be a very popular option. This would be a wonderful area rug, that would have a sense of flair and color to any room. A rug collection that would fit perfectly in a bedroom or living room space. The many different colors would make this a very easy product to coordinate with room furniture and wall colors.

This is a very colorful cheap and vibrant area rug collection. There is a lot of stuff going on in this rug pattern. Multiple colors, multiple shapes, and multiple unique design features. Purchasing a 4x6 rug size would be a perfect add-on to any room that needs some color.

(5) Safavieh Montauk Collection:

A handmade striped cotton area rug collection, that comes in five colors: ivory/black, ivory/blue, ivory/grey, light blue, and ivory/light grey. This is a low-key, modern contemporary area rug, that fits best in a casual room environment. The light grey color (as shown in the picture) is a perfect rug for a casual living room, bedroom, kids, or 4 seasons room. This product would look great over a hardwood or laminate floor. Each color also has many different size options. Customers looking for a 4x6 rug under $50, might find this an attractive product for use in a reading room or even a kids bedroom. There would be tons of options for this modern-looking area rug. This is a low pile height rug and should be very easy to clean and maintain. It would be perfect for a high-traffic area of the home. Currently, this collection is receiving very high marks from its customer reviews.

(6) Safavieh Adirondack Collection:

A very popular online area rug collection, the Safavieh Adirondack Collection is promoted and sold as a "modern abstract: area rug collection. This product comes in 8 colors: silver/black, silver/multi, silver/blue, grey/purple, grey/blue, ivory/gold, ivory/sage and rust/gold. Each of the eight colors has multiple size options. This contemporary abstract area rug is a very colorful product, perfect for the homeowner that is looking to liven up a space with a new bright and cheerful rug. With the abstract design, customers would need a certain type of room decor for this area rug to work in a room. However, for the bargain shopper that is looking for a 4x6 rug under $50, this product could be a great find. Cheap abstract rugs (of good quality) are sometimes hard to discover. This collection has well over 2,000 product reviews and continues to remain as a top-selling online area rug.

(7) Unique Loom Solid Collection:

This is your standard, low pile height, solid color rug collection. There is nothing fancy with this product. A simple solid color rug, that customers use for durability and to provide an accent color to a room. A casual transitional area rug collection, that comes in 8 colors: light grey/grey, navy blue/light blue, aquamarine/light blue, beige/gray, black/gray, light brown/brown, rust red/terracotta, and teal/navy blue. While each is a solid color, it has a slight two-toned transitional color in it, making this a product that is very calming and casual. This would be the perfect rug for a four seasons room, breakfast nook area, or bedroom. Customers looking for a 4x6 rug under $50 (that needs a solid color) might find what they are looking for with this collection of rugs. A very popular online product, that currently has over 3,000 product reviews.

(8) Unique Loom Kashan Traditional Floral:

Customers looking for a traditional style of the area rug would be well served to look at this incredible deal from Unique Loom. The Kashan Traditional Floral Collection comes in thirteen colors: black/gray, brown/ivory, burgundy/ivory, gray/ivory, ivory/tan, light blue/ivory, navy blue/ivory, olive/ivory, red/ivory, terracotta/ivory, turquoise/ivory, blue/ivory and gray/ivory. This collection of rugs is modeled after the good old fashion living room style oriental rug. Customers looking for a great deal, especially for a 4x6 rug under $50, need to check out this product. Sold at a great price, this collection of rugs has over 4,500 product reviews, and has been rated with mostly 4 stars or better. This collection would be a wonderful addition to any bedroom or living room. Each color also has many different size options. The various colors in this collection are standard colors that you would typically see in a traditional oriental area rug.

(9) Nourison Positano Flat-Weave Indoor/Outdoor:

A wonderful two-toned collection of area rugs from Nourison. This is a flat weave, low pile indoor/outdoor area rug, that would be perfect for a four seasons room, outdoor deck, or porch. This product has 9 primary colors, with a secondary color that slightly comes across in the overall pattern. It is a very casual-looking product, made for a casual space. Colors in this line include aqua, beige, blue/green, charcoal, light grey, natural, navy blue, terracotta, and yellow. Each color has many different size options. For the buyer looking for a 4x6 rug under $50, this product would be a good product to consider. It is priced extremely well very durable. This would be a nice rug to accent an outside area of the home, like a backyard porch or deck. A perfect rug to place underneath outdoor furniture or a round outdoor table. This product has well over 1,900 online reviews. It is always a good idea to research products before making a buying decision. Since this area rug collection has so many published reviews, customers should be able to make a buying decision rather easily with this collection of rugs.

(10) Safavieh Amsterdam Collection:

Trying to find a Moroccan-style 4x6 rug for under $50 is a rather tough buying challenge. With the Amsterdam Collection, buyers might find this challenge to be a little bit easier. This wonderful collection has a whopping 20 different color options. Each color is full of secondary colors, different shapes, lines, and patterns. This area rug will sure brighten up any room in the house. This is also a wonderful product, that would be very easy to coordinate with other room colors, as well as many different types of room furniture. Each color in the collection comes with many different size options. This would be an ideal rug for a living room, bedroom, or dining room. This is just a beautiful area rug collection for the cost. The colors in this collection are very strong and vibrant, and this rug will absolutely be a discussion point with all family and friends.



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