5x8 RUGS UNDER $100

One of the most popular ways to jazz up a boring space is to use an attractive area rug. 5x8 area rugs under $100 have become one of the most searched products on the internet. Customers are constantly looking to buy beautiful area rugs, without having to hurt the bank account. Affordable 5x8 area rugs that cost under $100 are easy to find, if the buyer knows where to look. Here we post our top 10 suggestions for some beautiful, affordable 5x8 rugs:

5x8 Rugs Under $50 - Our Top 10 Suggestions (1-5)

(1) nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe:

This product is one of the best selling online area rugs on many of the major retailer websites. With over 22,000 online reviews, customers are buying this collection of area rugs. Only a small percentage of customers that make a purchase, actually take the time to write and post a product review. So, when a product has over 22,000 published reviews, customers can be sure this product is hot. this collections comes in 10 colors, with all colors having multiple size options. This is a beautiful Moroccan design area rug, that is full of pattern and designs. The secondary color in each rug accents the wonderful design. The darker colors in this collection stand out and sparkle with flair and lively color. This would be a wonderful product for a bedroom, dining room or living room space. This is quite simply one of our favorite 5x8 rugs under $100 online products. A very durable product, sold at a great price.

(2) nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute:

Another extremely popular online area rug is the NuLOOM Rigo Collection. This product comes in four colors: black, navy, natural and off white. Each color has many different size options. Customers looking for affordable 5x8 rugs under $100 for a holiday gift or birthday present, would be very happy finding this collection of rugs. A natural jute product, that is classy, elegant and very durable. Very easy to clean and maintain. This product would be very easy to place in any color of room. Likewise, a natural rug will coordinate very well with almost all furniture styles. This is a product with over 15,000 online reviews, and that number keeps getting larger. This is a great buy for the money. This collection of area rugs would look great over a hardwood or laminate floor, and would offer an elegant feel and look to any space.

(3) Thigpen Contemporary Collection:

This is a classy, durable area rug collection that has two colors: grey and dark grey. Both colors are neutral, based in grey tones. This product would fit well in most spaces, without taking over the room color. Both colors in this collection have multiple size options. This contemporary area rug is a wonderful additional to place on top of a hardwood or vinyl plank floor. Customers looking for affordable, everyday 5x8 rugs under $100 would love this contemporary product. The primary color in this collection shows off the light grey and/or dark grey, while the secondary color outlines the contemporary design. This would be a beautiful, casual rug that could be used almost anywhere in the home. Perfect for a bedroom, reading room or living room space.

A low pile height carpet that should be very easy to clean and maintain. This is the type of rug you place in a high traffic area. With the many different sizes options, customers could place this product in entryways, hallways or by a front door.

This product is sold at a great price, and has several thousands of online reviews. The dark grey color in this collection is the reverse of the grey, with the darker color as the primary color, with the lighter grey used to accent the design. This collection is perfect for most casual environments in the home.

(4) nuLOOM Misty Shades Deedra:

This is a very modern, yet conservative area rug collection, that is grey, with multiple shades of grey running through the pattern. Having a somewhat distresses look and feel, this modern abstract rug collection would fit well in a living room or bedroom space. This rug collection is for the customer that iis searching for a nice looking area rug, one that is not too flashy and loud, and one that would do a nice job of filling a void in a room (to give it that added design touch). With the grey tones in the rug, this product would be easy to coordinate with most all other room colors. As shown in the picture, this collection would match perfectly with grey or off grey furniture. Buyers that are looking online for 5x8 rugs under $100 might find this collection to be just what they are looking for in an area rug. Currently, this collection has over 6,500 product reviews, and continues to be a strong selling area rug.

(5) Unique Loom Barista Collection:

Customers have different style tastes in area rugs. While one customer searches for the conservative oriental style rug, the next customer might be shopping for the multi colored contemporary rug design. With the Unique Loom Barista Collection, customers will find a contemporary style area rug, that has multiple colors in an overall pattern of circles and rectangles. This is a wonderful modern day looking area rug, that is full of life and color. The modern decor shopper will love this pattern and design. Customers searching the internet for attractive 5x8 rugs under $100 will enjoy looking at this collection of rugs. This collection also comes in a variety of size options. The perfect solution to a dull bedroom or living room that needs a pick me up. With the multiple colors and pattern, this rug should be very easy t clean and maintain.

Credit: Transforming Spaces with Rugs

5x8 Rugs Under $100 - Our Top 10 Suggestions (6-10)

(6) Mohawk Home New Wave Boho Stripe:

A beautiful and colorful modern contemporary area rug from Mohawk Homes. This product (as shown in the picture) is a rainbow of vibrant and exciting colors, forming a "wave" line pattern. Online shoppers searching for 5x8 rugs under $100 that might be a little unique and different, will certainly be attracted to this product. Not only is the product colorful in design, but it is a thick, nylon area rug, that would be ideal for a bedroom or living room space. This is the rug customers purchase when a room is dull and boring, and needs something to bring it back to life. This product also comes in a variety of sizes. A wonderful product, sold at a very competitive price. The perfect gift for the holidays or for a birthday, or just for no reason at all. A product that is made in the U.S.A.

(7) Safavieh Monaco Collection:

Customers searching for an affordable oriental area rug might want to check out the Monaco Collection. This product has an amazing color line (23 overall colors), with each color having multiple size options. The pattern in this product is full of design and color. Rich and vibrant colors, along with an oriental distressed look and feel, have made this collection of rugs extremely popular. Currently, the Monaco Collection has more than 9,000 online product reviews, with an overall rating of 4 1/2 stars. Colors in this collection would be very easy to coordinate with almost any room furniture style. Shoppers that are seeking a 5x8 rug under $100 will think they struck gold when they run across this collection of rugs. A perfect solution for a floor space in a bedroom, living room or dining room. This is a very durable area rug that is currently sold at a wonderful price point.

(8) nuLOOM Paisley Verona:

This is another great find in an affordable oriental area rug collection. The NuLOOM Paisley Verona Collection has nine colors: blue, dark blue, grey, pink, light blue, dark grey, gold, brown and red. Each color also has a variety of size options. This is just a classy looking paisley oriental style area rug, that is made very well, and is sold at a great price. Online shoppers searching for 5x8 rugs under $100 will have no problem finding a rug in this collection. Finding an oriental style area rug at this price would be hard to beat. This is a perfect option for a traditional living room or bedroom space, or even for that casual space that needs a little attention. The pink color in this collection is rather bold and bright, while the other eight colors are neutral and have an average brightness. This product would look beautiful over a hardwood or vinyl plank floor.

(9) SAFAVIEH Florida Shag Collection:

This scrolling vine pattern area rug (as shown in the picture), is a beautiful, elegant and classy area rug, that would be a perfect fit for a dining room, four season room or living room space. This collection comes in 13 colors, and each color has a variety of size options. Online shoppers looking for a beautiful and tasteful 5x8 rug that is under $100, would find an incredible bargain with this product. Currently, this collection has over 8,000 Amazon reviews, and it has a 4 1/2 star rating. A tasteful area rug that customers will not find in local stores. The graceful swirl pattern is highlighted by a secondary color, giving the pattern a fresh and vibrant feel and look. This would be a wonderful gift item or birthday present. A fantastic collection that is sold at a great price. Most of the colors in this collection are neutral, with 3 or 4 colors n the dark range.

(10) SAFAVIEH Pro Luxe Shag Collection:

Trying to find a Moroccan style 5x8 rug for under $100 is a rather tough buying challenge. With the Pro Luxe Shag Collection, buyers might find a terrific product, that is sold at a wonderful price. As shown in the picture, this Moroccan style area rug enjoys a triangle pattern, full of color and style. It is off white, with a secondary color outlining the design. The customer looking for a unique and different rug, would enjoy having this product place in a living room or bedroom. This is a nice casual rug that would coordinate very well with just about any room color. White furniture is very attractive when placed next to this product. This collection comes in four colors: cream/blue, grey/cream, rust/cream and blue/cream. Each color has many different size options. This is a very hot selling collection.



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