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7 Best Dust Mops For Hardwood Floors

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Best Dust Mops For Hardwood Floors

What is the best dust mop for hardwood floors? Hardwood flooring is extremely durable and beautiful, but it can get quite dusty as you walk across it throughout the day. Instead of using your regular household dust mop to clean the floor, you’ll want to choose one that’s designed specifically to clean hardwood floors. This will protect your hardwood flooring while ensuring that it stays as clean as possible between deep cleaning sessions. The following guide will help you find the best dust mop for your hardwood flooring type, based on the composition of your floor and the degree of shine you desire in between cleanings.

Best Dust Mops For Hardwood Floors

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Things to consider before buying

Before buying, there are a few things you should consider. Do you have hardwood floors? If so, make sure that whatever you choose is safe for them. Do your floors get dirty often? You’ll want a mop that can pick up dust and dirt easily and won’t require multiple passes. Also keep in mind how much storage space you have—you may not want to buy a giant dust mop if your closet is small or limited. Once you answer these questions, it will be easier to narrow down your options and find one that fits your needs best.

When it comes to selecting a dust mop, you have two main options—wet and dry. Wet dust mops use a combination of hot water and detergent that allow them to clean even deeply stained floors, but they also leave behind a wet trail. Hardwood floors and water do not get along. Using a wet dust mop on your hardwood floor is typically not the best option. Dry dust mops are good if you want something that can pick up pet hair easily and doesn’t require water or cleaning chemicals.

If you do have hardwood floors, you’ll want to choose a dust mop that uses pads with soft rubber or felt strips on their bottoms. These help absorb impact from foot traffic and reduce surface scratches, which can become unsightly over time. You’ll also want a dust mop that is easy to use—we always recommend contacting your local flooring professional for advice or to obtain product warranty information and cleaning guidelines.

The advantages of using a dust mop

Dry dust mops are the best type of dust mops for hardwood flooring. Wet mops are messy and the liquid left behind on the floor can cause stains. Dry dust mops are excellent at picking up debris, even small particles that you might not notice with your naked eye. However, dry dust mops can also cause a mess if they aren’t used properly.

The top of a dry dust mop should only be dampened enough so that it doesn’t leave streaks behind as you use it. You should never completely saturate the head of your dry dust mop because it could cause drops of water to fall onto your hardwood flooring.

Dry dust mops are much better at cleaning hardwood flooring than wet mops. Wet mops tend to drip water that can stain your wood floor. Mopping with a dry dust mop will help keep your floors looking great and reduce maintenance efforts. A good dry dust mop should be able to pick up debris that you may not even see, like sand or pebbles that have been tracked into your home from outside.

While there are no specific care instructions for hardwood flooring, using a dry dust mop is a good place to start in order to keep your hardwood clean and well maintained without risking damage from moisture.

A dry dust mop is a much better option than a wet mop when it comes to caring for your hardwood flooring. Wet mops can leave water stains on your floor, which is something you want to avoid. If you notice that drops of water have made their way onto your hardwood flooring, blot them immediately with a dry towel so they don’t become stains.

You should also never clean areas where spills have occurred before cleaning up any remaining liquid as it can lead to unsightly staining and costly repairs down the road. A good dry dust mop should help you easily remove any debris from sand or pebbles that has been tracked into your home from outside because those things will scratch your hardwood floors.

Different types of dust mops

Before buying a dust mop, you should be aware of all your options. You'll find dust mops made of microfiber and fabric, but they all generally fall into two broad categories: wet and dry. There are pros and cons to each kind. Dry-use dust mops are typically made from microfiber or cotton, so you'll want to ensure that any floor cleaner you buy is safe for hardwood floors and can be used on both damp and dry surfaces. Dry use dust mops will do an excellent job of picking up pet hair, crumbs, dirt, etc., without leaving behind any liquid residue like sprays or solvents.

Dust mops work in different ways, with some using a hand-push mechanism and others being battery operated. Hand-push dust mops are generally low maintenance and easy to use, while battery powered dust mops can offer more power. Some also come with swiveling heads that allow you to get under furniture.

Dry-use dust mops can be either reusable or disposable, depending on your needs and budget. Disposable dry-use dust mops don't require any cleaning after each use, which makes them perfect for quick jobs around your home or office where multiple people may need access to a single dust mop throughout a day or week.

When choosing a dust mop, make sure you know what kind of floor you'll be using it on. Different floors require different types of dust mops. For example, if you have a hardwood floor, you might pick out a dust mop that is different than one used for marble or laminate. Likewise, with hardwood flooring, you need to pick out a dust mop that won't damage or scratch the surface of the floor.

Getting the best results

We all want a clean home, but sometimes it’s hard to get a floor that sparkles without trying too hard. There are many different ways you can do it, but none is more enjoyable than a good old-fashioned dust mop. Dust mopping is one of those rare chores where you actually feel like you’re accomplishing something when done properly. It takes a little getting used to if you aren’t familiar with it, but once you know how it’s really easy! Here are some tips on choosing and using a dust mop so your floors will be shining in no time!

  • Pick a dust mop designed for hardwood floors

  • Pick a dust mop that is sturdy and well-made

  • Pick a dust mop that has good product reviews

With proper maintenance and care, a dust mop can last years longer than you might expect! Dust mops have varying life spans based on how well they’re cared for, but if you follow these tips, you should be able to get several years out of your dust mop before it needs replacing. Of course, at some point it will start to show wear and tear and that’s when you know it’s time to retire it.

One area where dust mopping can get you into trouble is by over-striking your floors! When you are dust mopping, striking downwards with excessive force and speed can create too much friction, thus removing some of your floor finish.

The best dust mops are made from tightly woven, durable microfiber and have a handle length of at least 38. This is especially important if you have high ceilings and no step stool nearby! There are many different brands and types of dust mops, so it’s important to read product reviews before buying to ensure they meet your needs. Sometimes paying a little more up front can mean that you get a much better product with added value features or benefits.

Benefits of regular care and maintenance

Dust mops (also known as dusters) are made with a fiber that attracts and traps dust from hardwood floors. This can prolong the life of your floor, but only if you choose a high-quality dust mop. If you want to ensure your floor will continue looking its best, here’s what you need to know about choosing a dust mop: Fuzziness: To work properly, a dust mop must be fuzzy enough that it can trap and hold onto dust and debris. For most uses, we recommend nothing less than a 3- or 4-fiber weave. Hair Length: A short hair length is preferable because it’s more effective at cleaning between boards.

If you want your hardwood floor to continue looking its best, use a dust mop regularly. Dust mopping is easy and very effective at removing dirt from even an already-clean floor. And because a well-cared-for floor lasts longer, regular dust mopping will save you money over time. So whether you’re buying your first or next dust mop, it’s important that you consider these factors and choose wisely! You’ll be glad you did!

A dust mop that can’t effectively clean your floor is actually doing more harm than good. So when you’re ready to buy, be sure to choose a high-quality model. If you want your floor to look its best and last longer, invest in a quality dust mop that will help protect it. It’s worth it!

7 Best Dust Mops For Hardwood Floors

#1 MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop

  • Microfiber

  • Imported

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Built with durable plastic and sturdy stainless steel handle, inlcudes 3 reusable microfiber cloths and 1 dirt removal scrubber, applies to all kinds of floor such as hardwood, tile, marble, laminate, vinyl, make boring chore of cleaning your floors easy and effortless.

  • CONVENIENT STEER - Features 360 degree maneuverable swivel head allows you mop around the stairs, furniture and table legs flexibly. 15" x 5" wide surface mop pad with improved fabric clip-on design covers more area while cleaning, makes cleaning floor fast and efficient. It' also suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

  • DOUBLE LOCK TELESCOPIC SYSTEM - Stainless steel adjustable handle can be extended and locked to any available position, which offers a comfortable pickup and hold for different person, makes cleaning the floor without having to bend down. Heavy duty stainless steel handle with double lock system is designed to hold the desired position firmly in its place, so you don't have to worry the pole will slide down while mopping.

  • DUAL ACTION MICROFIBER PAD - Our double sided microfiber cloth is reusable and machine washable, so it's environmentally friendly. Blue side is perfect for wet or drying mopping, while plush beige side works best for waxing. Microfiber mop attracts fine dust & hair effectively and absorbs waster instantly, without lint or streaks left behind, leaves your floor sparkling. If you would like to purchase extra microfiber refills, please refer to ASIN B01E40PRM2.

  • MR.SIGA's mission: Make your housework easier, and make the world cleaner. Should you have any questions about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for support and advice!

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#2 Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

  • Microfiber

  • EFFECTIVE - Designed to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris, these mops for floor cleaning know how to make a clean sweep around the home, apartment, dorm, or office.

  • SWIVEL ACTION - Take this hardwood mop for a spin! It features a 360-degree rotating head to effortlessly wipe up messes in every direction, especially under furniture and hard to reach areas.

  • ADJUSTABLE - Our floor duster has a sturdy, aluminum, telescoping handle that extends up to 60" for easy cleaning on windows, walls, under the couch, and every other nook and cranny.

  • COMPATIBILITY - The machine-washable pads and microfiber dust mop are compatible with the Swiffer Wet Jet, Shark, Bona, Bissell, Libman, o-Cedar, and other mop brands.

  • MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER - Whether used as a wet or dry mop, these microfiber floor mops work wonders on wood, tile, laminate, vinyl, and most other types of floors.

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#3 18" Professional Microfiber Mop - Hardwood Floor Mop

  • ✔️【 CLEAN LIKE A PRO 】Truly designed for professional cleaners, home owners have found this to be the perfect floor cleaning solution for daily and weekly cleaning. Pro's demand products that get the job done quickly and efficiently, This kit has everything you need for perfect professionally cleaned floors. Remove dust, pet hair, and dirt, and debris from your floors with the mojave dust mop, then follow up with the premium wet mop pads for a deeper pro clean.

  • ✔️【 EASE TO USE AND MANEUVER 】Simply secure the wet mop pads to the bottom of the frame, adjust and lock the handle in place to match your height, and you're ready to get the cleanest floors. Easily breeze through the most challenging corners, nooks and crannies of your home. Then make quick work of open floor areas with our 18" professional mop pads. The commercial mop maneuvers with a full 360 swivel so you can mop under furniture and other hard to reach areas.

  • ✔️【 GREAT FOR ANY FLOOR TYPES 】Works efficiently for dry or wet mopping on all hard surface flooring types including: hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, stone, concrete, & more. We've even included 1 microfiber cloth, so you can spot treat those really stubborn spots. This professional microfiber mop kit packs a ton of floor cleaning power!

  • ✔️【 EXTREMELY DURABLE 】This pro mop is up for the challenge. You'll feel the great confidence with it's adjustable, stainless steel handle assuring that it will never bend or break. Not only that, the strips that attach to the mop pads on the bottom of the frame won't peel off after continually getting wet, we built them into the mop frame instead of super gluing them on.

  • ✔️【 WASHABLE AND REUSABLE 】Both the flat head mop and microfiber cloth are machine washable and designed to last even hundreds of washings without losing effectiveness. ORDER YOURS TODAY!

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#4 Professional Dredge Microfiber Flat Mop System for Hardwood

  • ♻️MAKES FOR A PERFECT HOUSEWARMING GIFT, SO MUCH BETTER THAN A DISPOSABLE MOP WIPE SYSTEM - This professional microfiber floor mop is much easier to use, it's also easy to manoeuvre, attach and change the pads, easier to wash and very easy to get under furniture. This is about as easy as mopping gets.

  • ♻️THE MICRO FIBER PADS ARE EASY TO CLEAN AND DON’T SHRINK - Just throw them in the washer and you will soon discover that this is the best sustainable way to have a mop that cleans deep, is environmentally friendly and lasts a long time in your home.

  • ♻️YOU DON’T HAVE TO BEND OVER - The sturdy and well constructed telescoping handle is easy to adjust and allows any height adjustment from 29 Inches all the way up to 62 Inches.

  • ♻️COVERS A-LOT OF AREA IN ONE SWEEP - With it’s large, 18 Inch base, it devours floor space in no time. Even better for quick and easy cleanup’s, makes mopping the floor a breeze whether you use the duster pad or the wet mop cleaners. Suitable as a hardwood, laminate, Vinyl or tile floor mop.