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8x10 Area Rugs With Red Accents

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

8x10 Area Rugs With Red Accents

With the popularity of hard surface flooring, more and more homeowners are shopping for affordable area rugs to fill large floor spaces. 8x10 area rugs with red accents have become one of the more popular types of area rugs in the marketplace. Learning about online area rugs and knowing where to purchase area rugs can be a challenging task. In this article, we pick our top five 8x10 area rugs with red accents. Area rugs are an excellent way to add a splash of color and personality to your home without having to spend much money or make any changes. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best 8x10 area rugs with red accents available today, as well as how to choose one that’s right for you. So read on!

8x10 Area Rugs With Red Accents

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8x10 area rugs are versatile

8x10 area rugs are one of the most versatile rugs on the market. They are perfect for large and small rooms, as well as spaces that need an extra layer of warmth. With so many great options, finding the right rug can be a daunting task. So, we’ve gone ahead and done some legwork for you!

When it comes to choosing an area rug, size is an important factor. While there is no set rule for what will fit your space best, we recommend placing your area rug at least one foot away from all walls or any other furniture. And even though most rugs can be easily trimmed at home, be sure you leave enough extra carpet so that you have room for error.

To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, we rounded up some of our favorite area rugs that are available on Amazon. With options that range from sophisticated neutrals to classic colors, it’s easy to customize your room decor without compromising your comfort or style.

Rooms That Work Perfectly With an 8x10 Rug

The living room is often the most used room in the house. It's where guests are often greeted, where families spend most of their time together, and where you can kick back and relax on your own. A rug will not only help you define the space, but it will also provide an extra layer of warmth for bare feet when stepping out of your slippers or cold pajamas.

The kitchen and eating area are popular rooms that will benefit from an area rug. Any spills, drips, or crumbs that get tracked into your home are often best left on an area rug instead of expensive flooring. Also, you’ll have additional warmth while you stand by your stove or counter. You can even place rugs underneath all four legs of your dining table for guests to enjoy extra coziness at mealtime.

Even bedrooms can benefit from an area rug, particularly if your bed is located on the carpet. Placing a rug under your bed will not only add an extra layer of warmth, but it will also help keep dust mites and debris from migrating to all areas of your home.

Black & Red - The Perfect Colour Scheme

Adding some variety to your home can make it seem new and inviting, especially when you add accents of red. People usually think of warm colors like browns and oranges when they're looking for rugs, but adding some red to the mix is also very refreshing. It doesn't have to be too much either; a little goes a long way.

Black & red is the perfect color combination. You could even take this idea one step further by adding a few black throw pillows that are trimmed in red. You don't want to overdo it though so keep the room feeling airy by keeping any other colors light and neutral.

The best part about all of these color schemes is that they're easy on your budget. Shop around and you'll be able to find cheap accent rugs that can add personality and style, without breaking your budget.

5 Wonderful 8x10 Area Rugs With Red Accents

Safavieh Vintage Hamadan Collection

A beautiful oriental area rug that has many different colors and patterns. As shown in the picture, this 8x10 area rug has plenty of red accents in it. with so many different colors on the rug, this product would be a wonderful addition to just about any room. Homeowners could place this area rug in both a traditional and modern-looking room. For those customers that don't like red, this collection also comes in four additional colors. Each color has many different size options. This product is for the budget-minded customer that is looking for a nice area rug, that won't break the bank account. The Hamadan Collection is currently being sold on Amazon. It has a 4 1/2-star rating, with over 3,500 product reviews. It is always a nice feature to have so many product reviews, prior to making a buying decision.

The Hamadan Collection also comes with many different runner sizes. This is a wonderful feature, as many homeowners love to purchase both the larger size area rug and a matching hallway or entryway runner. Again, with so many different things going on in the pattern, the area rug runner would coordinate extremely well with just about any wall paint or furniture color. Likewise, this would simply be a great product to hide dirt and dust. This entire collection is promoted as pet-friendly, easy to clean, stain resistant and trendy. The price tag for the rug depends on the size and color selected, but we believe it is certainly well worth exploring.

Glory Rugs Hand Carved Contemporary Collection

As shown in the picture, this is a wonderful contemporary-style area rug that has many different colors and geometric shapes. The colors in this area rug go extremely well with grey wall paint, light-colored drapery, and neutral-colored furniture. this is a modern area rug collection, made for the modern themed room. Most customers are placing this product in a bedroom or living room area. This would also be a perfect product for a movie or theatre room. The collection does come in eight different colors, with each color having many different size options. This product is for the contemporary customer that is looking for a mid-priced area rug that will look nice. This is not a custom rug that will serve as a home investment. Currently, this is one of the few collections sold on amazon that has a five-star rating. Plus, the collection has over 5,000 product reviews. This is an Amazon Choice product that is certainly worth investigating.

As mentioned above, this collection comes with many different size options, including a runner size. The 2x7 runner size is especially nice for those customers also looking for the larger 8x10 size. Many customers use the runner as a coordinating accent piece in a hallway, next to a bed or in a front entryway. This entire collection is promoted as:

  • stain resistant

  • kid and pet friendly

  • easy to clean

  • warm and comfortable

  • chic colors

This collection is one of those products customers won't find in a local store. while it is sometimes difficult to make an online purchase (without seeing the actual rug), it certainly helps to have thousands of published product reviews. Customers can read the reviews and get a rather clear picture of what they are purchasing. When you have thousands of reviews, as well as a five-star rating, it is a fair assumption this product would be a good buy.

Unique Loom Versailles Collection

A traditional floral pattern area rug, from Unique Loom, comes in six colors (burgundy/ivory, green/ivory, brown/ivory, ivory/tan, slate blue/ivory, and terracotta/ivory). This product is for the customer looking for a quality and nice rug, that won't crush the bank account. The 8x10 area rug with the red accent (as shown in the picture), sits beautifully on a hardwood or vinyl plank floor. The floral pattern in the rug makes this product a great option for a large space that needs some additional color. The red accent border makes the pattern crisp and clean looking and offers that traditional look and feel. This collection of rugs also comes in larger sizes than 8x10. The floral pattern promotes class and elegance, and the overall area rug design is perfect for large areas. This would be a wonderful choice for a large living room or traditional bedroom.

This is aery aggressively priced and would be ideal for the homeowner working on a tight budget. As with all of the rugs in this article (including this one), these are aaverage-qualityrugs that serve a short-term need. These are not custom rugs that will add value to a home or last a lifetime. This collection currently has a 4 1/2-star Amazon rating with over 2,500 product reviews. The Versailles Collection continues to be an extremely popular online area rug.

Antep Kashan Collection

An oriental area rug collection that comes in two colors: maroon/beige and black/beige. Both colors have many different size options. As you can see from the picture, the maroon/beige color has a red base, with off-white designs. The color combination works extremely well together, offering a classic oriental flavor. This product is perfect fo the budget-minded customer that is looking to fill a large room space. With the red color base, this rug would look great on both a light or dark-colored hardwood or vinyl plank floor. Room paint colors could also be light or dark, depending on the interior design tastes of the homeowner. Currently, this product has a 4 1/2-star Amazon rating, with over 2,500 reviews. The number of reviews is important, as it is an indication of how popular a product is. Not every customer leaves a review. In fact, only a small percentage of customers will take the time to go back online to publish a review. So, if you see a product that has tons of reviews, you can safely assume it is selling.

The runner size offers the same multiple-color look. Each color in the collection offers a runner. The runner sizes would be an ideal rug for an entryway, bedroom, or kitchen. Many customers purchase the larger size rugs for a living room and then place the runner in the adjoining hallway next to a table or other type of furniture. The second picture is the maroon/beige color, which shows off the designs in the rug to compliment the larger 8x10 size.

Luxe Weavers Howell Collection

This is a sleeper pick or ours, one that we think customers will enjoy. The Howell Collection is a traditional abstract area rug collection that comes in three colors: blue/yellow, ivory and red. The red color (as shown in the picture) is full of colors, with abstract patterns. It promotes a small, distressed feel, making the overall look quite calm and unassuming. With so many colors in the rug, homeowners would have an easy time coordinating this product with other items in a room. This collection of rugs would be very easy to maintain and clean. We think this product is a great find and buy for the oriental rug buyer. Again, this rug is a mid-quality rug, and priced to sell. It does not have many sizes, and that would be the only negative we could find. This collection would be an excellent option for almost any traditional room.


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