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9x12 RUGS

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

9x12 Rugs

Area rugs play an important role in your home, not only because they’re functional as floor coverings, but also because they add style and personality to your home decor. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your area rug, these 9x12 area rugs are the perfect choice for you! From geometric patterns to floral designs, there’s something here for every taste and room decor style. No matter what size or shape of area rug you’re looking for, we have it! Though there are many elements to consider when choosing the right rug, one important consideration is whether you want your rug to make a statement—or blend in. There’s no right or wrong answer here, it all depends on your unique aesthetic preferences and the look you’re going for in your home. However, there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to each approach that you should be aware of before making your final decision. Here are the main points of distinction between 9x12 area rugs that make a statement and those that play it safe.

9x12 Rugs

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An area rug in every room

The best way to make your rooms look beautiful is by making sure that they have the right area rug. Area rugs are such an easy way to add color, texture, and style to any room in your home. This post is all about finding the perfect rug for every room in your home!

No room in your home should be left out. A rug can be placed in every room of your house to add style and personality, while still having its own distinct look and feel. The room that’s first on everyone’s list? The living room!

The 9x12 area rugs (listed below) come in so many styles, colors, textures and shapes. From geometric patterns to country shag- these area rugs will suit just about any decorating style you might have. And we don’t stop there!

The kitchen is also not forgotten! With a variety of material options available- area rugs will spruce up your kitchen no matter what shape or size you need. One more thing- the bedroom needs one too!

The bedroom is another room in your home that’s easy to spruce up with an area rug. A small dormer space, master bedroom or guest room- no matter what size you need these area rugs will fit perfectly! And last but not least- let’s make sure we have one for your bathroom as well! You never know when you might need it!

A 9x12 area rug is sure to add style and personality to every room in your home. With so many options available, you’ll be sure to find something that fits in your home perfectly! And don’t worry- we’ve thought of everything! Take a look at all of our Area Rug Collections below, where you will find lots more photos and styles!

Essential tips

Find an area rug that works with the design of your room. The most important thing to consider when you're buying an area rug is the design of your room. If you have a modern, sleek living room and want to buy an area rug to go with it, but the rug is more traditional in style and pattern, the rug may clash with your furniture and make the space feel cluttered.

In addition to considering your room design, think about where you plan to use your area rug. If you want an area rug for your dining room, but it will only be used occasionally, consider purchasing a less expensive one. If you want an area rug that is going to take more wear and tear in high-traffic areas of your home, like family rooms and living rooms, buy a durable one with quality materials.

Lastly, make sure that you'll be able to clean your area rug. If you have young children or pets, look for area rugs that are easier to clean and less expensive to replace than others if they get stained. Consider choosing an area rug with a pattern instead of solid colors so that it's easier to hide spots and spills.

Ten wonderful 9x12 Rugs

(1) Safavieh Madison Collection:

One of the best-selling Amazon area rug collections, with over 20,000 online published reviews, the Safavieh Madison Collection continues to be one of our favorite products. Available in six colors: cream/multi, grey/gold, ivory/aqua, navy/teal, silver/grey and white/royal blue. Plus, each of these colors has many different size options. The 9x12 rug size would be a wonderful selection for a large living room or bedroom. Each color in the line is full of secondary colors and shapes. This product would be very easy to coordinate with other room colors and furniture styles. The collection, promoted as a" boho chic floral medallion trellis distressed" area rug, really has a lot of things going on in the pattern. This collection is stain and soil resistant, non-shedding product, that is pet and kid friendly. The low pile height helps make this product a very durable and lasting rug (even in high traffic areas of the home). This is simply a wonderful collection of area rugs, especially for shoppers looking for the larger size, 9x12 rug.

(2) Safavieh Vision Collection:

Sometimes customers are looking for a nice, quality area rug, that does not require a lot of money to purchase. The Vision Collection from Safavieh, might be the product that captures the heart of customers. This is a simple, yet elegant product, a solid color polypropylene, that has a hint of a secondary color (that runs across the pattern). This is a soft tonal ombre chic collection that comes in eight colors: aqua, brown, cream, grape, grey, light brown, navy and silver. Each of these 9x12 rugs also has many different size options. As shown in the picture, this collection does a wonderful job of accenting the furniture in a room and drawing attention to the other surroundings in the room. This would be the perfect rug to fill a large space, when the goal is to brighten up the room (with a new and fresh look and feel). This is collection has a low pile height and should be very durable in high traffic areas. with an Amazon rating of 4 1/2 stars, as well as over 5,500 online reviews, this collection remains a hot selling online product. This is not a flashy rug. Rather, this a collection that looks stylish and casual.

(3) Safavieh Amsterdam Collection:

It is not often customers can find a Moroccan area rug that is so beautiful and price friendly. This collection is full of brilliant colors and shapes, angled colored lines and many other shapes. The larger 9x12 size (as shown in the picture) looks fantastic net to both light and dark colored furniture. This would be a beautiful rug over a hardwood or vinyl plank floor. The Amsterdam Collection comes with a huge color line (12), which include: black/multi, blue/ivory, dark grey/ivory, ivory/grey, ivory/multi, light grey/brown, light grey/multi, navy/beige, navy/turquoise, terracotta/multi, blue/multi and navy/beige. All of these 9x12 rugs also come with many different size options. Promoted as a Moroccan boho product, the Amsterdam Collection is aggressively priced, and currently has over 2,900 online reviews.

The navy/beige color (as shown in the picture) is a beautiful mixture of bright colors and design. The blue is a striking and vibrant color that certainly draws attention to the 9x12 rug size. While this collection is sold as a geometric area rug, it is clearly full of many different designs and shapes. This collection would be ideal for a living room or large bedroom.

(4) Contemporary Modern Boxes:

Customers looking for modern 9x12 rugs might want to seriously consider the Contemporary Modern Boxes collection. This stunning modern day area rug is full of different size and color boxes, bringing multiple colors to any room. This collection comes in seven colors: blue, brown, grey, navy, pink, yellow and red. Each of the seven colors also has many different size options. As shown in the picture, the "red color" shows off the vibrant colors and looks wonderful next to the light-colored furniture. This is a machine-made product, with a jute backing, and has a very aggressive selling price. A great rug collection for a modern living room or bedroom. currently, this collection has over 3,500 online reviews, and carries an amazon rating of 4 1/2 stars. A soft and plush product that should hold up very well in high traffic areas of the home. The geometric design helps bring a large room closer together, enabling people to feel they are in a cozy and smaller space. This rug collection would also be very easy to coordinate with many wall paint colors, as well as most furniture styles.

(5) Artistic Weavers Reeta Collection:

This is a vintage medallion design area rug collection, that would like incredible in both a formal or informal room. This collection comes in nine colors: bright red, brown, /navy, burgundy/dark blue, charcoal, dark green, denim/lilac, orange/denim, red/gold and bright red/wheat. The entire 9x12 rug collection also comes in many different size options. The pattern includes a large medallion shape (in the middle), with many different complimentary shapes and colors that take over the rest of the rug design. The overall pattern blends into the color and does not give an overwhelming feeling to the viewer. As shown in the picture, this product is extremely complementary to a dark hardwood floor, as well as light colored furniture. this would be a wonderful addition to a family room or bedroom. This collection is a machine woven product, that is promoted as a kid and pet friendly product. It has a low pile height, and it should be very easy to maintain. The 9x12 rugs in the collection are sold at a crazy low price, and customers would be well advised to consider this product.

(6) nuLOOM Classie Hand Tufted Shag:

A wonderful 9x12 rug collection that screams elegance and casual charm. The NuLOOM Classic Hand tufted shag Collection is a soft and cozy multiple colored shag area rug, that would fit in to almost any room. This beautiful collection comes in ten colors: beige. beige/multi, blue, blue multi, denim, grey multi, navy multi, red multi, sky blue and teal. while being a casual 9x12 rug, this collection has so many colors in it, all of the other room colors will be drawn out and actively seen. This rug would be ideal for a casual living room or large bedroom. As shown in the picture, everything surrounding this rug is complementary and works together in coordination. This rug collection would bring out the best of any room decor. With thousands of online reviews, customers continue to love this product. Each of the ten colors comes in a variety of size options. This is a hand tufted collection and will offer homeowners a very soft and comfortable feel. a great rug to sit on the floor and watch a movie or to play with the kids.

(7) nuLOOM Paisley Verona Collection:

Those customers looking for a traditional vintage paisley 9x12 rug collection will enjoy looking at the Paisley Verona Collection. With over 4,700 Amazon reviews, and a rating of 4 1/2 stars, this collection of rugs continues to just sell and sell. The collection has eight colors: blue, dark blue, grey, pink, light blue, dark grey, gold, brown and red. The color range of this collection is quite shocking. while the dark grey (as shown in the picture) is somewhat quiet and classic looking, the pink is over the top bright and bold. This is one of those collections' customers need to research before making a buying decision. Customers will need to study the color line to make sure they are getting the appropriate choice for their room. This is a 100% polypropylene product, that should hold up very well in most rooms. The multiple colors should help hide any dirt or stress the rug encounters. Priced to sell, this 9x12 rug collection is a wonderful option for the traditional shopper.

(8) nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Farmhouse Jute:

A natural hand-woven area rug collection that comes in four colors: black, navy, natural and off white. This collection will add a touch of class to any room environment. As shown in the picture, the natural color looks incredible over a dark hardwood floor. The natural color also brings ou the different color of furniture surrounding it in the room. Each color also has many different size options. The 9x12 rug size works well in a large dining room or even in a large bedroom. This is an imported jute area rug collection, that has a braided texture. This braided texture promotes a casual, farmhouse, coastal or global inspired look and feel. With over 15,500 reviews, this collection of rugs remains a very popular online area rug product. This is certainly a serious area rug collection to consider, especially for buyers that enjoy a natural rug product. All four colors should be very easy to coordinate with any wall paint colors or furniture styles. A great product for both a casual or formal room.

(9) Safavieh Monaco Collection:

Every now and then, shoppers run across one of those incredible priced deals. With the Safavieh Monoco Collection, that is the feeling most people will experience. This stunning collection has 23 different colors (too many to name individually). As shown in the picture, the collection has a large medallion shape in the center, surrounded by vibrant and bright colors. The 9x12 rug size would be the perfect option for a large formal living room, or even a large bedroom space. Get ready for the room to pop when this 9x12 rug is put down. The entire color line is bright and bold. This is not a shy collection. This product will stand out and be noticed. With over 9,500 product reviews and a 4 1/2-star rating, the Safavieh Monoco Collection continues to be a hot selling online product. This is a soft feeling area rug, and homeowners (that like medallion design rugs) will be completely obsessed with this product.

(10) Safavieh Aspen Collection:

A very unique and stunning handmade wool area rug collection. This collection comes in navy/ivory. As shown in the picture, the navy and ivory colors are surrounded by all sorts of patterns and shapes. This is simply a beautiful area rug collection. while the 9x12 rug size would be ideal for a large living room or bedroom, the collection also has smaller sizes available. This is classic southwestern style rug that many customers would love. This is one of the highest rated products on Amazon, getting a 4.7 rating. As shown in the picture, this product would look amazing in a western room decor environment, sitting on top of a hardwood floor. The many colors in the rug would bring out all of the other room colors. This product is sold at an amazing price and would be a great purchase! The reviews on this product are very complementary of the rug's stunning colors.



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