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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Area Rugs Under $25

There are many places to shop online for affordable area rugs. Many times, finding a quality area rug at a great price can be a challenging task, especially when the purchase is made without seeing and feeling the actual area rug. The purpose of this article is to give readers some options in finding area rugs under $25 that also have excellent customer reviews. If you’re looking to add an area rug to your home, but the price tags have you in sticker shock, don’t give up just yet. There are many high-quality area rugs available for much less than $25—you just need to know where to look and what to avoid. If you’re on a budget and still want to invest in an attractive piece of home decor, then check out these tips below.

Area Rugs Under $25

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Why are customer reviews important?

It is quite difficult and sometimes risky to purchase an area rug on the internet, sight unseen. Finding a product that has tons of product reviews is an excellent way to get a better feel on the product, as well as how the product is performing.

Keep in mind that only a very small percentage of buyers will actually go back online to leave a comment. Most customers, simply make their purchase and then move on to the next thing. So, if a customer sees a product with hundreds or thousands of product reviews, they can safely know this product is actively selling...a lot.

Customer reviews can be very insightful. If multiple reviews say the same thing, a buyer can assume they will probably experience this good or bad thing as well.

When looking at reviews, make sure to look at the publish dates. Honestly, reading a good or bad review that took place 5 years ago is rather meaningless. Customers need to look at reviews that are more recent to the actual calendar date.

Likewise, we always tell customers to look at recent reviews, and make judgements as a whole. Meaning, don't take one review as the truth about a product. Customers should read several reviews to make a buying decision.

Let's face it: the internet is full of some wonderful products, and it's also full of some real junk. The "junkie" products can come to the front, especially when trying to bargain shop. In this article, we want to give our readers some area rugs that are under $25, that not only have great customer reviews, but also have great overall product ratings.

The positive about inexpensive area rugs under $25

Area rugs under $25 are rare, but they can be found. Websites like Amazon and eBay often have good deals on area rugs. Sites like Wayfair and Overstock also have good deals on area rugs if you don't mind waiting to get it delivered to your house. If you're patient, you'll be able to find an affordable rug in no time.

Don't look at area rugs as something you have to splurge on. There are many affordable options out there if you're willing to spend a little time looking for them. No one wants to spend more than they have to, so it's okay to take your time and wait until you find an area rug that's not only affordable but also one that looks good in your home.

There are many affordable area rugs out there that look nice in any room. It's all about finding them and going with your gut on whether or not they'll work in your home. With patience, you'll be able to find an affordable rug that looks great no matter where you put it.

When it comes to affordable area rugs, you have options. There are many different websites out there where you can find them. Depending on your priorities, whether or not you want something that's going to match perfectly with your decor, or if you're willing to spend extra money on top quality, you'll be able to find something that works well in your home.

The negative about inexpensive area rugs under $25

When purchasing an inexpensive area rug, it does come with some risks. In order to prevent those risks, it is important to do your research before you purchase and know what you are looking for. If the area rug is made of wool or synthetic materials that shed excessively, it will need to be vacuumed on a regular basis. There are also many inexpensive rugs that use low-quality dyes which can cause stains and fade over time if not cared for properly.

The quality of materials used to make an area rug will affect how long it lasts. A lower-priced rug is most likely going to be made with synthetic fibers. They may look real but their longevity is just not there. In contrast, higher-priced area rugs are often made with natural fibers like wool which hold up better in high-traffic areas as well as dry climates.

The truth about cheap area rugs is this: do your homework. Check online reviews. Understand what the rug is made of and where it's manufactured. Know how much traffic the rug will receive and whether or not it needs to be washed. Ultimately, any area rug under $25 will still have its pros and cons so keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

4 Wonderful Area Rug Options Under $25

Chester Boho Moroccan Area Rug

This is one of our favorite cheap area rug collections. The Chester Boho Moroccan collection comes in three colors: black, dark blue, and grey (pictured). Each of these colors comes in a variety of size options. This is quite simply a wonderful product for the money. Customers looking for an affordable area rug that is also durable and tough would certainly be advised to examine this collection of rugs. This collection currently has a 4 1/2-star Amazon rating, with over 8,800 product reviews. The dark colors in the collection show off the design features of the product, while the grey color (as shown in the picture) tends to soften the design lines and abstract features. This collection sells quickly and often. It is not uncommon to see this rug with only 1 or 2 left in stock. This would be an ideal area rug over a dark hardwood floor in a living room or bedroom.

Home Dynamix Sakarya Collection

Most area rug shoppers don't have the budget to purchase a designer, one-of-a-kin handmade oriental area rug. While most large cities of several places to buy these types of rugs, the majority of rug shoppers simply want to purchase a nice oriental area rug that is not going to break the bank account. The Home Dynamix Sakarya Collection is affordable and is one of those area rugs that customers purchase when they want to fill a room space with something that looks nice yet is not an overkill to the room. How can a customer go wrong in buying an area rug for under $25? This collection comes in just one color (pictured), with many different size options. It currently has a 4 1/2-star Amazon rating, with well over 12,500 product reviews. As shown in the picture the main color of the product is red, with many different secondary colors.

Ophanie Shaggy Carpet Collection

This is an interesting option for a cheap area rug collection. How many people need a soft and cozy area rug next to a bed? Almost everyone that has a hard surface floor. The Ophanie Collection is also extremely popular with college students. This is the perfect dorm room area rug. The collection comes in five colors: black, grey (pictured), white, black & grey, and pink (a great option for a girl's bedroom). Each color also has many different size options. The collection currently has a 4 1/2-star Amazon rating, with over 12,500 product reviews. Let's face it: for under $25, what can a customer expect to get when purchasing an area rug? This collection is exactly what most customers expect to receive: an affordable product that serves a purpose. Shoppers will be happy with this purchase.

For the price, this rug is super soft. In fact, I think it's a little too soft - our cat immediately jumped on the rug and started playing with it. Our cat is very playful and may make it hard to keep the rug in place, but that's not a problem with the rug at all. Feels like a great value.

It's got a bit of a shag carpet vibe to it - that may make it hard to clean animal hair out of, but it's soft and has a nice backing that will keep the rug in place (if you don't have a mean cat). Previous reviews said the rug smelled bad, but I did not notice any smell when opening the package. You will be surprised at how small the box is - I was amazed that a 4x5 rug unfolded from such a tiny box! Amazon Review.

Turquoize Chenille Bath Rug

Trying to find an affordable bath rug in a local store is almost impossible. Sure, customers can visit a shopping mall store and spend $50 or more on a bath rug, but who wants to do that? Why not shop online for a cheap product that has great reviews? This collection comes in an amazing thirteen colors, with each color having 4 different bathroom size options. Seriously, why spend valuable personal time shopping for a bath rug, when you can order one from Amazon in less than 3 minutes? This collection has a 4 1/2-star rating, with over 12,500 product reviews. As shown in the picture, this product is nothing fancy. It is a product that simply serves a purpose, and for a crazy cheap price! It comes with an anti-skid backing, it's soft and warm, and it will absorb moisture and water.


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