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Artistic Weavers Odelia Review

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Artistic Weavers Odelia Review

Back in 2011, Surya, a privately owned, home accessories company, launched an in-house area rug brand called, Artistic Weavers. The Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rug is currently available in 17 different colors, with all colors available in multiple sizes. Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rugs are sold by partnering retail companies, both in stores and online. Odelia Area Rugs are machine woven with polypropylene fibers and are promoted as a traditional, vintage bohemian style product.

Artistic Weavers Odelia Review

Features Of Product - Artistic Weavers Odelia Review

  • Designed to withstand everyday wear and everyday foot traffic.

  • Machine woven with polypropylene fibers

  • Sizes: Multiple

  • Jute Backing

  • A rug pad is recommended

  • Traditional Designs

  • Medium pile height

  • Affordable & Elegant

  • For Use In Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room

  • Stain Resistant

  • Easy To Clean

  • Custom Sizes: Not Available

The Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rug is promoted as an everyday, affordable product, that has a beautiful, traditional design. The colors are illustrated as being bright and vibrant, perfect for a boho decor. According to the Artistic Weaver Amazon Page:

Artistic Weavers offers livable rugs in a variety of colors, patterns, textures and styles for every home and budget. Our rugs are durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for kids and pets." Amazon

About Artistic Weavers

Artistic Weavers is the private brand name of area rugs, owned by a company called, Surya. Surya is a home accessories company, that besides area rugs, sells lighting, pillows/throws, accent furniture, wall decor, and bedding. The concept of Artistic Weaver Rugs is to hit a price point that any customer could afford. During the launch period of Artistic Weavers, the company stated:

"This is our new brand that we will develop and sell to our mass market customers," said Paul Sullivan, svp. "It’s about the value equation. It’s about product that is innovative and fashionable at competitive prices. We’re taking some design feelings and colors that are popular at the higher end of the marketplace and then reinterpreting them for Artistic Weavers." Home Textiles Today

Artistic Weaver Area Rugs are sold at several different large retail stores, both in stores, as well as online. The company has a large presence on Amazon, and in fact, the company's website is re-directed to its Amazon Store Page.

Cleaning Your Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rug

Vacuuming: Taking care of your rug properly helps maintain its value. Use a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar to stop dirt and dust from settling into the rug. Brooms and manual sweepers are also gentle and effective ways to clean rugs. Refrain from running the vacuum over the edges of the rug or the rugs. Instead, use the handheld attachment or carefully place the vacuum on the rug.

Spills: In the event of a spill, press the spot firmly with a dye-free cloth to absorb the liquid. Work from the outer edges of the spill towards the center to prevent spreading. Never rub a spill as this forces the spill deeper into the rug. Be sure to choose a professional rug cleaning expert for handmade rugs. Rotate your rug regularly to prevent uneven fading and wear. Remember sprouting is normal, refer to the material and construction to determine whether to trim or tuck a pull.

Reviews - Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rug

It is sometimes very difficult to purchase area rugs, sight unseen, through an online store. Quite frankly, you never know what you're buying. That's why, when you run across a product that has tons of reviews, it can really help with a buying decision. Keep in mind, that not every buyer takes the time to leave a product comment. In fact, only a small percentage of customers will actually leave comments. Therefore, when you see a product with thousands of reviews, you can bet...that product is selling.

Looking at reviews, both good and bad, is a great way to help evaluate the quality of a product. In the case of the Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rug, just with Amazon alone, it currently has almost 11,000 reviews.

FAQ - Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rugs

Will my area rug arrive in the same color that is in the picture? Machine-made area rugs may have a slight variation in size and color of up to 2%, which is not considered a defect.

Will my area rug shed? Shedding is a common issue with area rugs. Many times it all depends on the construction and type of rug purchased. Shedding usually goes away over time, but sometimes, it can stay with the life of the rug. In many instances, it can take around 20 or so vacuums, before the shedding stops.

Will yarn come loose on the top of my rug? This is called "sprouting" and it is common in area rugs. Once this happens, simply use a pair of scissors to cut the loose yarn. Never pull it.

Will my rug arrive with creases in it? Probably so, yes. Most of the time, rugs are folded to get ready for shipping. Once removed from the shipping container, the rug should flatten out in about one week.

Conclusion - Artistic Weavers Odelia Review

We have given the Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rug a rating of 3 1/2 stars. We think this product is a great buy for the money. If you're searching for a low-priced, good-looking, everyday area rug, it will be hard to beat this product.

However, understand what you are buying: this is a commodity product, that is marketed to any type of buyer. As long as you understand that you're buying an aggressively priced area rug, we think you will enjoy your rug. If you're looking for an expensive area rug, that is a one-of-a-kind item, this product is not for you.

The other nice feature of the Odelia Area Rug is: it is sold everywhere online. You can do an internet search and find tons of retailers that sell this product. It will be very easy to price shop, as well as read the many reviews.

Overall, we think the Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rug is a great buy. With many different colors and sizes, we think this item would be a good place to start your shopping experience.

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