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Updated: Jan 28, 2021


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Axiscor Flooring Review Vinyl Plank & Tile Over View

Vinyl tile and plank is the fastest growing product line in the floor covering marketplace. If you visit any retail floor covering store, you will see rows and rows of vinyl displays.

There are many different types of products. Each store will align themselves with different products. This product, Axiscore, has 5 products within its collection. This article will discuss each product, as well as provide you with our conclusion on the overall quality and performance of the product.

Axiscor Vinyl Plank Specifications


Type: SPC Multi-Layered-ABA Construction

Total Thickness with IXPE Attached Pad: 7.0mm

Width: 7 inches

Length: 60 inches

Wearlayer: 20 mils

Embossing: EIR/Embossed in Register

Edges Profiles: Cut & Painted Beveled Edges

Pieces Per Carton: 6

Square Feet Per Carton: 17.72


Type: SPC Multi-Layered Construction

Total Thickness with IXPE Attached Pad: 6.0mm

Width: 7 inches

Length: 60 inches

Wearlayer: 20 mils

Embossing: EIR/Embossed in Register

Edges Profiles: Cut & Painted Beveled Edges

Pieces Per Carton: 6

Square Feet Per Carton: 17.72


Type: SPC Multi-Layered Construction

Total Thickness with IXPE Attached Pad: 6.0mm

Width: 9 inches

Length: 60 inches

Wearlayer: 20 mils

Embossing: EIR/Embossed in Register

Edges Profiles: Cut & Painted Beveled Edges

Pieces Per Carton: 6

Square Feet Per Carton: 21.95

AxisPRO12 (Tile)

Type: SPC Multi-Layered Construction

Total Thickness with IXPE Attached Pad: 6.0mm

Width: 12 inches

Length: 24 inches

Wearlayer: 20 mils

Embossing: Lifelike

Edges Profiles: Cut & Painted Beveled Edges

Pieces Per Carton: 8

Square Feet Per Carton: 16


Type: SPC Multi-Layered Construction

Total Thickness with IXPE Attached Pad: 4.8mm

Width: 7 inches

Length: 48 inches

Wearlayer: 12 mils

Embossing: Random Embossing

Edges Profiles: Mini Micro Eased Edges

Pieces Per Carton: 12

Square Feet Per Carton: 28.05

Axiscor Flooring Review - Product Description


This is the upper-end product in the Axiscor Collection. AxisTRIO comes in 6 colors, it is a 20 mil product, with an attached pad. Features of this product include:

  • Waterproof

  • Pet Friendly

  • Direct Sunlight Durability

  • Extremely Temperature Changes

  • Light Commercial Warranty

As stated above in the specifications, this is a vinyl plank product, all 6 colors are wood-looking styles, ranging in the brown and gray colors. Colors are: Latte (22634), Coffee (22635), Caramel (22636), Frosted (22637), Sea Salt (22638), Mocha (22639). For more product information: AxisTRIO

AxisPRO9, AxisPRO7 & AxisPRO12

The Pro Series is available in 3 different sizes. According to Axiscor:

"Available in 3 size formats, the AXIS PRO Collection provides rugged durability that is strong enough for high-traffic, commercial jobs, but its authentic and naturally inspired looks make any multi-family structure feel like home." - Axiscor

The PRO 9 size comes in 6 wood-looking colors: Aged Oak, Boardwalk, Havana, Sandalwood, Tahoe Natural and Timber Bay. The PRO 7 size also shows 6 wood-looking colors: Elk River, Jackson Square, Mill Creek, Teton Pass, Twin Bridges and Whitewater.

The PRO 12 is a 12" x 24" tile look. PRO 12 comes in 4 colors: Carri Marble, Copper Stone, Riona Marble and Urban Concrete.

Credit: Axiscor Flooring Review

Axiscor Installation

Axiscor uses a click together installation method for the entire collection. You can download a copy of their installation manual here:

Download • 525KB

Credit: Axiscor Prime SPC Flooring

Axiscor Flooring Review - Product Warranty

Below is a snap shot of the Axiscor Warranty:

Product Residential Warranty Commercial Light Traffic Commercial High Traffic

PRIME 20 years 5 years 0

PRO 7 Lifetime 15 years 10 years

PRO 9 Lifetime 15 years 10 years

PRO 12 Lifetime 15 years 10 years

TRIO Lifetime 10 years 5 years

You can download the entire warranty brochure here:

Download PD • 159KB

Axiscor Flooring Review - Our Product Opinion

Axiscor is a solid, well performing product line that we believe will hold up very well in your home. The collection does a good job of offering different products that will fit different price points.

On the down side, the product line is very small. The collection has limited color options, as compared to other competing brands. However, if you find a color that you like, we believe it would be a good buy.

As far as pricing is concerned, Axiscor is very competitive. This line is not the cheapest, but it is also not the most expensive. If you are looking for a good product, that won't break your bank account, Axiscor would be a good place to start your product search.

The bottom line is: Axiscor is a middle of the road product line. You won't find the fancy design color options here, but you will find a solid base of products that will fit most consumers needs.

In most cases with vinyl tile and plank, we advise customers to base their selection on the color and style of the product, along with the price.

Bonus Tip #1: What Is Vinyl Plank Mil Wear Layer?

Earlier in this article we mentioned the "mil layer" in our Axiscor specification section of this review. What is "mil wear layer?" What does it mean? Why should you even care?

All types of vinyl plank flooring come with a factory finish. The purpose of this finish is to protect the flooring from damage (dents, scratching, etc..). Many flooring stores will tell customers that certain floors are "scratch proof," which is not an accurate statement. Some floors are more "scratch resistant" than others, and a lot of that has to do with the mil wear layer.

A "mil" is described as one thousands of an inch. The thicker your mil layer is, the more protection you will have with your floor. This is why you always see the mil wear layer list in product specifications.

The next question that probably enters your thought process is: "what mil thickness should I get with my vinyl plank floor?" The competition with vinyl plank manufacturer's is very high. Companies continue to produce products that will give them a competitive edge in the market place, especially when it comes to durability. Manufacturers make flooring that is intended for different purposes. For example, you can purchase a very thin 6 mil vinyl plank product, but that would not be recommended for most residential homes. On the flip side, you could purchase a commercial product (for your home), that would be very expensive, and an over kill for most residential installations.

Most retails stores will tell you the best vinyl plank residential products should either be a 12 or 20 mil product. The 20 mil is going to give you the best scratch and wear protection. However, in most cases, a 12 mil product will also hold up just fine in most homes. Products that come with an attached pad are also quite popular in the market place.

A 20 mil product is usually going to be more expensive than a 12 mil. The 20 mil will also give you the best scratch resistant treatment. So, when trying to decide which is the best product for you, you need to make your decision not only on the mil wear layer, but also on the price of the product.

Credit: Vinyl Plank Flooring Explained

Bonus #2: Frequently Asked Vinyl Plank Questions

What are the disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring?

While the click together installation is easy fr installers and home owners, with the click together installation method, vinyl plank flooring can be very difficult to repair. If you have one damaged board, it's not as simple as pulling out one board and installing a new one. Sometimes you might need to take out a much larger area, just to replace that one damaged area.

Another disadvantage that sometimes comes into play is not properly installing the product. A lot of people install vinyl plank on their own. If the product is installed, without leaving breathing space around the walls, vinyl plank can sometimes buckle and come apart. While the click together installation is easy to put together, homeowners need to follow the installation instructions, or they will end up with a problem.

Will vinyl plank flooring hurt my home value?

The short answer is: no. Vinyl plank flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring in the floor covering marketplace. Walk into any retail flooring store, and look at the percentage of their retail space that is dedicated to vinyl plank flooring. In today's marketplace, vinyl plank flooring is installed in all types of homes.

Sometimes customers confuse vinyl plank flooring with the old laminate flooring from the 1990's. Back then, it used to be common for most stores to carry cash and carry laminate that costs $0.99 a square foot. However, the product was cheaply made, and ended up having all sorts of installation and maintenance issues. Today's vinyl plank flooring is completely different.

How long will my vinyl plank flooring last?

This really depends on how you maintain your floor. If you do a great job of care and maintenance, your floor will last a very long time. The only reason you would need to replace it, would be if you just get sick of the color and want something different.

However, if you don't take care of your floor, you might be replacing it after a year. The key to any floor is the effort you make it taking care of your purchase.

Where can I go to get vinyl plank care and maintenance instructions?

The best place to get care and maintenance instructions is to visit your products website. All manufacturers will have a section on their website dedicated on how to properly maintain their floors. It is important to follow these guidelines to maintain your warranty.

Another great resource is on our website at: Best Rug Prices We have an entire section that we call "Ask The Flooring Pro." This is a video series that answers your questions on sorts of floor covering topics. It is a free service that we offere to our views as a floor covering resource tool.

What is the best vinyl plank flooring?

We don't think there is a clear winner to this question. There are many vinyl plank flooring manufacturer's. They all have their good, better and best products. The best vinyl plank flooring is the one that fits your project the best. Every project has different goals. You need to base your product winner on color, style, product durability and price.

Do you need underlayment for vinyl plank flooring?

Many vinyl plank products come with an attached pad. Even the products that do not have an attached pad can usually be installed without an underlayment. We always recommend talking to your flooring professional about the goals of your project. They can help you determine on whether or not your job needs an underlayment.

Can we install vinyl plank flooring over our existing flooring?

It all depends on what your existing floor is, the condition of the floor, as well as other flooring in the house. You should always discuss this with your flooring professional prior to installation. In many instances, you can save all kind of costs by installing your product directly over an existing floor. However, in some cases, you might be better of to remove an existing floor before installation.

Bonus Tip #3: The Room Visualizer

Have you ever heard of a "Room Visualizer?" Most manufacturer's have put this feature on their websites. You can literally take a picture of your room, upload it to a website, and have different products inserted in to your picture. It's an incredible way to get a jump start on your shopping.

Let's say you are shopping for hardwood. You call one of your local floor covering stores, and ask them which manufacturer's of hardwood they have in the store. The store informs you that, Kentwood Flooring, is one of their largest suppliers. You go to the Kentwood Website Room Visualizer Page, upload your room picture. Now, you can shop their products while sitting at your computer. You write down the names of 3-4 products that you like, go to your flooring store, check-out those samples to look at. Talk about a time-savor! This is a great newer feature that most people don't know about. Here is how it works

Credit: Best Rug Prices


We have given Axiscor a rating of 3 1/2 stars. If you are trying to find a middle of the road vinyl plank, that is durable and easy to clean, we think Axiscor would be a great option to consider.

While the color line is small, the product offers durability, a good warranty, and different styles, that have different price points.

At the end of the day, if used in the correct environment and for the right purpose, you won't find a better vinyl plank or tile floor for the money and durability.

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