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It's time to get new flooring! You've been searching all over the internet, you have saved tons of pictures to your phone, and now you're thinking about visiting some retail floor covering stores to shop. Trying to determine what type of flooring to pick can be a little overwhelming.

"You can get confused, lost and irritated, and very overwhelmed (in a short period of time) when trying to pick out new flooring."

You need to have a plan. The first part of this article will be to discuss how you develop a plan of action to pick out your flooring. The second part of this article is all about sharing with you some of our hidden product treasures (for each room of your house).

If you're looking for flooring've come to the right place. Read on....


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Develop A Shopping Plan

Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a list? You end up walking up and down the rows, and buying all kinds of stuff that you don't need. Shopping for flooring covering can be somewhat similar.

Here's the WRONG way to buy flooring: you pick a weekend and start blinding visiting the floor covering stores in your town. Upon entering, you're greeted by a very excited sales person (that wants to sell you the most expensive stuff in the store), you start looking at rows and rows of flooring samples, and before you know it, you're completely overwhelmed, and more than likely, you have probably selected items that are way too expensive. One of the stores has probably set-up an in-home measurement, meanwhile, you can't get competitive quotes, because all of the stores sell different products.

"Not All Sales People Are Equal. You Need To Align Yourself With The Right One..."

Here is the RIGHT way to buy flooring:

"Be floored with our amazing strategies that will save you hundreds of dollars..."

The first thing you need to figure out is: how much money do I want to spend on this project? Then, figure out, what is the maximum amount of money you can spend? Are you paying in cash? Are you financing? Are you getting a loan? This is step number 1.

The second thing you need to do is draw and measure a diagram of the space you want to remodel. If it's a new house, then make sure you have a "to scale" blue print. We have a great blog article, "How To Measure Your Room For Carpet," that can walk you through this process.

The third part of this process is to find the right sales person. Flooring retail sales people work on 35% to 40% profit margins. It makes no difference what "sale" is being advertised. "Buy one get one free," "no money down," "no installation charge," matter what the weekend sale is, stores are making 35% - 40% on every retail order they sell.

All of these retail sales are marketing gimmicks. You are simply always overpaying when you are working with a flooring retail sales person.

Almost 99% of floor covering stores have at least 1 person in their store that sells commercial jobs (new home construction, realtor jobs, office parks, hospital, schools, etc...). These sales people work on 15% - 25% profit margins. Take a wild guess who you should be working with?

99% of floor covering sales people work on commission. The more they sell, the more money they make. Therefore, all you have to do is to get connected with one of the commercial sales people, and you will get a better deal. How do you do that?

The fourth part of this strategy is to call your local store and ask them, "who handles their commercial work?" They will give you at least 1 name.

You wait a day, call the store back, and ask to speak with that commercial sales person. Once you get connected, you tell them you are in the market for flooring, and you would like to set-up an appointment.

You are now connected to the right person...

The fifth part of this equation is visit flooring manufacturer's websites, and use what's called a "Room Visualizer." Here is a great video that walks you through this process:

As shown in the above video, with the Room Visualizer, you can upload a picture of your room, and then shop at home. Simply call your local store, ask them which manufacturer''s they have displays of in their store, get on your computer....and shop.

"If you skipped past the above video, please take a minute or two to watch it. It is a very important step in the process."

The sixth step is to take that room diagram you did in step 2, and give the diagram to your sales person and have them put together some estimates.

Now...not only have you saved time shopping, but you have some estimates that you can use to properly select your flooring, at the right price.

Are you ready for some product ideas?

Let's Be Floored! (With Some Awesome Flooring Inspirations)

Be Floored - In The Living Room

LVP (luxury vinyl plank) is one of the most popular flooring product categories in the market place. Styles and colors have expanded over the years, to give customers some gorgeous and incredible floors.

We love Karndean Flooring's "Art Select" Collection. This product has some great traditional oak patterns, as well as some handcrafted hickory and chestnut designs. The product comes in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes. An absolutely beautiful floor for any living room.

Are you still looking for that traditional hardwood floor? Another company that we love is Kentwood Floors. Their "Revelation Collection" is a wonderful hardwood choice for a living room floor. The product comes in huge boards, and has a hand-applied hard wax oil finish.

Another great product for your living room is Mohawk, Weathered Portrait Hardwood. This beautiful hardwood is an engineered floor that comes in multiple widths. Each carton will have 7", 5" and 3" boards. This feature provides for a beautiful floor that looks awesome. Weathered Portrait has six colors in the line, and can be installed on either a wood sub-floor or on concrete.

Carpet is still a great choice for a living room. One of the products we love is Dream Weaver, a carpet brand from a company called Engineered Floors. The Dream Weaver product line has numerous styles that are very soft and thick. You will get a lot of product for your money. The product line is perfect for a living room space.

The Dream Weaver Website does not do a very good job of visualizing just how thick this line of carpet is, compared to the competition. Dream Weaver does a terrific job of providing excellent styles very good price points.

Be Floored - In The Kitchen

One of our favorite floors that has some beautiful looks, is Evoke Flooring. Evoke has state of the art luxury vinyl plank looks, with a hard core construction and a limited lifetime residential warranty. The Evoke line is a wonderful product for pets and kids, and can be installed in kitchen's, as well as any room in the house.

Evoke LVP has six product lines, that all have distinct colors and styles. The boards have a "click together" installation, which makes it a very easy product to install.

Ceramic tile still remains a very popular choice for kitchen floors. Ragno’s porcelain stoneware and ceramic kitchen tiles are a great option for a kitchen remodel or new construction. Beautiful tiles that are slip-resistant, stain-resistant and come in all sorts of colors and sizes.

Ragno has a wonderful line, and a very nice website that is full of pictures and product suggestions.

Our third hidden kitchen gem is Mannington, Adura Max Tile. Mannington has a great line of vinyl tile that would be a wonderful product for a kitchen area.

This product comes in either an 18"x18" or a 12"x24" tile format. The product is water-proof, and scratch-resistant. Adura Max is also very easy to clean, and is kid-friendly.

Be Floored - In The Bathroom

Luxury vinyl tile has become one of the fastest growing products in the floor covering industry. Go in to any floor covering store and see how much retail space stores allocate for vinyl tile & plank. One of our favorite luxury vinyl tile products (that sometimes gets overlooked) is: Armstrong Alterna. Alterna comes in multiple size tile looks. One of the advantages of putting this product in a bathroom, is the warmth of the product. Alterna is much warmer on your foot, as compared to ceramic tile.

Alterna is a product that you can either install each tile side by side, or you can use a special pre-mixed grout. The product can be installed over existing flooring, or on wood or cement.

Another vinyl tile product that is a hidden gem is: MetroFlor, Engage Tile. As a vinyl tile, this line is perfect for bathrooms. It's warm on your foot, waterproof, and slip-resistant. The product line comes in different styles and sizes, and has some beautiful stone and slate looks.

Metroflor has a room visualizer on their website that helps show-off their tile patterns. You can check it out right here: Metroflor Room Visualizer.

For those of you that enjoy real ceramic in your bathrooms, Daltile, Avondale is a beautiful glazed porcelain tile that is perfect for any bathroom. The tile comes in 3 colors, that would fit in to most color schemes.

Be Floored - In The Bedroom

Carpet still remains the king in bedrooms. One of our favorite product lines is: Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet. Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet has a great warranty, is stain-resistant, and is incredibly pet-friendly. We have another blog article, "SmartStrand Carpet Cleaning Guide," that is more of a resource article on SmartStrand, and really dives in to the nuts and bolts of this carpet line. This carpet would be perfect for bedrooms, especially those bedrooms that have pets that sleep in the room.

Another great item for the bedroom is area rugs. At we have an entire section in our website devoted to finding you the best priced rugs online.

Be Floored - Bonus Time


Floor covering stores display products in their showroom, based on relationships they have with local distributors and national manufacturers. The displays that are set-up in a showroom can vary from store to store. Likewise, stores do not display every single product in their showroom.

Many of the best products, with the best pricing, are displayed on "deck boards." The retail sales people are usually not in touch with these types of products. What is a deck board? Here are some examples:

In the first part of this article, we talked about how to buy flooring "the right way." If you remember, the fourth part of this strategy was to find out who sells commercial projects in the store.

There are so many more products that you can look at in a store, you just need to know who to talk too.

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