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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Best Broom For Laminate Floors

What is the best broom for laminate floors? If you’re tired of seeing scratches on your laminate floors, it might be time to invest in a quality broom. The right broom can help you sweep away dirt and other debris without causing any more damage than necessary to your floors, leaving them in better condition than they were before you started cleaning. Here are the qualities to look for in the best broom for laminate floors and some reviews of good options you can buy right now.

Best Broom For Laminate Floors

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Tips on Choosing

There are plenty of options when it comes to buying a broom for laminate floors. If you want an effective broom that won’t damage your floor, be sure to check out one made with synthetic fibers. The bristles should not be too hard, as they can scratch your floor. Use a soft-bristled broom made from nylon or polyester, especially if you have delicate floors.

The best brooms will be soft on your hands while also strong enough to pick up dirt effectively. Some brands even sell no-scratch brooms designed specifically for laminate floors. If you clean often, consider choosing a dual-sided broom that has both stiffer bristles on one side and softer ones on another.

If you choose a broom that isn’t designed specifically for laminate floors, make sure you know what kind of bristles it has. Natural fibers like wood are too harsh, while regular synthetic bristles can be too stiff. Choose a softer material like cotton or rubber instead if you want an effective but safe broom. An all-natural choice with soft bristles is corn cobs, which can also sweep up dirt without harming your flooring.

Once you’ve found a broom that works, consider other ways to reduce damage. Choosing brooms made from hard synthetic materials is usually your best bet. You can also avoid damaging laminate floors by rinsing your dustpan or even picking up larger debris with a piece of cloth first.

Before sweeping, moisten dust and debris with water so it will stick together, making it easier to pick up without scratching your flooring. Always sweep in one direction—never back and forth—to minimize damage caused by friction.

Do Your Research

Make sure to read the product information to make sure you are purchasing the correct type of broom. Using a product that is not made for laminate flooring, could void your warranty, as well as damage your floor. You want to be certain that whatever you purchase will do what it claims. Look at consumer reviews on different products, too.

This can help you determine which one will work best for your needs. The best broom for laminate floors should be made with soft bristles and have a sturdy handle so it doesn’t bend or break when used on hardwood floors or other surfaces.

Once you have your list of potential options, it’s time to test them out. You should be able to tell immediately if one broom is softer or sturdier than another. It’s important that whatever you choose feels comfortable in your hand and will do what you need it to do effectively. If a product works well on your laminate floors, then that might also mean it would work well on other types of hardwood floors.

When you find something that works, write down everything about it so that when you go back to purchase another, you know exactly what type of broom to look for! The best broom for laminate floors should be easy enough clean since laminates are prone to scratches by normal use anyway.

The best broom for laminate floors should not just be inexpensive, but also look good in your home. Consider what color will work best with your décor as well as being easy to spot if you have children or pets running around your home. There are even some colorful options available that would be great for younger children who might enjoy a bright green or red broom! Finally, consider how often you plan on using it.

If you only need it occasionally, then a cheaper option will probably do. However, if you think it’s something that will be used on a regular basis then perhaps splurging on one made from higher quality materials is worth considering since they should last longer and hold up better against wear and tear.

Keep It Clean

It is so much easier to keep a floor clean, if you make an effort to keep it clean each day. Sweeping or vacuuming every single day will help prevent dirt from settling into your floors and will also remove dirt that has already settled in. The best broom for laminate floors is one that can get into corners without scratching up your flooring; try using a dust mop or even an old sock with some fabric softener on it! If you have children, teach them how to use these tools properly; doing so can save you time later on down the road when they’re older.

The best broom for laminate floors should always be accompanied by a vacuum. Vacuuming is essential when it comes to keeping your flooring free of dirt, hair, dust mites, dander and more. The suctioning action is what will keep your floor clean in addition to your efforts with an actual broom.

Take care to read reviews on different vacuum cleaners if you’re searching; there are many inexpensive ones out there that will do just as good of a job as their pricier counterparts! If possible, pick one that has different settings on its power button so you can customize how much power it uses for different purposes like cleaning carpet or hardwood floors.

Most come with attachments that help you clean your windows or other vertical surfaces; try using them around stairs!

Getting the best broom for laminate floors is great, but it won’t do much good if you don’t sweep or vacuum frequently. You can make sure your floors stay sparkling clean by sweeping them each day and vacuuming at least every other day. When searching for a new broom, try one with a smaller handle so that you can reach underneath furniture easily; some of these brooms even come with tiny little brushes on their heads that help remove grime from edges and corners.

Vacuum Regularly

As part of your home maintenance and cleaning process, develop a plan to vacuum on a regular basis. Vacuuming is an important step in keeping your laminate floors looking great. By vacuuming regularly, you can reduce scratches from dirt that gets tracked into your house, as well as reduce dirt buildup that can cause discoloration in your flooring.

Vacuuming should be done at least once per week; however, if you have pets or children you may want to consider doing it more often (or hiring someone else to do it).

There are a number of factors that influence how often you should vacuum your laminate floors. Most laminate floors can be vacuumed weekly; however, if you have pets or children that play on your floor, you may want to consider vacuuming every other day instead.

Additionally, vacuuming more often won’t hurt your flooring if it’s clean when you start. If it is dirty, then over time you may notice some additional scratches and scuff marks from dirt being pulled out of your floors as well as debris in your vacuum cleaner bags.

If you have laminate floors, it’s important to keep up on your vacuuming schedule. Vacuuming regularly will keep them looking great and reduce dirt buildup that can lead to discoloration over time. If you are in need of a new vacuum cleaner, we highly recommend that you check-out some of our other articles. Additionally, if you do have pets or kids, you will want to read about our recommendations for heavy use household vacuum cleaners.

Time to Replace?

When do you know it's time to replace your laminate flooring broom? It depends on how much use it gets. For example, if you're using a broom that's designed for other household floors, there's a good chance it will wear out sooner than one made specifically for laminate floors. The best way to tell is by looking at its bristles. If they're worn down or frayed, it might be time to replace your current broom with one that better fits your needs.

Bristles are an important part of any broom. They help you get dust, dirt, hair, crumbs and other debris off your floors. Bristles can also wear out more quickly depending on how often you use them and what kind of floors they're used on. For example, if you're using a rubber-tipped laminate flooring broom on ceramic tile floors instead of laminate floors, its bristles will start to fray much sooner.

As you shop, pay attention to broom handles as well. Most laminate flooring brooms have medium-length handles that allow you a fair amount of control when cleaning. Short handles can be tough to grip while taller ones can be unwieldy. Find one that's comfortable and easy to hold so it will feel right in your hands.

5 Best Brooms For Laminate Floors

#1 Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 Mops for Floor Cleaning, Dry and Wet Multi Surface Floor Cleaner

  • This 2-in-1 tool is both a Sweeper and a mop! Yep, you can add versatility to your cleaning routine by using the Sweeper with either Dry or Wet cloths

  • 90% More Refills vs standard Sweeper Starter Kit pack

  • Assembling your Sweeper is easy! Simply click the poles together. Wrap the cloth under the Sweeper head and poke the flaps into each corner gripper to keep it in place. After cleaning, you just remove the dirty cloth and toss it. Ta-dah!

  • Safe on all floor types, so you can use it on tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring. Note: Do not use Swiffer Sweeper wet mopping cloths on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors because they may be water sensitive

  • Who’s got time to move furniture? Sweeper’s swivel head easily gets into tight corners, under furniture and behind bathroom fixtures

  • For small living spaces, Swiffer is compact, lightweight and easy to store. So, It’s always ready to go

  • Buy Sweeper worry-free. If you’re not completely satisfied, check out our money-back guarantee

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#2 Broom and Dustpan Set for Home

  • No Bending Clean Up: The broom and dustpan set for home has upgrade 52" long broom handle which allow you to stand upright for comfortable sweeping instead of bending over.

  • Dustpan Teeth: The broom with dustpan combo set builts in comb teeth for easy to scrape off the hair and rubbish of the broom silk into dustpan , no need to drag by hand, easy to clean human hair/pet hair and dust on the broom.

  • Dustpan's Flexible Rubber Lip: The broom and dustpan set's flexible rubber lip conforms to clean all garbage and debris into dustpan, not swept underneath it.

  • Efficient and Large Area Cleaning: The broom and dustpan set heavy duty is made of high quality/soft and heavy duty bristles which can effectively grab dust and dirt, full sized lobby broom head and large-capacity dustpan perfect for sweeping large areas.

  • Dustpan Locks: Standing dustpan locks in open position for easy emptying , can easily dispose of dustpan's contents into the garbage. compact broom dustpan set design lets you hang the broom and dustpan together on the wall. It is a great way to save storage space.

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#3 Stanley Home Products Black Deep Reach Slender Broom Head

  • EFFICIENT SWEEPING: When you need to sweep fast, grab a Fuller Brush Deep Reach Slender Broom. Lightweight and uniquely designed to gather and push the debris, this broom makes your job easy and efficient.

  • SPLIT-END BRISTLES: Crafted with two types of Fuller Quality polypropylene bristles, you can easily gather both large debris and fine particles. This combination of stiff and soft bristles works efficiently to gather up all messes without scattering.

  • SUPERIOR REACH: The slender, trim design allows sweeping in those inaccessible, narrow areas, easily reaching under your kitchen cabinets and along all baseboards with an 11-inch sweeping path for optimal cleaning.

  • TRUSTED BRAND: Since 1906, Fuller Brush has provided high-quality, American-made products that are designed to work and built to last. Whether you're looking for cleaning tips or the specific cleaning products to do the job, Fuller Brush has you covered!

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#4 Euro Café Broom - European-Style Sweeper