Best Carpet For Bedrooms (A Wealth Of Information)

Best Carpet For Bedrooms

Carpet is the number one choice for flooring in bedrooms. Durability and stain protection are the most important customer concerns about bedroom carpet. Solid colors are going out of style, and customers are trending toward multi-color fleck tones. Thick heavy weight carpets are the most popular products. Customers want carpet that feels good when walking barefoot.

Items To Consider When You Start Shopping For Bedroom Carpet

Cost: We have a very good article, "How To Buy Flooring For Your Home," that does a great job of walking customers through our buying process. It is always a good idea, to begin with the end in mind. Know your budget before yo start to shop. It makes no sense to fall in love with a bedroom carpet that you can't afford.

Carpet Pad: Most customers want to put a nice, think carpet pad in their bedroom. Retail stores will usually have 3 or 4 options available when selecting a carpet pad. It is important to pick a pad that is durable and feels good. Your bedroom carpet will be one of the most used carpet areas in your home.

Comfort: The level of comfort a bedroom carpet provides the homeowners is very important. Most homeowners want to find a carpet that not only fits with their color scheme, but is also very comfortable. Again, your bedroom is a highly used room in the house, and you want to pick a carpet that will make you feel comfortable.

Sound Control: The thicker the carpet and carpet pad, the more it will help with sound coming from other rooms and from the basement. Let's face it, if you're trying to sleep, you don't want to hear the kids playing in the basement.

Care and Maintenance: You want to find a carpet that is easy to clean and maintain. Worrying about stains and spills is not something homeowners want to spend time on, and finding a carpet that is easy to clean is important, especially in the bedroom.

Pets: How many of your pets like to sleep in your bed? But, how do those pets treat your carpet? Pick a bedroom carpet that is pet-friendly, and that does not show a lot of pet dander.

Closet Doors: If you're purchasing new, thick carpet, make sure to check the height of your closet doors. In many cases, if you purchase carpet that is thicker than your existing carpet, you might find it difficult for doors to close. Cutting the bottom of a closet door can be a trying task.

Furniture: Don't forget about your furniture when it is time for installation. Everything needs to be removed. Installers can not "work around" a large bed or clothes dresser. You need to figure out who is going to move everything. Many times, store installers will move the furniture, but they don't like moving the little items on the furniture, or the clothes in the drawers. Likewise, if you have a bed, with a head board, taking it apart could be a big deal. Make sure you discuss this with your flooring store before the installers show up on installation day.

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Here Are The Types Of Bedroom Carpet That People Are Buying

Plush Carpet: Nice, thick carpet that comes in either solid or multi-tome colors. Plush carpet is probably the number one choice for bedrooms. Homeowners like the idea of getting out of bed and stepping on a thick carpet that feels good on their barefoot. Plush carpet comes in a variety of carpet weights. If a homeowner finds a color they like, many times that color will come in 2 or 3 different weights, giving the customer a budget option, using the same carpet.

Berber Carpet: Sometimes customers don't want a plush carpet, and would rather have a more durable carpet, that does not wear down or crush. Berber carpet is a great option for these customers.

Pattern Carpet: Carpet with multiple designs, colors and geometric styles are called "pattern carpet." Very popular in bedrooms, you can get a patterned carpet in a dense pile that looks more like a berber carpet, or you can get a patterned carpet that is thicker and more soft that tends to lean toward a plush carpet. Pattern carpet does a great job of hiding dirt and stains, and can also be very durable. Most patterned carpets are made from upper-end carpet companies, and tend to be of great quality.

Area Rugs: A great option for any bedroom. Customers are buying area rugs for every room of the house. Bedrooms are very popular for area rugs, by the side of the bed, in the middle of the room, and in a bathroom. There are hundreds, if not thousands of area rug options. Most area rugs are purchased from online retailers, and can be purchased in a variety of sizes. Likewise, area rugs can be placed, not only on hard surface floors, but also over carpet. Area rugs are a great way to bring warmth and color to a bedroom space.

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Bedroom Carpet Must Have Great Stain Protection

Customers purchasing new carpet (for any room) want to buy carpet that lasts. Gone are the days of looking for the cheapest carpet option in the store. Customers don't mind spending more money, as long as the product they are buying will be durable. Having carpet installed is an inconvenience to family members and a families lifestyle. Homeowners don't mind the inconvenience, but they only want to go through it one time. Buying carpet that is durable and easy to clean is important.

There are several carpets in the marketplace that are made to fit this category of being durable and easy to clean. Let's take a look at two of the more popular companies that have developed these type of products.

Mohawk SmartStrand: Launched back in 2005, Mohawk Industries developed a carpet finer technology that takes stain protection to an entirely different level. The idea was very simple: develop a product to help carpets withstand the abuse of families that have kids, pets and a very busy home. Carpets take a tremendous amount of abuse with kids and their friends running in and out of the house, dogs tracking in dirt and mud, and from constant home foot traffic.

SmartStrand carpets offers permanent stain resistance, spill protection and long durability, while using renewable ingredients. The best part of this technology, is that Mohawk flooring has put SmartStrand on several different carpet styles, ranging from very inexpensive carpets to heavy weight, thick more expensive styles. Finding a thick carpet, made with SmartStrand fibers would be a great option for a bedroom. We have a great article, "SmartStrand Carpet Cleaning Guide," that goes in to this product in detail.

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Shaw R2X: Introduced in 2001, Shaw Floors developed a stain protection system that quickly developed as the fastest growing protective carpet treatment. The technology does a wonderful job of protecting the carpet from spills and staining. Similar to Mohawk Industries, Shaw Floors has put this technology in to several different carpet styles. Finding the right bedroom carpet with R2X would be a great option.

The R2X technology is molecularly bonded in to the carpet fiber, making liquids bubble up on the surface, as opposed to sinking in to the carpet and padding. Homeowners can find any color and style carpet that has the R2X system on it.

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Bedroom Carpet Product Ideas

Mohawk, Remarkable Vision: A think 70 ounce, perfect for a family room/living room. With the earth tone color line, it is ideal for hiding dirt and pet accidents. It is made with 65% PTT and 35% PET. It has a yarn twist of 6.25 twists per inch, and a total weight of 102 oz. Remarkable Vision is highly durable and can withstand any residential traffic since it has a face weight of 70 oz./ sq. yd. It also has a dye method of Kuster. The backing is woven polypropylene. It has a lifetime warranty for general stain, all pet household pets, and soil. It also offers a 25 year quality, wear, texture retention, fade resistance, and manufacturing defects warranty. Remarkable Vision Carpet comes with the Mohawk SmartStrand Ultra Forever Clean Technology

A perfect, thick multi-tone carpet that would work awesome in a bedroom. customers love the feel of this product, it goes extremely well with most paint colors, and is available in a variety of colors.

Shaw, Points of Color II: Part of the Bellera Collection, this 58.5 ounce multi color carpet is available in 18 different colors. With the R2X system, Points of Color II would also be a wonderful option for a bedroom space. This products blends several colors together, making it extremely easy to coordinate with furniture and other bedroom materials. The Bellera Collection touts a color and wear retention program, making this carpet look as good five years from now as it did on day one.