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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Best Engineered Wood Flooring for High Traffic

If you have pets or children, you know that there are certain areas of your home that receive more wear and tear than others. This can include the entranceway, hallway, living room and kitchen. If you’re looking to replace the flooring in these high traffic areas of your home, there’s a solution that might be perfect for you: engineered hardwood floors. Find out why they’re perfect for high traffic areas and what makes them so durable below!

Best Engineered Wood Flooring for High Traffic

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Why get an engineered hardwood?

Many homeowners love the look and feel of hardwood flooring. Homeowners that live on a slab foundation can enjoy hardwood flooring by using an engineered hardwood product. Engineered wood can be installed on a slab foundation, using a click together of glue down system.

The advantage to installing engineered wood is it will not warp or move like solid wood floors do over time. If you have high traffic areas in your home, you should consider using an engineered hardwood flooring product as it will last longer than most solid woods will when used in high traffic areas.

Engineered woods are more durable than solid wood, and also tend to be more resistant to scratching. The top layer of an engineered wood is a high-quality veneer that is bonded to a particle board core with a special adhesive.

The core material used in engineered wood products can vary but most commonly it’s made from recycled materials such as paper or plastic bottles. Because of their composition, engineered woods typically have a lower environmental impact than solid hardwoods when it comes to manufacturing processes and disposal after installation.

Engineered hardwoods are designed for high-traffic rooms like hallways, kitchens and dining rooms because they can withstand heavy foot traffic over time without showing signs of wear or damage.

While hardwood flooring and water do not get along, engineered woods tend to be more tolerant to water than solid hardwood. Engineered wood products can last longer in high-traffic areas because they are designed with a thicker top layer of veneer that resists dents and scratches. Engineered wood is also more affordable than solid hardwoods because it’s made from recycled materials and requires less energy to manufacture.

In today's marketplace there are some beautiful colors and styles of engineered wood floors that can be installed in any room of your home. Engineered wood products come in a variety of board widths and lengths.

The majority of engineered woods will have tongue-and-groove edges, but not all do. The thicknesses range from 3/4 to 1 1/2. The most common sizes are 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 4 x 8, 5 x 7, 6 x 9.

Engineered hardwoods are available in many different species such as oak, cherry, maple, hickory, walnut and birch. There is also an array of colors available including light browns, medium browns and dark browns. You can even find some engineered woods with a more exotic look like zebra or wenge which has a unique striped pattern similar to bamboo floors.

Why are engineered woods long lasting?

Engineered woods are long last due to the design and construction of the product. The top layer is made up of a high-quality wood veneer that can be sanded down when necessary. The core is made up of a high-density fiberboard, plywood or particle board, which gives it its strength.

The bottom layer is also made up of high-density materials, but in some cases may include an anti-slip surface to ensure safety. Engineered wood floors are more resistant to dents than solid wood floors and can be sanded down if they get scratched or damaged in any way, making them great for high traffic areas such as hallways or living rooms where people often wear shoes indoors.

Many custom homebuilders have switched from the traditional oak solid hardwood to engineered wood. The benefits of using engineered wood are many, including lower cost, less waste and a quicker installation process.

Engineered hardwood is a great option for high traffic areas because it can be sanded down if it gets scratched or damaged in any way, making it more resistant to dents than solid wood floors. This makes it ideal for hallways and living rooms where people often wear shoes indoors.

It also has a lower cost than solid hardwoods and less waste during construction due to its ability to be cut into smaller pieces that can fit into tighter spaces or around plumbing or electrical lines that may not be able to accommodate larger sections of solid wood flooring.

Engineered woods also do not move as much as solid hardwoods. Depending on the humidity, hardwood floors can expand and contract up to 1/4 of an inch over time. This can cause gaps in between boards and is a common problem with solid wood floors.

With engineered wood, however, there are no gaps because each layer is securely glued together so it does not expand or contract like a solid wood floor would over time.

The bottom layer of most engineered hardwood floors is made up of high-density materials but may include an anti-slip surface to ensure safety if installed in high traffic areas such as hallways or living rooms where people often wear shoes indoors.

How do you choose your design?

When deciding on a floor design, you should consider high-traffic areas, kids and pets. High-traffic floors are best suited to light colors and darker colors work best in low-traffic rooms such as bedrooms. Picking a hardwearing product is also important; hardwearing products include engineered wood, stone and tile.

All of these materials are harder than carpet and so can withstand high levels of wear and tear. If your home has children or pets, there’s always a risk that they could damage your new flooring with their playtime or let their four-legged friends loose in your hallway!

Engineered hardwood flooring is a great product to choose if you have high-traffic areas in your home. The wood planks are made of multiple layers, which means they’re stronger than solid wood and can withstand heavy wear and tear.

This makes them ideal for high-traffic rooms such as hallways, living rooms and kitchens. Engineered wood also comes in many different colors, textures and finishes to suit all tastes. If you want to get more information about engineered hardwood or any other type of flooring, visit a local flooring professional.

One final note about design is that it’s not just about aesthetics. The design of your home’s flooring can affect its value, too. Floors with a high-end finish or unique pattern will increase your property’s value and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

If you want to get more information on how to choose a great looking and durable floor, visit a local flooring professional or talk to one at your local home improvement store. They can help you find something that looks great and is also practical in high-traffic areas.

As well as being strong enough to withstand high levels of wear and tear, engineered wood is also easy to clean, making it ideal for kitchens and living rooms. It’s stain-resistant and doesn’t scratch easily. This makes it a great choice if you have children or pets at home or are worried about spillages in high-traffic areas such as hallways or stairs.

Does engineered wood look like solid wood?

Yes. Engineered wood floors are often made from multiple layers of real wood, making them more durable than solid-wood floors. Solid-wood floors tend to be susceptible to water damage and staining, which can make them impractical in high-traffic areas or anywhere that they might get wet (like bathrooms). Engineered wood floors are also less likely to warp or bow, since they’re constructed with fewer layers of lumber.

Engineered woods look very much like solid woods, in fact they are often made of a combination of different types of wood. The top layer is veneer and gives a realistic appearance to your floors. The underlying layers are usually plywood or particle board that give your floors strength and durability.

In addition to being stronger than solid wood, engineered wood floors tend to be less expensive than their solid-wood counterparts. This makes them an ideal choice for busy households with kids or pets (or both). They’re also more resistant to water damage and staining—which can make them a good option if you have high-traffic areas in your home (like kitchens or hallways).

Engineered woods come in some beautiful styles and colors. They’re available in a wide range of patterns, including oak, maple, bamboo, hickory, cherry and more. Some engineered wood floors even have a distressed or rustic look that gives them an antique feel. You can also find engineered wood floors with a low-gloss finish that makes them ideal for high-traffic areas (like kitchens).

What can I use to maintain my floors?

The best advise we can give is to follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions as outlined in your product warranty. If you don’t have a copy of your warranty, or if you need further information, please contact your local flooring professional. In general, high-traffic areas should be cleaned regularly with a soft bristle brush (use only approved products) or vacuumed frequently using a soft brush attachment.

Please do not use any type of steam cleaner on engineered wood floors. If necessary, non-abrasive cleaners may be used but must be rinsed thoroughly and wiped dry immediately after use. To prolong the life of your floors it is important that spills are cleaned up immediately before they soak into wood surfaces or become permanent stains that cannot be removed easily.

7 Best Engineered Wood Floors For High Traffic

#1 Mohawk Industries BCE09-11 Mohawk Industries BCE09-OAK 5" Wide Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Please review return policy for Flooring and Tile products, certain restrictions may apply on general returns. If flooring arrives damaged or is defective, please call for assistance Features Made from engineered oak Comes with a wirebrushed surface with a low gloss finish Made in the United States Covered under a 50 year warranty Installation Uses tongue and groove locking with floating, glue down, or staple down installation This flooring can be installed above grade (upstairs), below grade (basement), or on grade (ground level) An underlayment is required for installation Specifications Width: 5" Length: Varying Thickness: 3/8" (10 mm) Wear Layer: 2 mm Edge Type: Rolled Janka Rating: 1,290 lbf Square Foot Per Carton: 28.25 sq. ft.

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#2 Mullican 21031 Mullican 210-CA-WO-6-D Castillian 6" Wide Wire Brushed Engineered White Oak Hardwood

Please review return policy for Flooring and Tile Products, certain restrictions may apply on general returns. If flooring arrives damaged or is defective, please call for assistance Features: Constructed to be engineered hardwood flooring 25 year finish warranty Planks have a bevel edge and bevel end Made from White Oak Coordinating transition pieces are available Aluminum oxide finish Floor Score certified to promote healthier indoor air quality for your family Installation: Appropriate for installation above grade, on grade, below grade

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#3 Elk Mountain Elm Tobacco 9/16" x 5" Hand Scraped Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • Sample that fits in a 6" x 9" envelope from WeShipFloors(dot)com

  • Glue - Nail - Float

  • Tongue & Groove

  • Prefinished

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#4 Harris Wood HE2500OK48 Red Oak Engineered Hardwood

  • One case covers 33 square feet.

  • Premium quality real hardwood with smooth surface and micro-beveled edges.

  • For residential use, planks feature a 5-ply balanced engineered construction for superior strength.

  • UV cured semi-gloss polyurethane with aluminum oxide finish for maximum abrasion resistance.

  • Glueless click-lock installation system that tightly holds the planks together for years of use.

  • For installation on grade (ground level), above grade (upstairs) and below grade (basement) in indoor climate-controlled rooms. Can be installed over wood or concrete.

  • Easy to clean with regular sweeping or vacuuming, and periodic use of an approved no-wax hardwood floor cleaner.

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#5 Super Wide Plank 10 1/4" x 5/8" European French Oak (Old Mexico) Prefinished Engineered Wood Flooring

  • One 10" Sample Piece of Hurst Hardwoods European French Oak Prefinished Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • 10 1/4" Super Wide Plank x 5/8" Thick; each board comes fully equipped with a thick 4mm Wear Layer

  • Color is "Old Mexico"; lightly wire brushed

  • 70% of actual floor comes in super long 87" lengths; balance in 2'-4' boards

  • **A maximum of 2 orders for these samples may be purchased per customer.**

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#6 Ambient Bamboo - Bamboo Flooring Sample, Color: Carbonized Wide Plank

  • This is an 8" long flooring SAMPLE only! The cost of the actual flooring is $4-$5 per square foot.

  • Janka Rated Over 5,000 for Durability! FloorScore Certified!

  • Samples ship fast and free with USPS Priority! Matching Moldings Available!

  • Super tough and dense - stands up to pet claws, high heels, children, and can be installed in kitchens!

  • 10 Coat UV-Cured Finish System Including Double Aluminum Oxide Layer For Abrasion-Resistance

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#7 Elk Mountain Elm Tobacco 9/16" x 5" Wire Brushed Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • Sample that fits in a 6" x 9" envelope from WeShipFloors(dot)com

  • Glue - Nail - Float

  • Tongue & Groove

  • Prefinished

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