Best Flooring for Cold Weather

When the temperature drops, it’s natural to want to curl up on the couch and stay there until the weather warms up again. Unfortunately, you can’t do that—after all, you have bills to pay and kids to feed! But by incorporating some flooring into your house that’s right for cold weather, you can keep your home warm and cozy while also keeping your heating costs low. Here are some thoughts about the best flooring options that will keep your floors warm during cold weather.

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Carpet is an excellent choice for keeping your home warm during cold weather. It provides a layer of insulation between your feet and a sub-floor, which helps keep heat in. If you’re thinking about replacing carpet with hardwood or tile, think again—carpet can be a great way to make your home more comfortable and efficient during cold weather.

Don’t underestimate how much your floors can help you stay warm in cold weather. Installing flooring with a warm feel is one of many ways you can heat your home for less money and with more comfort than before.

In fact, if you have regular forced air heating, replacing your existing floors with those that have high warmth values may be enough to keep your energy bills from going up during cold winter months.

Carpet can be purchased in nylon, wool, or polypropylene. Each of these options has a different warmth value. For example, carpet with a high percentage of wool will have more insulation than polypropylene carpet. In general, carpet is an excellent option for cold weather and it’s easy to find styles that are both warm and beautiful.

If you’re thinking about installing new flooring on your first floor but you live in a colder climate where freezing temperatures are common during winter months, consider installing carpet. While it might not be ideal for summer weather when it can get hot underfoot, it will keep your feet warm and cozy when you need it most—during cold weather.

Carpet is an excellent option for cold basements. If you’re thinking about installing new flooring in your basement, consider using carpet instead of hardwood or tile. This will help keep your feet warm and cozy while you’re down there working or relaxing during cold weather months.

For more information on carpet, contact a professional flooring contractor in your area. They can help you determine which type of carpet will best suit your needs and it’s available in different weights and styles, so you’re sure to find one that will keep your home warm during cold weather.


While hardwood flooring is certainly beautiful, it's not the best option for cold weather. Wood expands and contracts depending on temperature and humidity levels; cold weather can cause cracks in wood floors as they shrink and expand, leaving them susceptible to moisture damage.

If you live in a cold climate and are looking for a warm flooring solution, consider installing other types of products.

Engineered hardwood products are more durable than solid hardwood products and can endure the cold temperatures of winter without cracking. Engineered hardwood products do not expand and contract as much as their solid counterparts, making them a better option for cold weather.

Engineered wood floors also come in a variety of styles and colors that can complement any decor; they’re also water-resistant (not waterproof though), so they won’t get damaged if there is a spill in your home. If you want to add warmth to your home during cold weather months but don’t want to sacrifice style or durability, engineered wood flooring is a good option.

However, hardwood flooring might be cold on your feet during the winter. If you decide on hardwood, It might me a good idea to invest in some winter-time area rugs. Rugs will add a layer of insulation between your floors and bare feet; they’ll also help protect wood floors from damage caused by snow and ice.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl plank is a good (not great) option for cold weather. It’s waterproof, which makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, but it doesn’t provide much warmth. The material can also scratch, so you have to be careful when moving furniture around on it.

However, for areas of your home that need to be waterproof, luxury vinyl plank is a good option for warmth, as compared to other hard surface products, like ceramic tile.

If you’re looking for something (for bedrooms or living rooms) that provides more comfort and insulation in cold weather, you should look into carpeting. For example, wool carpet can insulate an area much beter than a hard surface floor.

In fact, most flooring experts recommend installing wall-to-wall carpeting if you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing during winter months.

One final thought about luxury vinyl plank: it is a great option if you have a busy household that might track in snow or ice. If water gets on your floors, luxury vinyl planks are easy to clean and maintain.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is the fastest growing product in the floor covering world. You can find luxury vinyl plank in just about every color and texture imaginable, making it a great option for both your kitchen and bathroom floors. However, if you’re looking for something that will insulate your home during cold weather, you should look into other options first.

Ceramic Tile

While many people have ceramic tile in their home, ceramic tile is not the best when it comes to keeping you warm. Ceramic tile is cold on your feet and can even be a little slippery on some floors. Add cold weather to this equation, and ceramic tile could be one of those cold floor culprits that makes your feet ache while walking around barefoot.

If you want to add ceramic tile as part of your flooring options, consider using it as an accent piece in a bathroom or entryway. If possible, don’t use ceramic tile throughout your entire house if you live in a cold weather climate.

Many people put radiant heating under their ceramic tile, which can help keep your feet warm. However, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough heat coming from your floor in order for it to be effective. You may also want to consider using a different type of flooring if you plan on having a lot of foot traffic in one area of your home.

Ceramic tile is a good option for those who live in warm climates. However, if you’re living in a cold weather climate, you may want to consider using other types of flooring. This is especially true if you have small children or pets that will be walking around on your floors barefoot. While ceramic tile can be beautiful, it may not be worth it if you’re trying to keep your feet warm during cold weather.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are an excellent way to keep your feet warm during cold weather. They’re also a great way to add some color and style to your home, as well as help insulate it from cold floors. There are a variety of different types of area rugs, so if you’re looking for one that will keep you warm, consider wool or sisal area rugs.

These natural fibers tend to be very durable and will retain their warmth even after they’ve been cleaned. Wool is also highly water-resistant and can withstand moisture better than other types of flooring materials. If you want something that’s going to be easy on your wallet but still look great in your home, consider buying a synthetic rug instead of a natural fiber one.

Consider what kind of cold weather you’re most likely to encounter. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to invest in an area rug that will work well on a hardwood floor. For example, sisal rugs are ideal for these situations because they’re woven from natural fibers and do not move around easily, making them great for slippery floors.

If you’re looking for an area rug for your bedroom or living room, consider using a wool or synthetic pile rug instead of a sisal one.

One final thought about area rugs: they’re a great way to add some color and style to your home. You can find just about any kind of rug you want, including patterns and colors that will make your space feel cozier and inviting.

If you have a smaller space, consider adding an area rug that’s just a few inches larger than your furniture so it will help define your room while also making it feel larger.

Or, if you have an open floor plan, consider using several different-sized rugs throughout your space so they create visual interest without taking up too much room.

7 Best Flooring Options For Cold Weather List

#1 Pagisofe Fluffy Shaggy Area Rug

  • ✨Super Soft Feeling: This rug is built with a soft velvet surface and a memory-foam, leave this rug feeling soft and luxurious, make your children and baby more comfy and warm when they play on the floor.

  • ✨Perfect For Any Room: This plush area rug create an intimate atmosphere with a fluffy shag rug that is versatile enough for the girls boys bedroom, living room, nursery, dorm, playroom, apartment, home office, study, or foyer, Indulge and invest in a rug made with supreme durability and luxurious comfort.

  • ✨Great Color & Complement Your Decor: Beautiful colors to choose from, they are cute and bright, brighten up your kids room and nursery, make the space seem pop and welcoming, do not wash with bleach, color will stay nice and vibrant. Additionally, the rug comes in a number of sizes and colors to match the decor and layout of your room.

  • ✨Good Gift: This is a soft and fluffy area rug, the color is bright and the size is decent, it’s a good gift for grandson, granddaughter, little girl boy, baby girl boy, toddler, teenage teen girls, they will love it.

  • ✨Cleaning Instructions: Don't wash it by machine, Please try to hand wash or wipe clean the dirty parts with cold water and gentle detergent then air dry, this is the most convenient way with minimal efforts. Purchase this item

#2 SAFAVIEH Hudson Shag Collection

  • Polypropylene

  • [NON-SHEDDING]: Expertly machine-woven from enhanced soft synthetic durable fibers that have a virtually non-shedding pile for ultimate convenience

  • [PLUSH AND COZY]: Features a 2-inch thick pile height for just the right amount of cozy cushioned softness underfoot

  • [TRENDY STYLE]: Design beautifully enhances any room of the home, from the living room, dining room, bedroom, entryway, nursery, kid's room, playroom, dorm room, study, or home office

  • [EASY MAINTENANCE AND DURABLE]: Stress-free cleaning includes regular vacuuming (without a beater bar) and gently blotting out minor stains with a mild detergent or carpet cleaner

  • [TRUSTED BRAND]: SAFAVIEH has been a trusted brand and leader in home furnishings for over 100 years, using their expertise in crafting trendy high-quality designs; Begin your rug search with Safavieh and explore over 100,000 products today. Purchase this item

#3 SAFAVIEH Polar Shag Collection

  • Polyester

  • Safavieh's gorgeous silky Polar Shag rug collection

  • Fashionably versatile, this rug works in the bedroom, living room, foyer, dining room, nursery, or home office

  • Refined power-loomed construction and enhanced silky polyester fibers ensure an easy-care rug

  • Incredibly plush 3-inch pile height for sink-in comfort underfoot

  • Works effortlessly with contemporary, transitional, glam, and modern styles of décor

  • Safavieh has been a trusted brand in home furnishings for over 100 years, providing quality craftsmanship and unmatched style. Purchase this item

#4 nuLOOM Glendora Chevron Wool Area Rug

  • 80% Wool, 20% Cotton

  • 80% Wool, 20% Cotton, made in India

  • Crafted with love and care, hand made rugs carry the spirit of the artisans that made them. Each piece is marked by subtle but individual differences that make your rug unique

  • Add warmth to your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or entryway with just the right amount of style, durability, and comfort with this wool rug

  • We recommend pairing with a nuLOOM rug pad, for added comfort and ease of care

  • Shedding is common in wool rugs, in addition to regular surface vacuuming, clean the floor under the rug. Spill or stains can be cleaned by gently blotting with a clean white cloth

Purchase this item

#5 Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tiles by Lucida Surfaces

  • LUXURY VINYL FLOOR TILES Lucida USA brings interlocking flooring up a notch with TruCore floor tiles – strong at the core, stylish at the surface with rigid core performance.

  • WOOD-GRAIN TEXTURE Achieve the look and feel of natural wood flooring with Lucida’s DIY easy-install planks. Micro-bevel edges and HD film prints create the look of real wood floors.

  • WATERPROOF & EASY CLEAN Super easy to clean, tiles are 100% waterproof with an IXPE integrated sound reduction underlayment that does not absorb water.

  • SCRATCH & ABRASION RESISTANT CoreBond glue binds our multi-layer system for long-lasting wear without the tear! Virgin premium core is topped with 12 mil wear layer, coated with 4X UV, and finished with urethane and ceramic bead for commercial-grade strength.

  • EASY TO INSTALL Planks interlock on all 4 sides and can be applied to practically any surface – home improvement made simple! Each tile measures 4.7 mm thick / 7 5/16” width x 48” length / 10 tiles per box / 24.5 square feet. 10 year warranty.

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#6 Deco Products Colors Old Blue Sea 6 in x 36 in Vinyl Flooring Planks

  • [ LUXURY VINYL PLANK FLOORING ]- Do you need the floor that brings you the joy of living,making your home come together? Then look no further than Deco Products Vinyl Plank Flooring options that give you the freedom to explore more colors and designs

  • [ DURABLE AND WATERPROOF ] - Besides being scratches and wear resistant, it features an embossed finish with an extraordinary texture of real aged wood. Our waterproof vinyl flooring is ideal for sound reduction and easy to install anywhere in your home

  • [ EASY TO INSTALL ] - Our classic yet modern Vinyl Flooring Planks installation is a breeze! They do not require any acclimation or underlayment and are simple to cut, lay, and put down over the concrete, ceramic, cork, and wooden subfloors

  • [ SUPREMELY AFFORDABLE ] - Are you ready to upgrade your home look whilst being easy on your pocket? Superior to other flooring planks, it gives color to your all ambients at a fraction of the cost of that solid hardwood or expensive stone floorings

  • [ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION] - 6 in. x 36 in.plank - 20 planks per case - covers 30 sq.ft - ideal for residential and commercial use! Our aged painted planks offer a lifetime limited residential guarantee plus 15 years commercial limited guarantee.

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#7 Selkirk Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • 100% waterproof. Mopping and common household spills won't damage the floor.

  • Enhanced wear layer protects against scratches, scuffs, and stains.

  • Easy to install. No acclimation time. Typically little to no subfloor prep. Can be installed over existing hard surfaces such as concrete, old ceramic tile, wood or non-cushioned vinyl flooring.

  • Limited lifetime-15-year residential and 5-year light-commercial warranty.

  • Buy More, Save More! And, Free Shipping! See details for more information.

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