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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Best Wall Colors For Gray Floors

What are the best wall colors when you have gray floors? Picking wall colors for gray floors can be tricky, especially if you want to use both light and dark shades. But don’t worry! In this article we’ll go over some of the most popular options and help you choose the best wall colors for gray floors in your home.

Best Wall Colors For Gray Floors

What Color Should I Paint My Walls?

People are often surprised to learn that they don’t have to paint their walls a light color. While you may be accustomed to seeing light-colored rooms in magazines and on television, it is common for homeowners and designers alike to choose darker colors.

Choosing a dark wall color does not mean your room will end up being black; there are several shades of gray and brown that can accentuate beautiful hardwood floors without making them look dingy. If you’re having trouble deciding on a color scheme, ask yourself what you want your room to look like when it's completed.

Are you hoping for a bright, cheery kitchen filled with morning sunlight, or something moodier with lots of nighttime ambiance? Once you've figured out what kind of feel you're going for, take a look at some pictures online and decide which colors appeal to you most. Remember: You can always repaint later if things don't work out!


What Color Is Best For Each Room?

Pick a light shade to accent other colors and define walls, picking a dark color to define corners of rooms. A light shade could be anything from pastel peach to bright red, as long as it's muted and soft. You could have either warm or cool undertones in your room.

Either way, any one shade is good enough to balance a whole room of furniture and accessories. In most cases, darker shades are better suited for rooms with minimal sun exposure while lighter shades work best in rooms that receive plenty of sunlight throughout each day.

If you have kids and pets running around, you may want to select a lighter hue since kids will mess up anything they touch. Light gray is a great choice if you're looking for something neutral but fun at the same time. With white being so prominent in modern design, gray can help add some variety to your home decor.

This paint color can also help create an illusion of more space in small rooms by visually expanding them. For example, painting one wall light gray can open up a small bathroom by making it look bigger than it really is. As for choosing between warm and cool hues, think about what kind of mood you'd like to set when designing your home decorating scheme.

Warm tones give off feelings of warmth and comfort while cooler tones project feelings of calmness and relaxation - perfect if you're trying to relax after a stressful day at work!

Do Gray Floors Contrast With Any Paint Colors?

Often, colors will look different on your walls than they do in a store. It’s hard to gauge color from a picture or even from an actual paint chip when it comes to painting a room. Paint colors in pictures tend to look brighter and more saturated than they do once they’re on your walls.

So, when you’re considering your wall colors, think about how it will contrast with your floors. If you have gray floors, what looks bright and beautiful on a computer screen might end up being too much against darker gray flooring (or lighter floors).

There is no right answer here—it depends entirely on personal preference! Just make sure that you consider both options before deciding on one. You can always repaint later (if you decide that another option would be better). And remember there are so many other things to worry about when picking out paint colors! This shouldn’t be something that stresses you out; just pick something that makes you happy and move on with life!

How To Choose The Right Color For Your House

You can always start by looking at your current paint colors and picking an analogous color. An analogous color scheme uses three colors that are adjacent to each other on a color wheel. Sometimes you'll want to add a fourth complementary (opposite) color as well, though when it comes to choosing between light and dark shades of gray, we’d go with whichever makes you happiest.

Color is emotional, so go with whatever appeals to you! If you do decide to use one of these warm gray tones, keep in mind that painting lighter grays over darker grays can cause discoloration over time. This doesn't mean you shouldn't do it—it just means be aware of what might happen and have a plan in place if your walls end up changing color.

White (Off-White)

Light gray floors are one of those tricky design elements that require some careful consideration. White walls can be an excellent complement, creating a crisp and fresh look. On the other hand, if you have dark wood floors, it’s not a good idea to use a white wall color because you will end up with too much variation in shade between your floors and walls, which creates visual discord. Light-colored shades will create perfect balance in such instances.

Ivory (Beige)

When most people think of ivory, they think of a very light shade that looks almost white. Many people also use it to describe bone-colored paint. It's essentially somewhere in between black and white, with grayer than extreme. Depending on your needs, you may want to go lighter with a gray floor so you have contrast but can keep your lighting levels lower in rooms where no one spends much time, such as basements and garages. For example, if you plan to re-do your basement floor with a a deep shade of gray but aren't planning on hanging out down there often (or ever), an off-beige color will provide better visual contrast. This makes it easier to navigate around when walking through areas where only dim lighting is available at any given time of day.

Blue (Light or Dark)

It's not uncommon to use blue as a wall color, especially if you are trying to create a calming atmosphere. In large spaces, though, a dark blue can sometimes leave some areas looking cold and uninviting. It really comes down to a personal choice. Likewise, blue walls will make that wall an accent wall, and will certainly stand out in the room.

If that doesn't bother you, then it's certainly an option for rooms that have gray floors. However, if you don't want your walls to be visible from most spots in your room, then consider using navy blue throughout all of the room walls. You'll also see medium blue being used in bedrooms and bathrooms. Regardless of which hue you choose (dark or light) all shades of blue work well with gray floors.


Warm, earthy and comfortable, dark brown is a great color choice for a small space. Lighter shades of brown tend to seem more yellow than white, so don’t use these if you have light gray floors. For rooms with ceilings lower than 8 feet tall, darker shades work best as they create a roomier feeling. And finally, if you’re in love with dark wood floors consider painting your walls to match instead of using a contrasting color. It will make your flooring pop without drawing too much attention away from it.


No matter what color you choose, a gray floor can have a major impact on your space. Whether it’s light and bright or dark and moody, it sets a dramatic tone while making everything else pop. Because of its versatility, we’re betting on it as one of the constant decorating most popular hues in home décor—and with good reason!

From warm neutrals to cool grays, there are many shades to choose from when deciding how to incorporate gray into your space. For example, if you like contemporary designs that incorporate pops of bold colors, black might be a better choice than white or cream.

Or maybe you want to achieve an Old-World look that evokes feelings of sophistication and opulence; then opt for one of those deep grays like charcoal. Regardless of which shade appeals to you most, know that all grays have something in common: they exude warmth and comfort just like a favorite sweater does!


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