Bright Solid Color Area Rugs On A Budget

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Where do you go these days to buy a bright solid color area rug on a budget? Most of your local flooring stores no longer sell area rugs. You might find 1 or 2 stores that have a very limited selection, but if you're lucky enough to find a dealer that sells rugs, they are usually way over-priced.

Why is it so hard to find cash & carry area rugs in your local marketplace? Quite simply, the local stores came to the conclusion that rugs just take up too much retail space. Most stores have found that putting other types of flooring displays in their showroom is a better use of retail real estate.

Online retailers have picked up on this, and have really taken advantage of this opportunity. You can find a huge selection of area rugs online all over the place. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming to shop for area rugs online. Why is it overwhelming? Here are a few reasons:

1. It is hard to trust the pictures of the rugs posted on each website.

2. You never know how fast the product will ship.

3. It is hard to know if you're really getting a good financial deal.

4. What if there is a problem? Will this online retailer provide good customer service?

After you have spent time shopping online, you start to see a pattern. One retailer might carry area rugs that appear to be higher in quality, and that have higher pricing. Another retailer, might carry a huge selection, but their shipping might be longer. A third retailer might require you to join their "club" to purchase. So, the lingering questions is: where do you shop for a bright solid color area rug on a budget?

At we scan the internet to find the best deals for you. Our website is completely free for you to use. Here is an example of a video we published, that describes one source for a solid color area rug:

Here is a list of 5 online retailers that you might look at:

1. Overstock

2. Target

3. Wayfair

4. Home Depot

5. Walmart is our favorite area rug source:

BestRugPrices has a great selection of area rugs! Each product has tons of reviews from customers. The products have multiple pictures. And..many of their products come with a product video. Plus, if you are a member of Amazon Prime, the shipping is incredibly fast! If you're looking for an affordable solid color area rug, I just don't think you can beat the Amazon pricing.

At we strive to make your buying experience a pleasant one. We offer you our suggestions on the best place to shop for rugs, as well as offer you regular blog posts (like this one). If you have any questions for us, we invite you to leave us a comment.

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