Carpet Resource Guide (Find Your Carpet)

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Carpet Resource Guide

The carpet resource guide is the quickest and best source to find your residential carpet style and color, as well as where you can find a local floor-covering retail store that sells your carpet. The carpet resource guide also provides full carpet warranties for the major carpet manufacturers and products. The carpet resource guide is a simple and quick resource tool to research different carpets.

Carpet Resource Guide


Carpet Manufacturer Website Links Videos That Are Worth Watching

Carpet Manufacturer Warranty Links Finding A Local Store

Carpet Manufacturer Cleaning Links Selecting The Right Carpet

Carpet Manufacturer Social Media Links Selecting The Right Carpet Type

Selecting The Right Carpet Fiber The Green Label Plus Program

Selecting The Right Cushion Frequently Asked Questions

List of Products


Name Website Warranty Cleaning Find A Retailer

Mohawk Mohawk Available Available Local Store

Karastan Karastan Available Available Local Store

Godfrey Hirst Godfrey Hirst Available Available Local Store


Name Website Warranty Cleaning Find A Retailer

Shaw Shaw Available Available Local Store

Anderson Tuftex Anderson Available Available Local Store

ShawMark ShawMark Available Available Local Store

Caress Caress Available Available Local Store


Fabrica Fabrica Available Available Local Store

Masland Masland Available Available Local Store

Dixie Home Dixie Home Available Available Local Store


Name Website Warranty Cleaning Find A Retailer

DreamWeaver DreamWeaver Available Available Local Store

Dwellings Dwellings Available Available Local Store

EF Multifamily Multifamily Available Available Local Store

Smart Squares Smart Squares Available Available Local Store


Name Website Warranty Cleaning Find A Retailer

Bloomsburg Carpet Bloomsburg Available Available Local Store

Southwind Southwind Available Available Local Store

Daltonian Daltonian Not Available Not Available Not Available

J Mish J Mish Available Available Local Store

Langhorne Langhorne Not Available Not Available Not Available

Marquis Marquis Available Available Local Store

Nourison Nourison Available Available Local Store

Alexander Smith Smith Available Available Local Store

American Showcase American Available Available Local Store

Infinity Infinity Available Available Local Store

Abbey Stainmaster Stainmaster Available Available Local Store

Bigelow Carpet Bigelow Available Available Local Store

Lees Lees Available Available Local Store

Tigressa Tigressa Available Available Local Store

Oath Oath Available Available Local Store

Innovia Innovia Available Available Local Store

Brintons Brintons Available Available Local Store

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Carpet Resource Guide - Videos That Are Worth Watching

We recommend the following videos and video channels to help with your carpet buying process (listed in no particular order):

Mohawk Flooring

Shaw Floors

How To Choose The Right Carpet

What Type of Carpet Is Best?

How To Choose Carpet for Every Room Of The Home

How to Choose Carpet. A Simple Guide to Residential Carpet Textures and Styles

What are the different types of carpet flooring? (and how to choose the best one)

Carpetright | Carpet Buying Guide

How to Buy Carpet

Expert Advice- The Basics Of Carpet Fibers

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Carpet Resource Guide - Finding a Local Store

Not every floor covering store is the same. Retail floor-covering stores go out of their way to sell different products than their competition. If you're looking for a specific carpet manufacturer, it is always a good idea to use one of the links above to conduct a local search for that particular carpet type.

If you are simply looking for retail floor covering stores that are close to your home, using the internet yellow pages is a fast and great way to find stores. Simply go to the yellow page website, type in "flooring store," and then type in your city. you will get a complete list of stores, with their address and telephone number.

Retail floor covering stores not only sell different products, but they also have different customer service levels, and different installation crews. Finding a store that provides a high quality of service can sometimes be rather tricky. Let's face it: the last thing you want is to spend good money on carpet, only to have it installed poorly, or to get poor service from a store salesperson.

As a customer, there are certain items you can look for in a store that can give you glues on what type of customer service you can expect to get. Here are some of the key things to look for:

Did someone greet you at the door, or upon entering, did you wonder around on your own for several minutes? A store that demands good customer service will have someone greet you as soon as you enter. If you enter a store and wonder around without getting any help, will this be the type of service you also get when make a purchase?

Is the store well lit and clean, or does it have samples laying all over the place? Pay attention o the cleanliness of a store. It can speak volumes of how that store feels about the details of their business. Do you want installers in your house that leave things in a mess?

What brand of products are in the store? Is there a variety, or is everything from one manufacturer? Stores that have a variety of products can find product solutions for all types of customers. Stores that carry one brand of products, usually only cater to certain price point customers.

How are the sales professionals dressed? Are they well groomed and have on professional attire, or do they look like they just crawled out of bed? Again, you want to deal with a professional store that treats their business in a serious manner.

Carpet Resource Guide - Selecting The Right Carpet

Before starting your carpet buying adventure, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How is the room going to be used?

  • Will it have heavy or light traffic?

  • Will the room be the center of activity for family and entertaining?

  • Is there direct access from outside, or will the carpet be away from the entrances?

  • Will the carpet receive direct sunlight? (source: Carpet & Rug Institute)

These are all important items to fully understand. When selecting the right carpet, you should begin with the end in mind. Understand "why" you are wanting to get new carpet. What is the goal of the project? Knowing this will help you not only pick the right material, but it will also help you with saving money on the project. We have a great article, "How To Buy flooring For Your Home," that does a great job of walking you through the entire buying process.

If a room is your interior design canvas, carpet is your paintbrush. It can be neutral, complementing the other visual elements in the room. It can also be a bold, focal point of the room. Because carpet comes in nearly every color imaginable, the choice is yours.
The always-popular beige carpet can make a room look open and spacious. For a bolder statement, you might match your carpet to a common color in your furniture and draperies. Environmental colors, like blues, deep greens, rosy quartz, and stony neutrals are becoming increasingly popular. Warm colors can turn up the heat in a room that lacks light, while cool greens and blues have a calming effect. Lighter colors make the room seem larger; darker colors provide an extra level of comfort.
There are also practical considerations in color selection. New stain and soil-resistant technology make today’s lighter color carpet much easier to clean, allowing for more decorating options. Medium and darker colors, tweeds, and textures are good at hiding soil in your home’s high-traffic areas.
One final consideration: the color of your carpet will look different under different lighting conditions. So make sure to take your samples home and look at them in the correct lighting conditions. Carpet & Rug Institute

We always recommend talking about your project with a local flooring professional. The local floor covering store can help you determine which type of carpet would be best for your project goals.

Another method customers can use to help select the right carpet, is by using the "room visualizer" tool. This is a free tool that most companies have available on their website. Customers can upload a picture of their room, and then insert different carpets in to their room scene. It's a great way for customers to shop at home, without the stress of visiting a store.

Carpet Resource Guide - Selecting The Right Carpet Type

Part of shopping for carpet, is to understand carpet fibers, and to pick the type of carpet that will be best for your project. Each type of carpet fiber is a little bit different, not only in durability and keeping clean, but also in cost. You don't want to over or under pay for material that will not fit your project goals. We want to thank The Carpet & Rug Institute for providing us with the inspiration for this section of our article.

Cut Pile

Probably the most well-known type of carpet, cut pile, comes in a variety of styles and colors. Cut pile carpet, depending on the type of fiber used, can be very durable and stain resistant. It can have different yarn densities, as well as twisted yarn (which will help the carpet keep its shape longer). Types of cut pile carpet include:

  • Textured Plush - This type of carpet is very popular in homes, it is durable, and it helps hide dirt and stains. It also tends to hide vacuum marks, which many homeowners complain about.

  • Saxony - A traditional style of carpet that works in many homes. Great for more traditional spaces, such as a dining room or living room area.

  • Frieze - A very hot trend in cut pile carpet. Frieze carpet is very popular in new home construction, as well as remodels. Frieze carpet does a wonderful job of hiding dirt and stains, it can be very durable, and it helps hide footprints.

  • Plush - This is the old fashion, thick and deep carpet that was incredibly popular several years ago. While plush carpet has that very "luxurious feel," it does show vacuum marks and footprints.

Loop Pile

There are different versions of loop carpeting. Carpet is available with the same height loop carpet, as well as carpet that has different height loops. You can also get a patterned loop carpet that has a specific pattern within each loop. Loop carpeting is very popular in Berber carpets and in commercial carpets.

Homeowners that have active pets sometimes avoid this type of carpet, simply because their pets can get caught in the loop yarn, and tear it. Customers that don't have this issue, that is looking for a very durable carpet, might pick a loop carpet for its durability and ability to withstand high foot traffic.

Cut & Loop

This type of carpet combines cut pile and loop carpet and puts both styles into one carpet. This gives the carpet a very unique patterned look. Cut & loop carpet is usually very durable, can withstand high foot traffic, and can last a very long time.

Cut & loop carpet is very popular in basements, playrooms, and busy rooms that need a durable carpet. Depending on the color selected, cut & loop carpet can also hide dirt and stains better than some of the other carpet styles.

Within these different types of carpet styles, carpet is made with different fibers. The type of fiber used helps give the carpet certain benefits, as well as certain limitations. Once again, you need to understand the different types of carpet fibers, so you pick a carpet that fits your project goals.

Carpet Resource Guide - Selecting The Right Carpet Fiber