Cheap 3x5 Rugs

One of the easiest ways to decorate and spruce up a home, is with the use of a cheap 3x5 area rug. Area rugs come in all types of sizes, shapes and designs. Purchasing an affordable, everyday area rug can be a shopping challenge. Most of the local floor covering stores have removed area rugs from show rooms, and replaced that space with other types of floor covering displays.

Cheap 3x5 Area Rugs - Our Top 10 Suggestions (1-5)

(1) California Premium Shag Collection:

With over 14,000 Amazon product reviews, this solid color, two inch thick area rug would be the perfect fir for a kids bedroom or master bedroom. This product comes in an amazing 20 different colors: beige, black, brown, dark grey, green, ivory, light blue, lilac, maroon, mushroom, navy, pink, purple, red, silver, taupe, green-2, periwinkle, rose and turquoise.

This is one of those area rugs to purchase when the goal is to find a nice, thick solid color rug, without breaking the bank account. All 20 colors also have multiple size options. Customers can purchase the 3x5 size rug, and use it next to a bedroom, or by a living room chair, or they can purchase the larger 10x13 size, to place in the middle of any room of the house.

This would be a great product for a kids bedroom or playroom. The thickness and soft yarn would be ideal for kids to play on, or to sit on while watching a movie. The "pink" color would be a wonderful gift for a girls bedroom or nursery.

(2) Moroccan Blythe Collection:

Customers looking for a cheap 3x5 area rug, that is also well made, unique and affordable will find a great product with this collection. This product has a little bit of everything going on in the design: multiple shapes, lines, and colors. This Moroccan Style area rug comes in ten colors: black, black and white, blue, dark blue, dark grey, grey/off-white, light multi, multi, pink and white and black. All 10 colors have a variety of size options.

This would be a wonderful area rug for a dining room, bedroom or living room. The Moroccan Blythe Collection will bring many different accent colors to a room, as well as offer a unique decorating addition to any room. This is a low pile height product, and it should be very easy to clean and maintain.

When a product (like this) has over 22,000 online reviews, it makes it incredibly easy for an online buyer to research the product before making a buying decision. It is always a good idea to read what others are saying about products.

(3) Thigpen Contemporary Collection:

This is a very nice contemporary area rug collection that has two colors: grey and dark grey. Each color has a variety of size options. The secondary color in this rug is used to outline the contemporary design of angled lines that have a crossing pattern. This would be a beautiful, casual rug that could be used almost anywhere in the home. Perfect for a bedroom, reading room or living room space.

A low pile height carpet that should be very easy to clean and maintain. This is the type of rug you place in a high traffic area. With the many different sizes options, customers could place this product in entryways, hallways or by a front door.

This product is sold at a great price, and has a very high rating from the thousands of reviews that have been received. The dark grey color in this collection is the reverse of the grey, with the darker color as the primary color, with the lighter grey used to accent the design.

(4) Classie Hand Tufted Shag:

A unique looking shag area rug collection, that has a colorful striped pattern. This product comes in a variety of 10 colors: beige, beige multi, blue, blue multi, denim, grey multi, navy multi, red multi, sky blue and teal.

This is a very colorful cheap 3x5 rug, that would certainly bring life and color to any room of the house. A wonderful product for a bedroom or casual living room space. This would be considered a shag rug, and would be ideal for kids to play on, or to sit on while watching a movie. With the many colors on this area rug, it would be very easy to coordinate with other colors in the room. The larger size of this product would be an awesome rug to place on the top of a hardwood or luxury vinyl plank floor. Each of the ten available colors have many different size options.

(5) Natural Fiber Collection:

Customers looking for a natural fiber area rug, would be advised to research this collection. Coming with a very strong color line, this would simply be a beautiful product to have in any room. It has a very unique design, as well as a color line that (with the exception of the purple color) is centered around the lighter color tones. The colors in this product line include: brown, grey, ivory, light grey, natural, natural/grey, purple, rust, sage/natural, natural/ivory, grey/natural and sage. Each color also comes with many different size options. This cheap 3x5 rug would be a great addition to a casual living room or bedroom. Many customers also place this product in a four seasons room. This is a hand woven, natural fiber product, that is sold at a wonderful price. It has received thousands of reviews, with most of the ratings being above standard. Reading product reviews is also a great idea before making a buying decision.

Credit: Affordable Neutral Rugs

Cheap 3x5 Area Rugs - Our Top 10 Suggestions (6-10)

(6) Madison Collection:

Described as a "Boho Chic Floral Medallion Trellis Distressed" area rug, this product comes in 12 colors, which include: grey/gold, cream/multi, ivory/aqua, navy/teal, silver/grey, white/royal blue, cream/multi, grey/gold, navy/teal, silver/grey and white/royal blue.

This is a product design that has a lot going on. Colorful designs and shapes, curvy lines, etc.. This product has it all.

This would be a wonderful area rug to fill up a room with color and flair. This cheap 3x5 area rug would bring life to a room, without destroying the bank account. Each of the ten colors comes in a variety of size options. Customers can place in this rug in almost any area of the home. With so many vibrant colors, this would be a very easy rug to decorate a room with. This would be a perfect rug for that casual space that needs some attention.

(7) Gorilla Grip Premium Faux Fur:

The faux fur area rugs have been extremely popular over the past few years. There are many different manufacturer's of these types of rugs. This particular product is one that we like, simply due to the color selection, and the number of positive reviews it has received. This is a very affordable and cheap 3x5 rug that would look great in a girls bedroom, in front of a fireplace, or in any room that needs that warm and cozy feel.

This product comes in an amazing 18 colors, with each color having multiple size options. No matter what interior color a customer is looking for, they can find it with this huge color selection. This is a very soft and fluffy area rug, that has become one of the best selling internet products. It has a rubber backing, which makes it a product that will stay in place and not slip.

(8) Rigo Hand Woven Jute Collection:

Natural area rugs have become a very popular online item. More and more customers are looking to the internet to find rug products. The selection of online rugs is simply much greater than what can be found in local stores. With the Rigo Hand woven Collection, customers will find a natural, cheap 3x5 area rug that comes in five colors: black, navy, natural, off-white-1, off-white-2. Each color has a variety of size options. With the natural look, this product would look great in most any room of the home. Many customers place this rug in a bedroom, or living room area. It is a very durable rug that can withstand a high degree of traffic. This would be a wonderful gift for the customer looking to fill a room void, without having the rug take over the color in the room. This is a very elegant looking rug that would work n both a formal and unformal room environment.

(9) Monaco Collection:

A beautiful cheap 3x5 rug collection, described as a "Boho Chic Medallion Distressed" area rug collection. Customers looking for an affordable and well made oriental area rug, that doesn't cost thousands of dollars, should research this collection of products. This is the standard, typical oriental area rug, that comes in 23 colors. With a huge selection of colors, with all colors having multiple size options, buyers looking for n oriental rug are should to find one in this collection.

This product would like great in many different areas of the home. Perfect for a bedroom, living room or home library. The design of the rug has many different colors and shapes, and would be an excellent product to accent the colors in a room. This is a low pile height product, which will help make it easy to clean and maintain. With over 9,000 Amazon reviews, this product continues to be a product in high demand.

(10) Adirondack Collection:

The Adirondack Collections is available in 13 colors, which include: champagne/cream, ivory/silver, light blue/dark blue, light grey/grey, aqua/ivory, navy/grey, navy/ivory, orange/grey, purple/green, red/grey, silver/black, slate/cream and cream/purple. Each color also has multiple size options. Customers looking for that cheap 3x5 rug should be able to find a color in this collection. This is a basic solid color area rug, that has a tint of a secondary color molded within the design. This would be a very durable area rug, as well as a rug that would fill a room need, without being noticed. This collection of rugs would be a beautiful accent piece for any room. The Adirondack Collection is sold by many online retailers, and continues to be a buyer favorite. This product has a low pile height, and could be used in entryways, by front doors, as well as in high traffic areas of the home.



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