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Cheap Flooring Ideas (When You Have A Small Budget)

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Cheap Flooring Ideas (When You Have A Small Budget)

It's time to think about getting some new flooring, but you simply can't afford the upper-end products that you really love. You've been putting that flooring project off for years because you don't want to face the huge price tag that comes with buying the flooring material and the sometimes complicated and expensive price tag that comes along with the installation.

Well, we have some good news for you! If you are looking at one of these types of projects:

  • Starter Home Remodel

  • New Flooring For an Extra Bedroom

  • A Basement Remodel

  • New Living Room Flooring

  • Your Selling a House

We can help!!!

Cheap Flooring Ideas (When You Have A Small Budget)

While buying floor covering is not a cheap home project, it doesn't have to break the bank account either. There are plenty of products in the marketplace that look beautiful, that are also affordable.

This article will attempt to offer you some inspirational ideas on affordable flooring products, that we think will work for those customers on a tight budget. Let's get started...

Mohawk Carpet - Achiever

Carpet still remains king, when you're trying to remodel your home on a small budget. Carpet is by far the most affordable type of flooring you can buy.

Mohawk Carpet is one of the largest manufacturers of carpets in the U.S. One of the carpet styles they make, which would be a great low-budget carpet, is called: Achiever.

We have a great blog article, Mohawk Achiever Carpet Review, that goes into great detail about this carpet.

Mohawk Achiever comes in 16 colors. All 16 shades are based on neutral colors. It is a texture, twisted yarn, featuring the Mohawk Everstrand Technology. Achiever is a CRI Green Label Plus Product.

Mohawk Achiever is a great carpet for these types of projects:

  • Basement Remodeling

  • Extra Bedrooms

  • Kids Bedroom

  • Rental Home

  • House Flipping

  • Apartments

Mohawk Achiever has a relatively small color line (16 colors). You might need to ask your floor covering professional to find you a deck board sample of this product, as Achiever will probably not be sampled in a retail showroom.

Shaw Carpet - Cabana Bay

Another great carpet option for the shopper on a small budget is Shaw, Cabana Bay. Cabana Bay, is a unique carpet that comes in 3 different styles: tonal, solid, and Berber colors. The tonal style has 9 colors. The solid style has 10 colors. The Berber colors style has 9 colors. Each style has the Shaw R2x Stain Treatment System, which makes it a wonderful product for stain protection.

Similar to Mohawk Achiever, Shaw, Cabana Bay would be a great carpet for a starter home, bedrooms, basements, rental homes, and apartments.

We have a very good article that talks more about Cabana Bay, Shaw Cabana Bay Carpet Review, The article also goes into great detail about the R2X Stain Treatment System, which makes this carpet a wonderful option.

While carpet is king when it comes to affordable flooring products, many customers simply don't want carpet. What should these shoppers consider?

Luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring is the hottest product in the floor covering world. If you walk into any floor covering store, you will notice a huge percentage of their showroom displays are dedicated to luxury vinyl and tile products.

There are many benefits to luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring:

  • Products are waterproof

  • Click together installation

  • Easy to clean

  • Affordable

  • Durability

There are many different manufacturers of vinyl tile & plank flooring. Each product has its good, better, and best products. Likewise, each product has many different styles and colors.

With so many product options, you can also find several styles that will work for the shopper that is on a tight budget.

Shaw Floorte - Endura Plus Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Shaw Floors describes the Endura Pro Series to be a 100% waterproof product. They state it is a high-performance floor, with enhanced durability and dent resistance. Other features (according to the Shaw literature) include:

  • Minimized telegraphing (this means any imperfections in the subfloor won't come through on the material).

  • It requires a minimal amount of subfloor preparation

  • It has improved dimensional stability. For example, if you have a room that gets intensified heat from sunlight, this product will have reduced expansion and contraction.

  • It has an attached pad for sound reduction.

Shaw Endura Pro 0736V comes in 20 wood-looking colors. You can purchase this product with a click-together installation system (Style 0736V), or you can purchase this product for a glue-down installation (Style 0802V).

Shaw Endura Plus is a very affordable product, that comes in a variety of colors, that will work great in most home remodeling projects.

The best feature of the Shaw Endura Plus Pro Series Vinyl Plank is the competitive price. If you're looking for a nice wood-looking vinyl plank, that won't break your checking account, then Endura Plus would be a great option for you to consider.

We have an article, Shaw Floorte Endura Plus Product Review, that goes into great details about this product. For more information, please visit our article.

AxisCOR Vinyl Plank - AxisPRIME

Another wonderful product for customers on a budget is AxisPRIME. A 12mil product that comes in 12 colors, makes AxisPRIME a great base grade vinyl plank flooring product for starter homes, basements, bedrooms, and living rooms.

What about that customer that wants something other than carpet or luxury vinyl plank flooring? Is there anything in the market that is both affordable & classy? What about hardwood flooring? Are there any hardwood flooring products that look nice, but don't cost a fortune?

Mohawk, Weathered Portrait Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Weathered Portrait is a very small product line, that might be difficult to find in your local flooring showroom. is a wonderful product for the shopper that is on a small budget.

One of the characteristics of this floor (that we love) is the multiple-width boards. When you order this product, it comes in 3",5", and 7" width planks. It makes for a beautiful installation. It comes in 5 colors and has a 25-year finish warranty.

Weathered Portrait looks great in family rooms, kitchens, a den room, office areas, and hallways. If you are looking for a very well-priced hardwood, Weathered Portrait is a product to consider.

We have a good article, 3 Affordable Flooring & Remodeling Products, that discusses Weathered Portrait in greater detail.

While installation costs will be more for hardwood than carpet or luxury vinyl plank flooring, for those customers that have a little larger budget, and are looking for hardwood flooring, Mohawk Weathered Portrait would be a great option to consider for your home.

Bonus Tip

Carpet pad is one of the areas the flooring stores make a ton of money on with their sales. It is commonplace for a store to offer a very cheap pad, as their standard. The salesperson will show the customer a sample of their standard pad, and then show the customer a sample of an "upgrade" pad. The difference between the two samples is usually very significant. As a result, the majority of the customers will choose to purchase the upgraded padding.

With the upgrade, the store will overcharge the customer., and make more profit on the order. As a customer, don't fall for this sales gimmick.

Recognize that pad pricing is a very negotiable item. Floor covering salespeople work on commission. They will not turn down an order if you request better pricing on the carpet pad.

Cheap Flooring Ideas - Conclusion

As a customer, your product installation is something to consider. Will you have a store install your flooring, or will it be a DIY project?

If you have a store handle the installation, it will be more expensive than doing it yourself. However, depending on the material and the areas of the home being remodeled, installing floor covering can be a tricky project.

A store installation might be more expensive, but it also comes with an installation warranty. If something goes wrong, you simply pick up the phone and get some help.

On the other hand, while you might save some money installing the flooring yourself, if you mess up, you might be in trouble.

Most stores will offer customers a free measurement. We think it is always a good idea to get a flooring professional out to look at your project. A store estimator can answer your questions, and give you all sorts of useful installation advice.

When shopping for cheap flooring ideas, understand that you might have to do some research and ask a lot of questions.

Retail stores are in business to make money. While most stores will offer a variety of products in their showroom, in many cases, the product ems that a price-driven shopper is looking for, will not be displayed in the middle of a floor-covering showroom.

There is a specific strategy that we recommend to help get you the right product at the right price. Our article, How To Buy Flooring For Your Home, goes into detail on how to use this buying strategy. It's a great way to always get the best price on your flooring purchase.


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