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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Cheap Southwestern Rugs

Southwestern area rugs with Native American themes have been extremely popular over the last few years, and many people like to buy them to decorate their homes in that theme. However, the most expensive rugs are not always the best ones, so it’s important to shop smartly and find one that works well with your home without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Cheap Southwestern Rugs

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Use accent colors

An important thing to remember when buying a rug is that it should complement the colors of your walls. A great way to do this without making the area too busy is by adding an accent color with either pillows, curtains, or other accessories. For example, a fire truck red sofa paired with muted turquoise pillows and curtains or throw blankets adds just enough color for visual interest.

If you have a rug that is darker than your walls, a great way to add some brightness to your room is by using lighter colors of pillows, throw blankets, or curtains. This will not only draw attention to these items but also give you an opportunity to change out your accessories if you want.

Remember, too much color can be overwhelming and overcomplicate a room. If you have a rug that is an opposite color to your walls, simple accessories will create a focal point of interest. Again, pillows are a great way to do that because they are easily changed out as well as lifted up so you can see under them.

When choosing a rug, one of your biggest considerations should be how much light there is in your room. If you have very little natural light, then you’ll want to find a rug that is darker in color because it will help to reflect more of what little sunlight gets into your home. Darker colors also help to give a room an airier feel, which is another plus if you have less light available.

Keep durability in mind

Since rugs can sometimes be expensive, you'll want to make sure they are durable enough to last. Synthetic carpets that aren't wool should be selected with care since they might need to be replaced more often than traditional woven rugs.

Make sure the color is made of a dye that won't fade and that it will stand up to wear and tear from high foot traffic, kids or pets for at least two years before replacement is needed. Finally, pick an affordable but quality rug pad so your rug stays put when you walk on it without sliding around.

A great way to research durability is to check the online reviews. Many customers will post pictures of their flooring with their review. You may also want to ask some other questions like: how long has this been in use? What type of climate does this rug live in? How often do you vacuum it? All these questions can help you decide if the product would work well in your space.

A good way to save money when shopping for rugs is to consider manufacturer’s sales. Many rug manufacturers offer up discounts of 10%-50% throughout their entire inventory during big sale seasons, such as back to school or holidays. That extra 20% off could help you get that more expensive quality wool rug that was previously out of your price range. Also, don’t forget to shop around.

Ten wonderful Cheap Southwestern Rugs

(1) Porto Southwestern Area Rug Collection:

A beautiful cheap southwestern rug that will delight family and friends. This wonderful collection comes in four colors: beige/blue (as shown in the picture), grey/yellow, cream/pink and grey/red. all four colors also come in a variety of size options. This would be an ideal choice for a large living room or bedroom. The different colors in the rug would make this a very easy product to coordinate with other room colors. The multicolored middle medallion design is complimented by a coordinating border. The main color of the rug comes with a secondary color that provides a hint of an abstract flair. Sold as a low pile rug that is kid and pet friendly, this product could be placed in any high traffic area of the home. Currently, this southwestern rug collection carries a 4 1/2-star amazon rating, with over 100 product reviews. Many customers that have purchased this product describe the colors in the rug as "soft and vibrant."

(2) Safavieh Canyon Collection:

A beautiful wool cheap southwestern rug that is full of colors and patterns. This collection comes in four colors: brown/multi (as shown in the picture), ivory/multi, red/multi and red/blue/multi. Each of these colors has different size options. The 8x10 size rug would be a great addition to a family room or bedroom space. the geometric design in the rug makes this product full of life and vibrant colors. Placed in the middle of a room, this rug would bring all of the other room colors together. As shown in the picture, the red/multi color looks incredible next to dark colored furniture, while placed over a hardwood floor. This is simply a beautiful handmade wool southwestern rug, that is being sold at a great price. Customers purchasing this product better get ready for a room rebirth. This collection of rugs will add many layers of color to any room.

(3) Safavieh Canyon CNY108B Collection:

Another Safavieh Collection, Canyon CNY108B is a beautiful cheap southwestern rug collection, that is available in four colors: blue/multi, blue gold/multi, multi and pink red. Each of these colors has many different size options. The blue/multi color (as shown in the picture) is a stunning and colorful southwestern rug that would look incredible next to white or off-white furniture. This is a handmade wool product that is filled with many different southwestern style shapes and designs. The 8x10 large size rug would be very attractive in a living room, family room or large bedroom. This product has a low pile height, it is incredibly durable, and it would be ideal for any high traffic room. Customers could place this rug in both a formal or informal room environment.

As an example of the colors, the multi color (as shown in the picture), follows the same pattern as all of the rest: a multi color southwestern design rug that is full of shapes, color and designs. The multi color option would look wonderful with light colored furniture, or light-colored walls. Currently, this collection has many positive product reviews, and has a 4 1/2-star product rating. This collection continues to be a shopper's favorite.

(4) Orange Green Beige Distressed Medallion Area Rug Southwestern Vintage Collection:

This is a very classy and stylish cheap southwestern rug that would add value to any room. With a great mixture of color and design, this orange/green/beige rug would be very easy to coordinate with almost any room decor colors. One of the benefits of having a unique distressed feel and look is that it would draw room furniture closer together, to create conversational spaces that are both warm and cozy. This product comes in a variety of size options and is one of the few rugs that has a 5-star Amazon rating. As shown in the picture, this product looks outstanding while placed on a hardwood floor, surrounded by light colored furniture. Priced to sell, this collection is one of those sleeper products that once customers find it, will order it right away. This is just a beautiful product, being sold at a great price.

(5) Southwest Native American Navajo Aztec Tribal Indian Chocolate Carpet Area Rug:

Sometimes we discover a sleeper product that needs to be recognized. This cheap southwestern rug collection is one of those products. As shown in the picture, a beautiful and stylish, abstract area rug product that is the ideal product to add some life in a bedroom or living room space. This product is multicolored, with the main color being dark brown. It is complimented by light colored southwestern and tribal designs. As shown in the picture, this is a very clear and crisp colored rug, that has vibrant colors and shapes. Customers that are looking for a southwestern style rug would be advised to research this product. This product is priced to sell and would look stunning in the right type of room. With the many different colors in the rug, this product would be an excellent option for helping draw out other room characteristics.

(6) nuLOOM Mellie Tribal Area Rug Collection:

Here is another cheap southwestern rug product that is a colorful and delightful rug, that would bring added excitement to any room. As shown in the picture, this rug is full of bright and vibrant colors and shapes. The medallion pattern in the middle is surrounded by angled rows of different colors, all enclosed by a white triangle border. This is one of those rugs' customers purchase when trying to add some life back in to a room. Customers can place this rug around neutral furniture and wall colors, and it will bring the room back to life. This is a wonderful conversation piece and all that enter the room will notice this rug. This is one of the few area rug products sold by Amazon that has a 5-star rating.

(7) SouthWest Native American Area Rug Collection:

Those customers looking for a classic cheap southwestern rug product will be thrilled with this collection. Available in nineteen colors, this collection will surely have a color for most any room. This classic southwestern style rug has a medallion design in the center, surrounded by a border that is full of various shapes and angled lines. All nineteen colors come in a variety of size options. Many homeowners will purchase the larger 8x10 rug size for a main room, then purchase a smaller coordinating size for an entryway or hallway space. This is a very popular online product, currently with over 700 reviews. It has a rating of 4 1/2 stars. This would be a great product to purchase for the homeowner that is looking for a quality southwestern rug, without having to break the bank account.

(8) nuLOOM Laverne Southwestern Striped Area Rug Collection:

This product represents a no nonsense, simple yet elegant area rug collection. The colors are mostly brown, with different shades of brown that form stripes that run across the rug. The collection is promoted as a "Southwestern Striped Area Rug." This product (as shown in the picture) is a classy product that looks incredible around dark or light-colored furniture and off-white walls. This collection comes in one color: brown. The brown color is quite bold and vibrant and shows off the pattern in the rug. This collection come in a variety of size options. This is a low pile height, durable and stain resistant carpet. This would be a wonderful product to add to a room, plus, it is not too expensive. Currently, this collection has a 5-star rating, with 20 online product reviews. This is a classic collection designed for the cheap southwestern rug room decor.

(9) Aztec Southwestern Native American Navajo Indian Red Area Rug

A timeless and traditional southwestern rug style product that has been around for years and years. This is the classic red tribal area rug collection, that has multiple medallion patterns, lines and shapes. As shown in the picture, the red is crisp and sharp toned, with multiple-colored shapes and lines running across the pattern. Many customers purchase the 8x10 size for a large room of the house, then purchase the smaller runner size for a hallway or entryway. This product comes with a low pile height, and is sold as a very durable, high traffic rug. This cheap southwestern rug product would look fantastic in a large living room or bedroom. This product is for the customer that is looking for that classic southwestern style rug, without having to break the bank account.

(10) Southwestern Native American Tribal Carpet Area Rug Gray Collection:

Customers looking for a classic dark gray cheap southwestern rug product, will find what they're looking for in this collection. This low pile height, durable collection comes in grey, with many different coordinating shades of grey and off white. This is the classic southwestern style rug that has been around for years and years. There is nothing fancy here: this is simply a very nice and affordable southwestern dark colored rug, that is priced to sell. The collection is promoted as an "abstract design" area rug collection. The design in the secondary colors tend to stick out from the main dark grey color, which helps promote the overall southwestern theme. This collection is perfect for a casual living room or bedroom that has that southwestern room decor style. As shown in the picture, the dark grey looks fantastic next to dark furniture, while sitting on a hardwood floor. The off-white patterns bring a sense of class and style to the product, which helps pull all of the other room colors together.



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