Daltile Product Review

Updated: May 4, 2021

Daltile Product Review

Founded in Dallas, TX in 1947, Daltile continues to be one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic, porcelain, mosaics, and natural stone in the United States. Daltile has built its success on the development of innovative products, and top notch customer service. Products are sold through retail floor covering stores across the United States. Daltile is a proud sponsor of many worthwhile organizations including: Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Gary Sinise Foundation, and countless other national philanthropic organizations and local charities.

About Daltile - FAQ

What is the history of Daltile?

Daltile has an incredible history, building itself in to one of the dominant tile manufacturers in the United States. A brief look at their history includes:

1947 - Company founded in Dallas, TX

1980 - Change of name to "Dal-Tile."

1987 - Opens 100th Service Center

2002 - Mohawk Industries acquires Dal-Tile

2013 - Mohawk Industries completes its acquisition of The Marazzi Group

2016 - New facility opens in Tennessee

Floor Covering Weekly continues to recognize Dal-Tile has one of the leaders in the industry, by awarding the company with several industry category recognition accomplishments.

How do retail stores get Daltile products?

Daltile products are sold through retail floor covering stores across the United States. Daltile has several service centers across the country, used to support these retailers. The Dal-Tile Service Centers are smaller showrooms, with warehouse space and staff support.

Does Daltile have good quality products?

Dal-Tile is famous for providing excellent customer support. This enables retail stores to get material on time, as ordered. Stores are also constantly provided display support, which allows them to only show current and available products.

Is the Daltile display easy to shop, and where can you find a display?

Dal-tile has several displays, tanging from a simple tower rack, to a multi layered display that showcases their entire line of products. The product samples are colored coded, making them incredible easy to shop for products.

Does Daltile have good pricing?

Dal-tile has very aggressive pricing for their products. They do a wonderful job of being competitive in the marketplace, and offering customers a great product at a great price.

Can you shop for products on the Daltile Website?

One of the best features of Dal-Tile is their website. They have a wealth of information on it, ranging from an "about page," to "product descriptions." It is one of the best floor covering websites that we have examined.

Credit: Think You Know Daltile?

What Are Some Of The Cool Looking Daltile Products?

There are a ton of products in the Dal-Tile Display. Far too many to mention in this product article review. As a brief synopsis of their products, let's do a quick mention of just a few:


RevoTile is a floating porcelain tile, made in wood, stone, marble and concrete looks. According to Dal-Tile:

No acclimation required. No mortar, no mess. Just click together. Install & grout the same day. Easy to remove for repair. Installs over many flooring surfaces. Simple tear out to update. Perfect for second story floors. Consistent alignment - Dal-Tile

Credit: RevoTile Demo


A stone mosaic geometric collection that comes in grey and white natural stone. A beautiful line for kitchen backsplash areas or in master bedroom showers. Available in several wall tile sizes, this marble, limestone and travertine line is a wonderful interior decorating option.

Credit: DalTile-Sublimity


A multi-size glazed porcelain floor and wall tile that features warm neutral colors. This product is great for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and laundry rooms. Affinity works with many different wall colors, giving the home a unique, contemporary feel.

Dal-Tile has a wealth of products for every room of the home. Dal-Tile features good, better and best products that can fit every price point, and every interior decorating style. Many products also have corresponding floor and wall colors. Dal-Tile is at the forefront of design technologies, determining hot colors and styles.

For those customers that live close to a Dal-Tile Service Center, another cool feature is being able to take advantage of their showroom and professional staff. Customers can visit a showroom, and look at products that many times might be difficult to find in a retail store. Visiting a Service Center is also a great way to get inspirational ideas on products and colors.

Credit: Dal-Tile Design Service Centers

What Rooms Are Customers Installing Daltile Products In?


One of the more popular rooms of the house to get tile, kitchens continue to be a trendy room for Dal-Tile products. Floor tiles come in a variety of sizes, and kitchen floors are a great location for ceramic or porcelain tile. Tile is very durable, it can withstand a lot of traffic, and it holds up extremely well in a kitchen space.

Don't forget about the kitchen backsplash. Dal-Tile offers a wealth of different products that will work for your kitchen wall.

Laundry Rooms / Mudrooms

For those homeowners that have this room located next to a garage entrance, a tile floor is a great option. A tile floor can take on the heavy traffic of wet shoes and kids boots.

Bathroom Floors

Ceramic or porcelain tile continue to remain very popular in bathrooms. While many people don't like the cold feeling of a tile floor, many people still find tile floors to add value to a home as well as provide an upgraded look to their bathroom.

Master Bedroom Showers

One of the most popular places customers are putting Dal-Tile products is in the master bedroom shower. Tile walk-in showers are extremely popular in both new construction and in remodeling projects. The interior decorating minded shopper can have a field day in picking out shower designs and colors.

Credit: Bathroom Tile Ideas

Are Dal-Tile Products Hard To Install?

Ceramic and porcelain tile are not products that are the easiest to install.

If you don't know what you're doing, it is always a good idea to get a professional involved with your project.

If you have wood sub-floors, customers will be looking at installing cement board on their floor, before the tile installation. Likewise, in many remodel situations, tile installation needs to be coordinated with the other floors in the home, as having a height difference with two different types of floors could cause an unsafe situation.

For ceramic walk-in showers, customers would certainly be advised to get professional help. Shower areas are a very complicated installation, and the last thing needed is to end up with a water leak in your home.

What About Dal-Tile Warranty Information?

Dal-tile offers a 1 year limited warranty on products:
Daltile warrants that manufactured products will be free from defect for a period of one year from date of purchase. Defect is defined as a shortfall in the product to perform to Daltile specifications as disclosed in product literature, within industry-allowable tolerances as set forth in standard, national industry protocols. THIS ONE-YEAR EXPRESS WARRANTY IS THE SOLE WARRANTY EXTENDED AND REPLACES ANY STATUTORY WARRANTIES TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWABLE BY LAW. Customer misuse including negligence, physical, or chemical abuse is not covered by this warranty. Installation defects are not covered by this warranty. All warranty claims must be reported immediately. Failure to report any warranty claim within 30 days of defect discovery will void this warranty. All products must be inspected prior to installation. Visual defects or nonconformities apparent prior to installation voids this warranty. Dal-Tile Warranty

Please note this website contains affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if you choose to buy one of the products we recommend. You can read our full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Conclusion - Daltile Product Review

We love Dal-Tile. Dal-Tile offers a huge selection of products, and they provide excellent customer service. You can't go wrong in selecting a Dal-Tile product.

While Dal-Tile does not sell directly to the general public, they do an excellent job of servicing the retail stores, through their service centers.

Dal-Tile inventories their products extremely well, and while a store will have a back order situation (from time to time), Dal-Tile does a nice job of staying ahead of orders, and delivering products when expected.

Dal-Tile products can be installed in every room of the house, and are very popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms.

As an industry leader, Dal-Tile stays way ahead of the game with the constant development of new products, colors and technologies.

The bottom line is: Dal-Tile is a great company, and we recommend all of their products.

Bonus Tips - Ceramic FAQ

What are the disadvantages of ceramic tile?

  • Some people don't like the "coldness" of ceramic tile. Many people go barefoot in the house, and don't like that "cold feeling" on the foot.

  • Another concern about ceramic tile is that it will chip. If you drop a sharp object, and it hits just right, the tile could chip.

  • Another disadvantage of ceramic tile is the installation mess and time it takes to install. Cut ceramic tile can be very messy, and create a lot of dust. If not handled properly, this can cause all sorts of a clean-up nightmare for a homeowner.

How long does ceramic flooring last?

If installed properly, ceramic tile should last a very long time. It is a product that should endure for several years.

Does ceramic tile scratch easily?

Yes and no. It depends on the tile and what object could scratch the floor. Sometimes an idea that you think will hurt the floor, does no damage at all, and sometimes than can falls just at the wrong angle, and scratches your floor. In many cases, you just never know.

Is ceramic tile waterproof? In general, one of the benefits f ceramic tile is its ability to withstand water. However, if water sits on a floor for a long period of time, it could get in to the grout and underneath the tile. While the tile itself won't get hurt by the water, the grout and mortar that is underneath the tile might get damaged.


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