Daltile Wood Look Tiles

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Daltile Wood Look Tiles

Founded in 1947, Daltile is one of the leading tile manufacturers in the United States. Winner of the Floor Covering Weekly 2021 Best New Tile & Stone Product Award, Daltile continues to receive industry recognition by its peers, as a leader in the floor covering industry. Daltile has several wood-look tiles that are hot picks and trending items. Daltile sells products through various floor-covering retail stores across the United States.

Daltile Wood Look Tiles

Style Name Colors Style Name Colors

Acacia Valley 4 Choreo 7

Cinematic 8 Commissary 5

Cyrose 5 Elixen 9

Emblem 3 Emerson Wood 5

Forest Park 6 Gaineswood 4

Glen Arbor 3 Langton 11

Resemblance 4 Revotile 14

Saddlebrook 4 Saddle Brook XT 4

Season Wood 5 Travane 6

Trellis Oak 5 Uniform Wood 7

Vicinity 5 Wellsridge 11

Willow Bend 3 Yorkwood Manor 3

For a complete up-to-date listing of top products, we suggest visiting the Daltile Product Page

Daltile Wood Look Tiles - Descriptions & Pictures

Acacia Valley

Acacia Valley gives any space the sophistication and style of expensive hardwood with the durability and versatility of porcelain tile. Great for any space in the house, including high-demand areas like the bathroom or kitchen.


Choreo, a warm-toned wood look porcelain with a parquet style option is perfect for modern farmhouse or Scandinavian design. Available in 10 x 10-inch tile and deco pieces.


Cincematic, dramatic and creative, this wood look ColorBody™ porcelain tile comes in moody grey colors in planks, picket mosaic, and large-format parquet options.


These classic wood grain porcelain tiles in modern gray colors are built for the outdoors. Opt for large 24 x 24 paver size or 16 x 48 large plank style


Achieve simple beauty with Cyrose™ luxury vinyl flooring. These five authentic wood look planks are suitable for both light commercial and residential applications.


As a commercially graded luxury vinyl flooring, Elixen™ is suitable for both commercial and residential settings. Available in nine exotic wood looks, this flooring will set the tone you are looking for.


With classic wood grain visuals and a smooth surface, Emblem ceramic floor and wall tile is the perfect choice for spaces that need the durability of tile without sacrificing the style and charm of a wood look.

Emerson Wood

Enrich a contemporary design with the organic look of Emerson Wood. Authentic wood graining and subtle wire brush effect make it a classic choice. Three plank sizes and a 3D cube effect mosaic add a unique flair. Various plank widths are available.

Forest Park

Make a statement with the Forest Park wood look tile from Daltile. This line exemplifies the splendor and style of hardwood.


This easy-living porcelain tile was designed for convenience and durability. Featuring a softly aged, rustic wood look in four classic hues, Gaineswood will stand up to your busy lifestyle beautifully.

Glen Arbor

Rich, classic wood inspires your design in three on-trend colors. Glen Arbor's 6 x 26 ceramic wood-look tile is a standard in style with the trusted performance of ceramic. Use it anywhere from the kitchen to the entryway to the bathroom.


Weather-worn or clean modern, Langton™ wood look flooring suits a variety of styles from Wabi-Sabi aesthetic to Scandinavian sensibility. Offered in two different platforms for versatile installation, these luxury vinyl planks offer freedom in design without sacrificing everyday durability.

For a complete list of all the Daltile wood-look products, we suggest that you visit their website page. Daltile Wood Look Tiles

Daltile Wood Look Tiles - Environmental Initiatives

Daltile promotes on its website its high level of concern for environmental issues and manufacturing products that provide a safe environment. The Daltile commitment to the environment is stated directly from their website page:

At Daltile, we believe that great design can help create better places to live and work that are both innovative and earth-friendly. We do everything we can to keep our processes as sustainable as possible, which means reusing, recycling and reducing solid materials and water used to manufacture our products.. Daltile

According to the information on the Masland Website, Masland Carpets, whenever possible, likes to do business with companies within a 500-mile radius, to help promote business in the surrounding local communities. Masland Carpet & Rugs states:

Wool is used as a primary fiber by our Fabrica and Masland Residential divisions. This fiber is one of the most sustainable on the planet, and has a multitude of benefits as an environmentally preferred component. These naturally inherent properties include: biodegrading at the end of its life-cycle into nutrients that improve soil fertility, the ability to improve indoor air quality, as well as inherent humidity control, sound absorption, and insulation properties within the fiber structure. Masland
  • More than 98% of Daltile's manufactured products contain pre-consumer (post-industrial) recycled materials

  • • Daltile has helped prevent an average of over 175 million pounds per year from ending up in our nation’s landfills

  • • Daltile’s corporate office has recycled over 340 tons of cardboard and office paper since 2003

We did some additional internet research on Daltile, and according to Floor Covering Weekly, Daltile will offer an updated continuing education program on how tile can contribute toward getting green building certifications. According to the April, 2021 article:

“Sustainability is a major focus for our commercial customers,” said Whitney Welch, vice president of commercial sales, Dal-Tile Corporation. “To best serve these customers, we have updated our CEU with complete information about our products’ sustainability attributes. As the largest manufacturer and marketer of tile in North America, we have the resources and influence to lead by example with eco-friendly choices. Through our conscientious manufacturing, we produce 100% natural, environmentally-friendly tile.” Floor Covering Weekly

Daltile Wood Look Tiles - Warranty

As with all floor covering products, in order to fully understand a warranty, the entire warranty document needs to be reviewed. Customers can not fully understand a warranty by reading the information that is printed on the back of a carpet sample. The information on the back of a sample is used for marketing purposes, and the vague information on the sample is simply not the real story. Most of the time, a customer can visit a company's website to get this information.

In general terms, Daltile has the following warranty:

"Daltile warrants that manufactured products will be free from defect for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The defect is defined as a shortfall in the product to perform to Daltile specifications as disclosed in product literature, within industry-allowable tolerances as set forth in standard, national industry protocols. THIS ONE-YEAR EXPRESS WARRANTY IS THE SOLE WARRANTY EXTENDED AND REPLACES ANY STATUTORY WARRANTIES TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWABLE BY LAW. Customer misuse including negligence, physical, or chemical abuse is not covered by this warranty. Installation defects are not covered by this warranty. All warranty claims must be reported immediately. Failure to report any warranty claim within 30 days of defect discovery will void this warranty. All products must be inspected prior to installation. Visual defects or nonconformities apparent prior to installation voids this warranty." Daltile

It is extremely important to read and understand the information in the warranty document. In most warranties, homeowners are tasked with care and maintenance procedures that need to be followed. Failure to follow these procedures could result in a warranty claim denial. With Daltile, , the warranty has several items that are required.

Daltile Wood Look Tiles - Care & Maintenance Tips

Daltile has an entire section on its website dedicated to care and maintenance tips. Some of the areas discussed include:

  • Product Care

  • Preventing Stains and Scratches

  • Protecting Porcelain Surfaces

  • Grout Care

  • Installation and Sealing

  • Cleaning

  • Grout Restoration

For more detailed information, you can visit the Daltile Care & Maintenance Website Page

The Daltile Website Page has great information in it on how to clean up all sorts of different spills and stains. We recommend printing a copy of the entire warranty document for use. The warranty document outlines the cleaning procedures recommended for just about every type of situation. It is a wonderful reference guide that new tile owners should follow.

In busy households, it is also a great idea to put together a cleaning tile caddy. By doing this, when spills happen, homeowners can simply reach in a closet to get the cleaning caddy, and all of the necessary cleaning materials will be right there, ready to go. to start a tile cleaning caddy, simply look in the warranty. All of the cleaning items needed can be found in this document brochure. Local floor covering stores are also a good source for purchasing cleaning items.

According to Daltile:

While porcelain is resistant to scratches, etching and stains, these surfaces are not damage proof. Take care to avoid exposing porcelain to permanent inks or dyes, as these might not be removable. If porcelain surfaces are exposed to permanent marker or dye, rinse the area with water as soon as possible then apply approved cleaning product. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Although porcelain is resistant to stains from juice, wine, coffee and other food substances, it is best to wipe up spills immediately to prevent possible stains.
When chopping vegetables, slicing bread or preparing other foods with sharp utensils on a porcelain countertop, use a cutting board. Use cleaning products and implements that are non-abrasive. Additionally, sweep or vacuum tile prior to cleaning to remove dust or debris. Daltile



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