Dalyn Rug Company Review

Dalyn Rug Company Review (Tailor'd Program)

Founded in 1979, The Dalyn Rug Company is located in Dalton, Georgia, and manufacturers and sells an extensive line of affordable area rugs. The Dalyn Rug Company has a large variety of textures, colors and styles that are designed to meet the needs of today's style conscious and budget concerned customer. The Dalyn Rug Company sells its products through various floor covering retail stores, box stores and e-commerce websites.

About The Dalyn Area Rug Company

For the past 40 years, the Dalyn Rug Company has been manufacturing several different styles, textures and colors of area rugs, that meet the needs of a large variety of today's style driven customer.

According to The Dalyn Rug Company Website:

From the very start Dalyn has deliberately worked, not to be the largest, but to be the best rug company in the industry. With this in mind, the foundation of Dalyn is based on the integrity of its employees, our commitment to service, and the expectation of quality. We benchmark our company as a trustworthy, “can-do”, easy-to-work-with partner to our many valued customers. When it comes to working with Dalyn, the beauty goes way beyond the surface. Dalyn Rug Company

The Dalyn Rug Company offers area rugs in four different categories:

  • Machine Woven

  • Hand-Tufted

  • Printed

  • Custom

Currently, the Dalyn Rug Company is the largest manufacturer of custom area rugs. They currently have several different rug collections available in several different sizes and colors, with all rugs available within a three week time period. New Collections have recently been introduced, and it should be noted the Dalyn Rug Company keeps their selection of products fresh and with hot selling patterns.

The Dalyn Rug Company is a privately held company, located in Dalton, Georgia. The company employs 200 or less, and has been in business since 1979.

Retail floor covering stores sell Dalyn Rugs through a rug display and catalog. The display has sample pieces of each rug color and design. Customers can then order their rug, based on a number of different shapes and sizes. Rather than forcing customers to order out of a catalog, the display gives customers the opportunity to actually feel and touch a swatch of the rug before ordering.

The Dalyn Rug Company looks to offer a wide selection of area rug options, at a very affordable price. Dalyn Rug Company participates in industry conventions and actively promotes its product with territory sales professionals.

Credit: Dalyn Rug Company

Dalyn Rug Company Product Collections

For a complete up-to-date listing of currently Collections, we suggest visiting the Dalyn Rug Company Website.

Collection Name Colors Collection Name Colors

Aero 15 Formations 6

Amanti 21 Fresca 12

Antigua 14 Gala 21

Antiquity 2 Galli 14

Arcata 10 Geneva 5

Arturro 14 Gorbea 6

Baku 14 Illusions 11

Belize 10 Impact 10

Bondi 5 Infinity 16

Cabot 8 Joplin 4

Calisa 14 Karma 12

Cascina 12 Korba 12

Laramie 8 Lavita 8

Marquee 8 Mateo 10

Mercier 18 Modern Greys 15

Mojave 10 Monaco 20

Montana 16 Naples 14

Nebula 13 Nepal 7

Orleans 13 Pesario 12

Rafia 10 Ranchero 5

Reya 9 Rocco 15

Rossini 4 Rou 14

Seaside 13 St Croix 18

Studio 11 Targon 9

Torino 8 Toro 7

Upton 7 Utopia 10

Vibes 12 Virtues 6

Zen 12 Zion 10

Zoe 8

Highlighted styles represent Collections in the Tailor'd Program

For a complete up-to-date listing of currently Collections, we suggest visiting the Dalyn Rug Company Website.

Credit: Dalyn Rug Company

The Dalyn Rug Company Tailor'd Program

Tailor'd is the new Dayln Rug Company custom size and shape rug program. The Tailor'd program is fabricated in the United States. The basic concept is to keep around 23 of the top selling collections, over 200 color sku's ready to be quick shipped to its customers. With the Tailor'd Program, if you need a custom size rug, it is very easy to order. The program has 3 ordering steps:

  • Step 1: Choose your quality (tufted, solids, multi tones, etc...)

  • Step 2: Choose your shape (runner, rectangle, square, octagon, round)

  • Step 3: Choose your custom size (up to a maximum size of 15'x25'.

The goal of the program is to have the area rug in the customers hands within a 2-3 week period. It is a very unique program that does not have a lot of marketplace competition.

Dalyn Rug Company Warranty

According to the Dalyn Rug Company Warranty, stock rugs can be returned within a 12 month period. The warranty states:

Stock rugs may be returned due to a manufacturer's defect1 within 12 months; or they may be returned due to buyer's remorse2, at buyer's expense plus a 25% restocking fee, within 30 days.

However, there are some stipulations on the return policy. If a customer is returning a stock rug, the customer must pay for the shipping, plus they will be charged a 25% restock fee. Per the Dalyn Rug Company Warranty:

Under special circumstances a Stock rug that is not defective may be returned with proper authorization. In this case, you will be issued an RGA number and will be responsible for shipping the rug back at your expense. You will be charged a 25% restocking fee. Custom rugs are not returnable.

You can read the entire warranty brochure by downloading it here:

Download PDF • 256KB

Being a custom rug program, the Tailor'd Rug Program has a different set of warranty provisions. According to the warranty, "custom rugs are not returnable." If the rug shows up damaged, Dalyn will replace or repair the rug with the first calendar year.

Custom rugs are not returnable; they are repaired or replaced for manufacturer's defects1 if within 1 year. A manufacturing defect is a deviation from design specifications during production resulting in a product’s defect, frailty or shortcoming. Please consult with your Dalyn representative if you encounter an issue and need to file a claim.

Credit: Dalyn Rug Company

Dalyn Rug Company - Popular Questions & Answers

How exact are the colors in a particular rug? Having color variations in custom, hand-made rugs is very common Dye lots on materials may change +/- 5% or more. The Tailor'd program is a wonderful way to see a real swatch piece of your rug, as opposed to buying it from a picture in a catalog.

Are the pictures in the Dale Rug Company Catalog accurate? According to the Dalyn rug Company Website:

We have provided you with the most accurate, color-corrected photographs that we can provide for each area rug. But, because of differences in computer monitors, we are not responsible for differences in colors shown in rug pictures on your computer screen. Dalyn Rug Company

How do you clean a Dalyn rug? Every rug can be gently cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. Regular vacuuming is also an important part of area rug care and maintenance procedures.

Is shedding normal for area rugs? According to the Dalyn Rug Company:

Yes. Some rugs shed more than others, and this is considered normal and not a manufacturing defect. For example, in comparison to wool rugs, our polyacrylic rugs shed less. When shedding occurs, simply vacuum the loose material away. Dalyn Rug Company

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Conclusion - Dalyn Rug Company Tailor'd Program

We originally voted to give the Dalyn Rug Tailor'd Program 3 1/2 stars. However, after a review of their program, we have upgraded our review to 4 stars. We think the concept of offering custom rugs in multiple sizes and shapes is a unique idea that does not have much competition.

Buying an affordable area rug in today's marketplace can be a challenge. Most of the retail floor covering stores have gotten out of the area rug business. Retail showroom space once dedicated to area rugs, has been replaced with other types of floor covering displays. This has resulted in most customers shopping online for their area rugs. Buying a rug online (simply by looking at a picture) can be somewhat challenging and risky. The Tailor'd Program gives customers an option to see what they are buying.

We think the Tailor'd Program has a great concept for a display. Allowing customers to see an actual swatch of the rug, really helps a customer in making a buying decision. Likewise, being able to pick the size and shape of the rug, and having it delivered in 2-3 weeks is a wonderful option. We think the concept of this program is a great idea.

The patterns of these rugs are unique. you're not going to find traditional rugs or oriental rugs in this display. So, if you're looking for an oriental rug, or a rug that hits certain colors, you might not find what you're looking for in this product. With 20 or so styles, the selection is somewhat limited.

In closing, we think the Dalyn Rug Company offers a very nice program, with a unique idea of offering custom rugs at affordable prices. he Tailor'd Display is a very user-friendly set-up, that gives customers a very easy shopping experience.


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