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Flooring Colors And Styles In 2021 (Our Top 50 Customer Questions)

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Flooring Colors and Styles In 2021

As customers think and plan about remodeling their flooring in 2021, we have compiled a list of some of our most common questions. We are dividing the article up by types of flooring, so you can easily scan the article, and proceed to the type of flooring that you are most interested in researching. The types of flooring that we will be discussing in this article include:


Flooring Colors and Styles In 2021

As customers think and plan about remodeling their flooring in 2021, we have compiled a list of some of our most common questions. We are dividing the article up by types of flooring, so you can easily scan the article, and proceed to the type of flooring that you are most interested in researching. The types of flooring that we will be discussing in this article include:

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Flooring Colors And Styles - UPDATE 1/26/21:

With the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, many manufacturers are behind in their shipping. Likewise, transportation from the manufacturing warehouse to the store location has been shaky at best. If you are planning on purchasing flooring, make sure you order your material way ahead of time. We have seen products taking 2-3 months to arrive. This advice goes for carpet, luxury vinyl plank, ceramic, hardwood ,and laminate products. Consult with your flooring professional before scheduling your project.

UPDATE 10/06/22: Shipping is starting to get back to normal. However, make sure you leave plenty of time, just in case.

2021 Carpet Flooring Trends - Top Questions

#1 Is carpet going to be a trending product in 2021? In recent blog articles, we have made a point of talking about how popular vinyl tile and plank products have become with consumers. Having said that, many customers are wondering if carpet is still a good purchase. We think the answer to that question is...yes! Carpet will continue to be a wonderful and popular purchase for your home.

In one of our recent articles, Home Flooring Trends, we talk about how carpet manufacturers are coming out with cutting-edge technology, in an attempt to get that competitive edge. Manufacturers have realized the importance of warranties and performance.

The calendar year 2021 will be no different. Manufacturers are not only producing very durable products, but also products with flashy colors and unique designs.

Flooring Inc has a great article, "2021 Carpet Trends," that also discusses this product prediction. In the article, Jamie Sanford, from Home Flooring Pros, quotes:

“Carpets and rugs are already seeing a resurgence in popularity, and this will become even more the case as they offer homemakers the chance to really showcase strong design statements – especially in vibrant colors – with the ideal being handmade rugs that are truly one-of-a-kind.” – Jamie Sanford, Home Flooring Pros

If you are looking at purchasing new flooring for your home, and you can't decided on what type of flooring to get, we think carpet will still be a good purchase in 2021.

#2 Should we purchase one color of carpet, or different colors for different areas of the home? We will answer this question in a few different ways. If you are trying to sell a home, we would recommend buying one color of the carpet and using the same carpet throughout the project. Realtors have told us it is much easier to sell a home with one color of the carpet, preferably with a neutral color and one that has no design.

If you are living in a home in which you have no plans of moving, then we would say the color option is whatever makes you happy. The bottom line is: there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Pick the carpet that is going to best suit your project goals.

#3 What color and style of carpet are trending in 2021?

Customers with a flair for color might not like our answer, but "gray" seems to be the hot color. We have noticed more and more carpet styles being introduced with an entire line of grayish colors.

While the word on the street is consumers are wanting flashy, vibrant colors with big patterns, at the end of the day, most of these customers end up picking out a neutral color.

We have found that foot impressions on thecarpet seem to be a big deal. Customers don't like to look at their carpet and see a bunch of foot marks. Therefore, they are looking for tight woven yarn or carpet that has a pattern. Frieze carpet continues to be trending. While customers like the neutral colors, they also like two-tone carpets that will hide dirt and spill marks.

2021 flooring trends in the carpet will also focus on warranties and performance. Customers are willing to spend money on remodeling, but they don't want to spend money on products that won't last. Manufacturers recognize this and are using some incredible cutting-edge technology to introduce products that meet this criterion.

#4 Will area rugs be popular in 2021? With hard surface flooring (mainly vinyl tile & plank flooring) taking more and more market share, we think area rugs will be extremely popular in 2021.

The affordable, everyday area rug (that costs between $75 - $200), we predict will be a very hot item in 2021. Customers will be looking for those unique designs and colors in all different sizes and shapes.

It's very interesting that a few years ago, retail stores moved out of the area rug business. If you try to find an area rug in your city, these days, it can be somewhat of a challenge. Most everyday area rugs are purchased online.

We would not be surprised to see more and more floor-covering stores offer an area rug program on their website. Competition in the area rug business is fierce, and this makes it a great situation for buyers. If you are at ease with buying items online, you can find a very nice area rug, at a very affordable price.

#5 Is it better to purchase carpet at a retail flooring store or at a large box store? Surprisingly, we get asked this question all of the time. Products that you find in the large "box stores," are quality products, usually priced extremely well. These stores buy in bulk and get some incredible deals from the manufacturers. However, one of the downsides is: once their inventory runs out, you might find it extremely difficult to get more of the same product.

Installation on your flooring from the large box stores can also be a challenge. It is common practice for large box stores to employ local sub-contractors to do their installation work. Many times, these sub-contractors are just individual installers that work on their own, many times on a cash basis. While many of these installers do outstanding work, others do not. As a customer, you never really know what sort of workmanship you will get.

The other installation concern at the box stores is with the installation warranty. If you hire an individual sub-contractor to install your carpet, what happens when that installer moves out of town?

With local floor-covering retail stores, you will find different products (as compared to the box stores), that will usually be a little more expensive. Depending on the store, they will either have in-house installers, or they might also employ local sub-contractors.

The local store is going to give you more of a "personal experience," and more than likely, they will sell products that you would be able to re-order. Likewise, the local store will do a better job of handling any warranty issues.

At the end of the day, there is no clear-cut answer to which type of store is best. Customers should buy based on whether or not they like the product, price, and their comfort level with the salespeople and store.

#6 Will residential carpet tiles be popular in 2021?

As a brief explanation, the broadloom carpet that you get for your home comes in 12' wide rolls. Many years ago, for commercial applications (schools, hospitals, offices, etc...), carpet mills started making carpet tiles. These tiles came in either 24" x 24" square pieces, or 12" x 24" rectangle piece shapes.

Fast forward to 2021, carpet mills have started making residential carpet tiles for DIY home projects. You will find many stores stocking these types of products for cash & carry sales. The carpet tiles are installed with a peel-and-stick method. This makes it a very easy installation.

While in commercial spaces, carpet tile is the future, for residential use, we don't think this type of product is going to be trending in 2021. These products are limited in style and colors, and we don't think consumers are ready for residential carpet tiles.

#7 Is stain-resistant carpet a 2021 flooring trend?

As mentioned earlier, consumers are willing to spend money on home remodeling projects, they just want the products they purchase to last. Stain-resistant carpets will be extremely popular in 2021. For example, Mohawk SmartStrand carpet and Shaw R2X will be in high demand. We have some great blog articles that discuss these two different types of carpets:

Pet-friendly carpets will remain popular with the consumer. As households get more and more pets, carpet that offers easy clean-up from "accidents" is an important carpet benefit.

You will find product stain-resistant warranties and information on the back of most carpet samples.

#8 Will carpet costs go up in 2021?

Most stores never really know the answer to this question. Carpet mills usually announce price increases once or twice a year, depending on their costs for raw goods.

The question that most consumers should be asking is: how do I go about getting the best price for my carpet? We have a great blog article, "I Need To Buy New Carpet," that does a wonderful job of walking you through our recommended buying process.

As companies try to recover from a horrible sales year in 2020, our prediction is the competition in the marketplace will keep prices somewhat stable in the calendar year 2021.

Customers always ask, "when is the best month to buy carpet?" The answer to that question is: there is no best month to buy carpet. Follow our buying process procedure, and you will always get a fair market price.

#9 Is there a trending carpet manufacturer for 2021?

No. Shaw Floors & Mohawk Flooring are the two U.S. companies that dominate the marketplace. However, there are several other carpet mills in stores that offer wonderful products.

Our advice for shopping in 2021 is to make a buying decision based on color, style, price, and project goals. Each project is different. Each project has different goals. Base your buying decision on what you are trying to accomplish, along with the price of the product.

Keep in mind that not all stores will sample the same products. In fact, stores go out of their way to sample unique items (so customers can't price shop).

In 2021, the products that will sell, are those products that are competitively priced, and that have good colors with excellent warranties.

#10 Will stores offer big "free installation," and "no finance charge" sales in 2021?

Yes. But, keep in mind, whenever you see these big sales being advertised, they are not really good deals for the customer. For example, it is very easy for a store to offer you free installation when they are hiding the costs somewhere else in the purchase.

If it costs a flooring store $1.00 a square foot to purchase a carpet, and they sell it for $10 a square foot, they can offer you all sorts of stuff for "free." These promotions are simply sales gimmicks to get customers into their stores.

Likewise, it is very easy for a store to offer you a great "no finance charge" planinto when they are simply adding the costs associated with the financing in to the overall carpet price. The costs are there, the store just shows it in a different line item of the purchase.

In 2021, the best way to buy carpet is to follow our buying process, as outlined in our blog article: I Need To Buy New Carpet.

2021 Flooring Trends - Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank

#11 Are luxury vinyl tile & plank products trending in 2021?

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) have become the hottest-selling products in the floor covering world. Go in any retail flooring store and look at the sample space dedicated to these products. LVT & LVP will take up a huge percentage of a store's retail space. Why? Because these products sell!

Customers want products that are realistic to hardwood styles and colors. They want clear and distinctive looks. Wide boards and longboards are extremely popular.

“Better technology is constantly being created and used to make vinyl flooring look more like real hardwood. Whatever you see trending in engineered hardwood, whether it is a rustic oil-finished Oak or a more contemporary smooth maple, the vinyl flooring industry will be quick to create a visual that will be nearly impossible to tell apart from the real deal. ” – Carly Notcha,US Floors Taken from FlooringInc article

LVT & LVP products are going in all types of homes, ranging from the starter home to the multi-million dollar mansion.

We believe this product line will continue to grow in 2021 and will continue to gain floor-covering market share.

#12 What are the hot colors in vinyl plank for 2021?

As we look ahead, the lighter tone colors seem to be popular with consumers looking for hard surface flooring. Lighter colors tend to make rooms look bigger and brighter, and they hide scratches and dirt.

The warm, lighter color browns and grays continue to gain popularity. These products complement trending paint and furniture fabric colors.

The hand-scraped and distressed-looking vinyl planks continue to be popular with customers. Manufacturers will be introducing more and more of these patterns in 2021.

#13 Is luxury vinyl plank a good product for kitchens in 2021?

LVP is being made as a waterproof product. More and more homes are installing plank flooring in their kitchen.

In 2021 look for this trend to continue. Luxury vinyl plank is a wonderful choice for homeowners looking for an easy-to-clean and durable kitchen floor.

#14 Which manufacturer in 2021 will have the best LVT & LVP products?

There is no "best" manufacturer of vinyl products. There are many manufacturers in the marketplace that makes quality vinyl tile and plank flooring. Each manufacturer has its good, better, and best products.

Unlike 15 years ago, when there were some issues with the quality of several hard surface products, in today's marketplace, quality is extremely important. With the cutting-edge technology that is being used to produce both LVT & LVP, products are extremely well-made and durable. For this reason, we can not recommend one manufacturer over another for the calendar year 2021.

Customers should pick a vinyl product based on their project goals, style/color, and price.

#15 Will vinyl tile or vinyl plank hurt or help my home value in 2021?

As we stated earlier in this article, vinyl tile & plank products are the fastest-growing products in the flooring covering business.

You can find quality vinyl products for homes at every price level. Certainly, these products will not hurt your home value.

In fact, installing a nice vinyl tile or plank floor in a home just might help you sell your property. Unlike laminate products from many years ago, that was made cheap and had limted colors and styles, vinyl tile and plank is a very attractive product that sells.

#16 Should I purchase a 12 mil wear layer product or 20 mil wear layer vinyl plank product?

What is a "mil wear layer, and why should you care?" Vinyl tile and plank flooring come with a factory finish. This helps protect the floor from dents and scratches.

A "mil" is described as one thousand of an inch. The thicker your mil layer is, the more protection you will have with your floor.

In residential environments, both a 12 mil and a 20 mil wear layer are perfectly acceptable products. The 20 mil product is going to give you better protection, however, it is also going to cost you more money. Customers should make their buying decision based on the amount of foot traffic in the home, as well as the price of the product.

For example, if you have a house that is full of little kids and pets that are running around, you should probably lean toward a 20 mil product. On the other hand, if you have an empty nest home, and your foot traffic is light, a 12 mil product should hold up just fine.

Many flooring stores will stock certain colors/styles of vinyl planks as promotional sales items. In some cases, you can get a great deal on a 20 mil vinyl plank floor, just by purchasing an in-stock item.

#17 Are large format vinyl tiles trending in 2021?

The most popular size of vinyl tile sold is either an 18"x18" tile or a 12"x24" tile. Both sizes will continue to be popular in 2021.

Many customers worry about putting a large tile size in a small space, like a bathroom. In fact, larger tiles work great in small spaces, as they make the room appear larger in size.

The choice of tile size is simply a personal decision. However, we will say the larger format tile sizes are currently trending upward, and we feel they will continue to be popular in 2021.

#18 We are building a new home. Should we put vinyl tile and plank flooring in our main living areas?

Home builders in general who work in new construction (and that build spec homes) are using more and more vinyl tile and plank products. It is very common to see vinyl tile in entryways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, and vinyl plank flooring throughout hallways, kitchens, and family rooms.

Most home builders are using a 20 mil wear layer product that has an attached pad. These products have a click-together installation method and are usually a mid-range price point items.

Vinyl tile and plank flooring is very popular in new home construction. This trend will continue in 2021.

#19 Are consumers putting vinyl plank products on steps?

Yes. However, installing vinyl plank on steps can be a tricky situation. Steps can be a high-traffic area, so using a click-together installation method on steps is not recommended. Installers will need to glue down the planks on both the step and step riser.

Another issue that needs to be addressed with steps is the nose of the step. Most vinyl plank manufacturers will make a matching color stair nose piece. Customers should be aware these stair nose pieces are not cheap. If you have several steps, all of a sudden your project price tag could take a beating.

If you feel uneasy about putting vinyl plank on your steps, it is perfectly acceptable to put carpet on your steps, and vinyl plank on the main floor.

#20 Is vinyl plank flooring okay for my basement floor?

2021 flooring trends will show that a vinyl plank is a wonderful option for a basement floor. As a waterproof product, vinyl plank is perfect for many basements that might have water issues from time to time. Vinyl plank is also very durable and a great choice for basements that get heavy traffic.

Lighter color planks will be the trend in 2021. The lighter colors help brighten up the basement area and make the space look more spacious.

2021 Flooring Trends - Hardwood Flooring

#21 Is hardwood flooring still a popular, trending product for 2021?

Hardwood flooring continues to be a strong product category in 2021. Customers are purchasing hardwood products in both new constructions and remodeling projects.

While luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring is certainly making a marketplace impact, consumers looking for hardwood floors, want the real thing. They want a product that is timeless, elegant and that will last a lifetime.

Both 3/4" solid hardwood products and engineered hardwood products will continue to be popular in 2021. Hardwood products are great floors for main living areas, hallways, and bedrooms.

Hardwood flooring will cost you a little more money than other types of flooring, but it continues to be very popular, and will certainly add value to your home.

#22 What are the popular colors of hardwood flooring in 2021?

This is a hard question to answer. Customers have different tastes in hardwood, and there is really no clear-cut answer to this question. Hardwood manufacturers seem to be making styles of distressed hardwood, hand-scraped products, and products with light color tones.

In 2021, we believe the popular colors will be the white-washed color look, as well as the light to middle-of-the-road brownish colors.

The demand for dark color hardwood seems to be fading. Customers are looking for that unique, modern-looking hardwood design.

Multiple-width boards are becoming very popular. Products that offer a 3", 5", and 7" board width within the same box are trending upward. Likewise, longboards of 72" are beautiful when installed, and are growing in popularity.

The bottom line for 2021 colors is: there are no colors that are set in stone. With hardwood, you are buying a timeless, elegant product that will add value to your home. Pick a color that matches the style of your home, and you will be in good shape.

#23 In 2021, what is a better buy, solid hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring?

This is an impossible question to answer. Both products are real hardwood products, made in different ways, to serve different installation purposes.

Solid hardwood is the staple product that has been around forever. Solid hardwood can be installed on the main floor of a home (that has a basement or crawl space), as well as on the second floor of a home.

Engineered hardwood can be installed on the main floor of a home (that has either a concrete or wood subfloor), as well as on a second floor of a home. Engineered flooring was developed for homes that were built on a concrete slab foundation.

With today's incredible cutting-edge technology, both types of floors are excellent products.

Both types of products offer beautiful styles and colors.

For new construction, builders will direct customers to the type (solid or engineered) of hardwood flooring they need to purchase. In remodeling projects, your local flooring professional is the best resource to make that determination.

#24 Should I buy hardwood flooring from a local flooring store or from a local box store?

We addressed this earlier in this article when discussing vinyl plank flooring. Let's first talk about box stores.

The large box stores have products at great prices. They also carry products excellent in quality. However, once you purchase a floor from a box store, understand that once their inventor runs out, it will be very difficult to find more of that same product. Likewise, getting that product installed can be a risky deal. Box stores typically have a list of local sub-contractors that you can call for installation. Most of these installers are individuals that work on a cash basis and have no local storefront. Many of these installers are excellent. However, some are not. If you use a local independent installer, and they move out of the area, as a customer, you end up being out of luck.

With a local floor covering store, you will typically pay more for your product. Local stores will either use in-house installers, local sub-contractors, or both. The difference is: with a local store, you will get more "personal service," and if you have an installation problem, you will be able to call the store to correct the situation.

The box stores and local flooring stores will sell different products. The question for the customer is: how much involvement do you want to have in the buying and installation process? If you are willing to jump in and handle a lot of the details yourself, buying from a box store might be a good purchase. On the other hand, if you want to write the check, and have other people coordinate the project, buying from your local store would be the way to go.

#25 Which manufacturer of hardwood will have the best products in 2021?

With today's competitive marketplace, as well as the marketplace technology that is being used, there is not a clear-cut manufacturer that we would say is better than everyone else.

Each company has its good, better, and best products. Each company has unique styles to fit different likes.

The important thing to remember is: you can't go wrong with buying a hardwood floor. Base your buying decision on your project goals, color/style, and price.

#26 Should I put hardwood flooring in my kitchen?

Many homes have hardwood floors in their kitchen. We are not a big fan of this practice. Hardwood floors and water do not get along. While it was typical in the past, for open-concept homes to put hardwood flooring throughout both the living area, dining room, and kitchen area, we do not support that concept.

In 2021, we think customers will shy away from hardwood in kitchens, and move more toward vinyl tile or plank flooring.

#27 In 2021 will they make hardwood flooring that is waterproof?

While manufacturers have developed technology that will prevent water from getting into the joints of the floor, saying a hardwood floor is "waterproof" would be somewhat of a stretch. Our best advice is: never put a hardwood floor in an area of your home that can take on water. This would include basements, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens.

#28 Is hardwood flooring good for homes with pets?

You might want to consider a different type of floor if you are concerned about scratches and "pet accidents" on your flooring.

While all prefinished hardwood will come with a factory finish, if you have a 100-pound dog playing fetch on your hardwood floor, the floor is going to scratch.

Hardwood flooring is just not the best type of floor one-of-a-kind a houseful of pets. A better option would be a nice wood-looking waterproof vinyl plank floor.

If you have pets, and you really want that new hardwood floor, make sure you pick a species of hardwood that is how on the Janka Scale. The Janka test is used mostly to measure the hardness of a wood species. You might also consider purchasing an engineered hardwood product, as they will tend to be more scratch resistant than a 3/4" product.

#29 What type of hardwood looks are going to be popular in 2021?

Customers wanting hardwood flooring are looking for that unique, one of a kind designer floor. They want the floor to be a discussion point when they have visitors and family over for dinner.

The new hardwood floor buyer is no longer satisfied with a simple, solid oak color floor. They want the wire-brushed, fancy wide plank floor that will grab attention.

So in 2021, look for products to sell that have wide planks, multiple-width boards, longboards, and products that have distinct color variations.

Hand-scraped products will continue to be popular. Any product that has that "wow factor" will be a hot product in 2021.

#30 Should I put one color/style throughout the house, or purchase two or more colors of hardwood flooring?

Since a hardwood floor will last for a very long time, we think putting one color/style of hardwood in your home is the best option. When you do get to a point of selling your home, one color will be better for selling.

If you are looking to replace just a portion of your floor, and your new hardwood will connect with an existing hardwood floor, then we recommend picking out a "complementary" color/style floor.

If will be very difficult, if not impossible to match an existing hardwood floor, and not see where the new installation starts and stops. You are much better off forgettin about matching a floor, and picking out something that will look good next to it.

2021 Flooring Trends - Ceramic Tile

#31 Will ceramic walk-in showers be popular in 2021?

If you visit any new custom home construction site, it will be difficult to find a new home that does not have a ceramic walk-in shower.

Ceramic walk-in showers have become one of the hottest types of projects in the new home construction industry. Customers are picking out all sorts of patterns and colors, everything from a basic 12"x24" solid color tile, to a fancy 24"x24" tile, with rows of accent tiles. Stores are including custom benches in the shower, wall niches for shower items, soap dishes, etc.

The installation of ceramic in a walk-in shower can be very tricky. It takes quite a bit of time to finish the installation, as well as a lot of time to pick out the products.

#32 What size of floor tiles will be popular in 2021?

Large format tiles continue to be the popular trend in the marketplace. Customers are buying 16"x16" tiles, 18"x18" tiles and 12"x24" tiles. The old fashion, 12"x12" tile is still sold but is losing ground in the industry.

You can see this trend when you walk in a floor-covering store. Just take a look at the ceramic displays. You will notice a huge percentage of the samples are in the large tile format.

#33 What type of ceramic tile looks will be popular in 2021?

While wood-looking ceramic tile has been around for a few years, we think 2021 will be a year that sales for this type of product will be extremely popular. Customers are wanting that "realistic" look. They also want that floor that has that "wow factor." They are looking for that unique product that can't be found anywhere else in the neighborhood.

The wire-brushed wood-looking tile, hand-scraped-looking tile, and rustic colors will be very popular.

In kitchens and bathrooms, the stone-looking larger format tile is very hot. Customers want that natural, clean and elegant feel.

Concrete-looking tile is making a dent in-store sales. Look for this simple, clean look to be popular in 2021. Again, customers like the larger format tiles, that will give their space an elegant realistic design.

In new home construction, as mentioned earlier, large-format tiles are the popular trend. However, new construction customers are looking at basic tiles, which are budget items. In other words, they are picking tiles that are nice-looking, but tiles that are not going to break the bank account. Customers are making the decision to spend more of their flooring allowance on walk-in showers and in their main living area flooring.

#34 What colors of ceramic tile will be popular in 2021?

Surprisingly, while vinyl plank and hardwood colors are going to the lighter color side, dark colors are popular with ceramic tile.

In floor tiles, Black and dark gray are extremely hot. Customers are looking for these colors in tiles that also have shading variation within each tile.

Lighter color tiles continue to sell. Light gray is the hot color at the moment. In fact, "gray" in general is the hottest color trend in tiles. Customers are finding that gray colors match well with cabinet colors and paint colors.

Wall tile colors, except for kitchen backsplash tile, tend to be moving in the lighter color range. Off whites and light gray are the popular colors for 2021.

The kitchen backsplash tile is really up in the air on color. Customers are choosing both light and dark colors, depending on the style and colors of the kitchen. Glass tiles are also popular for kitchen backsplashes.

#35 What rooms of the house are people installing ceramic tile in?

Mudrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen floors seem to be the most popular areas for ceramic tile. Wall tile is being installed in bathrooms, showers,, and on the kitchen backsplash area. You also see ceramic tile being installed around the home fireplace.

Customers are installing ceramic tile in main living areas, but carpet, vinyl plank and hardwood take up the majority of sales in these areas.

#36 Is ceramic tile a good floor for my kitchen?

Ceramic tile has been installed on kitchen floors for years. It is a wonderful option for a kitchen floor. It is easy to clean, it is waterproof, and will be a very durable floor, in a high-traffic area of the home.

However, on the downside, with ceramic floor tile in the kitchen, you do need to be aware that while ceramic tile is very durable, it can chip. for example, if you drop a can of corn on the floor, and the edge of the can hit the ceramic tile just right...the tile will chip. Repairing a chipped tile is not an easy fix.

The other negative that people have with ceramic tile is the coldness factor of the floor. If your family walks around barefoot, you might find a ceramic tile floor to be cold on your foot.

#37 What color of grout will be popular in 2021?

There are many different grout colors available from many different suppliers. We suggest picking a grout color that will be complimentary to the color of the tile. In 2021, the popular grout color will be those that make the grout line blend in with the tile. Customers are shying away from making the grout line stand out as an accent line.

#38 Should I purchase ceramic tile at a local floor covering store, or at a large box supply store?

Both types of stores have good products. Both types of stores will offer different products. The larger box stores (Lowe's, Menards, etc..) will buy in bulk, and will usually have some terrific pricing. Your local flooring store will have a much larger selection of tiles.

Both options are fine. It really comes down to the comfort level of each customer.

#39 Will ceramic tile help my home value?

We think it all depends on the home. If you are doing a remodel project, to upgrade all of yourfloorings, then installing new ceramic tile would be a huge benefit to your home value. On the other hand, in new home construction, it probably won't make that much of a difference.

If you have a walk-in ceramic shower, that will most certainly be attractive and will help with your home value.

#40 How do we get the best deal on ceramic tile in 2021?

Many floor-covering stores will have a ceramic tile stocking program. These tiles are usually priced better, simply because stores are buying these particular tiles in bulk.

When shopping, we would suggest first asking about these types of opportunities. We have a great blog article, "How To Buy Flooring For Your Home," that walks you through our step-by-step process on how to get the best price.

Don't fall for the sales promotions. "Buy one get one free," "free installation," and "no finance charge for 12 months," are all just sales gimmicks to get you to their store.

2021 Flooring Trends - Bonus Questions

#41 What is the best way to start shopping for flooring in 2021?

The internet is a great tool, and recently, most of the main manufacturer websites have come out with a wonderful tool called a "room visualizer." It's a great way to shop for products before you actually visit a floor-covering store.

One of the comments we hear all of the time from customers is how overwhelming it is to walk into a store and see rows and rows of samples. Customers never know where to begin.

Imagine if you had a tool that you could start your shopping experience at home, without worrying about getting overwhelmed at a store, or worrying about your kids, while you try to look at flooring samples.

Well, now we have this hidden, secret tool that most customers don't know about. We did a great video on it several months ago:

With the room visualizer tool, you can shop at home, and narrow down your selections, before you even visit the flooring store. This tool will save you an enormous amount of time.

We think this is an incredible tool that will take off in 2021.

#42 What are some 2021 flooring trends for a basement?

More and more homeowners are getting the urge to finish off their basement or to upgrade the look of their old basement flooring.

With basements, you always need to be concerned about moisture. Many floors will be ruined if they come in contact with a lot of water.

In 2021, basement flooring will become very popular. There are 2 main types of products that are trending: carpet and luxury vinyl plank. We have a nice article, "Ideas For Basement Remodel," that does a nice job of giving you some great product ideas for a basement project.

#43 What are some trending products for a living room remodel?

For clarification, we refer to your main living space as a "living room." This is the room where everyone hangs out and watches television or plays games. In 2021, there are many different options customers are looking at in flooring:

Luxury vinyl plank is a popular choice for remodels, as well as in new home construction. Customers are taking up their old carpet and replacing it with a new fresh looking hard surface floor.

Carpet remains a popular item for living room remodels. Instead of purchasing a thick, slid color carpet, customers in 2021 will be looking for a frieze, multi-colored carpet, or a patterned carpet that has a tight weave (and does not show foot traffic). Likewise, stain protection in carpets is extremely important to buyers.

We have a blog article, "Living Room Flooring Ideas," that gives you some wonderful products that we think will be very popular in 2021.

#44 What are some trending products for a laundry room floor?

Don't forget about the laundry room. We have some great options for the calendar year 2021.

You need something that is durable and easy to clean. Check out our recent blog article, "Laundry Room Floor Ideas."

#45 Does vinyl plank flooring look cheap?

Many years ago, you could walk into most floor-covering stores and see pallets of $0.99 a square foot laminate being sold as a cash-and-carry item. These types of products were incredibly popular. They were basic colors, easy to install, and inexpensive.

The problem: after about a year of being installed, these products start to fail. The industry had an enormous amount of claims and issues. Ultimately, this product category got a horrible reputation for being cheaply made and of little quality.

Due to this product failure, vinyl plank was introduced, as a product that was not only waterproof but also made in such a way that it would not have the issues of the $0.99 laminate products.

Many times, older customers that remember the problems of the old laminate, associate these problems with today's vinyl plank. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

With today's cutting-edge technology and fierce industry competition, vinyl plank flooring looks very realistic and elegant. Vinyl plank is installed in all types of homes, from the starter home to the multi-million dollar mansion.

#47 When is the best time of year to buy flooring?

There is no best month or time of year to buy floor covering. Many articles on the internet will tell you that December/January is the best time, but we do not feel that way. If you follow the guidelines in our blog article, "How To Buy Flooring For Your Home," you will always be in a position to get the best price.

#48 How do I clean my SmartStrand Carpet?

One of the 2021 trending carpet products that we recommend is from Mohawk Flooring called: SmartStrand Carpet. Carpet warranties and durability are hot trending topics in 2021. Mohawk is very particular about its cleaning guidelines, especially on how you vacuum the carpet.

We suggest that you read our cleaning guide article at SmartStrand Carpet Cleaning Guide This article is a wealth of information on Mohawk SmartStrand, and will give you all of the information you need to be an informed buyer.

#49 Out top 40 flooring questions (that we get asked all of the time)

Have you ever felt like you need a reference manual on all of the floor covering information that stores will tell you to remember? Maybe you have an ongoing project that you just need help with We invite you to visit and read one of our more in-depth articles called:

"Top 40 Flooring Questions (that we get asked all of the time." This is a wealth of information on floor covering, that will answer many of your project questions.

#50 Do you need a quick reference tool for floor covering issues? On our website at: BestRugPrices, we have a section that we call "Ask The Flooring Pro." We take questions from our customers, and make short videos on each topic. We host all of the videos on our website. It's a great resource tool that our customers can use free of charge.

The other cool feature of the program is: if you don't see your question, you can submit a question to us, and we will do a video about it. This service is completely free. We invite you to check it out.


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We also scan the internet to offer our opinion on the best place to purchase area rugs. The selling of area rugs has become an online activity. Most of your local stores have gotten away from allocating floor space to area rugs. We provide our customers with the best online sites to visit to get the best deals. We invite you to visit our site and check us out!

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To late my carpet has been cleaned without and with chemicals it never stays clean. Right after its cleaned it looks great for a couple of days the the yellowing comes back. I am so tired of this carpet. I will never purchase another smart strand again


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