Flooring Trends For 2022

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Flooring Trends For 2022

Flooring trends for 2022 continue to push in the direction of selling more and more luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring. Retail floor covering stores continue to bring in new hard surface product displays, featuring wide and long plank boards. In the calendar year 2022 we will continue to see stores promote waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean products. Carpet remains a consistent product, with homeowners wanting carpet for their bedrooms and basements. Engineered hardwood will grow in popularity, as more and more customers look for affordable and durable hardwood products. With the world forced to stay at home during the pandemic, homeowners will be looking to remodel their homes and get a fresh new look.


Flooring Trends For 2022

Flooring Trends For 2022 - Jump To Your Interest

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The next calendar year will be here before we know it. As each new year begins, we all look forward to a fresh start, including looking at our homes and wondering if it is time to finally start that flooring renovation project. With the pandemic of last year, more and more homeowners will be looking to remodel.

Each year, flooring manufacturer's come out with new products they show-off at tradeshows and conventions. Meanwhile, each year, it seems customers in stores seem to gravitate toward product lines that have been popular throughout the current year, but they also look toward those product lines that are growing in popularity, and about ready to explode with massive sales. Our goal in this article is to take out our crystal ball, and predict the direction of flooring, and talk about some of our hot product bets.

Flooring Trends for 2022 Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) & Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring:

Customers always ask, "Is LVT a good product for my home value?" Even though vinyl tile and plank flooring has become extremely popular, many customers still don't understand the product or if it will last. Many customers confuse LVT with the old laminate products from 20 years ago.

If you shopped for flooring 15 years ago, you might remember the cheap laminate products that every store sold as a cash-and-carry products. These old products used to sell for $0.99 a square foot. For the most part, these types of cheap products are no longer being sold. There were just too many problems. The claims that developed wore out the marketplace, and put a quick end to cheap laminate. Besides looking cheap, the laminate products of old were not very durable. Fast forward to 2022, customers should understand the vinyl plank of today is nothing like this old cheap laminate.

LVT/LVP continues to explode as a product category. Manufacturers have made their product lines to be very durable, and waterproof, and are offering incredible warranties. LVT/LVP is great for every area of your home. Being a waterproof product, home builders have now started using wood-looking products ("LVP," luxury vinyl plank) in every room of the house.

One area of concern that we have with display products is in product marketing. Due to the high level of product competition, manufacturers tend to be very loose with placing "hot button" marketing terms on product samples. Customers will continue to see terms like:

  • Stain Resistant

  • Waterproof

  • Dirt Resistant

  • Pet & Kid Friendly

The problem is: companies put these labels on their samples, but they never really explain what they mean. For example, many customers would read "waterproof," and assume a product is impervious to water. Unfortunately, that would not be the case. In order to truly understand what is covered in a product warranty, customers need to print and read the entire warranty document.

In 2022, we think companies will get vaguer on sample language and display information. As a consumer, it will be very important to conduct your own product research.

Hot 2022 Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank Products

LVT & LVP come in a variety of styles, colors and price points. Customers will be attracted to both inexpensive LVT products, as well as very fancy and expensive products. As we look at some of the products currently available, here are some of our selections for 2022 hot sellers:

Shaw, Uptown Now

If you're looking for an affordable luxury vinyl plank flooring product, Shaw Uptown Now might just be the one. This product comes in 12 colors. Each board is 7 inches wide x 48" long. Shaw Uptown Now Plus comes with an attached pad, and is a waterproof product. It has a 20 mil wear layer, and has a click-together installation method.

For all 12 colors, please visit the Shaw Floors Website

This product is wonderful for all rooms of the house. The attached pad helps with durability and sound, and the 20 mil wear layer gives the customer a solid product, while also not spending a ton of money.

Not every store will carry Shaw Uptown Now. Customers will want to call ahead and ask their local store if they have a Shaw LVT Display.

Shaw, Endura Plus Vinyl Plank

Shaw Floors describes the Endura Pro Series to be a 100% waterproof product. They state it is a high performance floor, with enhanced durability and dent resistance. Other features (according to the Shaw literature) include:

  • Minimized telegraphing (this means any imperfections in the subfloor won't come through on the material).

  • It requires a minimal amount of subfloor preparation

  • It has improved dimensional stability. For example, if you have a room that gets intensified heat from sunlight, this product will have reduced expansion and contraction.

  • It has an attached pad for sound reduction.

Shaw Endura Pro 0736V comes in 20 wood-looking colors. It is a 12 mil product (more about what "mil" means later in this article).

You can purchase this product with a click together installation system (Style 0736V), or you can purchase this product for a glue down installation (Style 0802V).

This product is mainly used in residential applications

For a complete description and color line, visit Shaw Floors

Axis Prime Vinyl Plank Flooring

Axiscor is a great vinyl plank product line that is perfect option for your home. The line has 3 different collections: Prime, Pro & trio. There is 30 colors within all 3 collections.

The Axiscor product line has the following features:

  • Waterproof flooring

  • Pet Friendly

  • Direct Sunlight Protection

  • Durability

  • Easy Installation

The "Prime" Collection is a 12 mil product that comes with an attached pad. This collection is a valued engineered product that is suitable for any room of the home and will meet the demands of multi-family housing.

You can get more information about Axiscor on their website at: Axiscor.

Karndean Vinyl Plank

The original U.S. Karndean facility was established in 1996 in Massachusetts. Since then, Karndean has produced some of the finest vinyl tile and plank product sin the marketplace.

Karndean offers three types of products: glue down, loose lay and rigid core. All of the Karndean products offer the following benefits:

  • Waterproof

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Low Maintenance

  • Phthalate Free

  • Hygienic

The glue down product line offers the widest choices of products and colors.

"Features such as textured emboss or our premium handscraped finish, wide bevels or flat edges make each range unique to Karndean and serve to highlight the faithful replication of the original wood and stone that inspired each of our products."

The loose lay product line is an excellent choice for bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms. Likewise, it is a wonderful product for quick and projects that need an easy installation process.

The rigid core product line has a click together installation method, similar to the majority of other vinyl plank products. Karndean does a wonderful job of offering products that are unique in design and realistic in appearance.

We have a blog article, Ideas For Basement Remodel, that discusses more about vinyl plank tile & flooring. If you are interested in a hard surface floor, this would certainly be a good article to read.

For more information on Karndean, please visit: Karndean Design Flooring

Flooring Trends For 2022 - Carpet

While there is no question that luxury vinyl tile & plank has captured more of the floor covering market share, carpet still remains the king of flooring products. We believe that in 2022 this trend will continue to remain the same. Bedrooms and basements will be the popular rooms of the house for carpet.

Being stain resistant and water resistant are the key buzzwords in carpet sales. More and more carpet products will be coming out with new technology to make carpets more durable.

Customers are moving away from the traditional solid color carpets, instead leaning toward more of a multicolor look. Frieze carpets are popular with most carpet mills, and will continue to grow in popularity.

Carpet warranties are becoming increasingly important to customers. When deciding on a flooring product, customers balance the fine line of determining their budget, along with the quality of the product. Price is no longer the ultimate driving force behind manufacturers' product selection. Customers want to know the product they pick will be durable and last for a long time.

In 2022, manufacturer's will seek to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by offering quality warranties/products at a lower than normal price.

Hot 2022 Carpet Products

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

The first thing you should realize about carpet is: not all carpet comes from the same place. Similar to every other type of product, there are many competing brands. In the world of carpet, you have: Shaw, Mannington, Mohawk, Engineered Floors, Fabrica, and many, many more.

They all compete to sell you their products. Each company does its best to develop products to get that leg up. To get that competitive advantage.

Launched back in 2006, SmartStrand Carpet was introduced as the most stain-resistant carpet in the marketplace. SmartStrand is made with DuPont Sorona fiber, a PTT polymer—not to be confused with PET polyester. PTT (polytrimethylene terephthalate) was recognized by the Federal Trade Commission in 2009 as a separate subclass of fiber, known as Triexta. What are the benefits of SmartStrand?

  1. Excellent Stain Resistance

  2. Made in part with annually renewable plant-based materials

  3. Dirt Resistant

  4. Odor Resistant

  5. Wear Resistant

  6. Protection from crushing and matting

We have a great blog article, "SmartStrand Carpet Cleaning Guide, that really dives into more of the benefits of this type of carpet.

We think in 2022, Mohawk SmartStrand will continue to be one of the most popular carpets in the marketplace.

“SmartStrand is our exclusive and differentiated soft surface offering,” said Denise Silbert, vice president of marketing, soft surface. “We are renewing our focus and simplifying the message of SmartStrand to reinvigorate the collection and support our retail partners to drive trade up sales in a category where hard surface is stealing from soft and there is a growing divide between value-priced and premium carpet.” Floor Covering Weekly

Shaw R2X Carpet Stain Treatment

In 2001 Shaw Floors introduced the R2X Stain Treatment Program. Fast forward to 2022, and we believe this system will become even more popular with buyers. The stain treatment is the most innovative program in the marketplace for protecting carpets from dirt and stains.

Shaw Floors has many different carpet styles that offer the R2X Technology. As we move into the calendar year 2022, customers are going to be more concerned with durability and performance than price. Because of this attitude, we think Shaw R2X products will be extremely popular with buyers.

Bonus Tip #1: Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Vacuum Requirements

Mohawk is very particular about the type of vacuum cleaner that should be used on their SmartStrand carpets. You should pay close attention to the warranty guidelines.

In the warranty information, Mohawk Flooring actually has a page on their website dedicated to this information.

We have a blog article, "SmartStrand Carpet Cleaning Guide," that really dives into the details of the SmartStrand warranty. In particular: in order to adhere to the carpet warranty, you need to use an approved vacuum cleaner. Obviously, if you don't already own one of these vacuum cleaners, this will be an added expense to your carpet purchase. Here is the list of approved vacuum cleaners:

Soniclean SFC-7000 Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Buy Now On Amazon

Bissell Big Green Commercial BGU6000 Ultra Soft Carpet Vacuum

Bank Vacuum The Bank Vault with Soft-Clean Power Brush

Bissel Lift-Off Multi Cyclonic Vacuum 89Q9

Bissel PowerGlide 1305

Carpet Pro CPU-2T Buy Now On Amazon

Eureka Airspeed AS2013A, AS2030A, AS1001A

Fuller Brush Heavy Duty Upright FBMM-PW.4

Kirby Sentria

Maytag M500

Maytag M700

Miele S2 Series Compact Canister “Delphi”

Miele S6 Series Deluxe Canister “Topaz”

Miele S7 Series Upright S7210, S7260, S7280, S7580

Miele S8 Series Premium Canister “Kona”, “Uniq”

NACECARE Henry - Soft Clean

Oreck Magnesium LW100 SP

Oreck Magnesium LW1500 RS (Swivel) Buy Now On Amazon

Panasonic MC-UG729

Shark Rotator Lift Away NV650 Buy Now On Amazon

Shark Rotator Lift Away NV651

Zelmer 1500, 2500, 4000, 5000 w/ Soft-Clean

Air-Way CVAC Kit PT 250

Canavac LS central vacuum kit

Cyclo Vac EBK 360

Dirt Devil Edge Powerhead with Soft-Clean Technology Power Brush

Electrolux Serenity Central Vacuum Soft-Clean

HP Products Edge Electric Powerhead

Miele Electro Plus SEB 228

Nilfisk Palace Collection PA10M

The Villa Collection Central Vac Ensemble

Vacuflo Electric Power Brush

Wessel-Werk Soft-Clean EBK 360 Power Brush

Wessel-Werk The Villa Collection with Soft-Clean

Riccar Vibrance Series Bagged

Simplicity Symmetry Series

Lift-Off Multi-Cyclonic Pet Upright Vacuum with HEPA filter and

Turbo Brush for Stairs and Upholstery

Bagless Kenmore (sears brand) Kenmore®/ MD German Made Quick Release Electric

Brush with Telescopic Wand

Eureka AS1051A

Eureka AS2030A AirSpeed One Pet

Hoover UH70120

Hoover UH70205 Windtunnel T Series

Riccar Supralite

Riccar Brilliance

Wessel-Werk Powerhead with Telescopic Wand

Oreck Magnesium

Oreck Magnesium RS

Oreck Quest Pro

Bonus Tip #2: Flooring Trends 2022 - Carpet/LVT Questions & Answers

1. Are vinyl floors going to be popular in 2022? Yes. The patterns that seem to be hot are those planks and tiles that mimicking natural looks, like stone or hardwood. Wide plank boards are also very popular.

2. Will wood-Looking vinyl flooring be popular? The current trend is for manufacturer's to product more items that look like real hardwood. These types of floors have become the new "neutral." Customers are wanting to find unique products that have that special wood design.

3. What type of wood-looking vinyl plank floors will be popular? Handscraped & wire brushed looks are in style, along with wider board widths and distressed looks.

4. What are some of the more popular vinyl tile looks? Marble and limestone looks are extremely popular. The larger format tiles continue to sell more than the traditional 12" x 12" tile look. We also think slate looking tile will be hot in 2022. Concrete vinyl tile pattern sells are growing, and will be trending in 2022.

5. Will sheet vinyl flooring be trending in 2022? No. Sheet vinyl flooring continues to decline in sales. Vinyl plank and tile have captured most of this market share.

5. What are the latest trends in carpet? Gray colors have become extremely popular. Neutral colors in general are on the rise. Carpet warranties are a big deal, and will drive a lot of the 2022 sales.

6. Are area rugs popular? Area rugs are extremely popular. Online sales of affordable, everyday area rugs have exploded. Most of your local flooring stores have gotten out of the area rug business, forcing buyers to search for rugs on the internet.

7. Are DIY carpet tiles trending? Many stores have purchased carpet tiles as a cash & carry item. We believe this product will be a huge failure. While the intention was to capture the DIY customer, stores are finding the product is too expensive, and not enough variety in color for their regular customer.

8. Is stain-resistant carpet popular? As stated earlier in this article, we believe home trending flooring in 2022 will focus on warranties and and durability. Stain resistant carpets will be trending upward in sales.

Bonus Tip #3: Buying The Right Carpet Pad

Rebond Carpet Pad

The most popular type of residential carpet pad. Rebond pad is made from recycled materials, and has a multi-colored appearance. Rebond pad is usually the best priced store pad, and comes in a variety of different specifications.

Memory Foam Pad

One of the more popular types of upgrade pad that a store will sell. Similar to a memory foam bed mattress, with a memory foam carpet pad, you get that thick, sinking feeling when stepping on it. Many customers love this type of feel, while others do not.

Fiber Pad

Fiber carpet pads are great for berber carpets or for other types of carpets that require fiber padding in their product warranty. Fiber pads are not very thick, and usually are used when the carpet requires a thinner, more firm pad.

Rubber Pad

Rubber pad was popular many years ago, but these days, rubber pad can be quite expensive and other types of padding hold up just as well.

Frothed Foam

A very durable pad that could last for a long time. It is on the upper end of the price scale, and for this reason, many customers end up selecting cheaper options.

What Do Carpet Warranties Say About Carpet Pad

You can't look at the back of a carpet sample to see what is covered on your carpet warranty. In order to see the real information, you have to look at the entire carpet warranty, which can only be found on the companies website. Shaw Floors, one of the largest and most popular flooring companies, has several different carpet warranties. Picking one of these warranties (at random) from their website, it states the following about carpet pad:

Carpet must be correctly installed in a proper indoor installation using a pad that meets FHA/HUD requirements, following the current Carpet and & Rug Institute installation Residential standard CRI-105. Consult your retailer for details. Shaw Floors

If you enjoy reading incredibly lengthy and in depth government information, you can read all about carpet pad, by visiting: the FHA/HUD carpet pad requirements pdf form.

So, what does all of this mean? In a nutshell, it means that you need to pay attention to the carpet pad that you use. Without going in to great detail, if you stay within the following guidelines, you will be okay with 99.99% of all carpet warranties:

Residential Use: Density: Thickness

Bonded Pad 6.5 lbs to 8lbs 7/16" to 1/2"

Frothed Foam 10lbs to 12lbs 7/16" to 1/2"

Flooring Trends For 2022 - Ceramic