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Hickory Flooring

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Hickory Flooring

Hardwood flooring continues to be a mainstay product for new homebuilders and for customers looking to remodel a living room or kitchen. Hickory flooring is one of the most durable hardwood options in the marketplace. In this article, we will be discussing the unique look, feel, and performance of hickory flooring.

Hickory Flooring

Is hickory flooring popular?

Before we get into the question of whether or not hickory flooring is popular, let's first address the question of what exactly is hickory flooring. Many customers know about hickory flooring but would have a hard time picking it out in a showroom display.

Hickory flooring comes from the hickory tree found in multiple places throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, India, The hickory, and China. While hickory is one of the strongest and most durable domestic hardwoods, it accounts for a very small portion of the overall domestic hardwood sales. However, for customers looking for that unique and different look, a hickory floor might be just the option.

There are several different hickory species, including the pecan tree. Hickory is an extremely durable and strong wood species. It is used, not only in hardwood flooring production, but hickory also is used to make tools, sporting equipment, and many other retail items. Hickory is also very popular for those people that like to barbeque. The hickory flavor is common in many different outdoor cooking recipes.

So, is hickory flooring popular? When you look at the overall domestic hardwood flooring sales, no, hickory is not a popular item. Hickory flooring is more of a designer product used in new custom home construction and remodeling projects.

Hickory flooring offers a very unique look and design. Here is a great Pinterest Board that will give readers a great visual perspective:

Another great way to learn about hickory is to look at some examples of pictures that show hickory flooring that has already been installed in homes:

As shown in the pictures, hickory is known for its dramatic and noticeable color variation. While one board of hickory flooring might be very light, the next hickory flooring board might be dark and full of streaks. Hickory flooring is certainly a product for the homeowner that loves uniqueness and variation.

While hickory flooring does not represent a huge portion of domestic hardwood sales, hickory flooring is a popular choice for the homeowner that wants something different. Hickory flooring products can be found in virtually every retail floor covering store. Almost every manufacturer will have a hickory flooring product.

What color of hickory flooring goes with hickory cabinets?

Hickory cabinets are purchased and installed in a variety of homes, ranging from rustic homes to farmhouse homes to modern homes. With the natural hickory, cabinets will most likely have a light to a neutral look, with streaks of graining. The opportunity to add color to a kitchen with hickory flooring is a unique opportunity that, if designed properly, would look stunning in any home.

Hickory cabinets are found in a variety of homes ranging from country to rustic and even Mediterranean designs. The nice thing about having wood cabinets is that wood can be stained in a wide variety of colors. Unfortunately, Hickory wood in particular does not stain well, it can be done, but it is a bit of a challenging procedure. It can also be bleached to be a pale white color. Hickory wood cabinets have a naturally golden-brown color with dark grain lines, offering a very nice natural pattern that can be paired with a variety of flooring materials. Designing Idea

One of the beautiful features of hickory flooring is its unique streaking color design. This unique feature enables the homeowner to design a kitchen space that could be full of many different room colors. Cabinets and wall paint could all be set up to match the many different color shades in the hickory flooring.

For customers that are remodeling, we always recommend they bring a sample of the hickory flooring product to the home. Never make a buying decision in the flooring store, without seeing the product in its natural light. The lighting in a store is going to be completely different than what is in the home.

Customers that are building a new home, they should make sure to bring the hickory flooring sample to other stores when picking out cabinet colors, wall paint colors, etc... The many different shades within the flooring product will also vary, depending on the light. It is always a good idea to put all of the room samples in one area to see how they all fit together.

How hard is hickory flooring?

Hardwood flooring is usually put in high-traffic areas of the home. It is important to know just how durable the hardwood product is going to be, especially if the home has a lot of foot traffic. Each hardwood flooring product is given an industry-wide hardness rating. One of the most popular scales of measure used is called The Janka Test.

The Janka Hardness test is designed to measure the density or hardness of different types of wood. Generally, the higher the Janka hardness test rating, the harder or stronger the wood will be. The test is done by measuring the force that is required to drive in a steel ball into a specific plank of wood. Janka hardness test is very important when it comes to choosing a new floor. It reveals the extent of possible damage that can occur when the floor is dented. It also shows how hard a specific wood is to nail or saw. Ferma Flooring

When customers are looking at hardwood flooring, the hardness rating of a floor should be one of the buying decisions. Homeowners that have a busy household with kids and animals, should not pick a floor that has a soft hardness rating. Likewise, the hardness rating of a floor will also help the homeowner develop a proper floor maintenance program. Homeowners with a soft floor will need to pay extra attention to heavy and sharp objects.

To give readers an example of the Janka scale, here is a chart showing the different hardness ratings of the many different types of hardwood flooring:

As shown in the above chart, hickory flooring has a rating of 1,820. Hickory flooring is an extremely hard product, especially as compared to the popular products of red and white oak. This makes hickory flooring a very attractive flooring option for homes that want that "designer look and feel," and that also have a busy household. Hickory flooring should take the wear and tear of kids and pets much better than most other domestic hardwood products.

How much variation does hickory flooring have?

As previously discussed, hickory flooring has many different shades and a high degree of variation. Customers should be easily able to spot a hickory floor by seeing these variations. One of the benefits of hickory flooring is this variation, enabling the homeowner to use many different coordinating room colors.

How much do hickory floors cost?

This is a tough question to answer, as each manufacturer will have many different hickory flooring products within their display. Hickory flooring can be purchased in both a solid and engineered product, hickory flooring comes in many different board lengths and widths, and hickory flooring comes in both natural color and stain color. All of these features usually have different price points.

The best course of action for a homeowner is to know exactly how many square feet they have in the project, work with a flooring professional to determine the installation costs, and most importantly, work within a pre-established budget. The best way to get a good price is to never look at products that are out of the budget.

Shopping for hickory flooring is an investment. Most of the time, the hickory flooring homeowner is more concerned about the color and style of the product, not the price. Hickory flooring is not a product to get if the budget is the main concern. When looking at price, we always recommend getting a flooring professional involved with the project. Most stores will offer a free home measurement and quote. Homeowners would be well advised to take advantage of this opportunity.

Conclusion - Hickory Flooring

Hickory flooring is a wonderful designer hardwood product that looks great in both new homes and remodeling projects. Hickory flooring is a very hard and durable product, that comes in a natural color, as well as in many different stained colors. Hickory flooring has a high degree of variation, and this serves as one of the product's main attributes.

While hickory flooring maintains a small percentage of the overall domestic hardwood flooring sales, hickory flooring is sold quite a bit to those customers looking for a unique and different hardwood flooring product. hickory flooring up to households with heavy foot traffic.

The best way to look at hickory flooring is to visit a local retail floor covering store and ask to see samples. Every retail store will carry and a wide assortment of hickory flooring products.


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