How Much Does Carpet Stretching Cost (And...Is It Worth The Money)?

Updated: Sep 8

How Much Does Carpet Stretching Cost?

Many times, we have customers that are trying to decide on whether or not to get new carpet, or simply spend some money on trying to get their existing carpet repaired. If you have a rental house or apartment, it can sometimes be well worth it to invest in repairs, before you make the decision to purchase all new flooring.

Residential carpet is installed using "tack strip" around the perimeter of the room. When the carpet is attached to the tack strip, it holds the carpet in place. One common repair issue we see quite often, is with wrinkling. Foot traffic, furniture moving, etc..., will make carpet wrinkle, or start to have bubbles. In these instances, the repair involves re-stretching the carpet, which is usually a rather simple procedure.

While you can attempt to re-stretch the carpet as a DIY protect, unless you know what you're doing, it is a much idea to hire a professional installer to re-stretch it for you. Installers have the proper equipment for this type of job, and are very familiar with how to do the work.

How Much Does Stretching Carpet Cost?

Finding A Flooring Professional

However, finding a professional flooring store to re-stretch your carpet might be a tough task. Store installation crews are usually busy with new installations that involve both material and installation services. Many stores are reluctant to schedule repairs, simply because they can make more money with new installations.

There are a couple of tricks you can use to find a qualified installer that will do this type of work:

  1. Visit the flooring department of a large box store. Many times, these departments will have a list of installers that are sub-contractors. They will gladly provide you with their list or business cards. You can then call them to schedule the repair.

  2. Ask your local flooring stores for a similar list of their sub-contractors. Some stores will gladly provide the list, while other stores might not.

  3. Another option is to contact small residential remodeling companies. You can usually find a list of these businesses in the yellow pages. General contractors will use the same carpet installers for much of their work. Many of these companies can offer you a referral on installers that you can call.

  4. You can also contact some carpet cleaning services. While these companies are not carpet installers, they run in to this issue frequently, and probably have some contact names that might be helpful.

  5. One last tip to find a carpet installer: Contact a local carpet supply store. Most local communities will have a company that sells only to the trade. They will sell installation supplies. You can always call them to get leads on installers.

Flooring Re-Stretching Cost

As far as cost is concerned, that will really depend on the project. How many rooms will they have to re-stretch? Will they be moving a bunch of furniture? Is the project over a wood or concrete subfloor? Will the installer have to put in new tack strips, or can they use the existing ones?

In most cases, an installer will charge you around $85 as a minimum, and then work there way up from this minimum fee. The fee will also depend on the amount of time the project will take to get it completed. In many cases, an installer might want to see the project, before they give you an estimate. The other factor will be "when" you want the project to happen. If you are requesting weekend or evening work, then expect your price to go up.

Is Re-Stretching Carpet Worth It?

That really depends on your expectations of what the end result should look like. You need to keep in mind, that you are repairing OLD CARPET. At the end of the project, if you're expecting your carpet to look brand new, then re-stretching your carpet will not be worth the money.

On the other hand, if you have a rental property, flipping a house, or maybe remodeling an extra bedroom, and you don't want to spend a lot of money, and the existing carpet is in decent shape, then re-stretching your carpet might be a great idea.

The condition of the carpet is very important. If it is in good shape (other than the bubbles that need to be taken out), then hiring someone to re-stretch the carpet is probably a worthwhile investment. If besides the bubbles, you have multiple stains, or a other issues, then you might want to forget about the re-stretching, and simply invest in new carpet.

Before you start your project, look at the cost versus the expected end result. If you can invest in re-stretching, and accomplish your goal...then go for it! If investing money in a re-stretching project won't accomplish your goal, then it's obviously not worth it to start this project.

Can Carpet Be Saved If It Is Dirty & Needs Re-Stretched?

Absolutely. We have many customers that don't want to have the added expense of replacing carpet. So, instead, they will have it professionally cleaned first. In many cases, a professional cleaning company can take care of the stains, and get the carpet looking perfectly acceptable. Once the carpet is clean, they can have it re-stretched, and they are good to go.

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In most communities, there are several professional carpet cleaning companies that would be happy yo provide you with a cleaning estimate. There is a great tool from the Carpet & Rug Institute that you can use to search for a top rated professional in your area: Hire A Carpet Cleaning Professional.

The Carpet & Rug Institute offers a Seal of Approval Program that will ensure you get a qualified cleaning professional for your project. We highly recommend that you use this free tool before you hire a cleaning company.

Bonus Tip: What Is The Most Economical Flooring?

If you're thinking about re-stretching carpet, then more than likely, you are concerned about your budget. You are probably trying to spend the least amount of money you can, while at the same time, completing your project goal.

While in some cases, you can accomplish this task by re-stretching your carpet, in other cases, you might be forced to purchase new flooring. If you are faced with a flooring replacement, the question becomes: What type of flooring will last the longest? Should you get carpet again, or should you look at a completely different type of floor?

Carpet is still the king. If you're concerned about money, the cheapest way to cover a floor is with carpet. The trick becomes: what type of carpet should you buy?

You don't want to go too expensive, but on the other hand, you don't want to go too cheap. We would recommend looking at a carpet that has a great stain protection system. One such system that we like is:

Mohawk SmartStrand

We have a great article, SmartStrand Carpet Cleaning Guide, that goes in to great detail on why this type of carpet would be a good purchase.

How Much Does Carpet Re-Stretching Cost

Shaw - R2X Stain Technology

Shaw Floors, a competitor to Mohawk Flooring, also has their version of stain protection. They call there product: R2X Total Carpet fiber Protection. Similar to Mohawk, R2X is available in many different carpet styles within the Shaw products.

This makes finding a lower-end carpet, that has the R2X stain technology on it...a great buy. Here is a wonderful video that will explain just want we are talking about:

Credit: Shaw Carpet R2X

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Instead of carpet, luxury vinyl plank flooring is a wonderful product to consider for your space. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is the fastest growing product in the floor covering world.

If you walk in to any retail floor covering store, you will notice that a huge percentage of their showroom space will be dedicated to luxury vinyl plank displays.

You can purchase a very affordable vinyl plank product, that will last for a very long time. Vinyl plank flooring is very popular in:

  • Apartments

  • Starter Homes

  • Rental Homes

  • Basements

  • Bedrooms

  • Kitchens

Being a waterproof product that is also easy to install, as well as very durable, it has become a great product for the price conscious floor covering shopper.

What About The Carpet Pad?

When you have a carpet re-stretch project going on, most of the time, your existing carpet pad will be sufficient to re-use.

In situations where you want to replace the carpet, you might pull up the existing carpet, and take a look at the pad. In some cases, you might be able to re-use that existing pad with the new carpet.

However, we will say that you should be careful with re-using old carpet pad. If you are having new carpet installed, the last thing you want is to install new carpet over a pad that might have gotten wet, or that is in bad shape.

Conclusion - How Much Does Carpet Stretching Cost

As mentioned above, make sure you have a clear understanding of your project goal before you start your remodeling project. You don't want to spend money on re-stretching, only to be unhappy with the end result.

Before starting your project, ask yourself these questions:

Will you be happy with old carpet in this space?

If you just want to get the wrinkles and bubbles out of the carpet, then a re-stretching project might be worth the effort. On the other hand, if you're always going to look at this carpet as old and dirty, then maybe you should consider replacing it, instead of re-stretching it.

What is the condition of the carpet?

Is the carpet clean and in good shape, or is the existing carpet beat up, with stains and bald spots? Make sure the carpet is in good enough of a condition to save.

What other types of renovation are you doing in this space?

For example, if you just want the carpet re-stretched to sell the house, rent an apartment, etc...that's perfect. However, if you're doing a complete room remodel, paint, carpet, furniture, etc...will the existing carpet fit the new room decor? Understand your project goals before you start.

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