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How To Choose The Best Flooring Store Near Me

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

How To Choose The Best Flooring Store Near Me

So, you have made the decision to purchase some new flooring for your home. If you have started the shopping process, you can discover rather quickly, that buying flooring can be an overwhelming and very frustrating experience.

What type of flooring should you buy? Where do you get started? How expensive is it going to be? How long will it take to install my floor? These are all questions that need to be answered.

Finding the right store to trust, is something that sometimes gets overlooked. How do you know that you're getting a good deal? Does this store have good installers? Is my salesperson going to be reliable?

This article is all about how to find the best flooring store. If you just started your shopping process, read on....this article is for you.


How To Choose The Best Flooring Store Near Me

The Best Flooring Store - Signs You Need To Look At...

Are you greeted at the door?

This is a rather simple thing. When you walked into the store, did the store have someone, welcome you to their showroom, or did you walk into the store and wander around for 10 minutes before anyone even acknowledged you as a customer?

Why is this important? Quite frankly, it sets a tone. It's your first impression of the store. It gives you a good idea of how important this store feels about customer service and its customers.

If you walked into a store, and someone was right there waiting for you, and they welcomed you, and they asked how they can be of service to you, how did that make you feel? For most customers, it makes them feel important. It lets the customer know this store cares about its customers.

On the other hand, if you walked into a store, and wandered around for 30 minutes, and no one even said hello, what impression did that give you? Do you really want to trust a store to tear up the flooring in your home, if they are not going to give you the time of day when you walk into their showroom?

Be aware of the little things. The little things make a difference. The little things matter. Your first impression matters, because it gives you an inside look at the overall philosophy of that store. If management does not care about how a customer is treated in their showroom, there is probably a pretty good chance they won't care about you as a customer during the buying and installation process.

What does the showroom look like?

When you walk around the store showroom, are the samples well organized, and easy to look at? Or, is the showroom very confusing and a total mess? Again, this goes toward your first impression.

If the showroom is neat, clean, and well organized, then it gives the customer a sense this retailer is going to also be detailed and organized in their buying and installation process.

But, if the showroom has samples all over the place, no price tags, poor lighting, dirty, etc.., you have to wonder if this store even cares about the details. If that is the impression you get, what happens when their installer shows up at your house? Will the installers also be a mess and disorganized? Will their installers even bring the right color of flooring to your house?

What about the store's showroom displays? Are the displays full of samples, or are half of the displays empty? Do the displays have current products in them or are the displays full of products that have already been dropped (and not pulled from the display).

As a customer, nothing is worse than falling in love with a product, only to find out that it has been dropped and is no longer available to be purchased. Do you really want someone doing a renovation project in your home, if they can't even keep their own space up to date?

What type of products does the store offer?

Take a look around and see what type of products the store is showing in their showroom. Are all of the samples upper-end, expensive products? Or, do they have a wide variety of products that allow customers to find a product that fits their needs? Maybe the store you walked into is a cash & carry store that offers low-end products, etc. Be aware of the type of store you entered.

The type of store you walk into matters because you want to make sure you pick a product that works for your home. For example, If you're looking for a thick, high-end piece of carpet for your master bedroom, you don't want to buy from a store that sells cash & carry apartment-grade carpet.

Take a look at the showroom flooring...

Does this store have nice flooring in their showroom? Seriously, you are at this store to buy flooring for your home. Do you want to trust a store to do work in your home if they have old, beat-up flooring in their showroom?

Many stores will use their showroom flooring space to show off their products. They will have different carpet colors, different vinyl planks, and different hardwood and ceramic products across their entire space. This helps customers get a visual of products, and helps the customer make a buying decision.

On the flip side, some stores you walk into still have flooring in their showroom from 30 years ago, stained and completely out of date. As we mentioned earlier in this article, pay attention to the little things. The little things can help you determine just how serious a retailer is about its business.

Best Flooring Store Near Me - Let's Take A Look At The Stores Sales Person

There is a skill set for a professional flooring salesperson. As a customer, you need to understand what a good salesperson should be doing, and what sort of behavior should not be tolerated. Let's take a look at some of these sales traits:

Does the flooring salesperson pay attention to you?

This sounds like a basic requirement that should not be of concern, but with many stores, it can be a problem.

When you first meet your salesperson, are they giving you their full attention? Or, are they on their cell phone, doing some other task at their desk, etc...?

Never are the customer. If the salesperson is not giving you their full attention, then we would recommend that you leave that store.

The salesperson can't effectively work on your project if they are distracted by other things. You need a salesperson that will listen to you, and direct you to flooring products based on the needs of your project.

Does your flooring salesperson do what they say they are going to do?

For example, if your salesperson said they would call you back on a certain day of the week, did they? If you were supposed to get an email with a quote, did you get it on the day promised? If your salesperson can't deliver on simple tasks, in our view, that's a major red flag. How in the world can you trust that person to deliver on major tasks (like installation dates)?

If you have an appointment set up to look at products, did your salesperson spend time getting ready for your meeting? Did the salesperson have samples ready for you to look at? Or, when you show up for your meeting, was the sales representative completely unprepared and disorganized? Again, we will go back to our article theme...this goes to whether or not you are dealing with a store that cares about its customers.

Does the sales representative know about their flooring products?

You are the customer. It's okay to ask questions. You need to understand who you are dealing with. Is your salesperson brand new in the business, or have they been in flooring for the past 25 years? It is perfectly okay to ask this question. After all, if you buy flooring from this store, you will be trusting this individual to coordinate a construction project in your home.

You need to trust your salesperson. It's okay to deal with someone brand new, as long as this salesperson is upfront about things, and you believe they have the support of the store. On the other hand, you might be scared off by the sales rep that is more seasoned, if you feel like they are not telling you the truth about costs or the products. Having trust in your salesperson is critical.

It is very important to understand that not every salesperson is equal. You need to align yourself with the right person in a store. We have a great article, How to Buy Flooring for Your Home, that does a great job of walking you through our process on how to get the best flooring price.

Best Flooring Store Near Me - Advertising

Let's talk about advertising for a minute. Every town has that one store that advertises all of the time. Here are a few things you've probably heard a thousand times on the radio and television:

  • free furniture moving

  • free carpet pad

  • free labor

  • free, free, free

Let's be realistic for a second: no store is giving away flooring for free. When it comes to choosing the best flooring store near me, be careful about these advertising tricks. Do you really think a retail floor covering store is going to give away free labor? Of course not. All they are doing is hiding the cost of the labor in other areas of their overall cost.

Be careful trusting a store that advertises this way. Can you trust that you are getting the best price on your project when the store tricked you with false advertising?

Another great promotion that is popular is the buy one, get one free deal. We've all heard it before: "buy 2 rooms of vinyl plank, get the third room for free," "buy 50 feet of hard surface flooring, get 50 feet for free," etc... These are all scam promotions that simply have one goal: to get you to visit their store.

If you're going to visit this type of store, then we recommend that you follow our process in our blog article, How To Buy Flooring for Your Home.

Best Flooring Store Near Me - Conclusion

The best advice we can give you about finding the best flooring store is to use your own judgment on the level of a store's commitment to its customers. Follow the items mentioned in this article, stay focused on the little things, and pay attention to the qualities of the sales representative.

Buying floor covering can be a difficult and expensive project. Likewise, the flooring installation process can cause all sorts of confusion in your home. You need to trust the floor covering store that you buy from. If you have a gut feeling that a store is not right for you...then trust that feeling.

The best flooring store is not always the store that advertises the most. It's not always the store on the busiest road. You can sometimes find a terrific store that is in the background, does little advertising, and might be off the beaten path.

Our last thought would be to look at reviews. Go to places like Reddit or Google. Look at actual reviews from previous customers. Reviews can be a great way for you to determine if the store you are thinking about is a quality business or if it will be a problem. In today's world, people love to post their views on the internet. Take advantage of that.

One thing to look at with reviews: No store is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But, take a look at the negative reviews. Did the store care enough to respond to the unhappy customer? Did the store do its best to make things right? Reviews can be a wonderful way of learning about a store and how they treat customers.


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