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Indianapolis Colts Fan Speaks Out

We had an article submitted to us that is outside of our website topic. As we are currently in the process of accepting guest authors on our site, we decided to go ahead and publish this guest post as a trial run. Please let us know what you think....

Guest Post: (Colts Fan)

I’ve been an Indianapolis Colts fan since they moved to Indianapolis back in 1984. Growing up in Indianapolis, the Colts are not only my favorite NFL team because they are my local team, but they are also my favorite team because they remind me of my parents and family. As a young adult, my family watched every game. We attended home games. We have attended special organizational events. Now, as a parent myself (living out of the area), the Colts remind me of home. I am a Colts fan, and always will be.

I have no doubt the current management staff, players and coaches of the Indianapolis Colts work countless hours to improve the organization. I have no doubt the organization is trying their best to win. The Colts organization completely supports the Indianapolis community, and I am very thankful for their efforts.

Being a fan of the team, it is difficult for me to criticize the organization for their individual game planning or selection of players to keep on the roster or to cut or trade. Football is not my occupation. I am just a fan. As a fan, watching the 2022 Colts has been a train wreck. The last few weeks, I don’t even pay attention to when they play next. Why bother? The Colts have lost their last 6 games and have been outscored 192-101. The team is not even competitive. After watching the 2021 collapse, enduring this season has been quite difficult. As a fan, here are a few of my 2023 New Year’s Resolutions for the Indianapolis Colts:


Stop talking. Be silent. As a fan, we don’t want to hear from you. Hire the right people and let them lead the team. Enough already. If you are worried about selling tickets, win games. Be competitive. We don’t need you to tell us the team is “all in,” and then go out on the field and lay an egg. Out of curiosity, when is the last time you heard the Indiana Pacer ownership preach to the community? As fans, we support you. We know you want to win. Your efforts are appreciated, even when you stay silent.


As fans, we don’t want to hear about the Andrew Luck early retirement anymore. For heaven’s sake, it’s been 4 years. Get over it and move on. Stop finding old quarterbacks to fill things in for a year or two. You guys are the professionals. Figure it out. Find a young quarterback.

The Colts Winning Tradition:

Honestly, as fans, we don’t want to hear about how great of a winning tradition the Colts have had in the past. We know you had success. You had a Hall of Fame Quarterback and a General Manager that got things done. Your winning tradition is in the past. Right now, your team stinks. Your team has not been good for the last two years and seems to just keep getting worse. Fans want to see you do something about it. Fix it. Stop losing games by 30 points. Stop living in the past. Recognize this team stinks. Do something about it.

Offensive Line:

Get one. Provide better coaching to the existing players. Do something. Anything. Obviously, throwing more money to players does not work. The offensive line is a disaster. Even as novice fans, when we see a replay, showing an opposing player fly past the offensive line untouched, it begs to question, what the heck is going on here? As fans, we are tired of hearing “they are showing improvement.” Get the offensive line figured out.

Turn Things Around:

The 2021 and 2022 Indianapolis Colts have been a bust. Watching the last few games, it appears the team has given up. The effort at the start of the season was far greater than what it is now. It appears the players are looking forward to their off-season vacation.

As fans, we attend and watch games to be entertained. If fans start thinking the players and coaches don’t care, why should the fans care?

We sincerely hope the team will evaluate what went wrong in 2022 and will put together a plan to turn things around in 2023. Colt’s fans deserve a better product than what you are currently offering. We sincerely hope the adults in the room will get together in the off-season and make us proud to be Colts fans in 2023 and beyond. We deserve better.

A Colts Fan