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Is Buying New Carpet Still A Good Purchase?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Is Buying New Carpet Still A Good Purchase?

Are you thinking about buying some new flooring for your home? If you go into a floor-covering store, you will see rows and rows of different types of flooring. Each flooring type has both advantages and disadvantages. However...

Is Buying New Carpet Still A Good Purchase?

Carpet Is Still The King...

Is buying a new carpet still a good purchase? Carpet is still the most economical flooring in the marketplace. Carpet has many different styles and colors available that you can purchase. Many stores have in-stock rolls they will sell you for discounted rates.

While certain styles, colors, and patterns of carpet have gone out of style, buying a new carpet is still a very good purchase for your home. Let's take a look at some of the top questions consumers always seem to ask about carpets:

  1. What is the best month to buy carpet? There really is no "best month." Many people say that late December is a good time to buy. People are more interested in the holidays than they are in home remodeling. Sales in stores are slow. Many places online will tell you this is a great time of the year to buy. While we don't disagree that it is a great time to buy, you're not getting any better deals. The best month to buy carpet is when you are ready. It is just that simple.

  2. What is the best quality carpet you can buy? Once again, there is no "best quality" carpet. Sure, there are many brands that are more expensive and are made of high quality. But, there is not one brand that is considered "the best." In shopping for your carpet, there are many factors that are involved. For a detailed plan on how to buy flooring for your home, we recommend that you check out this article that is published on our blog.

  3. What should I look for when buying a carpet? You should look at the material that it is made from, the ounce weight of the carpet, the warranty, if it is stain resistant, as well as the color and pattern.

  4. How often should you replace the carpet? That all depends on the traffic and wear and tear on the carpet. Some carpets can last 20 years, while others get heavy traffic and wear, and need to be replaced in 2 years. In order to make your carpet last, don't be afraid to spend a little more on the initial purchase, and buy a carpet that has both stain protection as well as a no-crushing warranty.

  5. Can you negotiate carpet prices? Absolutely! Every floor-covering salesperson works on commission. If you don't like the price, give the store a counteroffer. If the salesperson can make it work, they will. It never hurts to try.

Is Buying New Carpet Still A Good Purchase? Absolutely! But, How Do I Get The Best Price?

First, let's talk about retail store sales promotions. For example: "Buy 3 rooms, get 1 free," "free installation," "free furniture moving," "no payments for 12 months," etc...Do you really think these promotions are good deals? The retail markup on a carpet is extremely high. If a store buys a carpet for $1.00 a square foot, they might sell it for $3 a square foot. The point is: consumers are not getting anything for "free." When stores promote these special sales, consumers are not getting any special deals. Let's face it, when you mark up an item from $1 to $3, you can pretty much offer anything you want for "free."

Secondly, on the back of every carpet sample, there is a label that tells the consumer the name of the carpet, the manufacturer, style, and color. The label will also provide some marketing information about warranty and maintenance tips. A simple way to get a good price is to write down the manufacturer's name and style name. Simply call around to other stores and get competitive pricing over the phone. However, keep in mind, many stores will "private label" their samples. This means they will create private names for the labels. This prevents the customer from getting those competitive prices.

Third, when shopping for new carpet, you want to see any carpet rolls the store has "in stock." Many stores will either have a stocking program or will have leftover rolls from other jobs. Stores will offer better pricing on these items. If you can't find a carpet that you like that is in stock, move on to the next step.

Remember... we talked about the markup stores use for carpets. Whatever the selling price is in the store, assume the store has doubled or tripled the price. For example, if you're looking at a carpet that is selling for $3.00 a square foot, assume the store is buying that carpet for around $1.oo a square foot. You need to go into any flooring project with your budget already determined. Once you know how much you want to spend, you can back your way into the purchase of the carpet.

How Do You Back Your Way Into The Purchase Of The Carpet?

Pick out a few carpets, and then ask your flooring store to provide you with an estimate. This estimate should be broken down into material and labor prices. Part of the quote should also include the square footage of the project. Once you know the labor cost, all you need to do is subtract the labor price from your total budget number. The remaining balance would be for your carpet pad and carpet. All you need to do is divide your remaining balance by the square footage, and you will get your not to exceed square foot price. Then, you can ask your salesperson to show you a carpet that is in that price range.

Pick out 3-4 carpet samples that you like, that are in your price range. Take the samples home. This is a must. The lighting that is in a retail store will be totally different than the lighting in your home. You need to pick out your favorite carpet choice in your home, not in the store.

Now, let's go back to that store selling square footage price (that is marked up 3 times the cost of the product): Once you have decided on a color, the first option would be to see if you can get the name of the manufacturer and style name (as discussed above). Then, you can call around to different stores and get other quotes. If this is impossible, you already know the store is marking the carpet up 2-3 times the cost. All you need to do is tell the salesperson that you really like the carpet, but it is just too much money.

Make the salesperson feel they are about to lose the deal. All stores have plenty of room to negotiate the price. If they come back to you with a lower price (which they will about 99% of the time) you just saved some money. If they do not offer you a better deal, you're still in your budget range, and you can make your buying decision knowing that you have a good price.


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