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Lauzon Wood Flooring Reviews (From The Eyes Of A Customer)

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Lauzon Wood Flooring Reviews (From The Eyes Of A Customer)

When you walk into a flooring store, before you can begin any sort of product evaluation, you have to know what is important to you for your project. For example: if you are putting a new carpet in a rental house, and all you care about is finding a cheap carpet that will last a few years, it makes no sense to evaluate a carpet that is super expensive and has a lifetime warranty.

So, when reading online product reviews, you need to understand what YOUR project is about, and then find products that meet your requirements.

In our product reviews, we try to view our opinions based on the average customer that would shop for flooring. Too many online reviews are based on useless facts and technical terms that are meaningless to most people.

Lauzon Wood Flooring Reviews (From The Eyes Of A Customer)

Store Availability

Lauzon Wood Flooring is not available in every floor covering store. Most stores align themselves with strategic floor-covering distributor partners. These distributors carry certain brands of flooring. The store/distributor relationships are based on business goals, as well as the strength of the distributor's sales force. If a certain Lauzon distributor has a strong representation in a local market, odds are the local stores will have a Lauzon display.

Lauzon Wood Flooring Displays

The Lauzon Store Display will usually be 1 of 4/5 displays in a store. If your town has several floor-covering stores, you will most likely find the Lauzon Display in those independent stores that are not affiliated with larger buying groups. This is neither good or bad. Stores that are part of a buying group will all have the same type of displays, purchased from one corporate location. The independent stores will usually try to display different products (to give customers a different look). Since Lauzon is a distributor product line (in most cases), this product usually ends up with those independent retailers.

In our opinion, Lauzon Wood Flooring Products will be one of the upper-end priced lines in a store. Again, this is neither good nor bad. In order to properly evaluate a product, it needs to be based on your project goals.

We went over to the Lauzon Flooring Website to take a look, and here is some of the information that we found:

About Lauzon Wood Flooring

Founded in 1985, Lauzon is a family business, located in Canada, employing approximately 500 people that work in 6 manufacturing facilities, and various business offices.

The Lauzon website states: "we have dedicated ourselves to producing a stunning array of flooring options while minimizing waste, optimizing resources, and reducing our environmental footprint. Our concern for the durability of our floors has led to innovations in finishes and constructions, such as Polynium+MDand NextStepMDin 1999, SunshieldMCin 2003, TitaniumTMin 2009, and the remarkable Pure Genius®in 2013.  As caretakers and managers of close to 2M acres of wooded area we are very proud of our ISO certification." (credit: Lauzon Flooring). Lauzon claims to be a leader in forestry stewardship.

Now, what does all of this certification stuff mean for the normal floor-covering customer? In a nutshell, it means that if you are a customer in which the care of the environment is a big concern and priority, then Lauzon might be a company that will meet your needs.

Lauzon Wood Flooring - Health

Lauzon does a great job in offering products free of harmful chemicals. From their website, "At Lauzon, we believe in creating beautiful superior-quality hardwood floors that support a healthy home environment. All our flooring, including our engineered floors, are safe and sustainable and are manufactured without solvents,volatile organic compound (VOC)or formaldehyde and meets the strictest health standards as certified by credible third-party organizations. They are ideal for those who suffer from respiratory problems, allergies, asthma or other diseases attacking the immune system." (credit: Lauzon Flooring)

So, once again, what does all of this health talk mean to the customer shopping for hardwood floors? If one of your goals is to find a product that is free of volatile compounds, Lauzon Flooring might be a good option for your project.

Product Line

Lauzon has three main collections of products:

Designer Collection: This collection brings a completely different look to the table. Plus, besides the North american hardwood species, the Designer Collection includes some exotic wood species as well. You can buy products in this collection in both solid and engineered colors. The finish for the Designer Collection is their titanium finish. The Designer Collection comes with a 35-year warranty.

Ambiance Collection: This line is composed of both solid and engineered North American hardwoods. All of the products in this line are treated with their "titanium finish." According to some online research, "titanium finish" was developed in 1998 and is made without any solvents or VOCs. The finish provides a very high level of abrasion resistance. The Ambiance Collection has a 30-year warranty.

Essential Collection: The budget line of the Lauzon Product Collections. The Essential collection comes with an aluminum oxide finish and a 25-year warranty.

A Feature That Separates Lauzon From The Competition - The Pure Genius Smart Floor

The Pure Genius Smart floor is one of the best innovations we have seen to date. This system literally cleans your air. It is a treatment that is put into some of the Lauzon Flooring Products. The system serves as an air-purifying agent. The system is activated by light. As explained on the Lauzon Website, "The active nanoparticles in Pure Genius decompose toxic contaminants in the air (formaldehyde and other pollutants) and convert them into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules." (Credit: Lauzon Flooring)

Here's An Added Bonus....The Lauzon Room Visualizer

Imagine walking into a floor-covering store for the first time. You have no idea what you want to look at, you have no idea what products are are completely in the dark. All you see in the store are rows and rows of products. It can be quite overwhelming and frustrating. You end up taking 3 or 4 samples home, only to find out they don't work in your space after all.

With the Lauzon Room Visualizer, you can upload a picture of your room, then shop their products. Here is how it works:

Imagine how much time this will save you in your shopping adventure. This tool is a great way to jump-start trying to figure out what products you like, and don't like.


If your goal is to find the cheapest hardwood you can find, Lauzon is not going to be the best fit for you. If you're looking for a product that is extremely well made, that is chemical-free, and don't mind spending money for a quality made product, then Lauzon Flooring would be a great option for your project.

As we discussed earlier in this post, you have to know your flooring project goals before you can evaluate a product. For those people that are interested in quality and the environment, we believe Lauzon Flooring would be a great product.


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