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LifeCore Hardwood Flooring Review (Read This Before You Buy...)

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

LifeCore Hardwood Flooring Review

The Samling Group of Companies, which is a multinational Malaysian conglomerate that serves 4 robust markets (forest resource management, oil palm plantation, infrastructure & construction and property development), is the parent company of LifeCore Flooring. As a part of the Samling Group of Companies, Samling Global USA focuses on bringing product design and solutions to its North American customers. LifeCore Flooring falls under the umbrella of Samling Global USA.

LifeCore Hardwood Flooring Review

LifeCore Flooring manufacturers engineered hardwood flooring, as well as a new waterproof line of products they call, H2OME Waterproof.

The LifeCore engineered hardwood line comes in 11 different collections, with multiple colors in each collection. The H2OME waterproof product line has 4 unique collections, again with multiple colors in each collection.

The LifeCore Website promotes what they refer to as, "ZERO-ADD® TECHNOLOGY, which is their commitment in offering a product line of safe and healthy products for the home. According to the LifeCore Website:

Our commitment is to bring you the healthiest products for a healthy home; means we manufacture products with no added formaldehyde or harmful chemicals. ZERO-ADD® technology means we manufacture with no formaldehyde. Zero. - LifeCore

LifeCore Hardwood Flooring Review - Product Collections

As we list the current LifeCore Collections, please note this list changes on a regular basis. Products are dropped and added all of the time. It is always best to visit your local flooring store to get the latest up-to-date information.

Collection Name Colors Board Width Installation

Abella Acacia 6 7 1/2" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Adela Oak 6 7 1/2" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Allegra Maple 6 7 1/2" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Amara Oak 4 7 1/2" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Anew Oak 4 7 1/2" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Anton Oak 4 7 1/2" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Arden Hickory 4 7 1/2" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Ashling Betula 4 3" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Aurora Hickory 2 "7 1/2" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Bliss Oak 5 7 1/2" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Brio Oak 2 7 1/4" Glue, Float, Nail or Staple

Product Collections - Description

Abella Acacia Collection

According to the LifeCore Website, "Acacia, considered to be one of the most versatile and exotic species, Acacia has the perfect mix of high hardness and a low moisture content, making it both durable and less likely to succumb to a home’s seasonal, changing climate." The Abella Acacia Collection has 6 colors, mostly in the dark brown category. Color names include Artful, Artisan Air, Lively, Luxe, Moderna and Narratives.

Adela Oak Collection

The Adela Oak Collection is comprised of 6 brown wire brushed oak colors. Scoring high on the hardness scale, oak makes a great choice for high traffic areas in the home. Per the LifeCore Website,

"With its vivid, “smoked” palette, Adela’s craftsman-inspired engineered oak collection makes a breathtaking statement. Wire-brushed and fumed to design perfection, the medium to dark chroma of these six robust browns play out beautifully on each wide plank. After going through our organic reactive process, Adela oaks make an impression of style and taste as the focal point of any room you choose." - LifeCore Website

Allegra Maple Collection

The Allegra Maple Collection has 6 colors, all in the medium to dark brown color range. This collection is wire brushed, giving the finished product a very unique and beautiful look.

Amara Oak Collection

A small collection of 4 colors, with medium brown tones, the Amara Oak Collection is wire brushed, and comes with a double stained finish.

Anew Oak Collection

The Anew Oak Collection is four colors of medium brown, reclaimed look oak flooring products. This line gives customers a wire brushed, distressed look that is different from the other products.

As with all of the LifeCore Flooring products, the Anew Oak Collection of products would be great in high traffic areas of the home.

Please note this website contains affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if you choose to buy one of the products we recommend. You can read our full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Anton Oak Collection

The Anton Oak Collection comes with 4 distinct, distressed oak samples. Colors range from light to rich dark brown. According to the LifeCore Website:

Whether saw-marked, white washed, smoked and/or fumed, each of the four distinct floors in this engineered distressed oak flooring collection has its own story to tell. A diverse color palette that ranges from light to rich dark brown, Anton oak revels in individuality while ensuring that rustic charm and natural beauty. LifeCore Website

Arden Hickory Collection

The Arden Hickory Collection has four, wire brushed hickory colors, all with warm brown color tones. Each sample promotes a wide width board look.

Ashling Betula Collection

This Birch hardwood collection comes in 4 colors, all wire brushed, with a hint of light white wash. LifeCore Flooring describes this collection as:

This stunning, prefinished engineered birch hardwood flooring collection evokes the vintage grace of an era gone by. Delicate wire-brushing and an oh-so-subtle light white wash give Ashling an artisan, handcrafted character. The three-inch planks and five varying shades of cool medium brown will compliment any room’s size or color story. - LifeCore Website

Aurora Hickory Collection

The Aurora Hickory Collection is a very small line, with only 2 colors of brown tones. Both samples are wide width boards with light saw marks, giving it a warm and inviting look.

Bliss Oak Collection

The Bliss Oak Collection has 5 colors, wire brushed and double stained. As described on the LifeCore Website:

The collection’s light palette showcases oak’s signature mineral streak and knots while helping camouflage debris and scuffs better than darker wood -