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Mohawk Achiever Carpet Review

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Mohawk Achiever Carpet Review

Mohawk Achiever comes in 16 colors. All 16 shades are based around neutral colors. It is a texture, twisted yarn, featuring the Mohawk Everstrand Technology. Achiever is is a CRI Green Label Plus Product.

For all 16 colors Visit: Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk Achiever Carpet Review

Mohawk Achiever Product Specifications


Pile Yarn Content:73%PET/27%TRIEXTA

Yarn Twists per Inch:5.25S



Certified Pile Weight:25.30 ozs.

Total Weight:56.01 ozs.


Dye Method:KUSTER C



Durability Rating:3.00

Product Warranty

Lifetime General Stain Warranty

  • Lifetime General Stain Warranty

  • Lifetime Soil Warranty

  • Material Coverage

  • Lifetime Household Pet Urine Stain Warranty

  • 15 Years Abrasive Wear Warranty

  • 15 Years Texture Retention Warranty

  • 15 Years Fade Resistance Warranty

  • 15 Years Manufacturing Defects Warranty

  • Material Coverage

  • For more warranty information, you can visit: Mohawk Achiever Warranty

Our Opinion

Along with the price point of this carpet, Achiever has the Mohawk Everstrand Technology (we will discuss what Everstrand Technology is later in this article), which makes this carpet a very attractive purchase for buyers looking for a budget carpet.

If you have a rental property, or a starter home, or maybe you're looking to re-carpet a basement or some empty bedrooms, this would be a great carpet for you to consider. Achiever is going to last a long time, and it's not going to break the bank account. It is one of the most affordable, durable carpets in the marketplace.

In speaking with Mohawk Industries, they advised us that Achiever is one of the best selling carpets in the companies entire line of products.

On the flip side, this carpet is on the low-end of your possible carpet options. If you're looking for that really thick, plush carpet, or that fancy patterned carpet, this is not the product for you.

Every product has its best areas of use. Achiever is for the budget-minded customer, looking to purchase flooring that will last a long time, and likewise, not destroy their bank account. The best place to install Achiever is in the following type of environments:

  • Starter Homes

  • Basements

  • Spare Bedrooms

  • Rental Homes

  • Apartments

  • For Sale Homes

One of the best uses of Mohawk Achiever is in homes that are getting ready to be sold. Many times before a home can be listed, a home owner will need to do some minor repairs. The last thing a home owner wants to do, is to spend a lot of money on a home project prior to selling it. Mohawk Achiever is a great product to refresh the look of a bedroom or family room. The carpet is very affordable and looks great.

Mohawk came out with their patented Everstrand Technology many years ago. Below is a great video that talks about Mohawk Everstrand:

Since Achiever is only available in 16 colors, it can sometimes be difficult to find in retail stores. Many times, stores will sample this product in what they call "deck boards."

Here is an example of a "deck board" sample:

In most cases, you'll need to ask your sales person to find a sample board of Achiever. It will not be a carpet most stores will push. We have a great blog article, "How To Buy Flooring For Your Home," that really does a wonderful job in explaining the process you should take when shopping for floor covering. We highly recommend that you take a few minutes to check it out.

So...What Is This EverStrand Technology That We Keep Talking About?

The first thing you should realize about carpet is: not all carpet comes from the same place. Similar to every other type of product, there are many competing brands. In the world of carpet, you have: Shaw, Mannington, Mohawk, Engineered Floors, Fabrica, and many, many more.

They all compete to sell you their products. Each company does their best to develop products to get that leg up. To get that competitive advantage.

Everstrand Carpet is is made from premium PET polyester fiber that is thoroughly purified for the cleanest strand Everstrand is made with what Mohawk calls "Mohawk Continuum,"

"The ultimate innovation in PET carpet. This patented process takes premium PET from the highest-grade polymer, strengthens the fiber, and removes dirt-attracting residue with a multi-step purification system. So you get a durable, long-lasting carpet made with up to 100% recycled content, contributing to a cleaner planet." - Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk Achiever Carpet is a cleaner product. It is free from oily lubricants that can cause other carpets to become dingy over time.

Along with carpet that is made from100% recycled content, some other advantages of Everstand include:

Enhanced Softness: EverStrand offers our softest polyester styles yet for added luxury and comfort.

Forever fresh: EverStrand made with Forever Fresh, an innovative odor-reducing technology that keeps your home smelling fresh.

The Everstrand Technology is one of Mohawk Flooring's "leg up." Mohawk puts this technology on many different carpet styles. You can purchase a Everstrand carpet that is very, very expensive, or you can purchase a Everstrand Carpet that is very affordable.

This is what makes Achiever a "great buy" for the money. Mohawk put their patented technology on a low-end priced gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

We have another blog article, "SmartStrand Carpet Cleaning Guide," that you don't want to miss. Mohawk has very particular policies when it comes to their product warranty. These policies would also apply to the Everstrand product line. You will want to make sure you are familiar with these requirements BEFORE you purchase this carpet.

Bonus Tip #1: Mohawk Achiever Carpet & Buying The Right Carpet Pad

If you really want to double down on durability and carpet performance, then you should consider buying the Mohawk SmartCushion padding.

SmartCushion's memory foam construction softens every step you take and improves the life of your carpet. When purchased, SmartCushion adds an additional 20 years to your warranty.

Once again, most stores will not try to push the SmartCushion pad. Stores usually have 2-3 different pads they stock. In most cases, SmartCushion will be a special order pad that you will have to discuss with your sales person.

An added feature of SmartCushion is that Mohawk donates a portion of each sale to Susan G Komen for ongoing breast cancer research.

Bonus Tip #2: Mohawk Achiever Carpet - Vacuum

With all of the Mohawk carpets, you want to pay close attention to your warranty information. With many of Mohawk Floorings products, they require home owners use a certain type of vacuum cleaner.

Mohawk Flooring is very particular about the type of vacuum cleaners that you can use on their carpet (with the Everstrand Technology). In fact, Mohawk actually has a page on their website dedicated to this information.

We have a blog article, "SmartStrand Carpet Cleaning Guide," that really dives into the details of the Mohawk warranty. While this article is about "SmartStrand" the same information would apply to the Everstrand products. In particular: in order to adhere to the carpet warranty, you need to use an approved vacuum cleaner. Obviously, if you don't already own one of these vacuum cleaners, this will be an added expense to your carpet purchase. Here is the list of approved vacuum cleaners:

Soniclean SFC-7000 Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Buy Now On Amazon

Bissell Big Green Commercial BGU6000 Ultra Soft Carpet Vacuum

Bank Vacuum The Bank Vault with Soft-Clean Power Brush

Bissel Lift-Off Multi Cyclonic Vacuum 89Q9

Bissel PowerGlide 1305

Carpet Pro CPU-2T Buy Now On Amazon

Eureka Airspeed AS2013A, AS2030A, AS1001A

Fuller Brush Heavy Duty Upright FBMM-PW.4

Kirby Sentria

Maytag M500

Maytag M700