Next Day Carpet Installation - Is It Possible?

Next Day Carpet Installation - Is It Possible?

Yes and no. Yes, it is possible to get a next day carpet installation, but many different aspects of the job would have to align themselves just right. The carpet needs to be in stock, the retail store would need to find an installer, and the job site needs to be ready. Customers looking for a quick installation, are much better off to allow for a week or more to get the project scheduled.

What Are Some Of The Road Blocks To Scheduling A Next Day Carpet Installation?

There are several moving parts to a carpet installation. The first part of scheduling a quick installation is: finding enough carpet. When you visit a carpet store, the samples you see in a showroom, usually are carpets a store will need to order. When a store orders carpet, it can typically take 7-10 days for that carpet to arrive at the store. If the carpet ordered is not in stock at the carpet mill, the delivery time could be much longer.

Depending on the store, they might have one display rack that has samples of "in stock" carpet. Obviously, if you are needing a next day carpet installation, you will need to find a carpet that a store has in stock, at their store.

The next potential hurdle for a next day installation is the quantity of carpet that is needed. Typically, a retail store will send a measure person to a home, measure the area, and provide the customer a free quote. In this case, time is of the essence, and this step in the process will not be possible. As the homeowner, you will have to bring a diagram to the store, with room measurements. We have a great article, "How To Measure Your Room For Carpet," that can walk you through this process.

To save time, prior to shopping, we would recommend calling ahead, and asking stores if they carry in stock carpet.

If you're lucky enough to find enough carpet for your project, the next hurdle would be to find a carpet installer. Retail stores will either use in-house installers, or sub-contractors to perform their carpet installation. In most cases, these installers have work schedules that could be filled up for several weeks or months. Trying to locate an installer that is free on the next day, might be a huge challenge.

We don't recommend trying to do this over the phone. If a store sales person is going to go through hoops to set-up your project, they are going to want to see you face to face. Most store sales people will not make much of an effort over the telephone. They are going to want to see that you're a serious customer, ready to pay.

If you've been lucky enough to not only find enough carpet, but also to find an installer to do your job, another project hurdle is: your project area. Is your space ready for the installation? Nothing would be worse than jumping through a bunch of road blocks, only to have the installer show up, and then not be able to do the work. Get your things in the room moved. Make sure someone is home to let the installer inside. Have an understanding of projects, and what needs to happen in advance.

For a next day installation, the project itself had better be an easy installation. If you're expecting an installer to show up and do a bunch of demolition work to remove existing flooring, move a ton of furniture, etc...., your project will probably not happen. Keep in mind, carpet installers are generally very busy. If a store has found someone for your work, you can bet they will be in a hurry, and they certainly won't have time to turn your job in to a 2 day project.

How To You Find A Store That Will Do Next Day Carpet Installation?

Time is a critical factor in this situation. We would recommend calling your local stores, and asking them if they carry "in-stock" carpet. Don't ask them if they can do a next day installation, because they will say "no." Rather, call several stores and simply ask if they have stock carpet in their warehouse, that is ready to be sold.

Once you get the list of stores that do have in-stock carpet, then get in your vehicle and start making store visits. Remember, time is a big factor in this situation. Once you arrive at a store, don't mess around with the sales person. Ask them right away to see your in-stock carpet. Stores will either have rolls of carpet to show you, or they will have smaller samples in their showroom.

Be prepared. Have your room measurement(s) with you. You can't buy any carpet, until you know how much material you need to get.

Be ready to pay in full. Most of the time, carpet stores will ask for 50% down, 50% upon completion. If you're going to ask a store to install carpet the next day, be ready to pay. This type of service is not something that a store will generally do. If you want a store to change their schedule for you, money talks. Have the cash, check book or financing information right there, ready to go. You need to tell the sales person you need installation on the next day, and here is my money.

Remember, all of this needs to happen first thing in the morning. A store will need time to set up an installation. The longer in the day it goes, the less likely you will be to find a next day installation.

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What Type Of Carpet Can You Expect With A Next Day Carpet Installation?

Since you waited until the last possible second to do your carpet project, you can't be picky in your carpet selection. Stores that have in-stock carpet, will only have certain colors and styles available that are in-stock.

Many stores will meet once or twice a year, and pick certain styles and colors they will inventory. They work out deals with manufacturers to get special pricing, and this is what they call their "in stock carpet program." When their store inventory starts to run low, they have their system set up to automatically re-order additional rolls of the same carpet.

In most cases, in-stock carpet will be neutral colors, neutral styles, and low to middle of the road quality. Stores will inventory products that are common, that have very popular colors, and that will sell fast. A stores goal will be to move as much of this carpet material as possible.

Many towns have 1 or 2 cash and carry flooring stores. These stores would be a great place to start a shopping trip. These stores are designed for quick sales and quick installations.

If you have a small room, you might luck out and find a remnant store that has a leftover piece. In this case, you will once again be subject to time.

Our suggestion, if you find a store that has the ability to find an installer for a next day installation, if they have a carpet color that is even close to what you're looking for....take it.

As we mentioned above, be prepared to open up the checkbook. Most likely, if you're asking a store to do a next day installation, they will make you pay for it. You probably won't be getting any deal on that low to middle of the road carpet. Be prepared to pay the full price.

How Much Will You Pay For A Next Day Carpet Installation?

Be prepared to pay full retail price. Let's face it: it's not the stores fault that you waited until the last second to buy new carpet. Stores are in business to make money. If you walk in, and announce that you're in a bind, and you need to have carpet installed the next day, stores will know they have you in a tough situation. They don't have to give you a break in price. They know you have no time to shop around.

Plus, if you ask a store to jump through hoops to get a next day installation scheduled, they are going to want something for their efforts. It is really that simple. If you want a next day installation, be prepared to pay for it, and be prepared to pay for advance.

Project costs for a carpet job are comprised of both material costs and labor costs. Most likely, for a next day installation, you will pay full retail price for the material, and full retail price for the installation. If you start whining about costs, chances are, the store you are working with will get frustrated and just not take your business.

If the job is not ready to go, if the installer arrives and has to spend hours moving furniture they didn't know about, or take up flooring they didn't know was in the room, be prepared to pay extra for it. The easier you can make the installation, the less money you will pay.

If you're asking an installation to happen on a Saturday or Sunday, then you're really in trouble. Chances are, that probably won't happen. If you do find some store to do a weekend installation, then be prepared to really pay a bunch. Weekend work is not typically done, and hiring someone to do a next day carpet installation on a weekend, will cost you premium dollars.

Conclusion - Next Day Carpet Installation

The best course of action when scheduling a carpet project, is to give the floor covering store several weeks to prepare for the project. It is never a good idea to wait until the last second, and try to do a carpet installation on the next day.

Getting materials, getting a quality installer and making sure your project space is ready to go, are all issues with doing a rush job.

Plus, the amount of money you pay for a next day installation, will probably be significantly more than doing the same project when you have time to shop around.

As a customer, for a next day project, you will have to settle for whatever material you find in-stock. Likewise, most quality installers will be booked with other projects. The type of installer you get for a last second, emergency project might be a little shaky. Is it really worth doing a rush project, when there is a chance the installation might get messed up?

In cases where unforeseen events happen, and you have a project that has to be done on the next day, it can happen. But, in order for the project to take place, multiple things will need to go just right.

If you your goal is to buy carpet and have it schedule the next day, the sooner you can get it coordinated, the better. Make sure you are making phone calls, visiting stores, etc...early the day before. Most likely, stores will have a difficult time scheduling a job that quickly, and it will be impossible for them, if you wait until the afternoon on the day before your installation deadline.

Finally, be prepared to open up the bank account. You will mostly likely be charged full retail price on everything, including the installation.

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