NovaFloor Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

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NovaFloor Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

NovaFloor is owned by Novalis Innovative Flooring, a global company, which sells floor covering in 50 different countries and over 6 continents. NovaFloor is a luxury vinyl tile and plank product, that can be installed in both commercial and residential environments. Products come with a glue-down installation method, as well as a click-together installation method. NovaFloor is sold through the regional floor covering distributors across the United States.

NovaFloor Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

About NovaFloor

According to the NovaFloor Website, Novalis Innovative Flooring (NovaFloor's Parent Company), has been producing luxury vinyl products for more than 3o years. Novafloor is designed with quality, style, and innovation in mind.

Novafloor is a family-owned and operated business. Novalis was the first manufacturing company to ship luxury vinyl flooring from China to the United States. Novalis claims to use a staff of innovative designers to bring popular products to customers on a worldwide basis.

NovaFloor products are rigorously tested to meet the highest indoor air quality standards through testing for VOCs. NovaFloor has numerous certifications showing its commitment to helping maintain a safe environment. Novalis is actively involved with several organizations that uphold the highest standards in the floor covering industry.

At the date of this article, the NovaFloor product line has four collections: Maybree, Dansbee, Serenbe, Lyndon Plus. Each collection of products has an array of color options and styles. Patterns are a combination of tile and wood plank products. The product line comes with both a glue-down option and a click-together installation method. The click-together installation method is called: NovaClic HDC.

NovaFloor General Information


A 20 mil layer product, comprised of a variety of wood-looking planks and tile patterns. Maybee comes with wide and long boards, as well as with an attached pad.


A new product that is still in the product distribution stage (will ultimately replace NovaCore.

NovaCore XL

A 12 mil click together a product that is on the verge of being discontinued and replaced with the Dansbee Collection.


A 12 mil glue down or click-together collection, that has both wood-looking planks and marble tile looks.


A 6 mil price point 6"x48" click together or glue down product that comes in a variety of plank looks.

NovaFloor Products


Maybree is at the top of the NovaFloor product line. This 20 mil click-together product comes in a variety of wood and marble tile looks. Maybree has wide boards and very long boards. Depending on the product sku, Maybree has board widths of 5" or 7.75". The board length of Maybree also varies, depending on the product sku. Board lengths are either 59.75" or 71.45". Products in this collection come with an attached pad, and installation is with the NovaClick HDC (click-together locking system) method. Additional product specifications are as follows:

Overall Thickness Wearlayer 6.0mm w/ Foam Underlayment

Wearlayer Thickness 0.5mm (20 mil)

Plank Size 5” x 59.75”

Plank Size 7.75” x 59.75”

Plank Size 7.75” x 71.45”

Tile Size 15.75” x 31.75”

Urethane Yes

NovaShield® Coating Yes

FloorScore® Yes

Residential Warranty Lifetime

Light Commercial Warranty 10 Year

Plank Packaging (5” x 59.75”) 12.44 s/ft

Plank Packaging (7.75” x 59.75”) 19.29 s/ft

Plank Packaging (7.75” x 71.45”) 15.44 s/ft

Tile Packaging (15.75” x 31.75”) 20.83 s/ft

Plank Weight/Carton (5” x 59.75”) 25.40

Plank Weight/Carton (7.75” x 59.75”) 38.91

Plank Weight/Carton (7.75” x 71.45”) 31.20

Tile Weight/Carton (15.75”x 31.75”) 43.78

As product information is subject to change, for up-to-ate information on this product, we would recommend visiting the NovaFloor Product Page.


Serenbe is a 12 mil click-together or glue-down wood plank or stone tile pattern product. The color line has a variety of colors, mostly in the wood plank look. Serenbe is one of the best-selling collections for NoraFloor, and this product has varying specifications, based on the installation method. Serenbe comes with an attached pad.

Glue Down Click

Overall Thickness 2.5 5.5

Wearlayer Thickness 0.3mm (12 mil) 0.3mm (12 mil)

Tile Size 12” x 24 11.75” x 23.75”

Tile Size 12” x 36” 11.75” x 35.75”

Plank Size 7” x 48” 7” x 47.75”

NovaShield® Coating Yes Yes

Edge and Grout Effect MBV MBV

Floor Score Yes Yes

Residential Warranty Lifetime Lifetime

Light Commercial Warranty 10-Year 10-Year

For a complete, up-to-date product specification list, please visit the NovaFloor Product Page


This is a price point, economical collection in the NovaFloor line. This 6 mil click together collection features Lyndon comes in both glue down or click together products, with product specifications varying a little bit, based on the installation method. Lyndon comes with an attached pad.

Glue Down Click

Overall Thickness 2.0mm 3.2mm

Wearlayer Thickness 0.15mm (6mil) 0.15mm (6mil)

Tile Size 12” x 24 N/A

Plank Size 6” x 48” 5.75” x 47.75”

NovaShield® Coating Yes Yes

Edge and Grout Effect MBV MBV

Floor Score Yes Yes

Residential Warranty 15-Year 15-Year

Light Commercial Warranty 5-Year 5-Year

For a complete, up-to-date product specification list, please visit the NovaFloor Product Page

NovaCore XL & Dansbee

At the time of this article review, NocaCore XL is currently in the NovaFlooring Display. However, this product is in the process of being up-to-date and replaced with a new product: Dansbee.

Dansbee appears to be a vinyl plank, wood-looking collection, with colors in blonde tones. Color options include French Oak, White Ash, Brushed Oak, and Contemporary Maple

NovaFlooring Finish Coat

Almost every vinyl plank and tile manufacturer has a factory-finished layer on their finished product. In most cases, in an effort to sell more products, companies create a marketing name for their finish layer.

With NovaFlooring, their finish layer is called: NovaShield. NovaFloor promotes its finish layer to have the following benefits:

  • Better protection of the finish for better protection against dropped items and gouges.

  • Increased stain and scuff protection

  • 30% more stain and scuff protection than other companies

  • Exceptional wear resistance and high strength

  • Built for high-traffic areas

“In the competitive race to create a more enhanced protective coating for LVT, we took our time to get it right,” said Jim Kups, Technical Manager for Novalis North America. “We believe that with NovaShield®, we’ve done just that.” - Novalis

NovaFloor - Warranty Information

As with any floor covering product, you can't get a good evaluation of the product warranty, by looking at the information on the back of the sample board. Companies use labels on samples as marketing tools.

In order to get real information on what is covered, and what is not covered, you need to download the full warranty document from the company's website page.

As with all warranties, they are all full of "get out of jail free cards," otherwise known as "warranty exclusions." NovaFloor is no different. Here is a list of some of their more interesting warranty exclusions:

  • Cuts, scratches, gouges and indentations, punctures caused by sharp objects, narrow wheels, metal furniture glides, etc. Non-rubber walk-off mats are to be used at all egress points and shall be of sufficient depth and width to capture grit, dirt, and abrasive debris.

  • Damage caused by burns, cigarette/cigar burns, intentional abuse, flooding, fires, and other disasters.

  • Problems or damage due to excessive moisture and/or alkalinity in the subfloor including discoloration or bond release of the structure of the flooring. Product structural damage from excessive exposure to water caused by flooding, plumbing and appliance leaks, water leakage from doors, windows, or roof leaks. Standing water on flooring should be mopped or wet vacuumed up immediately upon notice of the spill.

When purchasing floor covering, no matter what the product is, it is always a good idea to discuss the warranty information with your floor covering salesperson. We also highly recommend that you print out the full warranty, to protect your floor covering investment.

Conclusion - NovaFloor

We have given NovaFloor a rating of 3 1/2 stars. After a review of the product line and display, we feel they have a very valid and strong line of products. We like the idea they have collections that can be glued down or clicked together. We also think it offers strength to the product line to have both a 2omil product, as well as a 6 mil budget item. The other nice feature of their product is the attached pad. Many products do not come with this feature, and for vinyl products, we think this is an important benefit.

NovaFloor is sold through various regional distributors across the United States. When checking the NovaFloor Website, we could not find a customer service phone number. This concerns us a little bit, as customers (especially the DIY community) sometimes need help and assistance.

It appears to us that NovaFloor is relying on the strength of the regional distributor to be their customer service support. In other words, if you purchase this product, and have an issue, you will need to call the local store you purchased it from. That store will have to call their regional distributor. If that distributor is not on top of things, your support for this product could be in jeopardy.

While the product itself looks outstanding, there is not enough information to give NovaFloor a higher rating than 3 1/2 stars.

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