Nuloom Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug (Read This Before You Buy)

Nuloom Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug

The Nuloom Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug is a 100% jute product that is made in India. This handcrafted, braided texture area rug is marketed as a product that has a casual and farmhouse appeal. The Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug is made by Nuloom, a leader in the manufacturing of everyday, high quality area rugs. The Nuloom Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug is currently available in 5 colors, with different sizes available in all colors. This product is sold by various well-established online retailers.

Product Information - Nuloom Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug

  • Colors: 5

  • Material: Jute

  • Handmade

  • Brand: Nuloom

  • Sizes: Multiple

  • Texture: Braided

  • Sold At: Various Online Retailers

Hand crafted by artisans in India, this rug is made from renewable natural fibers. Each piece is marked by subtle but individual differences that will make your rug unique. Due to the nature of handmade natural fiber rugs, slight variation in sizing and color can be expected. Amazon

About Nuloom

Nuloom, a leader in the floor covering industry, has been manufacturing and selling area rugs for several years. Headquartered in New York City, Nuloom employees around 200 employees. According to the Nuloom Website:

At nuLOOM we believe that floor coverings and art should not be mutually exclusive. Founded with a desire to push boundaries and break the rules of what is expected from an area rug, nuLOOM was created to fill the void between brilliant design and affordability. nuLOOM's creations infuse our expertise in producing high quality floor coverings with our passion for color and individuality. Our product development team view each nuLOOM creation as its own work of art as they blend inspirations from such things as nature, textiles, and architecture from around the globe and bring to life a statement piece fit for today's fashion forward shopper. Innovative color combinations and bold patterns come together to create an elegant and eye-catching centerpiece. Nuloom Website

Reviews - Nuloom Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug

One of the best ways to purchase an area rug online, is to find a product that has tons of reviews. People love to share their opinion. When you have several comments that you can read, you can start to get an overall feeling of what buyers are saying about quality and speed of delivery. The more comments, the better.

An interesting fact about comments is: even though people love to share their opinion, only a small percentage of buyers will actually take the time to write a product review. When you see a product that has thousands of reviews, you can bet that product is selling, and is extremely popular.

In the case of the Nuloom Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug, it currently has over 14,000 reviews on Amazon. In this article review, we thought we would pull some of the more recent comments, just to give our readers a sense of what people are saying:

Fair warning, this rug arrived in somewhat dirty packaging. I would open it outside if possible, as I was covered in dust from the many, many layers of plastic. Other than that, the rug itself is gorgeous and was clean, all things considered. It warms up my apartment beautifully, and looks just like its mpre expensive counterparts. Unlike other affordable rugs, the braids are tight and uniform, and there is no visible stitching. It's also incredibly easy to clean (pet hair won't even stick to it), and will last you ages. Bonus, my cat loved it. Amazon
I absolutely love this rug! I wanted a farmhouse look and so I ordered this rug for my dining area. I am pleased that it is softer than I imagined it would be. I thought it would be course and itchy, but it's not! Love love love it! I got the 6 ft round rug which will eventually sit under my new dining table. It has been down for 2 days now and the rug has almost completely relaxed too, which none of my other rugs have done so quickly. Amazon
Love it!!! We ordered the 8' round and it worked out perfectly. It's soft with variations of natural tones that have added interest and texture to our space. It doesn't smell and its not dirty:) Those were reasons why I skipped on buying other types of natural fiber rugs. Thanks!! Amazon

Credit: All Things Area Rugs

Some more reviews....

We found a FISHING HOOK embedded in our area rug. New rug, and we DO NOT fish nor do we have fishing stuff at our house. Found it by my foot getting deeply jabbed and getting bloody. Based on the fabric tied to the hook, it seems that they used the hook in the manufacturing process (perhaps as a grip point as they weave the rug?). Now I'm off to get a tetanus shot. Amazon
This rug is a lovely handmade product and we have no complaints about the quality though we just got it this morning. However, the carpet is definitely more orange than the neutral colour shown in the pictures. Photography can do this I understand, but in the description this is not mentioned. Because it is more orangey the stripes are more pronounced. Even my attached photo doesn't make it as orange as it really is. I read somewhere if you are not happy you have to pay yourself to send it back to India. So I imagine people will just have to settle. As I said it's a lovely rug, but the color is not accurate so be prepared. Amazon
I just received my 4' round he rug, and I was a little bummed out. It's cute and a really good thickness, but there are some issues. First, it comes with stickers placed directly on the rug, I added a video of how obnoxious it is getting them off. There is also a very noticable smell, that at first I attributed to bring "natural" but I'm 90% sure it's some kind of pesticide. I'm uncomfortable walking barefoot in it, because I'm pretty sure it was heavily soaked in whatever was sprayed on it. Lastly, the texture (while not scratchy) is gritty, and visibly not clean at all. I found lots of twigs and what I'm really hoping is a clump of dirt. It all just paints a pretty grim picture of how these were manufactured. However, if you are not deterred by any of those things then I did add pictures; one I edited to look more like it does in person, one of the "dirt" clump, and one white color samples so you can better visualize how this would look in your home. If your super picky like I am then you'll find that helpful :) one thing I was kind of impressed by (other than the thickness) is how easily it laid down flat, just be mindful of doors near where you want to place it, it is too thick to open most doors over it. Amazon

Credit: Decorating with Rugs

Conclusion - Nuloom Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug

We have given this product a rating of 3 1/2 stars. We like this product. One of the nice features is all of the different sizes. Many times you see products that just have a few different sizes, usually sizes that are not what the customer needs. In this case, with so many different sizes, most customers that are looking for a jute rug will be able to find the size of rug they need. We also like the color options. With 5 different colors, the Nuloom Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug gives buyers options for overall room decorating ideas.

With over 14,000 Amazon reviews, buyers will have an easy time researching this product, before they make a buying decision. Reading reviews always helps, especially when you're buying a product online, from a picture. As we scanned the reviews, we noticed a lot of the positive reviews were old (2016-2018). Many of the negative reviews, were from 2019 and 2020. This concerns us a little bit, with many newer negative reviews, you can't help but wonder if the company is experiencing some sort of quality issues.

Amazon has this product rating at 4 1/2 stars. We think that is a little too generous. While most of the reviews seem to be positive, there is somewhat of a question about the packaging and overall construction of the product.

This product is a commodity type of area rug. In other words, this rug is not a designer, one-of-a-kind piece that you would find in a fancy rug store. You're not going to break the bank account when you purchase this rug. The marketing behind this product is to sell as many rugs as possible.

As long as you understand what you are buying, you should be happy with this product.

If you do an internet search for "Nuloom Rigo Hand Woven Area Rug," you will find that it is available at many of the well known retail stores. Price shopping this product will be very easy, and we like the idea that it is sold by well trusted brand name stores.

Overall, we think for the money, this is a nice, solid product to purchase. If you're looking for a jute rug, this product is at a very aggressive price, it has sold well, and it has several positive reviews. For the money, this product would certainly be a good place to start your area rug shopping adventure.

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