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Office Flooring Ideas (Things To Consider)

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Office Flooring Ideas (Things To Consider)

Office flooring is much different than flooring for your home. Office flooring products need to be more durable, able to withstand heavy foot traffic, and have easy cleaning features. The type of office floor will vary depending on the area in the office building. Carpet is used in most office spaces, while hard surface flooring is used in most hallways, restrooms, and entryways.

Office Flooring Ideas (Things To Consider)

Office Flooring Ideas For The Remodel

If you have an office space that is in need of new flooring, finding the right flooring product, as well as the right flooring contractor, can sometimes be challenging. Most people can easily find retail floor covering stores, but finding a flooring contractor that works with commercial spaces is sometimes very difficult.

To get started, here are some steps that you can take:

Step 1: Calling For Quotes

Many retail stores also work in the commercial world. It is okay to call a retail store for a quote, but make sure you specifically ask to speak with a commercial salesperson. Retail salespeople and commercial salespeople work in two entirely different worlds. If you get stuck working with a retail salesperson, your commercial project will suffer getting priced way too high, and usually with the wrong products.

Step 2: Field Measurement

Always ask to have a field measurement prior to getting a quote. With commercial projects, the installation can have many different variables, and it is important the flooring contractor visits the job and completely understands what you are trying to accomplish.

Step 3: Selecting Products

Selecting commercial flooring products can be just as overwhelming as selecting residential flooring products. The number of product options is endless. If your project is small in size, you can easily pick out 2 or 3 possible products. However, if your project is a large one, you might consider hiring a commercial interior designer to assist with the product selection.

Keep in mind that stores will show you products they get good pricing on, and that will give them an advantage in getting the job. If you talk to 3 flooring companies, they might show you 3 different products.

Step 4: Collecting Quotes

It is impossible to get quotes that you can accurately compare if contractors are pricing out different products. It is always a good idea to settle on 1 product for each area, and then ask flooring companies to bid on those products. This way, you will get an apples-to-apples pricing comparison.

Step 5: Selecting A Contractor

Once you collect all of the quotes, you can determine the company that you like the best. This can be based solely on price, or it could be a combination of price and your first impression of the company. Determine the project schedule, and have the contractor get all of the materials ordered.

Office Flooring Ideas - Installation Items To Consider

  • When is this work going to be done, daytime or after hours? It will be important to determine how a flooring remodel will impact your business operation. Remember, with the removal of existing flooring, also comes having to remove the office furniture and filing cabinets, etc...

  • What type of floor removal and demolition will need to be done? In some older buildings, there are multiple layers of flooring on the ground. Will there be wood underlayment being installed? Are you having ceramic floors taken up? Ceramic can cause a ton of dust. Make sure to discuss the flooring removal with the company doing your work.

  • How long will the installation last? This is important information, as your business operation will be inconvenienced each day the flooring project lasts.

  • Adhesive odors are a big deal in commercial projects. Carpet adhesives can omit a strong odor that many people do not like. Any office staff will need to either be relocated or understand they might be inconvenienced for a few days during the installation process.

  • What about customer access to the office space? If you're remodeling an entryway, make sure you think through how your customers and employees are going to get in/out of your workspace.

  • Is this just a flooring remodel, or will you be doing other work in the office space? If other trades are involved, an overall construction schedule will need to be set up. The various trades will need to stay on schedule to keep the overall project on the correct path of hitting the completion date.

  • Abatement issues are a huge deal in commercial projects. Many older flooring materials and adhesives are full of asbestos. If you get involved with an abatement issue, that opens up a whole new set of concerns and problems. Make sure before you start any flooring demolition, you check your space for asbestos.

Office Flooring Ideas - Types Of Popular Products

Actual Office Areas

Without question, carpet tile is the most popular flooring product for offices. You can purchase carpet tiles in a variety of sizes and colors. Carpet tile offers many benefits to an office environment, which include:

  • Very durable

  • Easy to repair or replace

  • Multiple patterns and designs

  • Easy to clean

There are many different carpet tile manufacturers. Similar to all types of flooring, you can purchase good, better, and best products. for example, you can purchase a very affordable carpet tile that is suitable for a small office, or you can purchase a very expensive carpet tile that is made for schools and/or hospitals.


Carpet tile continues to be the number one product for hallways. Customers enjoy putting together colors and attractive designs for connecting hallway carpets and office carpets.

However, many companies are also looking at luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring. Luxury vinyl plank has become the fastest growing product in the floor covering world, and similar to its popularity in homes, vinyl plank flooring has also exploded in office environments. Glue down vinyl plank is easy to clean, very durable, and will last for a very long time.


Ceramic tile is the most popular option for office restrooms. Tile can be purchased in multiple sizes and colors. A typical office restroom will have ceramic on both the floor and walls. Wall tile can be installed halfway up the wall, or from floor to ceiling.


Luxury vinyl plank and tile is the most popular option for eating areas. Vinyl plank offers durability, as well as the ability to be cleaned without much effort. Being a waterproof product, vinyl plank is perfect for wet areas of a building.

Office Flooring Ideas - FAQ

What should I do if I have a large remodeling office project that needs a general contractor? Many general contractors have design/build departments that specialize in these types of renovations. It is always a good idea to get professionals involved that can assist with a project.

Should I use glue-down or click-together vinyl plank in my office? For commercial environments, we always recommend a glue-down application. While click-together installation systems are great for a residential projects, they are not the best for commercial projects. Commercial buildings get heavy foot traffic, and a glue-down installation will hold up much better in that environment.

What should I use as a wall base? If your office space currently has a vinyl or rubber wall base around the perimeter of the room, that base will need to be replaced. Installers will have to take down the existing material, and it can not be reused.

What type of floor should I use in my office computer room? Many companies use what is called a static dissipative tile. This type of product is used for the mitigation of electrostatic discharge.

What type of flooring should I put in my commercial kitchen? Many restaurants use quarry tile. quarry tile comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Likewise, commercial kitchens take quite the abuse, and many times, customers will use epoxy grout on the floor. While using epoxy increases the installation costs, it does make the floor much more durable.

What is the best brand of commercial carpet tile? There are a ton of carpet tile manufacturers. It would be impossible to rate one company over another one. Each company has good, better, and best products. The key is to find a carpet tile that has specifications that match your project.

Are office buildings still using broadloom carpets? Yes. However, since broadloom carpet is sold in 12' widths, it sometimes creates problems for buildings when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Carpet tiles are much easier to take up and replace, than trying to repair a broadloom carpet.

Conclusion - Office Flooring Ideas

There are many factors to consider when doing a flooring remodeling project in an office building. If it is a small project, many property owners are fine with handling the project themselves. However, if the project involves numerous trades and numerous areas of a building, many property owners prefer to seek professional help.

Carpet tile remains the king of products used in office buildings. However, luxury vinyl plank and tile are growing rapidly in popularity. Ceramic tile is also a popular product for entryways and restrooms.

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