ProGen Flooring Review

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ProGen Flooring Review

ProGen luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring is a product manufactured by Tarkett. Tarkett, a worldwide leader in flooring for over 100 years, is a company that manufactures and sells both residential and commercial products in the United States and around the globe. ProGen luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring come in a variety of colors and sizes. ProGen is a rigid core, 20 mil product, that has a click-together installation system. In the United States, ProGen is sold by various retail floor covering stores.

ProGen Flooring Review

About ProGen Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring is the fastest growing product category in the floor covering world. As a worldwide leader in flooring, Tarkett introduced ProGen to participate in this flooring category sales explosion.

ProGen comes in both wood-looking planks, as well as in ceramic-looking tiles. The product line has multiple sizes and colors. The wood-looking planks come in 4.9" and 7" width boards, with board lengths of 48" and 60". The tile boards are either 12"x24" or 24"x9".

ProGen is promoted to have the following benefits:

  • Thermal Stability: Use in any room in the home. ProGen is designed to handle wide temperature fluctuations from windows and sunlight.

  • Easy Installation: Its easy Uniclic® system is faster than traditional installation systems, saving you time and money.

  • Durable: Resists the stresses of modern life from children to high heels to heavy furniture.

  • Waterproof: Safe to use in kitchens and bathrooms for a modern look throughout the home.

  • Rigid Core: Overcomes subfloor imperfections, unlike traditional luxury vinyl tile.

  • Quiet: IIC rating of 68 means superior sound absorption to drastically improve overall comfort.

Recently, Tarkett expanded the ProGen Collection, with several new stone designs. The additional products give customers a broader range of design options.

“ProGen delivers on the benefits homeowners care about most when it comes to their flooring—it’s durable enough to stand up to pets, kids, and anything else life throws at it, and is available in on-trend colors and styles that complement any taste,” said Sharee Thorton, product manager. “We’re excited to introduce our newest stone designs, which add an element of modern style that is sure to look great in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, or other high-traffic areas of the home.” Floor Covering Weekly

Marketing brochures and videos of ProGen promote this product as:

  • Easy To Clean

  • Kid & Pet Friendly

  • Waterproof

  • Sunlight Resistant

ProGen Product Information (Wood Look Planks)

Name Size Wear Layer Link

Aurora Oak 7"x48" 20 mil Aurora Oak

Brushed Pine 7"x48" 20 mil Brushed Pine

Cerused Oak DENIM 7"x48" 20 mil Cerused Oak

Cerused Oak POWDER 7"x48" 20 mil Cerused Oak

Durham Pine SUN 4.9"x48" 20 mil Durham Pine

Durham Pine TAVERN 4.9"x48" 20 mil Durham Pine

Milled Oak COPPER 7"x60" 20 mil Milled Oak

Northshore CASCADE 7"x60" 20 mil Northshore

Pacific Madrone 7"x60" 20 mil Pacific Madrone

ProGen 5MM 7"x48" 20 mil ProGen

Red Oak Ginger 4.9"x48" 20 mil Red Oak

Rock Maple MEDIO 4.9"x48" 20 mil Rock Maple

Spicebark Hickory COMING 7"x60" 20 mil Spicebark Hickory

Spicebark Hickory FUMED 7"x60" 20 mil Spicebark Hickory

Stained Maple 4.9"x48" 20 mil Stained Maple

Stokes Range DUSK 7"x48" 20 mil Stokes Range

Stokes Range RELIC 7"x48" 20 mil Stokes Range

Tannin Walnut 7"x48" 20 mil Tannin Walnut

Vista Oak 7"x48" 20 mil Vista Oak

West Oak DRIFT 7"x60" 20 mil West Oak Drift

West Oak LOFT 7"x60" 20 mil West Oak Loft

West Oak MOUNTANE 7"x60" 20 mil West Oak Mountane

West Oak NATURAL 7"x60" 20 mil West Oak Natural

For a complete up-to-date listing of products, please visit the Tarkett ProGen Website

ProGen Product Information (Tile Look )

Name Size Wear Layer Link

Arcadian Featherstone 12"x24" 20 mil Arcadian Featherstone

Fleury TravertineVerona 12"x24" 20 mil Fleury TravertineVerona

Pavestone Cambria 12"x24" 20 mil Pavestone Cambria

Pavestone Luxor 12"x24" 20 mil Pavestone Luxor

Villa Slate Spire 12"x24" 20 mil Villa Slate Spire

Marble Nouveau Ibis 24"x9" 20 mil Marble Nouveau Ibis

Quartzite Ashen 24"x9" 20 mil Quartzite Ashen

Quartzite Dune 24"x9" 20 mil Quartzite Dune

For a complete up-to-date listing of products, please visit the Tarkett ProGen Website

ProGen Warranty

With any type of floor covering, in order to fully understand the warranty, customers need to print and read the entire warranty brochure. Warranty documents can usually be found on most companies' website pages. The information that is printed on the back of a sample, or on the front of a store product display, is written for marketing purposes, and can not be deemed as accurate warranty information.

While ProGen talks about being a waterproof product, the definition of "waterproof" needs to be understood. with most vinyl plank products, including ProGen, waterproof is typically referring to normal household spills. In fact, in the ProGen Warranty, it states:

When exposed to topical water ProGen Rigid Core Planks/Tiles are waterproof and will not swell, buckle or lose structural integrity. In the case of an excessive spill, standing water or flooding, ProGen flooring will not act as a waterproofing barrier for the subfloor and/or any surrounding structure. Limited Waterproof Warranty Exclusions  Damage to the subfloor and/ or surrounding structure that is caused by an excessive spill, standing water or flooding. • Damage caused by fire and/or extinguishing means flooding, exposure to excessive spill, standing water or intentional abuse. • Damage caused by moisture to surrounding structure, walls, subfloor, fixtures, furniture, underlayment, moldings, trims, subfloor heating elements, or anything that is not the structural integrity or dimensional stability of the floor plank or tile. TARKETT Limited Warranty ProGen™: Next Generation Performance July, 2018 • Damage resulting from mold and mildew growth due to prolonged exposure to moisture. • Damage resulting from liquid migrating under the substrate due to spills around room edges. • Discoloration from moisture or underlayment panels • Failure of the flooring to adhere to the subfloor due without limitation, to improper subfloor preparation, moisture, alkaline or hydrostatic pressure from the subfloor. • Damage resulting from inappropriate end-user activities. • Damage resulting from installation in unapproved locations. Tarket ProGen

The ProGen Warranty goes out of its way to exclude water-damaged floors. This is why as a customer, it is extremely important to read the full warranty information.

One interesting topic in the warranty concerns the use of ProGen in a 3 seasons room. The ProGen Warranty mentions the following information:

  • Will not warp and/or buckle under direct sunlight.

  • May fade under direct and indirect sunlight.

  • Installation instructions to be followed for a potential expansion gap

ProGen Care & Maintenance

In order to prevent indentations and scratches, use glass, polished metal, or other non-staining cups or casters with flat surfaces. Taken from the product maintenance manual, here are some care and maintenance tips:

  • Protect your floor against burns. Tarkett floors can be damaged by burns from the glowing end of a cigarette, matches, or other extremely hot items.

  • Protect your floor from tracked-in dirt and grit particles by using mats at all outside entrances. Take the time to remove any embedded grit particles from shoe soles before entering the room. Avoid the use of rubber or latex-backed mats, as certain rubber compounds can permanently stain vinyl (consult the mat manufacturer to determine if their backing will stain vinyl). Avoid tracking in tar or asphalt from driveways, as this can also discolor vinyl.

  • In order to avoid potential permanent damage, avoid stiletto or high heels on your floor.

  • All Tarkett floors have good resistance to stains. They are not affected by most common household spills; however, any spill should be cleaned up immediately. The longer the spilled material is left on the floor, the greater the risk of permanently staining the floor. For information regarding the proper method of solution to use on a specific stain, contact technical services.

  • Though excessive temperatures will not cause buckling or warping, the product, like other interior-based products, will experience relative fading over time. In order to limit and reduce potential fading exposure, the use of drapes or blinds is recommended during peak sunlight hours, especially on patio doors, etc., that receive direct sunlight. ,

  • Use a damp mop to clean dirt off the floor. Do not flood the floor while cleaning.

  • Never use highly abrasive scrubbing tools.

  • Immediately and thoroughly wipe up any spilled liquid

For a complete review of the care & maintenance guidelines, please visit the ProGen Website

Conclusion - ProGen Flooring Review

We have given ProGen a rating of 3 1/2 stars. We found ProGen to be very competitively priced, as well as a very durable product.

The selection of products is on the smaller side, and we are not a big fan of the store display. but having said that, we think if you're looking for a vinyl plank floor, ProGen would be a good place to start.

Please note this website contains affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if you choose to buy one of the products we recommend. You can read our full disclosure at the bottom of the page.



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