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Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Red Southwestern Rugs

One of the best, easiest and quickest ways to spruce up a room is with the addition of a new red southwestern area rug. Trying to find an affordable and traditional red southwestern rug in a local store can be a difficult task. Most local floor covering stores have gotten out of the area rug business. In this article, we give readers are top 10 product suggestions on finding red southwestern rugs. Have you been shopping around for southwestern rugs but haven’t found anything that really stood out to you? Whether you want to enhance your home with Native American-inspired elements or simply have your own brand of Southwest-style, it can be difficult to know what types of rugs will add the most value to your space. If you’re looking for the best red southwestern rugs, here are five options that you might want to consider.

Red Southwestern Rugs

Reasons to buy a red southwestern rug

1. Just think about how nice it would be to have one in your home, filling your space with warmth, comfort, and that eye-catching color. If you want something that screams, I'm a southwest fiend, there are few better ways of accomplishing this than by buying a red rug!

2. When thinking about what kind of feel you want in your home or office, there's no greater variety than with southwestern rugs. From the opulent luxury of antique Persian ones to a modern take on these floor coverings in artistic contemporary design schemes, they've got an option for everyone (and if we're talking southwest decorating style specifically here, this is where you'll find many bold colors).

3. There are even some well-made Mexican wool options available that come at affordable prices.

4. Another great thing about them is their ability to withstand wear and tear from foot traffic and pets alike - which can't be said for any other type of rug out there, unless it's made from synthetic materials.

5. Not only will you find yourself able to buy a new southwest rug each year without having to worry about whether or not your current one has had its day in the sun, but they also just look so darned good!

6. With all those reasons in mind, and maybe more coming to light as you keep reading, it doesn't seem like such a stretch that buying a red rug could be an excellent idea.

What to Look for in a rug

Rug prices vary based on many factors including materials, size, weight, where you purchase it from, what you're using it for (decorative or high impact), etc. With all these variables, choosing a rug can be difficult.

The best way to choose a rug is by considering its primary use - if it's going in a room that gets lots of traffic then your rug should be easy to clean and durable; if it's going in an area that isn't used often then consider investing in something more elegant but also non-functional so that when company does come over, they won't step on your favorite carpet!

If you're trying to decide between two rugs, think about how each will fit into your home. Is one more elegant than the other? Will it work in a high-traffic room? Would you be more comfortable putting food on a rug with water resistance or would you rather something that can easily be cleaned?

10 Wonderful Red Southwestern Rugs

(1) Home Dynamix Sagrada Southwest Collection:

This is one of those classic red southwestern rugs that has been popular for years and years. The Home Dynamix Sagrada Southwest Collection comes in two colors: black/red/ivory (as shown in the picture) and hunter green. Both colors scream "southwestern", and both colors are available in many different size options. The middle of the rug is represented by a large medallion design, which is surrounded by loud and bold arrows. This is a great southwestern style area rug design, that is priced to sell. This would be a great rug to place in a living room, family room or bedroom. Currently, this collection has over 3,000 published online reviews, with an Amazon rating of 4 1/2 stars. This product continues to be one of the lowest prices 4 1/2-star rugs being sold. Customers will not find this product in local stores.

(2) Well Woven Tulsa Lea Crimson Traditional Southwestern Tribal Collection:

A beautiful red southwestern rug that would be the perfect fit for a large living room or family room. As shown in the picture, the crimson color looks fantastic next to light colored furniture, placed on top of a hardwood floor. Besides crimson, this collection comes in two other colors: blue and cream. All three colors in the collection have a variety of size options. Similar to the Home Dynamix product (mentioned above), this is a no-nonsense southwestern rug style, a classic look for the traditional southwestern room decor shopper. This collection is made out of polypropylene, and it has a low pile height. This product is sold as being very durable, kid and pet friendly and great for use in high traffic rooms. It is stain resistant and should be very easy to clean and maintain. Well Woven has been a trusted online retailer for several years, and this product currently promotes a 4 1/2-star rating.

(3) nuLOOM Rosemarie Southwestern Moroccan Shag Area Rug Collection:

As shown in the picture, the Rosemarie Collection is simply a stunning red southwestern rug collection. The picture shows the "red" color option, which is full of exciting southwestern shapes and colors. This is a thick, shag carpet, which makes it a wonderful choice for a bedroom or living room. This is one of those carpets that homeowners can sit on the floor and play with the kids or watch a movie. The collection comes in three colors: blue, grey and red. Each color also has many different size options. This is an absolutely gorgeous product, that would look outstanding over a hardwood floor, surrounded by southwestern style furniture. This collection currently has a 4 1/2-star rating with over 90 published reviews.

As another example, the red color (as shown in the picture), also comes with a runner size option. The runner size follows the same pattern as all of the rest: a multi color southwestern design rug that is full of shapes, color and designs. The red option would look wonderful with light colored furniture, or light-colored walls. Currently, this collection has many positive product reviews, and continues to be a shopper's favorite. Priced to sell, this collection is a must-see product.

(4) Well Woven Persa Dakota Tribal Aztec Southwestern:

This is a very bold and bright red southwestern rug collection that is full of southwestern shapes and designs. The middle of the rug features a large red medallion design, which is surrounded by various triangle designs, illustrated by a vibrant lighter color. This collection has three colors: brown, ivory and red. All three colors have many different size options. With the multiple colors in this rug, this product would look great next to both dark or light colored furniture (as shown in the picture). This is a would be a wonderful addition to a southwestern room that needs a little pick me up. This collection of rugs is priced to sell and continues to be an online favorite. The colors in this product are bold and loud. This is a product for that room in the house that screams "southwest." This is a classic rug design, that is being sold at a great price!

(5) Home Dynamix Buffalo Southwest Collection:

Sometimes we discover a sleeper product that needs to be recognized. This red southwestern rug collection is one of those products. As shown in the picture, a beautiful and stylish, classic southwestern area rug product that is the ideal product to add some life in a bedroom or living room space. This product comes four colors: bear, creek, elk and southwest. All four colors have completely different patterns. This is truly four different products wrapped in to one collection. All four colors show-off a southwest wildlife design. This rug would be the perfect present for the outdoor person in the family. With so many colors, this area rug collection would coordinate very well with almost any furniture or wall colors. This collection has a very unique design, one that customers will not find in local floor covering stores. Currently, this collection has a 4 1/2-star Amazon rating. Priced to sell, this rug would certainly be worth investigating for the red southwestern rug shopper.

(6) Unique Loom Fars Collection:

Here is another red southwestern rug product that is a colorful and delightful rug, that would bring added excitement to any room. As shown in the picture, this red rug is full of bright and vibrant colors and shapes. The busy pattern in the middle is surrounded by circles of different colors, all enclosed by a solid color border. This is one of those rugs' customers purchase when trying to add some life back in to a room. Customers can place this rug around neutral furniture and wall colors, and it will bring the room back to life. This is a wonderful conversation piece and all that enter the room will notice this rug. This is one of the few area rug products sold by Amazon that has a 4 1/2-star rating.

(7) South West Native American Area Rug Collection:

Those customers looking for a classic red southwestern rug product will be thrilled with this collection. Available in nineteen colors, this collection will surely have a color for most any room. This classic southwestern style rug has a medallion design in the center, surrounded by a border that is full of various shapes and circles. All nineteen colors come in a variety of size options. Many homeowners will purchase the round southwestern rug size for a main room, then purchase a smaller coordinating size for an entryway or hallway space. This is a very popular online product, currently with over 700 reviews. It has a rating of 4 1/2 stars. This would be a great product to purchase for the homeowner that is looking for a quality southwestern rug, without having to break the bank account.

(8) Unique Loom Sedona Collection Over-Dyed Southwestern Geometric Round Rug:

This beautiful, multicolored red southwestern rug collection is full of vibrant and bright colors, that will surely inspire and upgrade any room. As shown in the picture, this would be a wonderful addition to place on a hardwood floor, surrounded by light colored furniture. This collection comes in four colors: multi/pink (as shown in the picture), blue/navy blue, yellow/green and green. The geometric pattern makes this a very busy area rug, full of southwestern style colors and shapes. All four colors come in a variety of size options. Priced to sell, for the round southwestern rug shopper, this is one of those products that needs to be examined. Customers will not find this product in local floor covering stores. The only place to purchase this collection is online.

(9) Unique Loom Sedona Distressed Southwestern Collection:

This product is simply a stunningly and beautiful red southwestern rug collection, that would be impossible to find in a local store. As shown in the picture, this product has many different things going on in the pattern. Full of color, shapes and lines, this collection would be an awesome addition to any room that needs to be brought back to life. With all of the colors in this product, this rug would coordinate very easily with almost any existing room furniture. This collection comes in many different size options. this is a machine woven product, made of Polypropylene, with a cotton backing. this would be a great choice for a casual living room, family room or bedroom. It has a low pile height, it would be very easy to clean and maintain, and would be an excellent option for use in a high traffic area.

(10) Southwest Native American Round Collection:

Customers looking for a classic red round southwestern rug product, will find what they're looking for in this collection. This low pile height, durable collection comes in nine colors: beige, brown, burgundy, dark blue, grey, red, ivory, light blue and sage green. This is the classic southwestern style rug that has been around for years and years. There is nothing fancy here: this is simply a very nice and affordable round southwestern colored rug, that is priced to sell. The collection is promoted as a "southwestern design" area rug collection. The design in the secondary colors tend to stick out from the main dark color, which helps promote the overall southwestern theme. This collection is perfect for a casual living room or bedroom that has that southwestern room decor style. As shown in the picture, the red color would look fantastic is just about any room environment. All of the colors in this collection bring a sense of southwestern, rustic charm, which would help pull together that southwestern room decor theme.



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