RevoTile Product Review

RevoTile Product Review

In 2020, Daltile, introduced a revolutionary new product called, RevoTile. RevoTile is a porcelain tile floating floor system. Installation involves placing underlayment down, clicking together the tiles and grouting. The click together installation method opens up the DIY market, as well as expands retail stores installer base for porcelain tile installation. RevoTile is a waterproof flooring system, which is currently sold through retail flooring stores across the United States.

Credit: Daltile featuring RevoTile.

RevoTile Product Introduction

Back in January of 2020, Daltile introduced RevoTile in to the marketplace. The idea was to develop a product that would sell to the DIY marketplace, as well as provide a product that retail stores could install without the hassle of finding a qualified ceramic installer. For retail stores, ceramic and porcelain tile installers are difficult to find. If stores could utilize installers that typically work with luxury vinyl tile and laminate, that would increase the ability to sell and install more porcelain product. According to Scott Maslowski, senior vice president of sales for Daltile:

RevoTile also expands the applicable professional installation labor pool, because this revolutionary system can be easily installed by any of a retailers’ available installers: tile, LVT, laminate, and hardwood installers,” Maslowski said. “Daltile’s ground-breaking RevoTile opens up a new frontier of sales possibilities for flooring and tile retailers - Floor Trends

According to Daltile, RevoTile offers customers a wealth of benefits, that other types of flooring do not offer. Benefits of RevoTile include:

  • Waterproof

  • Dentproof

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Durable

  • Fire Resistant

  • Slip Resistant

  • Beautiful Colors

Besides the benefits of the product, RevoTile currently comes in 26 different marble, wood, stone and concrete looks. The collection features Dal-Tile digital printing technology called, Reveal Imaging. This process help create realistic color, detail and unique veining on every single product piece.

Easy installation is a goal of RevoTile. From the installation side of things, RevoTile claims to provide numerous advantages:

  • No acclimation required

  • No mortar is necessary

  • Install and grout the same day

  • Easy to remove for repair

  • Can be installed over many types of existing floors

  • Consistent alignment and no lippage

Daltile recommends using a product called, RapidPrep Underlayment as part of the RevoTile installation process. RapidPrep is a click together underlayment, that not only protects the floor, but provides sound absorption and protects against moisture.

Daltile also recommends using RapidGrout when installing RevoTile. RapidGrout is an easy to use, single component product, that is stain resistant and has superior water protection. There is no need to seal RapidGrout, and being a single component product, it will provide a consistent color each time it is used.

How To Install RevoTile

Step 1: Floor Preparation

  • Get your floor ready to go. Remove any junk or contaminants on the floor. The floor needs to be smooth, clean and dry.

  • Make sure the floor is level. If there is an issue with being uneven, use a self-leveling compound to get it to a maximum 3/16" in a ten foot span.

  • If you are on a wood sub-floor, make sure you repair any squeaks on the floor.

  • Check the height of your door frames for clearance. Place a tile next to one of the doors to make sure you don't run in to a clearance problem.

  • Lay out the Rapid Underlayment from wall to wall. Do not overlap. Use adhesive tape to fasten the sheets together.

Step 2: Laying RevoTile

  • Make sure you first inspect the tiles out of the box for any defects.

  • Measure the width of the room and divide by the width of the tile. If the remainder is 3: or less, cut down the first row you lay, so the last rom is greater than 3".

  • Start at a corner. Work left to right.

  • Begin with the two tongue sides facing the two walls in the corner

  • Start the second row by cutting a piece in half or to 33% or 66% of its original length to get a staggered pattern.

Step 3: Apply The Grout

  • Walk over the tile to determine if all pieces are clicked well together. Check for gaps and uniformity of gap joints. Thoroughly mix grout with margin trowel and follow packaging instruction before use. Do not add water.

  • Lightly dampen the tile surface to be grouted. Scoop sufficient amount of grout with a margin trowel and place on tile. Holding the float at 45 degree angle, spread the grout and press into the joints firmly to fill them completely. Work in a small area at a time, no more than 3 foot x 3 foot section.

  • Wipe across with a wet sponge. Make sure the grout is hardening taking care not to dig out grout from the joints. Change water as required.

For a complete review of the installation process, we recommend that you visit the Daltile Installation Instruction Page.

Credit: RevoTile Installation

RevoTile Products

Wood Look

The RevoTile Wood look Collection comes in 14 different colors. Looks include elm, walnut and oak. Colors range from blonde to gray to deep brown. The colors come in both 6" wide by 24" long and 6" wide by 36" planks. Each color has a list of coordinating grout colors.

Stone Look

Inspired by limestone, travertine and fine veined stones, The RevoTile Stone Look comes in 7 colors. The tiles are 12" x 24" in size. Each tile has a matte finish, and colors range from brown to white. The Stone Look Collection is a great choice for a kitchen, laundry room or bathroom.

Marble Look

This 12" x 24" carrara marble look tile is available in 4 colors, all coming with a matte finish. There is one gray color, and three white colors. Each color comes with unique veins and patterns. A perfect option for an entryway, kitchen or living room space.

Concrete Look

For that modern, contemporary concrete feel, RevoTile Concrete Look Collection comes with one color, in a 12" x 24" tile. The grey color gives the natural feel of concrete, making it a great option for a dining room, kitchen or entryway.

The overall colors of RevoTile gives customers a wide assortment of products to consider. The wood looking products resemble hardwood planks, while the tile looking colors are available in the traditional 12'x24" block size. RevoTile gives customers the option of picking the traditional marble look, or they can opt for a modern, contemporary concrete of stone look.

Retail flooring stores will have RevoTile color boards located in their Daltile Display. With the many customer service centers Daltile has around the country, getting a full piece sample of a particular color is quite easy to do. Stores can usually provide a sample within a week or less.

Credit: RevoTile Demo At Surfaces

RevoTile - FAQ

What is RevoTile? RevoTile is a new click together porcelain tile that does not require mortar or cement board underlayment. It was developed for the DIY community, as well as for customers that require quick installations.

Does RevoTile look different than a regular porcelain tile? No. RevoTile is regular tile, simply with a click together installation.

How much does RevoTile cost? That really depends on the floor covering retail store. Each store will set their own price. In general terms, RevoTile is priced similar to a basic builder grade tile, or a higher end luxury vinyl tile product.

Is RevoTile waterproof? Yes, it is. It is also slip-resistant, stainproof, dentproof, scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, and easy to clean

Where can you find RevoTile? RevoTile is sold in retail floor covering stores across the country. Daltile is one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic and porcelain products. Daltile displays are not hard to find. RevoTile will be located in the stores Daltile Display.

What is RevoTile's thickness? 6 x 24: 8 mm with 4 mm thick core, total thickness is 12 mm

12 x 24 and 6 x 36: 8.5 mm with 4 mm thick core, total thickness is 12.5 mm

How long do you have to wait to walk on the floor after applying the grout? You should wait 24 hours for light traffic. For heavy traffic, it is best to wait three days.

Conclusion - RevoTile Product Review

We love RevoTile. We love everything about it. Daltile is a great company that offers great products and great customer service.

This product is a homerun. It offers customers a wonderful DIY product option, and also offers customers a variety of color options to pick from.

If a customer wants to have this product professionally installed, it will be a product that can be installed much quicker than a normal porcelain tile, as retail stores will have more installer options available to them.

This product has been out since 2020, and seems to be taking off. It started a little slow. Customers and installers are used to the old fashion method of using mortar and mixing grout. But, after almost two years, installations have gone extremely well and stores are reporting this product to be a success. As long as your floor is flat, this product has been a success.

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