RevWood Flooring Product Review

RevWood Flooring Product Review

A new engineered flooring product that combines the look of real hardwood with the durability of laminate flooring. RevWood comes in 3 products: RevWood, RevWood Select and RevWood Plus. Each product has numerous colors and looks. RevWood is a waterproof product that uses the Uniclic Glueless Locking System. RevWood is manufactured and sold by Mohawk Industries.

About Mohawk RevWood

In 2018, Mohawk Industries introduced, RevWood. This product was portrayed as a "revolutionary" wood flooring product. This can be witnessed in the product name: "Rev" wood.

Several years have passed since the product launch, and RevWood continues to be a very hot selling product for Mohawk Industries. In fact, according to one of the Mohawk Sales Representatives (that we spoke with), at the date of this article, RevWood is selling so well, Mohawk is having a hard time keeping up with their product demand.

The product itself, includes a laminate decorative layer, which is then bonded to a an engineered core. RevWood is made to resist dents, scratching and staining.

Back in 2017, according to Floor Covering News, Mohawk Industries conducted a customer research study to determine what their customers thought about vinyl, wood and laminate products. The goal was to learn more about the customer buying experience, and to develop a product that might solve customer issues.

“We learned from consumers that their shopping experience can be very complex and frustrating. Our main goal is to make shopping for flooring very easy and simple to understand, and that’s precisely what we’re doing with the launch of RevWood and RevWood Plus.” - Floor Covering News

Currently, RevWood has three unique products in the marketplace: RevWood, RevWood Select and RevWood plus. Each product comes with different bemefits. Mohawk Industries promotes RevWood as a product with unmatched hardwood realism, incredible durability that resists stains, scratching, and dents. Mohawk claims RevWood to be a waterproof product, that also comes with a pet protection warranty program.

Credit: Mohawk Today


The base grade product in the product line. RevWood comes with a protective wear layer that resists product scratching and denting. It also comes with the Uniclic locking system, which helps prevent moisture issues. No glue, no fumes, no mess.

RevWood Select

The first step up in the product line, Revwood Select carries all of the features as RevWood, plus many more additional benefits. RevWood Select comes with the Mohawk Waterproof Flooring System, plud the Mohawk Pet Plus Protection.

RevWood Plus

This feature product includes all of the benefits of RevWood and RevWood Select, plus the ability to wet and steam mop the floor.

Credit: Manufacturer Product Knowledge: RevWood by Mohawk

Mohawk RevWood Products


Within the RevWood product line, Mohawk has three collections: RevWood (the good product), RevWood Select (the best product) and RevWood Select (the best product). The major difference with each collection is the waterproof protection. RevWood does not have the waterproof warranty, whereas Select and Plus do come with the waterproof protection. Each collection has multiple sku's of wood looking products, mostly in the brown and grey family of colors.

RevWood also has a variety of accessory pieces to finish out any project, which include:

  • Overlap Stair nose

  • Quarter round

  • Transition pieces

  • T-Molding

RevWood currently has 6 different styles, which include style names of: RiverCrest, Chalet Vista, Carrolton, Havermill, Kingmere and Reclaimed Clic. These styles have a total of 44 colors. Please note manufacturers constantly change and update color lines. For an up-to-date listing of current colors, please visit the RevWood Product Page.

Depending on the style selected, RevWood board specifications range from:

7 1/2"W x 47 1/4"L (RiverCrest, Chalet Vista, Carrolton)

5 ¼” W x 47 ¼” L (Havermill, Kingmere)

6 1/8" x 47 1/4" (Reclaimed Clic)

RevWood Select

RevWood Select is considered to be "the better" of the three different RevWood products. The biggest difference between RevWood and RevWood Select is with the waterproof protection. RevWood does not have a waterproof warrant, while RevWood Select comes with an additional top coat, which provides for a 10 year protection warranty. RevWood Select also has the Mohawk Pet Protection Warranty, whereas the base grade product, RevWood does not.

Similar to RevWood, Select comes with all of the bells and whistles accessory pieces, which include:

  • Overlap Stair nose

  • Quarter round

  • Transition pieces

  • T-Molding

At the time of this article publication, RevWood Select has 6 different styles, with style names that incude: Boardwalk Collective, Woodcreek, Granberry Oak, Rare Vintage, Briarfield and Fulford. The collection has a total of 35 different color sku's. Please note manufacturers constantly change and update color lines. For an up-to-date listing of current colors, please visit the RevWood Select Product Page.

Depending on the style, within the RevWood Select products, the board specifications range from:

7 1/2" W x 47 1/4" L (Boardwalk Collective, Woodcreek, Granberry Oak)

7 1/2" W x 54 11/32" L (Rare Vintage, Briarfield, Fulford)

RevWood Plus

RevWood Plus is considered to be "the best" product of the three collections of RevWood. RevWood Plus comes with all of the features and benefits of Select and the base grade RevWood, plus a lifetime waterproof warranty.

Similar to RevWood and RevWood Select, Plus comes with all of the bells and whistles accessory pieces, which include:

  • Overlap Stair nose

  • Quarter round

  • Transition pieces

  • T-Molding

RevWood Plus currently has 8 styles, names as follows: Elderwood, Crest Haven, Sawmill Ridge, Southbury, Antique Craft, Castlebriar, Hardwick and Western Ridge. The collection has a total of 37 different color sku's. Please note manufacturers constantly change and update color lines. For an up-to-date listing of current colors, please visit the RevWood Plus Product Page.

The board sizes of RevWood Plus are as follows:

7 1/2"W x 54 11/32"L (Southbury, Western Ridge, Elderwood, Crest Haven)

9 7/16" W x 80 1/2" L (Antique Craft, Castlebriar)

7.5"W x 54 11/32"L (Hartwick)

6 ⅛" W x 47 ¼" L (Sawmill Ridge)

RevWood Warranty

As with all floor covering product warranties (for any product), you can't read the back of a sample to see what is covered in the product warranty, or what is not covered. In order to find out what is really covered, a customer needs to print the full product warranty from the companies website. Only by reading the warranty brochure will a customer know for sure how the warranty works.

With RevWood, Mohawk Industries actually has three different warranties, one for each product. You can download them here:

Download PDF • 160KB

Download PDF • 180KB

Download PDF • 145KB

The biggest difference in the warranties is in the waterproof warranty. RevWood has no waterproof warranty, Select comes with a 10 year waterproof warranty, and Plus comes with a lifetime waterproof warranty.

RevWood Waterproof System - What Does it Mean?

The RevWood Select and Plus Products are both backed with the Mohawk Waterproof Protection system. Interestingly enough, after review of the product warranties, the term "waterproof flooring system" we find to be somewhat vague. Here is exactly what the Mohawk RevWood Plus Warranty says:

The RevWood Plus flooring system will resist moisture damage under normal use and may be maintained or sanitized with residential steam mops for the life of the product. - Mohawk

What is the definition of "normal use?" We are not sure. If you read further down in the warranty, it states the following:

This warranty does not apply to product that has been put to abnormal use or conditions or abused in anyway, which includes but is not limited to moisture damage from plumbing, storm, or flood. - Mohawk

We contacted Mohawk Customer Service to seek out further information on the waterproof warranty, and no further information was available. The warranty brochure continues on to state:

The Water Resistant and Waterproof Flooring System warranties do not apply to damage caused by events beyond everyday household spills, including but not limited to flooding, standing water, leaking pipes, mechanical failures or appliance leaks - Mohawk

While we believe Mohawk does stand behind their products, and this product warranty is a solid and good one, we do question some of the wording. It clearly states that anything above and beyond a normal household spill will not be covered under warranty.

This is why it is so important to not go by what is printed on a product display or sample, and only follow what information is written in the full product warranty. Many customers would believe the term "lifetime waterproof system" to mean much more than it really does.

Credit: Waterproof Wood Flooring

RevWood - Frequently Asked Questions

Is your RevWood floor covered under warranty if your bathtub overflows or dishwasher leaks on to the floor? No. RevWood has a waterproof system, but it only covers normal household spills.

Is RevWood very expensive? RevWood is very competitively priced, as compared to other products in this category of products. You can certainly find less expensive products. Likewise, you can certainly find more expensive products.

Is Mohawk RevWood VOC free? Yes, it is. It is environmentally-friendly and free of VOCs, PVCs, phthalates, asbestos, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.

Can RevWood Plus be installed in a basement? Yes, it can. Make sure the basement area meets all of the requirements for sub-floors as set forth in the installation guidelines.

Is RevWood a durable product? Yes, it is one of the more durable products. RevWood comes with an AC4 rating (we have a great article, "Inhaus SONO Product Review," that does a great job of explaining what AC ratings are, and why they are important).

Please note this website contains affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if you choose to buy one of the products we recommend. You can read our full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Conclusion - RevWood Flooring Product Review

We have given RevWood a rating of 4 stars. We really like the product. A few things that have attracted us to give such a favorable rating include:

  • The overall hardness of the product along with the crystal clear product looks. It is very rare to have products that have such great visuals, plus a rating of AC4.

  • Since the introduction of RevWood, this product has been selling extremely well for Mohawk Industries. Sales continue to climb, which is a good indication that customers are giving RevWood a good word of mouth review.

  • Customer Support. Mohawk Industries has a 800 phone number that customers can call to gt information. They are very willing to help. Not all companies have this type of attitude.

  • The color line for RevWood is fantastic. Customers have a wide range of options.

The only negative that we have found is the misleading "waterproof warranty." Mohawk is very vague with their language on this warranty, and many customers might feel this product will still be covered under warranty when they have a water leak. The warranty clearly states these type of incidents will not be covered.

Overall, we really like this product. If you're looking for a hard surface floor, it would be worth your time to check out RevWood.

Credit: Waterproof RevWood



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